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🚗 | Nissan announces "Aria Single-seater Concept" that appeals to Aria's power train


Nissan announces "Aria Single-seater Concept" that appeals to Aria's power train

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"In Nissan, the activities of EV and Formula E are influencing each other.

On December 12, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is holding "NISSAN FUTURES ..." at the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery. → Continue reading


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Formula E

FIA Formula E World Championship (FIA Formula E World Championship, Formulay,FE) IsFossil fuelDo not useElectric car OfFormula carRace by. Commonly"Of electric carF1Is introduced.2014 It has been held since September.


August 2012, 8,International Automobile Federation (FIA) announces the establishment of the series[1].. Formula E Holding (FEH) operates the series and the companyCEOSpanish businessmanAlejandro Agag(English edition)[2] Was inaugurated. In the cityAir pollutionAiming to promote the spread of electric vehicles as a countermeasure, races are held in big cities and famous resorts around the world.City courseDone in[3][4]..The series will start in the fall, with about 10 races a year spanning the year.Since it was not a world championship when the series was first launched, each eventGrand PrixNot (GP)e-PrixIt is called (Epri) and has been taken over even after being promoted to the world championship.

The race headquarters and the factories of each team are all for the purpose of improving operational efficiency and reducing team operating costs.Donington ParkIs aggregated in2014 The building opened in January[5].. Due to this relationship, all machine tests were initially conducted in Donington. However, the commercial department has an office in London.[5].

The first year of 2014-15 is "Spark Renault SRT 01E Using a dedicated machine called "(Spark-Renault SRT_01E)"One-make raceIt is carried out as. Although the chassis will be one-make in 2015-16, the team will be allowed to manufacture and improve the powertrain independently. Due to the limited charge of the on-board battery, two machines must be used per driver and transferred in the pits during the race.[6].. From the 2018-2019 season, there will be no transfers, and drivers will be required to complete the race with one machine.[7].. In the future while the car is stoppedWireless chargingWe are aiming to introduce a system that allows wireless charging and "dynamic charging" that runs wirelessly on the power supply lane on the course.[8][9].

Also, as a technical partner for wireless power supply, etc.QualcommBesides having a contract with[10], In terms of logisticsDHLThe company is in charge of transporting equipment such as machines entirely.[11].. Became an official apparel partner from the 2017-2018 seasonHugo BossBesides[12], From the middle of the same seasonABB GroupBecame the crown sponsor of the entire series[13].

The official car is an official Formula E partnerBMWIs supplied,Safety carToi8To 2 cars and official cari3A total of 2 units will be supplied. The driver of the safety car (official name is Qualcomm Safety Car) has been a driver for many years.WTCCBruno Correia, the driver of the safety car in Japan.

Also as a support raceArtificial intelligenceThe plan for the race "Robo Race" by the self-driving car operated by is in progress. A 60-minute race will be held on the same course as Formula E. All 10 teams are expected to participate, and a total of 2 unmanned racing cars will participate, two for each team. One of these teams will be a mixed team of experts in autonomous driving technology from all over the world.[14].

From the start of the series until Season 6World championshipIt wasn't, but from Season 2020, which starts in 7International Automobile Federation(FIA) announced that it will be held as a world championship[15].. This allows the FIA Formula 1 World Championship(F1), FIA World Rally Championship(WRC) FIA World Endurance Championship(WEC), FIA World Rallycross Championship(World RX), CIK-FIA World Karting ChampionshipIt becomes the same racing category as.


Formula E official website unless otherwise stated[16], FIA press release[17][18] Than.

  • The championship has a driver division and a team division. All grades are covered in the driver category. Truncate one of the worst annual results applied in the 2014-15 seasonEffective point systemWas abolished. All grades are also included in the team division.
  • ポイントは1位から10位まで順に25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1ポイント。ポールポジション3ポイント、ファステストラップ1ポイント(シーズン2までは2ポイント)、グループ予選最速1ポイント(2019 – 2020シーズンから)。
    • Regarding the fastest lap, the driver who recorded the fastest lap in the 2016-2017 season was a driver who was out of the winning range or retired in all races, so he recorded the fastest time in the top 2017 from the 2018-10 season. Points will be awarded to the driver.
  • The race is basically Saturday[19] One-day event.
    • Practice run only once, 1 minutes.
    • Qualifying is 55 minutes.However, the running time is 40 minutes. It will be divided into 5 groups in total, with every 4 cars as a group.Time is measured for 10 minutes in each group.One car will run one by one in the order of practice run time, up to a maximum of 1 laps (4 laps for attack laps). From the 2-2015 season to the 2016-2020 season, the driving time of each group will be shortened to 2021 minutes, while the cars up to the top 6 in qualifying (expanded to 5th from the 2018-19 season)Super poleMethod time attack is performed[20].
    • The final race can last up to 60 minutes (time race system from 2018-19 season, reduced to 45 minutes race).Formation wrapWithout doing[21], As a general rule, after reaching the dummy grid two rows down from the starting grid[22]After moving to the starting grid, the race starts with a standing start.
  • Unless the tire is flat, you cannot change the tire when changing machines.
  • Maximum power unit output (200) in practice and qualifyingkW270bhp) を使用可(2018-19シーズンより250kW)。決勝レース中はセーブモード(初年度は150kW/202.5 bhp、2年目,3年目は170kW、4年目は180kW、5年目から7年目は200kW、8年目より230kW)に制限される。
  • Social MediaThe "Fan Boost" system has been adopted to allow the three drivers selected in the above popularity poll (expanded to five from the 3-2018 season) to use extra power during the race.
    • In the first year, the maximum output can be increased to 5kW / 180bhp for 243 seconds during the race.[23].. From the 2nd to the 4th year, 1kJ of energy can be used within the range of 180kW to 200kW only once in the latter half of the race after the transfer (there is no limit on the number of seconds). From the 100th year, it can be used only once after 5 minutes in the latter half of the race.
    • The deadline for fan voting is until the start of the race in the first year, and from 2015-16 until 6 minutes after the start of the race.
  • Season From December 2018, you can use "Attack Mode" by switching, which raises the upper limit of maximum output for several minutes by passing through the activation zone. This attack mode must be used a specified number of times.
  • At least to participate in the warInternational Class B licenseIt is necessary to obtain eLicence from FIA after having.
  • Each driver can only use one motor, battery pack and gearbox per car per season.
  • A maximum of 1 front tires and 5 rear tires can be used per event.
  • Up to 1 car operation staff in one team.
  • The safety car procedure follows FIA standards.
  • No non-official tests are allowed.
  • From 2016, the series champion in the driver categorySuper licenseQualify for issuance[24].

マ シ ン

1th generation

2013 Year of 9 MonthFrankfurt motor show"Spark-Renault SRT_01E" was unveiled at[6].. Designed by Spark Racing Technology[25] Became a technical partner in charge of supervising the entire powertrainRenaultWill take charge of various components supplied from the main suppliers described later.[26].. For development driversLucas di Grassi[27],Takuma Sato[28]Is appointed.

In terms of power performanceF3Same level as the machine[23].. The 0–100 km / h acceleration is 2.9 seconds, and the maximum speed can be suppressed to about 225 km / h due to the urban course (both are assumed values).Commercial EVs do not have a transmission (only final deceleration), but Formula E has a 4-speed gearbox.[23].

The chassis has been devised to prevent crashes in the air caused by tire-to-tire contact, which is always a concern in races of open-wheel cars such as F1. The wing end plate of the front wing is shaped to completely cover the tread surface of the front tire when viewed from the front, and the rear side pontoon has the tread surface of the front of the rear tire and the bumper integrated with the lower part of the rear wing. Covers the tread surface at the rear of the rear tire to prevent contact between the tread surfaces. In addition, crushable structures with a wing cross section are attached to both sides of the cockpit.

The tires supplied by Michelin will be 18-inch grooved all-weather tires, and one machine can use only 1 sets (1 tires) per event.[29].

Real in the first yearOne-make raceHowever, from the second year onward, the power train (motor +)Inverter+ Gearbox + Cooling system) is allowed to be independently developed by each team, such as RenaultAudiEtc. have entered[30].. Up to 2 motors and up to 6-speed gearbox can be selected, and the layout can be placed horizontally or vertically. In the future, the policy is to allow the chassis to be independently developed. Regarding batteries, the policy is to maintain commonality for the time being due to concerns that it will lead to soaring entry costs.[31].

From the third year of the 3-2016 season, a front wing with a two-tiered structure was introduced. This is not so much an aerodynamic effect as it is a measure to emphasize the advancedness of Formula E in terms of appearance.[32].

2th generation

From the 5th year 2018 --2019 season, a new ``Gen2A new chassis called "" will be introduced and will be used for four seasons from 2021 to 2022 season.[33].. The differences from the chassis up to the previous year are as follows.

  1. Install bodywork that completely covers the front and rear tires.
  2. The battery has been reviewed to reduce its size and capacity. The amount of electricity has doubled (2kWh → 28kWh), eliminating the need to change machines during the race. The maximum output is 54kW (250kW during the race) and the maximum speed is increased to 200km / h.
  3. Formula 1Similarly, in the cockpit of the head protection deviceHaloIs installed.LEDIs built-in, the LED lights up when using attack mode or fan boost, and the audience can visually recognize that the boost was used.
  4. The rear wing has been abolished and small on the left and right rear wheel housesWingletIs installed. The rear downforce, which is impaired by the abolition of the wing, has become larger than before.Rear diffuserGet in.
  5. Rear wheelRegenerative brakeAutomatic adjustment function (Brake by wire) Is permitted.

Like the 1st generation, the updated version of "Gen2 EVOHas been released. Gen2 EVO has been modified to a more "contact-sensitive" specification as Gen2 is more contact-resistant, resulting in numerous penalties and controversy over discretionary criteria.[34].. There are no parts covering the tires on the front, and a "U" -shaped front wing is installed. The shape of the small rear winglet has also been changed, and a shark fin that extends from the rear of the driver's seat to the rear of the vehicle has been added. It was planned to be introduced from the 7th year 2020 --2021 season,Global epidemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)Postponed to 2021 --2022 season due to[35].

Major suppliers

Successive champions

SeasonDriver's ChampionTeams Champion
driverTeamCar numberマ シ ンOUR TEAMマ シ ン
2014 - 15 Brazilian flag Nelson Pique Jr.Flag of the People's Republic of China China Racing
→ NEXT EV TCR (changed registered name)
99Spark Renault SRT 01EFrench flag e.dams renaultSpark Renault SRT 01E
2015 - 16 Swiss flag Sebastian BuemiFrench flag Renault e.dams9French flag Renault e.dams
2016 - 17 Brazilian flag Lucas di GrassiGerman flag Apt Schaeffler Audi Sport11French flag Renault e.dams
2017 - 18 French flag Jean-Eric VergneFlag of the People's Republic of China Techeetah25Renault ZE17German flag Audi Sport Apt SchaefflerAudi e-tron FE04
2018 - 19 French flag Jean-Eric VergneFlag of the People's Republic of China DS Techeetah25DS E-Tense FE 19Flag of the People's Republic of China DS TecheetahDS E-Tense FE 19
2019 - 20 Portugal flag Antonio Felix da CostaFlag of the People's Republic of China DS Techeetah13DS E-Tense FE 20Flag of the People's Republic of China DS TecheetahDS E-Tense FE 20
2020 - 21 Dutch flag Nyck de VriesGerman flag Mercedes EQ / Formula E Team17Mercedes EQ / Silver Arrow 02German flag Mercedes EQ / Formula E TeamMercedes EQ / Silver Arrow 02

Main series participation driver

driverYear of participationMain gradesF1 participation history
Canadian flag Jack villeneuve20152015-16 20th1996-2006 (Williams,BAR,Renault,Sauber,BMW Sauber)
Italian flag Jarno Trulli2014-2015 2014-15 20th place, 2015-16 NC1997-2011 (Minardi,Prost,Jordan, Renault,Toyota,Lotus)
French flag Stephane Sarrazin2014-2018 2014-15年14位、2015-16年6位、2016-17年10位、2017-18年22位1999 (Minaldi)
German flag Nick Heidfeld2014-2018 2014-15年12位、2015-16年10位、2016-17年7位、2017-18年11位2000-2011 (Prost, Sauber, Jordan, Williams, BMW Sauber, Renault)
Brazilian flag Felipe Massa2018-2020 2018th place in 19-15, 2019nd place in 20-222002, 2004-2017 (Sauber,Ferrari, Williams)
Japanese flag Takuma Sato20142014-15 24th2002-2008 (Jordan, BAR,Super agri)
British flag Justin Wilson20152014-15 25th2003 (Minardi,ジ ャ ガ ー)
Italian flag Vitatonio Liuzzi2014-2015 2014-15 23th place, 2015-16 NC2005-2007, 2009-2011 (Red bull,Toro Rosso,Force India,HRT)
United States flag Scott Speed20152014-15 15th2006-2007 (Toro Rosso)
French flag Frank montany20142014-15 16th2006 (Super Aguri)
Japanese flag Sakon Yamamoto20152014-15 35th2006-2007, 2010 (Super Aguri,Spyker, HRT)
Brazilian flag Nelson Pique Jr.2014-2019 2014-15年チャンピオン、2015-16年15位、2016-17年11位、2017-18年9位、2018-19年22位2008-2009 (Renault)
Swiss flag Sebastian Buemi20142014-15年2位、2015-16年チャンピオン、2016-17年2位、2017-18年4位、2018-19年2位、2019-20年4位、2020-21年21位2009-2011 (Toro Rosso)
Spanish flag Jaime Arguelles Ali2014-2015 2014-15 13th2009-2011 (Toro Rosso)
Japanese flag Kamui Kobayashi20172017-18 24th2009-2012, 2014 (Toyota, Sauber,Caterham)
Indian flag Karn Chandock2014-2015 2014-15 17th2010-2011 (HRT, Lotus)
Brazilian flag Bruno Senna2014-2016 2014th place in 15-10, 2015nd place in 16-112010-2012 (HRT, Renault, Williams)
Brazilian flag Lucas di Grassi20142014-15年3位、2015-16年2位、2016-17年チャンピオン、2017-18年2位、2018-19年3位、2019-20年6位、2020-21年7位2010 (Virgin)
Belgian flag Jerome Danbrosio2014-2020 2014-15年4位、2015-16年5位、2016-17年18位、2017-18年14位、2018-19年11位、2019-20年16位2011-2012 (Virgin,Lotus)
French flag Jean-Eric Vergne20142014-15年7位、2015-16年9位、2016-17年5位、2017-18年チャンピオン、2018-19年チャンピオン、2019-20年3位、2020-21年10位2012-2014 (Toro Rosso)
French flag Charles Pick2014-2015 2014-15 18th2012-2013 (Marcia, Caterham)
Mexican flag Esteban Gutierrez20172016-17 22th2013-2014, 2016 (Sauber,Hearth)
German flag Andre Lotterer20172017-18年8位、2018-19年8位、2019-20年8位、2020-21年17位2014 (caterham)
Brazilian flag Felipe Nasr20192018-19 24th2015-2016 (Sauber)
German flag Pascal wehrain20192018th in 19-12, 2019th in 20-18, 2020th in 21-112016-2017 (Manor, Sauber)
Belgian flag Stoffel Bandoon20182018th in 19-16, 2019th in 20-2, 2020th in 21-92016-2018 (McLaren)
Italian flag Antonio Giovinatti20222017, 2019-2021 (Sauber,Alfa romeo)
French flag Pierre Guthrie20172016-17 16th2017-(Toro Rosso, Red Bull,Alpha Tauri)
New Zealand flag Brendon Hartley2019-2020 2019-20 23th2017-2018 (Toro Rosso)

Evaluation and reaction

Criticized because the machine is at F3 level, it is essential to change machines until the 4th year, and the rules and environment are different from existing motor sports such as BGM being played during the race because there is no engine noise and it is quiet There is also an opinion. Around the first year, F1 officials said, "It's cheese."Sebastian Vettel)[36]"This is not motorsport" (Niki Lauda)[37] Was criticized. In addition, even in 2018, when race management has become stable, Lewis Hamilton appreciates Formula E's efforts from the perspective of environmental issues.[38]"At least in my time, I want cars that are equipped with V-type engines that generate a certain amount of noise and run on fuel,"[39]Jacques Villeneuve, who has participated in the spot, also commented, "No one wants to see the race in an electric car."[40]However, many F1 drivers are reluctant to participate in electric car races. On the other hand, he once participated in F1 and is now participating in Formula E.Virgin Racing OfRichard BransonCommented that "Formula E will replace F2 in the 2020s as the top series" around the second year.[41].

However, there was also a reason for such criticism. Until the 2016 --2017 season, there was a problem that it would be difficult to run at full speed if priority was given to finishing in the final due to battery consumption (conversely, if running at full speed, it would not be possible to finish) (as a countermeasure). There was also a side where the machine was transferred). In addition, until this season, the rule was that points would be given to the "driver who recorded the fastest lap in the final", so drivers who were desperate to advance to the top due to an accident at the beginning of the race gave up the race and aimed at the fastest lap. It was also common to see cases of full-speed attacks. Especially in the final race of the series, the driver's champion battle also caused a fierce battle over the two points of the fastest lap, and these two points divided the light and dark.[42][43].. For this reason, from the 2017-2018 season, the regulations have been revised so that points will be given to "the top 10 racers who put out the fastest lap".

In addition, since it is an electric vehicle, most of the causes of machine troubles are related to the electric system, and there are some characteristic phrases such as "electricity cost" in the same vocabulary as fuel consumption and "electricity shortage" in the same vocabulary as gas shortage.[44]Will be done. Of these, the heat generated by the battery is often a problem,Kamui KobayashiAccording to "Fan boost will increase the temperature of the battery and it will be a big deal later."[45]"The heat generated can cause the regenerative system of the rear brake to shut down, which suddenly causes the brakes to stop working."[46] And so on. Therefore, it is a problem that the race is decided by the condition of the battery rather than the race condition such as the tire strategy. On the other hand, not only the speed but also the remaining battery level transmitted is disclosed, so there is an advantage that the current state of the car body is reflected in the actual situation.

Initially the team was centered on privateers, but with the liberalization of powertrain development from Season 2, automakers are involved.Work steamThe transition to is in progress. Besides,VolkswagenDiesel exhaust fraud problem was discovered by the 2040sInternal combustion engineBills banning the sale of cars have been passed in various European countries[47]Formula E is expected to be a place where EV development can be appealed at low cost, while efforts to tackle environmental problems in the automobile industry are drawing attention.[48][49].. Following Renault, DS Automobile (Citroen),Venturi(ZF),Mahindra,ジ ャ ガ ー,Audi[50],BMW[51]Many automobile manufacturers are participating in the war with the liberalization of development. Also, of emerging EV manufacturersNIOAutomakers who have no experience in motor sports are participating in the race, and they are showing a lot of energy. Also,DTMWas a corner ofMercedes-Benz[52]Since 2014WecRaged inPorscheHave announced their participation in Formula E instead of withdrawing from the categories mentioned above, and both have been participating in the 2019-2020 season. Compared to European manufacturers, Japanese and American manufacturers are slow to start, but in JapanNissanAnnounces participation from the 2018-2019 season[53]Then,HondaWas rumored to be under consideration[54][55]However, on October 1, 2020, when it announced its withdrawal from F10, "I have no specific plans to participate in electric racing."[56]It is said.そのため、独自色が生まれつつあり、2020年にはFIA公認の世界選手権へ昇格したため、「電気自動車の最高峰のレース」という地位を事実上確立し、注目は集めているものの、多くのドライバーは同カテゴリーよりF1を目指していることには変わりなく、それを表すかのように若手のステップアップ先として機能しているとは言えず、実際、ドライバーの顔ぶれを見ると、F1でシートを失ったドライバーの転戦先となってしまっている面がありAs a result, a unique color is being born, and in XNUMX it was promoted to the FIA ​​official world championship, effectively establishing the position of "the highest peak race of electric vehicles", and although it is attracting attention, many drivers It is still aiming for FXNUMX from the same category, it can not be said that it is functioning as a step-up destination for young people as if to represent it, and in fact, when looking at the driver's face, he lost the seat in FXNUMX There is a side that has become a battle destination for the driver[57], It has become a half-hearted existence somewhere.

In addition, there is a kind of risk to participate in the same category due to the super license points.

In the first place, it is another cadegory to get a super license as soon as possible until 2018.F2(OldGP2) AndSuper formula,IndyCar, WEC, etc., while aiming to add up over 40 points, which is the condition for super license points, was the mainstream. Under such circumstances, perhaps because of the intention to increase the value of Formula E, the series champions in the driver category began to qualify for the issuance of the Super License from 2016. Therefore, although it was worth participating in the same category, if you enter the top 2 of the year like F2 (GP3), you will not be eligible to issue a super license, and depending on the result of the final race, you will not be able to make your F1 debut. There is. Taking F2018's top three of the year in 2 as an example, the result is 3st place George Russell, 1nd place Lando Norris, 2rd place Alexander Albon, and according to the regulations, 3 people meet the conditions of super license, from 3 It was decided to make an F2019 debut. However, in the case of Formula E, only Russell can meet the conditions, and although the other two can earn a large amount of license points even in the second or third place in the year, they can qualify for the super license by themselves. It is conditional that it depends on the result of adding up the points earned during the expiration date of 1 years.

However, until 2018, if the total points earned in the annual results for each category exceeded 40 points, it was possible to qualify for the super license in one year, but from 1, super license points Due to the change in the allocation of, the summation was abolished and the policy was changed to target only the category with the highest points, so the difficulty of achieving that point in 2019 year will increase (at least 1 years except for F2 participants) It became necessary), and it is a disadvantage to carry it and participate in the war[58]As a result, the professional character of each category became stronger, but the difficulty of obtaining a super license became even higher. Therefore, although F2's top three annually can retain the eligibility to issue a super license for the expiration date of three years, depending on the annual performance including them, it is possible that they will be disqualified from issuing a super license or, conversely, will be far away. In addition, F3 champions are considered to be "graduating" and it is almost impossible to participate in the race from the following year onward, but conversely, other drivers can continue to participate in the race, so they are able to secure F3 seats next season. If so, there is no merit to switch to Formula E, and the situation where the participation rate of young people does not increase due to that relationship continues.


International broadcasting

January 2013FOX SPORTSHas acquired the right to broadcast on television[59], The company is in charge of international multimedia development. in JapanFOX Sports & EntertainmentWas recording and broadcasting the entire 2014-15 race on Tuesday night, the day after the race, but it ended in one season only.




2017-After the 18 seasonJ SPORTSIs broadcasting all the wars mainly live[60][61].

Commentary (J SPORTS)
The real condition
BS Fuji

Free broadcastBS FujiWill broadcast highlights of all races in the 2019-20 season[62].

Commentary (BS Fuji)
The real condition


TV Asahi

At the time of the series' establishment, the TV broadcasting rights in JapanDentsuViaTV AsahiHas acquired, and the company's terrestrial / BS (BS Asahi) ・ CS (TV morning channel) Was used to broadcast live broadcasts of all wars in the three seasons from 3-2014 to 15-2016.[63].. Initially announced that free practice would be broadcast on BS Asahi, qualifying on the TV Asahi channel, and the final race on terrestrial TV Asahi.[64] However, only the Beijing tournament in the opening round of 2014-15 was broadcast under this system.[65]After that, the final race was also broadcast on BS Asahi. Later, on terrestrial broadcasting, recorded broadcasts of the final race began to be broadcast about one week after the race.[66].. From the opening round of 2015-16, all sessions were broadcast live only in CS, and in BS Asahi, only the highlights a few days after the event were held (the highlights of terrestrial broadcasting continue as they are). Also,AbemaTVIt was delivering the same content as the TV broadcast. From the final round of 2014 --15, the onboard camera, live timing, and vehicle position have changed.インターネット"Driver's camera" that can be seen in real time[67]However, the update stopped until the 2015th round of the 16-5 season in Mexico City.

Before the start of the season, BS Asahi also broadcast a special program "What is" Formula E "!? Thorough Guide" (broadcast on August 2014, 8).Suzuki AkuriとUkyo KatayamaDialogue, "Japanese (Japanese)Amrin Agri) Entry ”,“ Race where female drivers can play an active role ”, etc., introduced the appeal of Formula E, and I was able to hear the spirit of live broadcasting.[68].. However, as the broadcasting was repeated, as mentioned above, it was seen that the broadcasting scale was reduced and the broadcasting was gradually becoming reluctant.

In the 2014-2015 season, the omnibus was broadcast on TV Asahi terrestrial broadcasting (excluding some areas).[69].

BS Nippon Television

Free broadcastBS Nippon TelevisionHas broadcast the highlights of all races in the two seasons of 2017-18 and 2018-19.[70][71].

Commentary (BS Nippon Television)
The real condition


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