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🚗 | [Audi e-tron GT] Goodyear, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 genuinely installed

Photo Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

[Audi e-tron GT] Goodyear, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 genuinely installed

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Equipped with Goodyear's original technology "Electric Drive Technology" to support the characteristics of EV.

Goodyear Japan's high-performance sports tire "Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5" is Audi's EV sports car ... → Continue reading


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Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company(Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company ,NASDAQ: GT) IsThe United States of America Ofrubber,タ イ ヤMaker.Founded in 1898 by.

Day-Bridgestone,Buddha-Michelin,alone-ContinentalAlong with, it is one of the largest tire companies in the world and one of the largest rubber companies in the world.The head office isOhioAkronLocated in.The companyVulcanized rubberInventor ofCharles GoodyearThe name was named after it, but there is no direct relationship between Goodyear and Goodyear.

Goodyear wrote the company's logoairshipKnown throughout the world.The airship has been the company's aviation subsidiary, Goodyear Aircraft Company (Second World WarLater renamed Goodyear Aerospace Corporation. ) Performed maintenance.The subsidiary was of Sir James Goldsmith in 1987.Greenmail attackIt was sold to Laural Corporation as a result of a hostile takeover (request for high-priced purchase of acquired shares).


Saberling was the first to deposit $ 3,500 borrowed from his brother-in-lawプ ラ ン トI bought.Goodyear1898 May 8$ 100,000CapitalWas established in.Initially with 13 workersBicycleとCarriageTires,HorseshoesRubber stuffing,pokerChips were manufactured.

The logo mark of the winged foot1901 Invented by Saber Ring.The first appearance was an ad for Saturday Evening Post, where Saberling was on the railing pillar of the stairs at home.Roman mythology OfMercuriusI devised a logo from the statue.Same year Saber RingHenry FordPresented tires for the race when he participated in the car race.

1917 To certify the performance of our tiresOhioAkronからMassachusettsBoston CityTowardsWingfoot Express(the Wingfoot Express) Was run.It took 24 days to complete.1926 Goodyear will be the largest rubber company in the world.

1986 ToJames GoldsmithThe lord and investment group launched a hostile takeover and acquired 11% of the issued shares, but the following year avoided the takeover offensive, and Goodyear closed the factory and closed the factory to defend the takeover and carried out a large-scale restructuring. It was.same yearCaliforniaからTexasAnnounces the completion of the "All American" oil pipeline.Also,subsidiaryKelly SpringfieldMarylandAnnounced the construction of a new headquarters.

2021 June, in the same industryCooper tires and rubberAnnounced that it has acquired and acquired[3].

Relationship with Sumitomo Rubber Industries

Goodyear1999 ToSumitomo Rubber IndustriesFormed a comprehensive capital alliance with.For this reason, both companies have "Goodyear" and ""ダ ン ロ ッ プAs for the brand, Goodyear will manufacture and sell the North American and European markets, and Sumitomo Rubber Industries will manufacture and sell the Asian market.

Along with this, GoodyearJapanCorporationGoodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. (1952 Established as a wholly owned subsidiary in Japan)1999 May 9Changed the company name to Goodyear Wing Foot Co., Ltd.Established Japan Goodyear Co., Ltd. (Sumitomo Rubber Industries 75% Goodyear Wing Foot 25%) as a new joint venture with Sumitomo Rubber Industries.Therefore, at that time, domestically produced products were being developed and produced by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Conversely, Goodyear has a stake in Dunlop Tire (UK), which was under the umbrella of Sumitomo Rubber Industries at the time, and the company has become a subsidiary of Goodyear (owns 75% of the shares, with the remaining 25% owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries). Continues to own).For this reason, all Dunlop tires currently sold in the North American and European markets are basically developed and produced by Goodyear.

In February 2014, Goodyear made an offer to Sumitomo Rubber Industries to cancel the alliance.International Chamber of CommerceI had filed for arbitration[4], On June 2015, 6, Sumitomo Rubber Industries agreed to dissolve the alliance by receiving about US $ 4 million (about 271 billion yen) from Goodyear.As a result, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodyear Wing Foot Co., Ltd. on October 325, 2015, and on March 10, 1.Merged with Goodyear Wing Foot Co., Ltd.At the same time, Goodyear Wing Foot Co., Ltd. changed its name to Japan Goodyear Co., Ltd. again.[5]..However, even after the Sumitomo Rubber Alliance is dissolved, Sumitomo Rubber will continue to be in charge of manufacturing consignments for products for the Asian market, including Japan.

Motor sports

The companyMotor sports"Eagle"EAGLE We supply products under the brand.

F1 To1964 Participated from, and temporarily supplied exclusively (One-make).1998 Until the last withdrawal368 wins in totalThis is the most win record in F1 as a tire manufacturer, and it is the second placePirelliIt is an overwhelming record that is nearly double the difference from (202 wins) (as of the end of 2).By the way1965 Mexican Grand PrixThe first win for Goodyear wasHonda OfRitchie GincerAnd it was Goodyear's last winFerrari OfMichael SchumacherMet.

As of 2017NASCARMainly activities in Japan, called NASCAR National Series (commonly known as "Three Major Series")Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series,Exfinity series,Camping World Truck SeriesAre all one-makes of Goodyear tires.

FIA World Endurance ChampionshipFrom the 2019/20 season of (WEC)[6]Entered the supply of tires to the LMP2 class, and from the 2020/21 season,[7]It has been decided to become an LMP2 class one-make tire supplier.

Sky sportsInRed Bull Air Race World SeriesAre participating inMichael goulianIs a team sponsor of.

in Japan86/BRZ race,Vitz raceWe are entering the market for (one-make).

Conflict with the Trump administration

As the election campaign for the 2020 United States presidential election increased, the slogans and phrases drawn on the work clothes of Goodyear factory employees became a problem.this isDemocratic PartyWhile phrases that can be perceived as close-knit (eg, black life is important, LGBT related) were allowed by the company,Republican PartyPhrases that are perceived as lean (eg, making the United States great again) were not allowed.2020 May 8,Donald TrumpThe president is a tire made by GoodyearBoycottTo the supporters andPresidential state carHe also suggested replacing the special tires of.In response, Goodyear urged employees to refrain from using expressions in the workplace to support the campaigns of any candidate or political party.[8].


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