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🚗 | Avoid the confusion of "first ride" ... The first and second flights will be drawn by lottery Asa Kaigan Railway DMV starting on December 2

Photo DMV for test run in railroad mode.

Avoiding the confusion of "first ride" ... The first and second flights will be drawn by lottery Asa Kaigan Railway DMV starting on December 2

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For the Hainan Muroto Line, the descent is between Awa Kainan Bunkamura and Umi no Eki Toyocho (you cannot get off between Awa Kainan and Umi no Eki Toyocho), and the ascent is between Umi no Eki Toromu and Muroto Schoolhouse Aquarium (Muroto Cape and Muroto). It is not possible to get off between closed school aquariums).

Asato Kainan Railway, which operates the Asato Line connecting Awa-Kainan Station (Kaiyo Town, Tokushima Prefecture) and Kannoura Station (Toyo Town, Kochi Prefecture) ... → Continue reading


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Awa Hainan Culture Village

Awa Hainan Culture Village(Bunkamura) isTokushimaKaifu-gunKaiyo TownIt is inKaibe sword, A complex cultural facility where the restoration of the Osato Tumulus is exhibited.88 views of TokushimaSelection.


Awa Hainan Bunkamura is a cultural center with a multipurpose hall and a conference room.AwakuniOn behalf ofKaibe sword,Shikoku70,088 pieces of Osato excavated coins boasting one excavation number,Side hole type stone chamberThe restoration of the Osato Tumulus, which is equipped with the above, is on display.There are also three buildings where you can experience indigo dyeing and woodworking.[1].

The hall with a capacity of 420 seats is equipped with pier seats and mother and child seats.The Japanese-style room is equipped with a fire pot and can be used as a tea room.[2].

2021/May 12からAsa Kaigan RailwayDMV OfAwa Hainan Culture VillageBus stopWas set up and became the starting and ending point of the DMV.[3]..Prior to that,2019/May 10An event for the completion of all DMV3 cars was held at the parking lot of the facility.[4].


  • Hainan Cultural Center
  • Crafts Museum
  • Iki Ikikan
  • Sankokan

Kaiyo Municipal Museum

History and folklore of the town established in Awa-Kainan Cultural VillageMuseum..Unique to this area, created by swordsmiths in the Kaifu River basin in the Middle Ages, among the collections of the museum.Kaibe swordThe sword collection centered on is one of the best in quality and quantity in Japan.

In addition, it has a wealth of archaeological and folk materials excavated and collected in the town, such as "Osato Kosen," which records the number of excavated coins in Shikoku as a medieval buried coin.It is one of the small but original local museums.

Equipment outline

  • Opening hours: 9: 00-17: 00 (admission is until 16:30)
  • Closed days: Monday (the next day if it is a national holiday), year-end and New Year holidays (May 12-May 1)
  • Parking lot: Approximately 200 cars



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