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🚗 | Former Renault F1 Team finally gets a tattoo.Ricardo, who won the podium bet, released the situation on SNS


Former Renault F1 Team finally gets a tattoo.Ricardo, who won the podium bet, released the situation on SNS

If you write the contents roughly
I'll post a video on Wednesday, "Ricardo wrote.

Cyril Abiteboul, former Renault F1 Managing Director who endured months of suspense and expectations ... → Continue reading


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Wednesday(Suiyoubi) orWednesday(Suiyo)TuesdayとThursdayIs between週One day.

Name in each language

Japanese,KoreanThe name ofSeven daysIs one ofMercury Named after (Mercury). Also, at the end of the five-way thought,WedGoes water.

Romance languagesThen.MercuriusIt’s the day ofEnglish: WednesdaylikeGermanic languagesThen.OdinIs the day. This is ancient Rome,Germanic mythologyBecause he regarded Odin, the magical god of God, as a god like Mercurius.

VietnameseThen means the sixthWednesdayIs also used for the meaning of Wednesday, and also in German, it is "the middle day" (Wednesday), whileChineseThen "星期三Or "Reizo".

Wednesday in Christianity

Ash WednesdayIs the day of Christian repentance.Orthodox churchIn the Eastern Church includingJudas Iscariot キ リ ス トIt is handed down that it was the day that betrayed. Therefore, except at certain timesSaiThe day of

Wednesday in Japan

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular

At school, there are few places where faculty and staff hold meetings and study groups, so students leave school late.


Scheduled departure date

Many companies have been designated as "on-time leave" or "no overtime day" to encourage them to return home on time.[1].

Industries to be closed

Japanese real estate agentsUR City OrganizationIn many areas, such as sales offices and housing manufacturers, it may be closed.Since this is the middle of the week, the theory is that Wednesday is a regular holiday, the weekend is a local guide and contract, and the beginning of the week is a regular holiday to prepare contract documents, and the popular theory is that the contract is "Wednesday". There is also a theory that it dislikes flowing to[2][3].. However, some real estate agents vary by region, and some regions are closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. Also,NaganoThen, Tuesday is a regular holiday,Northern JapanSundays are closed on a regular basis in some areas. This is a regular holiday because real estate agents do not work if other companies are off when introducing properties.[4].

The same tendency can be seen at car dealers, etc., but since regular holidays are set by the policy of the operating company,Barber shop,Beauty salonNot all of these industries are closed on Wednesdays, as they are not stipulated by unions or industries like the ones in the past, or by law like the large-scale retail stores in the past.Some car dealers are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays.

MarketThen we are closed on Wednesday.In connection with this, there is also a service industry that has Wednesdays as a regular holiday, and there are fish stores and fruit and vegetable stores.[2]Excluding chain stores restaurantThis tendency is seen in[3].

At a supermarketAEON group(OldJusco・OldDaiei) Was closed on Wednesday (most of the other supermarkets were on Tuesday).

practitionerOperated byMedical institution(Hospital-Clinic) However, there are places where we will be closed for half or all days. Medical leave can be set freely by the authority of the medical institution.[5]), but not all medical institutions are closed on Wednesdays (mostly Thursdays except Wednesdays and Sundays)[6]This is a peculiar situation in the medical world, and it is said that there are many medical institutions that are examined on Saturdays and there are also transfers, and some academic societies and study groups to which medical institutions belong are held on Wednesdays.[6].

Release date

weekly magazine

In Manga Weekly MagazineWeekly Shonen MagazineとWeekly Shonen SundayIs the release date of.In other weekly magazines, it is also the day of the week when weekly magazines of a specific genre are released.TV magazineThe television-Weekly TV guide-NHK Weekly StellaOr a sports weekly magazineWeekly wrestling-Weekly baseballIs the release date of.

Music software

CDIt is also a good day to specify the release date. This is because if you ship the CD from the factory on Monday and line it up on the store on Tuesday,OriconThis is because the sales for 6 days are recorded in the total of the above, and it can be expected to go to the top.Once on the last Monday or Tuesdaypublic holidayAt that time, each company set the release date on Thursday immediately afterwards, but recently, more and more record companies set the release date on Wednesday even in this pattern. Also, since 2015, only for Western music CD albums,FridayOften released to[7].

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