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✈ | Chatan Airport Express, a direct shuttle bus that connects Naha Airport and Chatan Town, Okinawa in as little as 45 minutes, November ...


Direct shuttle bus "Chatan Airport Express" that connects Naha Airport and Chatan Town, Okinawa in a minimum of 45 minutes November ...

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For many years, it has been argued that tourist destinations, including Chatan Town, need vast parking lots.

Chatan Tourism MaaS Joint Venture (Secretary company: Udec Co., Ltd., Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Babaen ... → Continue reading


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(I.e.(Kankouchi) isTourismTravelFor the purpose of recreation and sightseeing calledTravelOr for travelers,History-culture-NATURELandscapeTourist assets such as are properly maintained,TransportationInstitutionshotelIt means an area where tourists can be accepted.


Many of these regions(I.e.Between,coastalThe income earned from tourists is concentrated in the area called the ancient city.RegionEconomyIt is the basis of

Therefore,National park内 のNATUREprotectionAreas such as areas where people cannot enter, historical and cultural heritage,world HeritageEven if it is registered in, etc., it is not a tourist destination if it does not have a system for accepting tourists due to transportation and accommodation facilities. However, among these, those that are being developed for the purpose of disclosure and that are ready for general tourists to appreciate sightseeing assets such as history, culture, and natural scenery that are prerequisites for sightseeing are tourist destinations. Become.

Many of these tourist destinationsTourism AssociationOrganize groups such as to attract tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, natural scenery andHistoric siteWe carry out various maintenance projects such as tour guides, accommodation guides, and garbage collection in the area.

Incidentally,Theme park,amusement park Theamusement facilitiesIt is not a tourist resort because it is not a facility for sightseeing and recreation. However, some theme parks are adjacent to tourist spots, and some of them are accommodation facilities, cultural facilities, etc.

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Chatan Town

Chatan Town(Chattancho)OkinawaNakagami-gunBelongs totown.


The reading of the town name, Chatan"Kitatani" is "Chitatan → Chitatan → Chatan"[Source required](Okinawan dialectThen, the sound of “ki, ky” changes to “ch”). From those who are not used to reading the town name, such as people from outside the prefecture,ChaIt is sometimes pronounced as a head height, but among local residents,TanIs pronounced.

The Mihama area on the west coastUS Armed ForcesIt is a popular spot for the people involved and is the only place in the prefectureFerris wheelThere isAmerican villageThere is also a relatively large areaAeon Ryukyu(Former Ryukyu Jusco) AEON Chatan (AEON Chatan Shopping Center) And other entertainment and store facilities, which are visited by many local citizens and tourists.

In Chatan TownCamp Foster,Camp Kuwae(Camp Leicester) Kadena Air Base,Army oil storage facilityThere are four US military facilities, accounting for 4% of the total area of ​​the town, so the remaining 52.3 km2There are about 2 townspeople living in.

Chatan Park Baseball FieldThere,Professional baseball OfChunichi DragonsIn springCampIt is also known to be doing.Autumn camps are held at Nagoya Baseball Stadium.


Okinawa main islandLocated on the central west coast.

List of town characters

  • Ihei
  • Ujiwara
  • Omura
  • Kamisedo
  • Kitamae
  • Kuwae
  • Shimosedo
  • Sandy beach
  • Tamagami
  • Chatan --1-2 Chome
  • Chatan
  • Momohara
  • Hamagawa
  • Port (Minato)
  • Mihama ―― 1-3 chome
  • Mihama
  • Miyagi
  • Yoshihara

Among them, Kitamae, Chatan 1-2 Chome neighborhoodHumbyAlso called. originallyUS Army in JapanIt was so called because there was a Humvee airfield of the Marine Corps. In addition, the town is divided into the following administrative districts.

  • Superiority
  • Momohara
  • Prosperity
  • Kuwae
  • Thank you
  • North ball
  • Uchihara
  • Kitamae
  • Miyagi
  • Sandy beach
  • Mihama

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution of Chatan, Okinawa, Japan.svg
Chatan Town and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Chatan Town Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Chatan Town
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Chatan Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Chatan thinningWas made up of 9 villages: Aniya, Chatan, Kuwae, Heianyama, Sandside, Nokuni, Yara, Kadena and Yamauchi.

  • 1671 : Aniya is incorporated into Ginowan Magiri.

Tamashiro, evangelism, Irei, Hamakawa, Nori are newly established.

  • 1908 May 4 : Island township systemWith enforcement, ChatanPauseIs Chatan Village. The government office is located on the sandy side.
  • 1945 March:Battle of OkinawaIt became a landing point for US forces and the entire village was immediately occupied.
  • 1946 October: Residents are allowed to move to a part of the Momohara area.
  • 1947 January: Residents were allowed to move to the Xieyuan area, but the flat land, which was one of the prefecture's leading breadbaskets, was not allowed.As a result, people carve out and settle in terrible terrain, forming the current densely populated area of ​​Xie.
  • 1948 May 12: The northern part of the village such as Kadena is a branch village as Kadena village (1976 ToKadena TownBecomes)[1].
  • 1980 April 4: Town system comes into effect.
  • 1981 December: All Camp Foster Humvee airfields are returned.
  • October 1988, 10: Chatan Town Athletic Park is opened.
  • From around 1997American villageThe construction work of is started.
  • By 2004, the construction of the American Village is almost complete.
  • Construction work will begin from around 2007.


  • Mayor Toguchi Masashi


Postal delivery is in Okinawa CityOkinawa Post OfficeDo.


high school

Junior high school

primary school

Vocational school

Vocational schools


  • FM Nirai(79.2MHz) Chatan Town, Kadena Town, Ginowan City (broadcast area)



Transit Bus

The following routes run through the town. "Ryu" of the operating companies in the table belowRyukyu Bus TransportationLine, "Oki"Okinawa busLine. The lines described in both show the joint operation lines of both companies.

numberRoute nameOperating companystarting pointend point市町村Main transit points in Chatan Town
20Nago West LineRyukyu
Naha BTNago BTNaha - Urasoe City - Ginowan City - Chatan Town - Kadena Town - Yomitan Village - Onna village - NagoNational Highway No. 58 (Chatan, Kuwae, Ihei, sandside)
120Nago West Airport LineNaha Airport
28Yomitan (Sobe) lineNaha BTYomitan BTNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Chatan Town -Kadena Town-Yomitan Village
29Yomitan (Kina) line
228Yomitan Omoromachi LineOmoromachi Station
43Chatan LineOkinawaNaha BTChatan Town OfficeNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Chatan TownChatan, Kuwae
62Chubu LineRyukyuYomitan BTSandside tarmacYomitan Village-Kadena Town- Okinawa City - Chatan TownXiali, American Village, Chatan Miyagi
63Xiekari LineNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Chatan Town -Okinawa City- Uruma CityHumvetown, Xiali
263Xiekari Omoromachi LineOmoromachi Station
75Ishikawa Chatan LineHigashiyama parking lotChatan Town Elderly Welfare CenterUruma City-Okinawa City- Chatan TownChatan High School
96Chatan-AEON MALL LineOkinawaChatan Town OfficeRycomChatan Town - Kitanakagusuku VillageIn front of Kuwae and Fire Station
112National highway lineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Chatan Town -Okinawa City-Uruma CityChatan, Kuwae, Ihei, Kamisei

Demand bus

From 2021 monthDemand busAs "C-BUS"[2]Is operating.

From June 2017, 6 to June 19, 2021, the community bus of the same name operated two routes, the north course, which operates the northern half of the town area, and the south course, which operates the southern half.

Other bus routes

Naha AirportThere is a limousine bus that connects the tourist resorts and resort hotels in the town. Both can be used in the same way as regular buses.


Chatan Town and US Military Base

Chatan Town, which became the landing point of the US Army due to the presence of the Japanese military airfield, lost the lives of many residents.There are still four US military facilities, and US military bases occupy 4% of the total area of ​​the town.

Chatan Town U.S. Military Base

  • Kadena Air Base: 19,855 thousand square meters (Chatan Town about 3,635 thousand square meters, 18%)
  • Camp Kuwae: 675 square meters (Chatan Town)
  • Camp Zukeran: 5,450 thousand square meters (including 2,571 thousand square meters in Chatan Town)
  • Army oil storage facility: 1,277 thousand square meters (including 408 thousand square meters in Chatan Town)

Returned U.S. military base

Return of Humvee Airfield
382 square meters of Camp Zukeran will be returned to become Hamby Town.Mihama Town Resort American Village will be a major tourist destination.Chatan Town estimates that the economic spillover effect will be 1991 billion yen over the 2002 years from 12 to 1726.Property tax increased 357 times from 2 million yen to 8600 million yen.The previous base employment was less than 81, but the return created 100 jobs.
Return of May Moscara Shooting Training Ground
The land readjustment project was promoted, and urban development centered on commercial facilities was promoted. In just seven years from 1996 to 2002, the economic spillover effect was 7 billion yen and the property tax was 402 million yen to 192 million yen. It increased 1 times to 8500 million yen[3].

Famous people


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