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✈ | Blue Impulse, exhibition flight at weekend Nittahara on December 12th and 4th

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Blue Impulse, exhibition flight at weekend Nittahara on December 12th and 4th

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In addition, Blue Impulse will be the first flight since the mobile training was conducted at Nittahara Base from December 2020th (Monday) to December 12th (Friday), 14.

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force's acrobatics team "Blue Impulse" will be on Saturday, December 2021, 12 and Sunday, December 4, 12 ... → Continue reading


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Nittawara Base

Nittawara Base(Nyutabaru Airbase)MiyazakiKoyu-gunShintomi-choLocated in Oaza Nyuuta 19581Japan Air Self-Defense ForceBase.5th WingEtc. are deployed.The commander of the base is also the commander of the 5th Air Corps.

In addition, it was organized by pilots with the strongest skills in Japan.Tactical Fighter TrainingIt is also known that it was the former home of the.The base area is 9,135 square kilometers.The runway is being renovated and the corps is being improved for joint training between Japan and the United States.[1]In addition,U.S. ForcesFutenma baseHas been selected as one of the relocation destinations for the "emergency deployment base function"[2].. OriginallyImperial ArmyAviation unit OfNittahara Army AirfieldIt was built as an educational facility for the Army Air Corps and parachute units, but was used as a sortie base for special attack aircraft at the end of World War II.[3].


  1. 第3操縦学校分校(使用機:T-33)が設置
  2. 航空保安管制気象群新田原分遣隊が設置
  3. 新田原警務分遣隊Is installed

Deployment unit

Western Air CorpsSubordinate
Air rescue teamSubordinate
Air support groupSubordinate
Aviation Education GroupDirect control

Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceWestern DirectorDirect control

Minister of DefenseDirect control

Air traffic control

GND (ground)275.8MHz
TWR (Control Tower)126.2MHz, 236.8MHz, 304.5MHz
APP (landing)120.1MHz, 120.9MHz
123.6MHz, 261.2MHz
MET (weather)344.6MHz
APP isMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismOsaka Aviation BureauKagoshima AirportThe office is in charge.Operating hours are from 7:00 to 22:00.
Until October 2017, 10, Osaka Aviation BureauMiyazaki AirportThe office was in charge. (29 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. XNUMX)
GND, TWR, METJapan Air Self-Defense ForceNittahara Airfield Nittahara Control Corps is in charge
In the surrounding airspaceSpecial approach control zoneIs set.

Aviation Security Radio Facility

Station nameTypesfrequencyIdentification signal
NittaharaTHE S111.3MHzINH
Operating hours are 24 hours


Air festival

  • It is usually held at the end of November or the beginning of December.Blue ImpulseThere is an exhibition flight.
  • Mobile flight, simulated scramble and simulated ground attack, rescue flight exhibition by aircraft belonging to Nittahara base, andConstruction base-6th SquadronBelongingF-2AWill fly and a mobile flight will be carried out.Also, because the paratroopers were once stationed there,1st Airborne BrigadeParatroopers (most of the paratroopers are from Miyazaki prefecture) will also be held.[11]..Long time ago,Iwakuni base-1st Marine WingBelongingF-16And the Ground Self-Defense ForceMitsuhara Garrison-3th anti-tank helicopter corpsBelongingAH-1SHas been exhibited by.In addition, the Miyazaki Prefectural Police Air Corps helicopter, Miyazaki Prefecture disaster prevention helicopter, and Miyazaki University doctor helicopter have also participated in the disaster exhibition.
  • The ground exhibition mainly exhibits the Land, Sea, and Air Self-Defense Forces and U.S. military aircraft, but air defense firearms and base guard vehicles, including VADS simulated shooting training by the 5th Base Air Defense Corps under the 5th Air Corps Base Operations Group. Will also be exhibited.In the past, the Ground Self-Defense ForceType 74 tank(8st Tank Battalion) Was also exhibited in some years.
  • In 2014, the U.S. militaryV-22 "Osprey"Was exhibited.
  • Also, with the relocation of the 2016st Squadron in October 10, "Farewell, Phantom" F-301EJ Final Demo was held in addition to the annual air festival as a sign of gratitude to the locals.
  • In 2021, the air festival was canceled due to the new coronavirus, andJapan Air Self-Defense Force"Weekend Nittahara" was held as an alternative event for the Nittahara Air Base Festival for those who are interested in joining the army.

The on-base parking lot is for people with disabilities and persons with disabilities only, and it is necessary to apply in advance.The parking lot on the south side of the Nittahara Air Festival (which is extremely close to the runway compared to other bases) is due to construction work inside the base.2006/It has been discontinued since.


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