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🚗 | Fusion of medical care and autonomous driving ... To the demonstration experiment in Kamakura and Fujisawa

Naviya Alma used for the photo demonstration experiment

Fusion of medical care and autonomous driving ... To the demonstration experiment in Kamakura and Fujisawa

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Mitsubishi Corporation has been selected as a candidate for a private partnership in Kamakura City under the "Super City Concept" of Kamakura City.

On November 11th, Mitsubishi Corporation and Tokushukai Shonan Kamakura General Hospital, Shonan Health Innovation Park, Mitsubishi Electric, Macnica ... → Continue reading


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Super city concept

Super city conceptIs a plan aimed at establishing a "super city" that implements various advanced technologies in a specific area.


So-called cities in the worldSmart cityIs being promoted.The Super City concept is a concept to create a super city in a specific area where all the advanced technologies are implemented in Japan as well.[1]..Unlike existing smart cities, super cities do not implement technologies individually, but implement various technologies all at once throughout the city.Various regulations will be a shackle for that, but problems such as regulations will be avoided by making a national strategic special zone in a specific area.[1].

There are two types of super cities: the green field type, which builds a super city from scratch, and the brown field type, which transforms an existing city into a super city.[2]..The green field type does not require the consent of residents, so it is possible to freely implement technology.[2]..On the other hand, the brownfield type requires the consent of the residents, but it is possible to create a city that meets the issues unique to the region.[2].

If the local government submits a request and the Cabinet Office approves it, it will be designated as a special zone, and significant deregulation will be possible.The data collected there is accumulated in the city OS and shared with other super cities.

Municipalities under consideration / planning


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Kamakura city

Kamakura city(Kamakura) is located in the southern part of Kanagawa prefecture.City..The population is about 17.3.Miura PeninsulaAt the base of the west,KamakuraIs the center.


Kamakura City横 浜 市Southwest ofFujisawaEast ofZushiLocated in the northwest of theSagami BayFacing. Surrounded by low mountains on three sides and facing the sea, it used to beKamakura ShogunateHas become a key point of the administration,Japanese historyIt is also the age division ofKamakura PeriodIt was also the origin of Today, the city also includes areas that are located outside the so-called "Kamakura surrounded by mountains on three sides," such as the former Koshigoe Town and the Ofuna Town. Kamakura has many historical sites in the area.Ancient capital, But as described belowMuromachi PeriodSince it has declined since the middle term, its history as a "city / Kamakura" is not continuous.Therefore, the number of buildings since the Middle Ages is limited.

Edo PeriodIn the latter half of the year, temples and shrines in the area will attract a large number of pilgrims,MeijiEven in the early stagesGreat Buddha of Kamakura(Kotokuin)HasejiOnly urban settlements were distributed in the Hase district, which is home to the city, and the current central city area of ​​Kamakura was not formed.In the early Meiji era, including the current Kamakura city areaKamakura DistrictThe county office that has jurisdiction overTotsukaIt was placed in (currently Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City).

Since the middle of the Meiji era, as a recreation and villa areaShowaAnd later(I.e.I saw the development of "City Kamakura" again.




Flowing in the cityRiverIs the main one. allSecond-class riverIs. This is a tributaryMutated riverIs added.

Second-class river
Mutated river


In some areas in Kamakura cityAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Within Kamakura City Hall (100-cho)
Kamakura area(100 towns)
Town nameTown name readingInstallation dateHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Ogugaya XNUMX-chomeOugi1889/4/11966/4/1
Ogegaya XNUMX-chome1889/4/11966/4/1
Ogaya XNUMX chome1889/4/11966/4/1
Ogaya XNUMX-chome1889/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chomeOmachi1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chome1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi Sanchome1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chome1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chome1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chome1939/4/11966/4/1
Omachi XNUMX-chome1939/4/11966/4/1
Onari TownNarimachi1966/4/11966/4/1
Gokurakuji XNUMX-chomeLottery1969/2/11969/2/1
Gorakuji XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Gorakuji XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Gorakuji XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Komachi XNUMX-chomeKomachi1966/4/11966/4/1
Komachi XNUMX-chome1966/4/11966/4/1
Komachi XNUMX-chome1966/4/11966/4/1
LumberBad luck1966/4/11966/4/1
Sasame TownSasamecho1965/4/11965/4/1
Sasuke XNUMX-chomeSasuke1967/4/11967/4/1
Twelve placesTeniso1870/4/11870/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chomeTimetable1967/4/11967/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chome1967/4/11967/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chome1967/4/11967/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chome1967/4/11967/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chome1967/4/11967/4/1
Jomyoji XNUMX-chome1967/4/11967/4/1
NikaidoNikai1939/4/1Not implemented
West gate XNUMX-chomeNiimikado1968/1/11968/1/1
Nishigomon XNUMX-chome1968/1/11968/1/1
Hase XNUMX-chomeHase1972/10/11972/10/1
Hase XNUMX-chome1972/10/11972/10/1
Hase Sanchome1972/10/11972/10/1
Hase XNUMX-chome1972/10/11972/10/1
Hase XNUMX-chome1972/10/11972/10/1
Yuigahama XNUMX-chomeYuigahama1965/2/11965/2/1
Yuigahama XNUMX-chome1964/2/11964/2/1
Yuigahama XNUMX-chome1964/2/11964/2/1
Yuigahama XNUMX-chome1964/2/11964/2/1
Yukinoshita XNUMX-chomeSnowy1966/4/11966/4/1
Yukinoshita XNUMX-chome1966/4/11966/4/1
Yukinoshita XNUMX-chome1966/4/11966/4/1
Yukinoshita XNUMX-chome1966/4/11966/4/1
Yukinoshita XNUMX chome1991/4/11991/4/1
Inamura Gasaki XNUMX-chomeInamuragaki1969/2/11969/2/1
Inamura Gasaki XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Inamura Gasaki XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Inamura Gasaki XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Inamura Gasaki XNUMX-chome1969/2/11969/2/1
Koshigoe area(100 towns)
Town nameTown name readingInstallation dateHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Koshigoe XNUMX-chomeSqueeze1966/9/11966/9/1
Koshigoe XNUMX-chome1966/9/11966/9/1
Koshigoe XNUMX-chome1966/9/11966/9/1
Koshigoe XNUMX-chome1966/9/11966/9/1
Koshigoe XNUMX-chome1966/9/11966/9/1
Shichirigahama XNUMX-chomeShiritigahama1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama XNUMX-chome1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama XNUMX-chomeShirigigahama Higashi1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama XNUMX-chome1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama Higashi XNUMX-chome1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama XNUMX-chome1972/1/101972/1/10
Shichirigahama Higashi XNUMX-chome1972/1/101972/1/10
TsuOne1960/4/1Not implemented
Tsunishi XNUMX-chomeOne day1970/1/11970/1/1
Tsunishi XNUMX-chome1970/1/11970/1/1
Nishi-Kamakura XNUMX-chomeNishika pillow1968/6/11968/6/1
Nishi-Kamakura XNUMX-chome1968/6/11968/6/1
Nishi Kamakura XNUMX-chome1968/6/11968/6/1
Nishi Kamakura XNUMX-chome1968/6/11968/6/1
Fukasawa area(100 towns)
Town nameTown name readingInstallation dateHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Kajiwara XNUMX-chomeSword1889/4/11983/2/7Kajiwara
Kajiwara XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Kajiwara
Kajiwara XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Kajiwara
Kajiwara XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Kajiwara
Kajiwara XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Kajiwara
Kajiwara1889/4/1Not implementedOaza Kajiwara has not been displayed as a residence
Kamakurayama XNUMX-chomeKamakura Yama1985/8/51985/8/5Fueda / Koshigoe / Tsu
Kamakurayama XNUMX-chome1985/8/51985/8/5Fueda / Koshigoe / Tsu
Kamakurayama XNUMX-chome1985/8/51985/8/5Fueda / Koshigoe / Tsu
Kamakurayama XNUMX-chome1985/8/51985/8/5Fueda / Koshigoe / Tsu
UemachiyaKamimachiya1889/4/1Not implemented
Tehiro XNUMX-chomeTebiro1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Tebiro XNUMX-chome1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Tebiro XNUMX-chome1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Tebiro XNUMX-chome1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Tebiro XNUMX-chome1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Tebiro XNUMX-chome1889/4/12006/11/6Hand
Hand1889/4/1Not implementedLarge-sized Tebiro has not been displayed as a residence
Terabun XNUMX-chomeTerabun1889/4/11983/2/7Temple
Terabun XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Temple
Terabun XNUMX-chome1889/4/11983/2/7Temple
Temple1889/4/1Not implementedNo residential address is displayed for Oaza Terabun
TokiwaTokiwa1889/4/1Not implemented
Fueda XNUMX-chomeFueda1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda XNUMX-chome1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda XNUMX-chome1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda XNUMX-chome1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda XNUMX-chome1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda XNUMX-chome1889/4/12000/5/8Fueda
Fueda1889/4/1Not implementedOaza Fueda has not been displayed as a residence
(I.e.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1889/4/1Not implemented
Tamawa area(100 towns)
Town nameTown name readingInstallation dateHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
AndEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Okamoto XNUMX-chome
Okamoto XNUMX-chome
Tamawa XNUMX-chomeTamawa
Tamanawa XNUMX-chome
Tamanawa XNUMX-chome
Tamanawa XNUMX-chome
Tamanawa XNUMX-chome
Kamakura area
Ogigaya,Omachi,Onari Town,Gokurakuji Temple,Komachi,Lumber,Sakanoshita,Sasame Town,Sasuke,Twelve places,Jomyoji Temple,Nikaido,West gate,Hase,Yuigahama,Under snow,Inamura Gasaki
Koshigoe area
Koshigoe,Shichirigahama,Shichirigahama East,Tsu,Tsunishi,Nishi Kamakura
Fukasawa area
Kajiwara,Mount Kamakura,Uemachiya,Hand,Temple,Tokiwa,Fueda,(I.e.
Ofuna area
Imaizumi,Imaizumidai,Iwase,Big ship,Obukurodani,station(Excluding XNUMX-chome),(I.e.,Yamanouchi
Tamawa area


Population distribution by age in Kamakura and Japan (2005)Kamakura City Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Purple-Kamakura City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kamakura city (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Commuting rate and employment

TokyoCommuting rate to special ward area is 23.5%.横 浜 市The commuting rate is 18.5% (22 national census).

15 people aged 72,820 and over who live resident here. Of these, 44,730 are employees in other municipalities, or 61.4% of the total. No. 1 employee at other municipalitiesTokyo17,093 people in the special ward, the second place横 浜 市13,459 people, the third placeFujisawa4,418 people, the third placeKawasaki City1,675 people, the third placeYokosukaThere are 974 people (according to the 22 Census).

Adjacent municipalities / administrative districts



Ancient times

There are many in Kamakura city(I.e.(Buried cultural property storage area[1]), But (* especially oldKamakuraAlmost the entire area of ​​the center is an archaeological area[2][3]),Paleolithic~Jomon PeriodRuins (Toshoin Ruins)Tamawaro CastleRuins, Awafunayama ruins, etc.)Sekiya,Tamawa,Big shipIt is mainly distributed in the northwestern part of the city area, which is outside the former Kamakura.[4].

Yayoi PeriodWhen you enterplateauOther thanNamerikawaAlongAlluvial plain(Okura ShogunateSurrounding archaeological sites) andYuigahamaCoastal砂丘(Yuigahama Minami Site・ Yayoi period at (Ruins around Hasekoji, etc.)VillageAppears[5][6][7].

Kofun periodIsAncient timesAustralianIt is believed that it was the home of "Kamakura Betsu".hillsIn the departmentSide hole graveMany groups were formed[8]. Also,Uraga SuidoVia the sea routeBoso PeninsulaThe old route toTokaidoWas a key point of ancient transportation[9].

Nara periodからHeian periodIn the previous term,Kamakura District OfCountyWas installed.Gunga traceOnari Elementary SchoolCentered onImakoji West RuinsAnd large size lined up in a U shapeDigging pillar buildingOr,Balance5 years (733) "inscriptionWooden stripHas been excavated[10].

中 世

Heian period

Taira no TadanoriAt the time ofFlatnessFailed to suppress, and actually conquered the disorderMinamoto no YoritomoBy the effect ofMinamotoAroundKinai OfKawachi countryTsuboyi, Ishikawa-gun (currentlyOsakaHabikinoBased in Tsuboyi)Gen KawachiIt becomes the territory of. The child of Yoriyoshi, the third generation master of Kawachi GenjiTaro Hachiman YoshieAfter four generationsYoritomo GengenEstablished the Kamakura Shogunate and established the samurai government,Kamakura HighwayWill also be maintained. Influential person who took a key position in the ShogunateLordHas a residence in Kamakura, and the maritime trade that makes use of the characteristics facing the sea has flourished,Kamakura GozanIt becomes a cultural center in the Kanto area.

Incidentally,Kujo Kanemi Ofdiary"Tamaba"ofToshinaga2 years(1183 ) In the article "Kamakura CastleBecause there is a word中 世The whole area of ​​Kamakura at that timeCitadelThere is a theory that it was regarded as a city,[11], There are various theories about the interpretation of this word[12][13].

Kamakura Period

Chastity3 May 6(1224 May 7)Hojo Yasutoshi CustodyGet toCo-sign,PraiseAnd established a collegiate system for the shogunate, and sought control of the shogunate since the morning.OkuraからUtsunomiya TsujikoMoved toSayonagaNew Year (1232 )DefeatWas established and the system of the shogunate was made solid.

Northern and Northern Dynasties

Motohiro3 years/Syokei2 years(1333 )Emperor GodaigoResponded toUeno country(Gunma)ofGen KawachiRighteous style-Nitta YoshisadaDevoted himself to the Kamakura Shogunate, such as Shunbei KawaraTakehira HiranoHojoIt is the bodhisattva since Taitai after defeating the soldiers of theToshoji TempleDestroyed the Hojo clan (Toshoji Battle).1953 (Showa 28)Takashi SuzukiThere is a large number of sword wounds in the surveyHuman boneHas been excavated.

京都And the Emperor GodaigoKenmu's new governmentWhen Yoshida started to be recalled,RokharaOf the clan that was effective in the defeat, such as destroyingTakashi AshikagaIs the younger brother ofNaoyoshi AshikagaYaichiMr. HosokawaEtc. descended with the help of the prince, and Kamakura Shogunate was established. HojoThe remnants of the clanRan of the Middle AgesWhen Kamakura falls due to the cause, Takashi heads to subjugation and leaves the new government as it is and awards a prize in Kamakura.KyusyuAfter the fall, he established the North Dynasty and established the samurai government, and dispatched his child, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, to Kamakura. When the Ashikaga family's internal conflict evolved into a civil war called Kanno-no-Uran, the priest was called back to Kyo, and instead of Takashi's second son.Motoshi AshikagaWas sent to KamakuraKamakura PrefectureIs installed, and thereafterKamakura publicAs the Kanto government.

Muromachi Period

Muromachi PeriodThe Kamakura official confronts the Shogunate and assists the Kamakura officialKanto areaBecause of conflict withUesugi Zenhide no Ran,Permanent Revolt,Yuki battleMayhem occurs.Enjoyment4 years(1455 )Koroku no RanMr. Shigeru AshikagaMoved to FurukawaFurukawaKamakura declines by the establishment of.

Sengoku period

Sengoku periodIn OdawaraHojo SounHas entered the Kamakura area,Tamawaro CastleWas built as a military base to control the eastern Sagami region. Hojo UtsunaDuring the reign ofMr. SatomiReconstructed Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine that was burnt down in the battle with.Kenshin Uesugi-Shingen Takeda・I was often invaded by Mr. Satomi and others, but each time I repel it. After the destruction of HojoTokugawa IeyasuCame under the control of.

The early modern period

Edo Period

In modern timesEdoBecame the center of the eastern nation, and the shrines and temples began to recover during the Edo period. By the common people of Edo,Mt. Ooyama OfAfuri Shrine,Enoshima OfEjima ShrineFor the purpose of worshipingA lectureWith the formation of the, it came to be included in the tourist route as a stop for the visitor.


Meiji Era

1889 (Meiji 22) with Tokyo and military portYokosukaFor the purpose of connectingYokosuka LineHowever, since it became a transit point, its character as a tourist destination has rapidly increased. In addition, as a villa area close to Tokyo, some royal families, Chinese families, and powerful people in the political and business world started to set up villas, and the tourism industry developed for them. It should be noted that due to the construction work on this Yokosuka line, the kudzu was cut off.

Shortly before it became a tourist destination in the middle of the Meiji era1883 (Meiji 16) first used the word "hygiene" in medicine in JapanNagayo SensaiHowever, because of the topographical features of the sea in the Kamakura region of Kanagawa prefecture,BeachIt's perfect as". Back thenSea bathingWas believed to have medical effects, so the introduction of Nagayo was also from a medical point of view, not from an amusement point of view.Today, the causal relationship between sea bathing and medical effects is said to lack scientific evidence,Yuigahama, Beaches such as Zaimokuza Beach are crowded with resort guests,ShonanIs generally recognized as part of.


ShowaWhen you enterKume MasaoSome of the writers and literary people have moved to Kamakura and lived there.Kamakura BunshiWas born.1936 (Showa 11),ShochikuWhen the filming studio was moved from Kamata to Ofuna and the Ofuna filming studio was opened, more and more movie-related people moved to Kamakura. 1928 (Showa 3)Mount KamakuraWith the sale of1930 After the conversion of the Yokosuka Line train (in 5), large-scale housing development began to take place before and after the war, andBed townHis personality has become stronger. Especially, the wave of large-scale development during the period of high economic growth is also described as "Showa's offensive in Kamakura." Happened at this timeTsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineA writer who demands the discontinuation of "Miya" behind the scenesJiro ObutsuThe civic movement centered onAncient City Preservation ActIn Japan, it became a trigger for enactmentNational TrustIt is also said to be the beginning of movement.



Changes in administrative areas


KamakuraEven in the cityScenic areaSave theTourism resourcesWe are making efforts to maintainGreat Kanto EarthquakeThere are few architectural cultural assets due to the damage inNational treasureThe building isRound TempleOnly one building of Sariden).Nature is more conserved than in the surrounding area, for example, the city subsidizes the preservation of large trees on private land.AlsoOmnibus townIt is also one of


It is said that the city emblem was the crest of Genji.Bamboo grassGentian. "


Incumbent mayor
2009 (21) First election on October 10 (25 years old,Independent[31]Inaugurated on November 11st[32],2013 (25) Retired on October 10st. Re-elected on October 31, the same year (10 years old, independent)[31]Reappointed on November 11st[32],2017 (29) Retired on October 10st. Re-elected on October 31, the same year (10 years old, independent)[31], Reappointed on November 11st.2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) Retired on October 10st.Re-elected on October 31, the same year[33](48 years old, independent). Reappointed on November 11st.Currently in the 1th term,TermThe expiration date2025 (7rd year of Reiwa) August 10.
Successive mayors
  • Source 1- Election Commission Secretariat (October 2015, 10). “Past election records-Kamakura elections". Official website. Kamakura city. 2018/3/22Browse. *Until the 21st generation.
  • Source 2- Corporate Planning Department Secretary Public Relations Section (January 2015, 1). “Successive mayors". Official website. Kamakura city. 2018/3/22Browse. *Until the 22st generation.

ChiefThere are many ways to count the algebra (successive) of, but in this section, we will explain it while writing it separately with the addition of (a) and (b). In the display column, two types are described under the names of "a (a)" and "a (b)". The "algebra (a)" is an algebra based on the method of counting each appointment, and the "algebra (b)" is an algebra based on the method of not counting consecutive appointments by the same person. Kamakura City uses the "dai (a)" method (other examples:Mayor of Hachioji City,Hirosaki City successive mayors[2],Hamamatsu City successive mayors[3]), and many local governments use the “dai (b)” method (eg:Kyoto city mayors[4],Mayor of Ogaki City[5]), A simple comparison without recognizing the difference between (a) and (b) is misleading.There is also a method of counting the same person as 1 count even if there is a return bloom, but if this is applied to Kamakura City, Isobe has been appointed twice, so 2 is subtracted from the algebra of (b).

Teens (a)Teens (b)NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Kiyoshi Kawasaki(Kiyokawa Ichiichi
1940 (Showa15 years)May 41940 (Showa 15)/11/161939 (14)May 11, Kamakura City is established. Until the mayor is elected and takes office, the mayorDuty agentIs placed, but oldSpecial merger lawWith special cases based onPrefectural governorEtc. or before enforcementChiefWill serve this. Although the related materials of Kamakura City cannot be confirmed, it is probably the oldKamakura TownChief Kiyoshi Kiyoshi served. After that, Kiyokawa was elected and became the first mayor.
Suzuki Fujiya(Suzuki Fujiya
1940 (Showa 15)/12/241944 (Showa 19) January 12Completed the first 1 years.
1944 (Showa 19)/12/241945 (Showa 20)/12/10Will I be sick and resign for the first anniversary of the second term? He died about a month after he resigned.
(Isobe Riemon
1946 (Showa 21)/1/251947 (Showa 22) January 3Independent.. 1 term 4 years not completed.
1947 (Showa 22)/4/51951 (Showa 26) January 4Independent. Completed 1 years for 4 term.
Tokimitsu Kusama(Bear and honey
1951 (Showa 26)/4/241955 (Showa 30) January 4Independent. Completed the 1st term 4 years.
Isobe Riemon
1955 (Showa 30)/5/11958 (Showa 33) January 7Independent. Died while in office[36].
Shoichi Yamamoto(Yamamoto Shoichi
1958 (Showa 33)/9/31962 (Showa 37) January 9LDP.. Completed the first four years.
1962 (Showa 37)/9/31966 (Showa 41) January 9LDP. Completed the second term, 2 years.
1966 (Showa 41)/9/31970 (Showa 45) January 9LDP. Completed the second term, 3 years.
Masaki Chifuyu(Masaki Chifuyu
1970 (Showa 45)/9/31974 (Showa 49) January 9Kamakura Civic Union. Completed the first four years.
1974 (Showa 49)/9/31978 (Showa 53) January 9Kamakura Civic Union. Completed the second term, 2 years. Aiming for 4 selections, but failed.
Takashi Watanabe(Takashi Watanabe
1978 (Showa 53)/9/31981 (Showa 56) January 9Independent. Illness while in office[36].
(Torao Kojima
1981 (Showa 56)/11/11985 (Showa 60) January 10Independent. Completed the 1st term 4 years.
(Nakashi Isao
1985 (Showa 60)/11/11989 June 10 (Heisei 31)Independent. Completed the first four years.
October 1989, 111993 (5) April 10Independent. Completed the second term, 2 years. Aiming for 4 selections, but failed.
Takeuchi Ken(Takeuchi Ken
1993 (Heisei 5)/11/11997 (9) April 10A group of citizens who love Kamakura. Completed the first four years.
1997 (Heisei 9)/11/12001 (13) April 10Independent. Completed the second term, 2 years. Do not aim at the 4 selections.
Toshikazu Ishiwata(Ishiwata and Scraps
2001 (Heisei 13)/11/12005 (17) April 10October 2001, 13 (Heisei 10), first elected at the age of 21[31].. Independent. Completed the first four years.
2005 (Heisei 17)/11/12009 (21) April 10Independent. Completed the second term, 2 years. Do not aim at the 4 selections.
Takashi Matsuo(Matsuo Takashi
2009 (Heisei 21)/11/12013 (25) April 10October 2009, 21 (Heisei 10), first elected at the age of 25[31].. Independent. Completed the first four years.
2013 (Heisei 25)/11/12017 (29) April 10Independent. Completed the first four years.
2017 (Heisei 29)/11/1
(Current position)
Independent. It is currently the third term, and the expiration date is2021 (3rd year of Reiwa) August 10.

Municipal administration

municipal office
  • Kamakura City Hall-Located at 18-10 Onarimachi.
    • Fukasawa Branch-Located at Tokiwa 111-3.
    • Koshigoe Branch-Located at Koshigoe 864.
    • Ofuna Branch-Located at 2-1-26 Ofuna.


  • 1970 Innovative Mayor (Showa 45)Chifuyu Masaki, The maximum recommended retirement allowance was significantly increased from 90 months to 130 months.[37].. In response to this,1980 eraThere were many cases in which the city staff received a large retirement allowance of 5 million yen or more, surpassing the secretary of each ministry, and was ridiculed as "the best government office in Japan for retirement benefits."
  • 2012 (24) For about two years from April, the life welfare section of the city hallWelfareIt was discovered that shelves and partitions were installed in front of the consultation counter, making it impossible to use the counter.[38][39].. There was a sign at the next window saying that they would receive welfare consultations, but there were cases where citizens who visited the department returned at the window, and the window was restarted after a support group pointed out.Takao MatsuoThe mayortwitterApologized for this matter above[40].


City council

Prefectural assembly

Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly
  • Election district: Kamakura city constituency
  • Number of people: 2 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 148,003
  • Turnout: 39.78%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Marina NagataThis36LDP20,900 vote
Makoto IinoThis47Constitutional Democratic Party18,735 vote
Mari Miyakedrop61Kanagawa network movement10,979 vote
Kaoru Iwatadrop66Factions6,623 vote

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Waseda eveningConstitutional Democratic Party2Constituency
Tomohiro YamamotoLDP5Proportional revival

National agency

Ministry of Finance

Tax office

Ministry of Justice

Prosecutor's office
  • Kamakura District Prosecutor's Office-Government building is Yokohama Regional Prosecutor's Office (横 浜 市Naka-kuLocated in Odori 9). The jurisdiction is Kamakura City, Yokohama City (Totsuka ku,Sakae,Izumi ku).

裁判 所



  • Kamakura police station(2-11-26 Yuigahama)
    • Police box - Kamakura Station9 places including the front police box.Southern part of Kamakura city
    • Residential police box-6 locations.
  • Ofuna Police Station(Ofuna 1709-2)
    • Police box-Four places, including the police box in front of Ofuna station.Northern Kamakura City
    • Office-Imaizumi office only.


Fire department
  • Kamakura Fire Department- YuigahamaLocated at 4-1-10.
  • Ofuna Fire Department-Located at Ofuna 3-5-10.
    • Tamawa Branch Office- TamawaLocated at 2-5-2.
    • Imaizumi branch office- ImaizumiLocated at 2-4-25.
Fire brigade
  • Kamakura cityFire brigade -Headquarters is located in Kamakura City Fire Department Fire Department General Affairs Department[41].. All 28 divisions,KamakuraDistrict 11th Division,Fukasawa district6 divisions,Big shipDistrict 10th Division (as of 2016)[41].. The number of female members is as small as 2 (as of 2016)[41].


Medical facilitiesIndicates only those that are highly noteworthy. The order of listing medical care facilities other than emergency clinics is "# Town nameIt is based on the order of description in section.

Primary medical area
Wide medical area

Wide area to which Kamakura city belongsMedical areaIs "Yokosuka/Miura Medical Area (Yokosuka/Miura Medical Area)" as a secondary medical area (secondary medical area) (jurisdiction area:Yokosuka,Kamakura city,Zushi,Miura,Hayama Town[42][43][44]Is. The tertiary medical area is the "Kanagawa prefecture medical area" (jurisdiction area: entire Kanagawa prefecture).


  • Kamakura Post Office - KomachiLocated at 1-10-3.
  • Kamakura Lumberza Post Office- LumberLocated at 3-17-30.
  • Kamakura Jomyoji Post Office- Jomyoji TempleLocated at 3-2-20.
  • Kamakura Hase Post Office- HaseLocated at 1-15-11.
  • Kamakura Yuigahama Post Office- YuigahamaLocated at 3-9-45.
  • Kamakura Yukinoshita Post Office- Under snowLocated at 1-10-6.
  • Kamakura Inamura Gasaki Post Office- Inamura GasakiLocated at 1-15-18.
  • Koshigoe Post Office- KoshigoeLocated at 3-1-23.
  • Kamakura Tsunishi Post Office- TsunishiLocated at 1-1-14.
  • Nishi Kamakura Post Office-Located at 1-3-4 Nishi Kamakura.
  • Kamakura Kajiwara Post Office- KajiwaraLocated at 2-34-8.
  • Fukasawa Post Office- TokiwaLocated at 60-3.
  • Kamakura Tehiro Post Office- FuedaLocated at 1-8-4.
  • Kamakura Imaizumidai Post Office- ImaizumidaiLocated at 4-19-17.
  • Ofuna LUMINE Wing Post Office- Big ship1-4-1 Located in Ofuna Lumine Wing.
  • Ofuna Post Office -Located at Ofuna 2-20-23.
  • Kamakura Ofuna Post Office-Located at 3-15-29 Ofuna.
  • Kamakuradai Post Office- stationLocated at 3-11-21.
  • Kamakura Kosaka Post Office- YamanouchiLocated at 739.
  • Kamakura Ueki Post Office- PlantsLocated at 580.
  • Kamakura Okamoto Post Office- AndLocated at 2-12-4.

Cultural facility


  • Kamakura City Central Library-Located in Onaricho 20-35.
  • Kamakura City Ofuna Library-Located at 2-1-26 Ofuna.
  • Kamakura City Tamawa Library-Located at 2-16-3 Okamoto.
  • Kamakura City Fukasawa Library-Located at Tokiwa 111-3.
  • Kamakura City Koshigoe Library-Located at 864 Koshigoe.

Exchange facility

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


sister city


Since Kamakura City is surrounded by mountains on three sides, it is difficult for radio waves to enter from outside the city,Ancient City Preservation ActBecause it is difficult to install a new relay station,Digital terrestrial broadcastingIt is expected that there will be many difficult-to-view households. In contrast, in the cityCable TVIs trying to resolve[45].

Mass media


TV broadcast
Radio broadcast

Life base

life line


Water supply

Cleaning business

  • Nagoshi Clean Center- OmachiLocated at 5-11-16.[47][27]
  • Imaizumi Clean Center- ImaizumiLocated at 4-1-1.
  • Fukasawa Clean Center- FuedaLocated at 3-24-1.
  • Fueda Recycle Center-Located at 1-11-34, Fueda.
Final disposal

The total amount of incineration residues generated at the Naegoshi Clean Center and the Imaizumi Clean Center will start from April 2000 (Heisei 12).MeltingSince solidification is being done, landfill at the final disposal site is no longer being done.[27].

  • Municipal waste final disposal site- SekiyawordLocated outside Shimanokami 1522-1.[47][27]


In Kamakura City, it is called "Kamakura City Scholarship System"奨 学 金There is a system.

University/Junior college

Vocational schools

  • Kamakura Hayami Beauty Arts College

high school


Junior high school


primary school


Special school


Regarding traffic in Kamakura City, railroads are substantial for the size of the city, but roads often have dead ends due to the characteristics of the terrain, and traffic is concentrated on limited routes, and the width is narrow and pedestrians and automobiles are narrow. Separation is poor and plannedRoad maintenance rateHowever, there are problems in terms of traffic safety and traffic congestion, such as being inferior to the prefecture average, and traffic congestion is severe in various parts of the city, especially on holidays and the sea bathing season.Although the bus route covers the entire area and the service level is high, ensuring punctuality is an issue due to the above-mentioned road surface issues.[48].

In order to alleviate this traffic congestion as well as maintenance on parkingPark and rideHas been in full swing since 2001.Also, during the year-end and New Year holidays when worshipers are concentrated, the city center (so-called so-called)KamakuraLarge-scale traffic regulation will be implemented mainly in.


East Japan Railway
Shonan Monorail
Enoshima Electric Railway


Omnibus townSometimes I have a policy,Community busThe spread of is also seen.

Transit Bus

Rickshaw, carriage

Although it prospered in the Meiji and Taisho eras, it declined due to the spread of automobiles and was temporarily cut off,rickshawIn the cityTourismWas revived at the end of the Showa era[49].. In modern times, there are companies that operate rickshaws in addition to private businesses in the city.

Tourism as wellCarriageAlthough it is revived, it is a minor existence compared to the rickshaw, which has multiple cars in operation.

  • Kamakura Yufutei- 1983 , The pioneer who revived the first rickshaw in Kamakura. This is the oldest store in the rickshaw store east of Hakone.
  • Kamakura Rickshaw-TokyoTaito(Asakusa) Is an affiliate of Tokyo Rikisha.
  • Rickshaw Ebisuya Kamakura- 1992 To京都A rickshaw company founded in, a subsidiary of Ebisuya. The store is in addition to the Kamakura store, KyotoHigashiyama,Otaru,Asakusa,Miyajima,Kurashiki,barrier,YufuinThere is a store in.


National road

Prefectural road

License plate

Kamakura City is Yokohama number (Kanagawa Transport Bureau) Is assigned.

Yokohama number allocation area
  • Yokohama City, Kamakura City, Zushi City, Yokosuka City, Miura City, Miura District (Hayama Town)

For bikes,EnodenThere is a local license plate on which is drawn.


The major attractions are listed below. In addition, the historical buildings of Kamakura areKamakura, the ancient capital of the samurai"Temporary List of World Heritage Sites in JapanSome are registered in.

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots




Festivals and events

Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrinePlease refer to the relevant item for the festivals held in.

  • Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Prayer Festival (March)
  • Kamakura Festival (April)
  • Summer festival (August)
  • Bonbori Festival (August)
  • Maritime Fireworks Festival (August)
  • Tsuruoka Hachimangu Autumn Festival (September)
  • Surface matrix(May)
  • Goshoza Memorial Festival (December)

With the Kamakura FestivalTsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineAutumnAnnual festivalThen,horseback archeryIs dedicated. ■ There is an image in the right column

2007 (19)May 7 - May 8,Weekly Shonen JumpSerialized inONE PIECEAs part of the 10th anniversary event,Kamakura Station, Yuigahama, Komachidori, etc. were jacked. Various events such as stamp rally were held in the city.

Specialty/Special product

Bunshi and Kamakura

"#Kamakura BunshiSee also.

Doppo Kunikida

Doppo Kunikida The1902 He visited Kamakura in the 35th year of the Meiji era and initially settled in a rental house inside the Goryo ShrineOshikawa HarunaI decided to rent it because I liked the villa I introduced, and I wrote here one of his masterpieces, "The Destiny Theorist". Soon after, he called in his wife and child and said, "There is no place to live like Kamakura" and "I can't leave (Kamakura) because it is so scenic", but a few months later I will be able to find a job and return to Tokyo.[51].

After that, he wrote various works such as "Mrs. Kamakura", "The Shore of Sorachi River", and "Extraordinary Man".1908 In (Meiji 41),tuberculosisPassed away. 38 years old.

Ryunosuke Ayukawa

Ryunosuke AyukawaIt is,1916 (Taisho5 years) Tokyo Imperial University (currentlyTokyo UniversityEnglish Geely LiteratureBranchAfter graduating from theYokosukaIt is inNaval institute schoolEnglish教授Part-time serviceI will be assigned as of December, and from TokyoKamakura TownWadazuka (currentlyYuigahamaMoved to 4-8) and moved to Enoshima Electric Railway (currentlyEnoshima Electric Railway) Along the lineBoarding houseStart life. After this, Akutagawa1917 (Taisho 8) Once in SeptemberYokosukaShioiri TownI moved to1918 (Taisho 7) In MarchOmachiwordIn Tsuji's Koyama villaRented houseAs a new house,1919 (Taisho 8) Retired from Naval Institute School at the end of MarchTabataHome of (TokyoKita-Toshima DistrictTakinogawa TownTabata <CurrentTokyoKitaTabata 1-19-18>.cf. Bunshimura TabataI lived until I returned to.

Between about 1917 and 1919, Akutagawa set up the headquarters of life and writing activities in Kamakura.1923 Full-scale after the Great Kanto Earthquake (Taisho 12)Cultural personLiving in Kamakura, so-calledKamakura BunshiIt is also regarded as a pioneer of the age of.

Jiro Obutsu

Jiro ObutsuBecame a wife in February 1921 (Taisho 10)actressMoved to Kamakura when he married a student of Azuma Hikari (real name, Toko Harada)Kamakura Jogakuin) Taught. Speaking of Ofos, "Kurama TenguIt is famous as the owner of entertainment novels such asGreat Kanto EarthquakeIt was because the literary world was no longer able to become a playwright due to the influence of, and the embarrassed Ofoss had no choice but to deal with the historical drama entertainment novel, commonly called "Magemono", but after this hit Becomes Also Jiro Ofoshiro's pen nameGreat Buddha of KamakuraIt was named after him,HaseFrom the place he lived behind the Great Buddha, when he was asked for a pen name when he posted "Magemono", he was rushed to name it.[52].

Ofos, who has become a trendy writer, frequently moves and changes his house, but this iscatIt seemed that "I like it" was the cause and lived for a whileLumberWhen the rented house oftatamiOn top ofFusuma,ShojiThe new owner also praised the landlord, saying that "a novelist is an admirable person", but with the punch that he was forced to do so due to the terrible tragedy left by the dozens of cats he had. ing[53].. After leaving this house, in 1928 (Showa 4)Under snowI set up a new house in (1-11-22 Yukinoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which became the final residence of Daibutsu. In 1945 (Showa 20)Kamakura libraryEven when he participated in the establishment and became the lead author of the "student" of the research company, serialized "Kamakura Tsushin" until 1949 (Showa 24), and served as the founder and first agent of the foundation of the Kamakura Conservation Society. Was a house. This Kamakura mansion was open to the public as a ``Ofoss Tea Corridor'' only until weekends after the death of Ofoss until August 2019.[54].

Sick in 1973 (Showa 48). After death in Omagaya, KamakuraJufukuji TempleWas buried in.



soft ball

  • Ueki Chateaus (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Kamakura Daiichi Stars (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Kamakura (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • EST (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Fukasawa Pigeons (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Zeon Kajiwara (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Sanders V (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • Koshigoe Softball Club (Kamakura League 1st Division)
  • SKAP (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • HolyBacchus (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Onari Club (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Nishikamakura Bears (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Bears (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • FUNKEES (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Inamura Aloha Bears (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Seagulls (Kamakura League 2nd Division)
  • Kamakura Sunrise (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • EST Premium (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • ISG / UFO (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Cool Wave (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Nasluck (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Tortoise (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Nanari Gahammers (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Uraniwards (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • MSC (Kamakura League 3rd Division)
  • Kamakura Angels (Kamakura League)
  • Fukasawa Regulus (Kamakura League)

サ ッ カ ー

Origin-related celebrities

Native celebrity

Celebrity with connection


Kamakura BunshiSee also


Mascot character

  • Ushiwaka Nyanmaru, Genponta, Shizuhime-in KamakuraKamakura3R promotion character
  • Tamryu-kun, Tamanawa-kun, Tama-chan- Tamawaro CastleMascot character of the 500th anniversary of the castle construction
  • Ofuna KannonDan chan - Ofuna Kannonji TempleMascot character
  • Omumu -Kamakura City unofficial character

Works set in Kamakura

Basically written in alphabetical order.




Works without notes are serialized



  • "blue flower(2009, director- Casa Kenichi, Production- JCSTAFF)-Animated version of the above manga. Since July 2009Fuji Television Network, IncIt was broadcast on "NOISE".
  • "Ajin wants to talk(2017, director- Ryo Ando, Production- A-1 PicturesAround Kita-Kamakura Station and around Kamakura Station, Gokurakuji Station, Inamuragasaki will appear, and a bus with the Enoden bus motif will also appear.
  • "Song ∽(2004, director- Keiji Goto, Production- Hull film maker) (UHF anime, Local bureautvkBroadcasted)-The protagonist has a place under Yukino, a junior high school girl who goes to Kamakura Women's Academy (fictitious). Yuigahama (Kamakura Fireworks Festival, Kamakura Prince Hotel), Kamakura Station (Enoden. Coffee shop "Gin no Suzu", "Kin no Suzu" in the middle), Omachi ("Yakumo Shrine", "Kuun Shrine" in the middle) ) And Tsuruoka Hachimangu, most of the stage appearances are in Kamakura city.
  • "Elfen lied(2002, director-Kobe Mamoru, production- Arms) (CS (AT-XBroadcast on and UHF Anime)-Animated version of the manga mentioned above.
  • "Kiteretsu Encyclopedia]-Episode 87 comes out in "Goodbye to the lost child! Directional worm brooch!!"
  • "I want to hear your voice(2017, director-Naoyuki Ito, production- Mad house.Tohoku ShinshaOriginal work of distribution) --- The stage "Hinosaka Town"KoshigoeAs a model,Koshigoe Station, Koshigoe Kyoeikai (station front shopping street), Koshigoe fishing port,Kamakura High SchoolA place based onFujisawaFacilities have also appeared.
  • "GO! GO! 575(2014, Director -, Production-Ray Deuce / C2C, Broadcasted on TOKYO-MX, tvk, etc. in January 2014)-Wakamiya Oji, Kamakura Chuo Park at the opening, traffic lights in front of Yamanouchi girls' school in #1, the scene of falling into the pond in #1 is Kamakura Central Park Between Uenoike and Shimoike, the bath is the lumberwood public bath (Shimizuyu), the return route is near the water road, #2 is inside the Kita-Kamakura Station yard, Komachi coffee shop (Iwata Coffee), Omachi railroad crossing near Shimouma, # In 3, the front of Gokurakuji Station, the dance scene of the hedge in Kamakura Chuo Park (inside the garden botanical garden), and the last in front of the lawn plaza of the park. Although the individual places are separated, there are many places that actually exist in Kamakura city.
  • "Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san☆(2001, director- Kobe Mamoru, Production- Japanese animation,TV Osaka)-Other clock towers of Kamakura Station, the second generation, a place with the motif of Enoden Kamakura Station appears.
  • "Just Because!(2017, director- Atsushi Kobayashi, Production- PINE JAM)-Since October 2017TOKYO MXBroadcast elsewhere. In #1, real places from Tokiwa to Fukasawa area appear everywhere. Prefectural Kashiogawa High School on the stageFukasawa High SchoolIs a model.
  • "Invasion! Squid girl(2010, director- Tsutomu Mizushima, Production- Diomedia)-An animated version of the above manga. Since October 2010Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It was broadcast on the system. The scenery around Yuigahama appears in the depiction of the scenery around the seaside house "Remon" where the squid girl first landed.
    • "Invasion!? Squid Girl(2011, general director-Tsutomu Mizushima, director- Yasutaka Yamamoto, Production-Diomedia)-The second series above. The Great Buddha of Kamakura of Kotoku-in is drawn.
  • "School rumble(2004 (first term), director- Shinji Takamatsu, Production- Studio comet)-An animated version of the above manga. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo. The stage in the play is a fictitious "Yagami City, Kanagawa Prefecture", but in the first stage there are scenes that imitate Enoden and in the second period (1) the Great Buddha of Kamakura.
  • "Sacred Seven(2011, director- Takahashi Ohashi, Production-Sunrise, from July 2011Every day broadcastingIn the Kanto area astvk,Tele ballBroadcasted at)-from the planning stage Kamakura Tourism Forum worked on Kamakura City and Yuigahama Central Shopping Street, Enoshima Electric Railway Co. In the play, Kamakura is the birthplace of the protagonist, Tandoji Alma, and in #8, the heroine Ruri Aiba and actual stores in Kamakura are visited.
  • "Youth pig guy does not dream of bunny girl senior(2018, director- Soichi Masui, Production- Cloverworks)-The hero's center of residence isFujisawaHowever, the Minegahara High School that I go to is set around the Shichirigahama area.
  • "Millennial actress』(2002, director-Satoshi Kon, production- Mad house)- Ofuna studioGinei shooting studio modeled on. The old Enoden 500 type and the Shichirigahama coast have appeared.
  • "TARI TARI(2012, director- Masakazu Hashimoto, Production- PAWORKS)-Being broadcast on tvk since July 2012.Shonan Fujisawa Film Commission, Fujisawa City & everyone in Enoshima,Enoshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd.Is credited with the cooperation of the ending, and is set in the area from Enoshima, Fujisawa City to Kamakura City.As a depiction of the city of Kamakura, the scene of running near the coast of Sakanoshita at the opening, and in # 1, the closest to "Shirahamazaka High School" where the main character, Kazuo Sakai, who lives in a souvenir shop in Enoshima, attends school. The station imitates Kamakura High School Mae Station, and the residential area of ​​Shichirigahama as a school route from the station, and the scene where the palace originally sings in front of the old station building clock tower at the west exit of Kamakura Station are depicted.
  • "Chibi Maruko-chan x Keisuke Kuwata ~ 100 million years of happiness!! Special ~(2017)-Kamakura comes out in the "Are you Kamakura?" volume
  • "Fishing ball(2012, director- Kenji Nakamura, Production- A-1 PicturesSince April 2012Fuji Television Network, Inc OfNoitaminaBroadcasted in a frame)-The name of the nearest station to the high school where the main character, Yuki Sanada, who moved to Enoshima, goes to school is "In front of Enoden Koshigoe Higashi High School," simulating Kamakura High School front station.
  • "Escaflowne in the sky(1996, director- Kazuki Akane,Production - Sunrise,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The anime was broadcast to the key station)-Kita Kamakura is the heroine's home. Enoden also appeared.
  • "Detective Conan』-- Episode 539, "Legal Heritage for Fools", Episode 925, "Mental Strap (Part XNUMX)"Big ship OfOfuna StationComes out.
  • "Hanayamata(2014. Director- Atsuko Ishizuka, Production-Madhouse)-Animated version of the above manga. It was broadcast on TV Tokyo etc. from July 2014.
  • "Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star(2006, director- Toshiaki Komura,Production - Toei animation) (Asahi Broadcasting-TV AsahiAnime that was broadcast in the system)-The stage in the play is "Umihara Yunagi", but a station that imitates Kamakura High School front station, Enoden, and a beach that imitates Shichirigahama appear.
  • "Beautiful Bird Days(2004, director- Tsuneo Kobayashi,Production - Piero)-Only the anime version is set in the area where Shonan Monorail appears.
  • "Minami Kamakura High School Women's Bicycle Club(2017, director- Kudo Susumu, Production- JCSTAFF,ACGT)-Animated version of the above manga. In #1, near Shichirigahama from Gokurakuji station, in #2Sacred shrine,Sasuke InariAs the title suggests, realistic depictions of the Koshigoe area from the former Kamakura area, which corresponds to the south side of Kamakura city, can be seen everywhere.
  • "Achromatic Phantom World(2016, director- Ishihara Tatsuya,Production - Kyoto animation)-Hosea Gakuin (school) has the motif of the former main building of Kyoto Prefectural Government, and not all of the stage is in the Kamakura/Fujisawa area, but at the opening, near Yuigahama and Koshigoe, even in the main part (the coloring of the monorail is different) There is a depiction of the area around Nishi-Kamakura Station on the Shonan Monorail, and the closest station to the recurring school, Minami-Kanakura Station, is based on the Shonan-Enoshima Station (Fujisawa City) on the same line.
  • "Old man Z(1991, director- Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Production- APPP)-Theater animation. In the scene toward the last, the tunnel from Shonan Monorail to Kotokuin Seisenji Temple is drawn.
  • "Dodge Bullion』――Kamakura city is the motif.



Music video



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