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🚗 | Motor Magazine Movie "Kei Takeoka's Today with Cars" Weekly Views BEST5 Plus 1 (2021…


Motor Magazine Movie "Kei Takeoka's Today with Cars" Weekly Views BEST5 Plus 1 (2021…

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In addition, we have adopted a "pleasure pedal" that allows you to decelerate smoothly by increasing the deceleration due to regeneration simply by loosening the accelerator pedal.

The YouTube channel "Motor ...", which delivers the hottest cars on a test drive by motor journalist Kei Takeoka. → Continue reading

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This website is operated by Motor Magazine, which publishes the automobile magazine "Motor Magazine".Specialized magazine editors who are familiar with the automobile industry will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the themes that could not be covered in the limited magazine and that did not take up a lot of space.

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Pleasure pedal


Acceleration(Velocity,British: acceleration) IsUnit timePer hitspeed OfRate of change(SpeedTime derivative[Note 1]).Acceleration is defined as a vector that indicates the temporal change of the velocity vector.[1].


Acceleration as a vectorparallelogram OflawIt is possible to synthesize and decompose with, as in the case of force and speed,NormalAcceleration,TangentAccelerationOften decomposed into.Normal acceleration changes direction, tangential accelerationSpeedchange.

Minute timeΔtThe

Defined as speed differenceΔvThe definition of

So thisΔtAfter dividing byΔt → 0As accelerationa The

Defined as[1].

ThePolar coordinatesWhen expressed in (r, θ), the radial and angular components are respectively.


In generalDecelerationWhat is called (Gensokudo) isnegativeIt is the acceleration (opposite the direction of travel).Also, changing (turning) the direction of travel means receiving acceleration in a direction different from the direction of travel.

Centrifugal forceAcceleration byCentrifugal accelerationThat.

objectAcceleration is applied toPowerIs equivalent to adding (Second law of movement).

The rate of change of acceleration per unit time is jerk orJerkIs called.

Constant acceleration motion

Constant acceleration

When the velocity v (t) and displacement x (t) after the elapsed time t are

V speed at0, Position coordinates x0If

Required by[2].

If the position coordinates are x (0) = 0, the following equation with t eliminated can be obtained by transforming the above two equations.[3].


Of accelerationunitTo m / s2(Meters per second squared) Is used,EarthquakeFor the acceleration of shakingGal The unit (Gal) is used (100 Gal = 1 m / s)2).

Standard gravityThere is a unit called G (G) based on 1.0 G = 9.806 65 m / s2.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The change in the velocity of an object at each time pointProportion.



  • Shoichiro Koide "Physics" Shokabo, November 1997, 11, 10rd edition.ISBN 4-7853-2074-5.

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