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✈ | ITA Airways and Airbus have signed a final contract for a total of 28 aircraft

Photo ITA Airways painted A220, A320neo family, A330neo

Confirmed contract with ITA Airways and Airbus for a total of 28 aircraft

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ITA Airways welcomed the conclusion of the final agreement and commented that the development of digital technology has created the possibility of collaboration with Airbus.

Italy's new airline, ITA Airways, ordered a total of 2021 Airbus aircraft on Wednesday, December 12, 1 ... → Continue reading


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ITA Airways

ITA AirwaysIt is,2021 May 10Started operation inItalyNational airline (Flag carrier).Italian flag carrier,AlitaliaWill take over many of the assets of.


  • October 2020 The Italian government announces that it has signed aviation legislation to establish the state-owned flag carrier ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA / Italy Air Transport), which will succeed Alitalia.[5].
  • July 2021 The Italian government announced that negotiations with the European Commission were finalized and that the new state-owned airline ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo) is expected to take over on October 7, 2021.In addition, it seems that some slots will be transferred due to the transfer to the new state management.[6].
  • August 2021 Obtained Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) from the Italian Aviation Authority[7].
  • September 2021, 9 ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo) selects Airbus as a strategic partner and signs a memorandum of purchase for 30 new-generation aircraft.At the same time, a total of 28 aircraft leasing contracts were signed with Air Lease Corporation (ALC), an aircraft leasing company.[8].
  • 2021/10/14 CagliariDepartureRomeWith the flight AZ1586 to Alitalia-Italian Airlines has come to an end in 74 years of history[9].
  • 2021/10/15 Milan Linate AirportDepartureBariITA Airways (Italia Trasporto Aereo) starts operation from flight AZ1637[10].
  • October 2021, 10 Airline Alliance,Sky teamJoin.

Operation equipment

ITA Airways owns the following models[11].

Equipment owned by ITA Airways (as of October 2021)[12]
equipmentNumber of operating machinesNumber of ordered machinesNumber of seatsRemarks
Airbus A319-10018-48-96144
Airbus A320-20027-51-120171One of them, EI-EIB, is a new special title notation of "Born in 1"[13]
Airbus A330-2007-2017219256
ITA Airways Ordered Equipment[14]
ModelNumber of Airbus memorandum contractsNumber of lease contractsRemarks
Airbus A220715
Airbus A320neo112
Airbus A321neo9
Airbus A330neo105

Destination city

ITA has decided to transfer some slots in Italy due to re-nationalization, and due to the transition, it will be reduced to 45 points (including 21 in Italy) and 61 routes, but by 2025 74 We are planning to expand to 89 routes[15].

Mileage program


Fixed contract


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