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🚗 | Heikki Kovalainen reports the end of Super GT activities in 2021 on his Youtube


Heikki Kovalainen reports the end of Super GT activities in 2021 on his Youtube

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It would be great if we could get to Rally Japan with a XNUMXxXNUMX car that was a little faster.

The 11 Super GT ended the season at Round 28 Fuji, where the final race was held on November 8, but 2021 ... → Continue reading


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Rally japan

Rally japan(Rally Japan) IsFIAManaged byWorld Rally Championship(WRC)Japanround. The holding area varies depending on the year. The sponsor is a motor sports club registered with the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) and qualified as an "affiliated club" (because the holding ceremony is the highest "international").


Background to the event

Japanese automakers have a long history of challenging overseas rallySafari RallyHave been doing well in Australia and Australia. However, after traveling a long distance on public roads, in an occupied section (special stage)Time trialIn order to carry out the international rally in Japan, there were many issues such as vehicle inspection system, road use permission, safety measures, and understanding of local residents.

In the 1990s, at WRCToyota-Subaru-MitsubishiAround the time of the heyday of Japanese cars, the WRC bid campaign started in Hokkaido, where vast nature spreads. AG Members Sports Club Hokkaido[1](AGMSC Hokkaido, Kunihiro Tabata representative) was established as a parent company, and a planning company, Planning Four, was established in 1990.[2].Tokachi 24-hour raceIn 1999 with the co-sponsorship ofJapan Automobile Federation (JAF) Become an official club,Mainichi ShimbunIn 2001, the "International Rally in Hokkaido" officially recognized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) was held with the support of[2].. In 2002Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Promoted to one game, ``Rally hokkaido”Was renamed. Lobbying to the FIA ​​and acceptance preparations in collaboration with the local community have come to fruition.Rally JapanFirst held decided[3].

Tokachi holding

From 2004 to 2007Hokkaido-Tokachi districtMade in. The name is written as "Rally Japan" until 2005, and as "Rally Japan" after 2006[4].. From the 2nd (2005)Production Car World Rally Championship (PWRC) was co-hosted. In addition, rally Hokkaido from the same yearAsia Pacific Rally ChampionshipIt is held separately from Rally Japan as one game of (APRC).

Headquarters and Service Park (North Patriotic)ObihiroInstalled in Obihiro City,Rikubetsu,Ashoro Town,ShintokuThe special stage (SS) was set up. In Rikubetsu, the dirt course of the Rikubetsu circuit became part of the SS. Until 2005,Makubetsu Town OfSatsunai RiverRiverbedA special course with a spectator stand was built in and a super SS was held,2006 Was adjacent to the Kita Aikoku Service Park. There were protests and opposition from the nature conservation groups and others against the rally on the forest road adjacent to the national and national parks.[5].

The course name is not in standard Japanese, but from ancient HokkaidoAinuIt is one of the features that it is named by the place name of. There are many special stages with very narrow and slow roads, but there are also high-speed courses with wide roads. There are a lot of sand and gravel on the road surface, and there are many very loose road surfaces.New Zealand,Great britainIt is also said to be similar to (UK). Among them, one of the SSs held in Ashoro-cho, the Pausekamui watching area B, was a popular watching point because you can watch the area run through the majestic grasslands that are typical of Hokkaido.

In 2004, when it was held for the first time, a total of 21 people from inside and outside Hokkaido and from overseas visited[6]In 2, the second time, 2005 people watched[7].. In addition, about 5 people visited the ceremonial start every year in the center of Obihiro city, which was a big event once a year for Obihiro city since the start of the city system. Due to the safety of the SS, the area where spectators can enter is limited, and the sight of enthusiastic gallery lines along the road section (moving section) between the SS surprised overseas crews.

However, since the end of the 2005 tournament, we have continued to provide support since the rally Hokkaido era.Mainichi NewspapersBut withdrew due to the large cost burden and lost its financial backing. In addition to having suffered from a shortage of accommodation facilities each year due to the number of related parties and spectators who greatly exceeded the capacity of accommodation facilities around Obihiro City, the road section was long and competition vehicles wereTraffic jamIt often happened that he was late for time control because he was involved in the event, and the participants requested improvement.


From 2008, the venue will be set to solve these problems at once.DooMoved to rural areas. The base isSapporoSince there is a danger of passing through big cities, competition vehicle congestion and accidents,Chitose,IwamizawaIt was thought that the area was influential[8], Finally decided to Sapporo City.

Sapporo DomeHeadquarters Service Park Media Center has been integrated into the dome, and a special stage for Super SS (two simultaneous time attack) has been prepared in the dome.[9]). Professional baseball at Sapporo DomePacific League OfClimax seriesSince it is possible that the schedule will overlap with the schedule, it is said that the schedule has been changed[10].. In addition to Sapporo, SS is Chitose City,Tomakomai,Eniwa,Yubari,Bibai City, Iwamizawa,Mikasa CitySpans 8 cities[11]Aiming for an overall compact form of event, such as using the expressway for the liaison section. In New ChitoseNew Chitose Motor LandA spectator stage using the dirt off-road course was set up[12].. Also for the first timePioneer Carrozzeria Crown sponsorHe was aiming to return to the black in terms of financial status.

In 2008, when the event was held for the first time, the number of tickets sold was three times that of Tokachi, but some SSs had a problem that the course could not be seen from the gallery point.[9].. Compared to the community-based Tokachi event, the festive welcoming mood was fading in Sapporo, a big city. At the end of the yearLehman shockSubaru and Suzuki announced their withdrawal from WRC in the aftermath, and they could not receive the cooperation of Japanese automobile manufacturers after that.

Due to the rotation system of the WRC venue, it was not held in 2009, and the second Hokkaido event was held in 2010. This year turned to WRC2007 OfF1champion,Kimi RaikkonenThere was a topic of participating in the war, and an event called "Kan showdown with fans at the shopping mall" was held[13].

In 2011, the FIA ​​received a fee of 100 million in addition to the application fee for the tracking system.EuroIt was suggested that an additional cost (1 million yen in the exchange rate at the time) was required, and the organizer gave up on the continuation of the event due to funding from the sponsors.[14].. Apply for calendar registration for 2012[15]However, due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake and other factors, the host club at that time abandoned its continuation, and 2010 was the last time it was held in Hokkaido.

Central part

Rally Japan was suspended after 2010, leaving a blank period for some time. But,2017 Toyota is returning to WRC, and while the interest level is rising again, it is the local of Toyota,All Japan Rally Championship (JRC) Shinshiro Rally has been heldChubu regionWith that, the momentum to revive Rally Japan increases. The bid committee was established in January 2018, and Toyota Motorsport Club (TMSC,Nobuhide TateChairman) Sands Co., Ltd.[16]Established a secretariat within the company with the operating base as[17].. We contracted with the WRC promoter and suffered an unexpected defeat at the FIA ​​general meeting while saying that it will be held in 2019.[18]After re-challenge next year, it will be held in 2019 at FIA World Sports Council in 2020[19].

AichiNagakute OfAichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkA competition headquarters and a service park are set up in (Morikoro Park), and Aichi Prefecture (Nagoya city-岡 崎 市-Toyota City-Shinshiro-Nagakute-Shitara)WhenGifu(Nakatsugawa-Ena City) In the mountainsTarmac(Paved road) It was planned to be held as an event,Impact of the spread of new coronavirus infectionsThe event was canceled due to[20].. As with the 2021 season, the 2020 season is set to be the final race of the year.[21]..However, it was canceled as in 2020.

Held chronology

First international rally in Hokkaido held in Tokachi region. In May of the same year as an international rally held in JapanGunmaWas held inJapan Alpine RallyIt was the second time following.
From the second year, renamed "Rally Hokkaido", FIAAsia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Promoted to one match.
In October, the FIA ​​World Motorsports Council (WMSC) General Assembly in Paris decided to have a calendar from 10. Fulfilling the desire to hold WRC in Japan.
First held as WRC Rally Japan, APRC also held as a special case. The first winner isPetter Solberg(Subaru). 0 car driver retired the previous yearTommi MakinenWorked.
It will be held for the second time, and after this year, rally Hokkaido will be held separately. Petter Solberg, who was supposed to run for the first time in a row to SS2 and win the second straight, hit the rock that had fallen on the course and retired. The winner isMarcus Gronholm(Peugeot). Second-place finish Sebastian Loeb (Citroen) wins the second consecutive driver's championship.
Previous raceLarry Great BritainIn memory of Michael Park, who died in the accident, an image of the days of the park, a sticker resembling a helmet, and a message were posted on each Works vehicle. In the podium commemorative photo, the message "BEEF WITH US FOREVER" was posted to the park, which was nicknamed "Beef".
Production Car World Rally Championship (PWRC) was co-sponsored,Toshihiro Arai(Subaru) wins.
Sebastian Loeb (Citroen) escaped the close game with Gronholm (Ford) and won the first rally in Japan at the 3rd event. With 27 wins for WRCCarlos SainzOverwhelmed 26 wins and set the record for the most WRC wins.
The co-hosted PWRCFumio Nutahara(Mitsubishi) wins.
4th held, Robe also following the retirement of GronholmPace notesCrashed due to misreading. Ace of self-defeatMikko Hirvonen(Ford) won and won.
(Mitsubishi) won the co-sponsored PWRC.Group NThen.Katsuhiko Taguchi(Mitsubishi) wins.
The 5th event was held and moved to central Hokkaido, centered around Sapporo City. The road surface is heavy and wet due to rain and snow. On DAY1Francois Duval(Ford) crashed, co-driver Patrick Pivat (France) was seriously injured, and SS was canceled. Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) won the second consecutive title, and Loeb (Citroen), who finished third, won the WRC's first five consecutive titles.
The co-hosted PWRCYuho Hanninen(Mitsubishi) won the lead because of the trouble in the final SS of the youngest player Evgeny Novikov (Mitsubishi) who had been at the top. 3rd place is Toshihiro Arai (Subaru), the highest Japanese.
At the WMSC General Assembly, which manages the WRC calendar, the 2009 and 2010 events had 12 races a year and were held every other year. As a result, it was decided that Japan will be held in 2010 and will not be held as WRC in 2009. afterwards,Intercontinental Rally Challenge The policy to be held as (IRC) has been clarified,May 10~24 daysAlthough it was planned to be held in April, it was eventually decided to abandon the same year in April 2009.
6th held, reversed the lead Petter Solberg (Citroen) until the second day,Sebastian Ogier(Citroen) wins. F1 former championKimi Raikkonen(Citroen) is retired.
Patrick Flodin (Subaru) won the co-sponsored PWRC.
A bid preparatory committee was established in January with the aim of reviving Rally Japan. It was surely held in 1, but lost at the last minute[22].. FIA officials will visit Shinshiro Rally in November as a candy date event.[23].
On September 9th, WMSC officially decided to hold in 27. Test event "Central Rally Aichi/Gifu 2020" will be held from November 11th to 9th[24].

List of successive winners

(English edition)
2004 Norway flag Petter SolbergWales flag Phil MillsSubaru Impreza WRC2004report
2005 Finnish flag Marcus GronholmFinnish flag Timo RautiainenPeugeot 307WRCreport
2006 French flag Sebastian robeMonaco flag Daniel ElenaCitroen Kusara WRCreport
2007 Finnish flag Mikko HirvonenFinnish flag Jarmo LetinenFord Focus WRCreport
2008 Finnish flag Mikko HirvonenFinnish flag Jarmo LetinenFord Focus WRCreport
2010 French flag Sebastian OgierFrench flag Julian IngrasiaCitroen C4 WRCreport
2020 Cancel

Yearly data

1th (2004)

  • Event period: September 2004, 9-September 3, 9
    • September 9nd Ceremony Start (Obihiro city)
    • September 9 <LEG3> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 9 km (SS:660.72 km)
    • September 9 <LEG4> SS2-SS10 Mileage: 20 km (SS:635.82 km)
    • September 9 <LEG5> SS3-SS21 Mileage: 27 km (SS:410.63 km)
  • Total mileage: 1707.17 km (SS:386.68 km)
  • Total number of SS: 27

2th (2005)

  • Event period: September 2005, 9-September 30, 10[25]
    • September 9th Ceremony Start (Obihiro city)
    • September 9 <LEG30> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 9 km (SS:652.34 km)
    • September 10 <LEG1> SS2-SS10 Mileage: 21 km (SS:586.21 km)
    • September 10 <LEG2> SS3-SS22 Mileage: 26 km (SS:376.29 km)
  • Total mileage: 1614.84 km (SS:350.18 km)
  • Total number of SS: 26

3th (2006)

  • Event period: September 2006, 9-September 1, 9
    • September 8th Ceremony Start (Obihiro city)
    • September 9 <LEG1> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 10 km (SS:610.02 km)
    • September 9 <LEG2> SS2-SS11 Mileage: 21 km (SS:600.70 km)
    • September 9 <LEG3> SS3-SS22 Mileage: 27 km (SS:375.56 km)
  • Total mileage: 1586.28 km (SS:345.72 km)
  • Total number of SS: 27

4th (2007)

  • Event period: September 2007, 10-September 26, 10
    • September 10nd Ceremony Start (Obihiro city)
    • September 10 <LEG26> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 10 km (SS:571.58 km)
    • October 10 <LEG27> SS2-SS11 Mileage: 20km (SS:616.46km)
    • October 10 <LEG28> SS3-SS21 Mileage: 27km (SS:387.75km)
  • Total mileage: 1575.79 km (SS:350.81 km)
  • Total number of SS: 27

5th (2008)

  • Event period: September 2008, 10-September 31, 11
    • October 10th Ceremony Start (Sapporo Dome)
    • September 10 <LEG31> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 10 km (SS:464.93 km)
    • November 11 <LEG1> SS2-SS11 Mileage: km (SS:20 km)
    • November 11 <LEG2> SS3-SS21 Mileage: km (SS:29 km)
  • Total mileage: 1282.62 km (SS:342.61 km)
  • Total number of SS: 29 *SS 3/7/8 canceled

6th (2010)

  • Event period: September 2010, 9-September 9, 9
    • September 9 <DAY9A> SS1-SS1 Mileage: 2 km (SS:4.47km)
    • September 9 <DAY10B> SS1-SS3 Mileage: 10 km (SS:433.87 km)
    • September 9 <DAY11> SS2-SS11 Mileage: 18km (SS: 363.60km)
    • September 9 <DAY12> SS3-SS19 Mileage: 26km (SS: 327.52km)
  • Total mileage: 1129.46 km (SS:310.44 km)
  • Total number of SS: 26


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