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Wooden station building built in 6 [Wooden station building collection] 027

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It makes us feel the history that the railway used to carry mail and that the railway telephone network of the former Japanese National Railways preceded the spread of private telephones.

* Taken in April 2021 The top image is Usuki Station on the JR Kyushu Nippou Main Line, which was built in 4. … → Continue reading

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Train phone

Train phoneWhat is (Tetsudo Denwa)?Railway operator OfExtension phone.列車Public exchange for security of operationTelephone networkIt is maintained as a communication network that is not affected by the obstacles of.

Railroad phone in Japan


Before the railroad phone was put in placeJapan National Railway(JNR) for business contacttelegramBecause I went thereMorse codeProfessionals who have acquiredTelegraphist (telegraphist)Was needed (Telegram code (railroad)).

To eliminate the need for a telegraph engineerOperation command centerAnd eachparking lot間 にCommand phoneWas maintained.Eventually, manualTelephone exchangeWas introduced, making it easier to communicate between operating institutions, but the line capacity was tight, such as waiting for an hour from applying to the operator to making a call, and shortwave lines were also used for business communication.

1954 (ShowaIn 29), a notification to improve the communication network was issued, and it was decided to increase the number of microwave lines with good operational results between Hakodate and Aomori.At that time, there were few subscriber telephones for ordinary households, and (train) telegrams were the majority of the means of sudden contact.

after that,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation(Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation) and the Japanese National Railways will compete for the construction of a nationwide immediate telephone network.1961 (Showa 36), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation completed a nationwide dial instant call using a nationwide microwave network and automatic exchange, and a seat reservation system with 200 bows.Mars,Discharge break printerDocument transmission system and the first freight operation system (IBMMade) started operation.

On the other hand, as a command telephone, which is the original role of railway telephones.1962 Occurred in (Showa 37)Mikawashima accident, Next day1963 Occurred in (Showa 38)Tsurumi accidentReceivingTrain protection radioWas introduced and was to be replaced by this.Regarding station operations, what is related to train operationATSAutomatic blockage by introduction ofCTCIt is no longer used due to centralized traffic control, and the only thing the station senses for trains is to notify the command center of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather.The other original role that I am currently in charge of is from the ground side.emergency phone,Emergency buttonIt is for notification of railway obstacles from the general public.

1984 Optical fiber laying began in (59),1990 eraLater,station OfIntercom-Surveillance camera・ Information display board ・Station automatic broadcasting-Automatic ticket gate-Automatic ticket vending machineVarious functions have been added that reflect the increase in line capacity, such as a labor-saving system integrated with.2000 eraEnter and some businessesIP networkIt is also becoming popular.

Private railway

Private railways are used only within the company and are usually not accessible to outsiders.again,linePrivate alongCommunication lineIs drawn, so it cannot be used anywhere other than along the railway line.

The role as a command telephone is limited by the introduction of train protection radio and ATS like JNR-JR.However, it is the only major railway companyKeikyu CorporationOnly has a centralized control room, but it is not automated, and is always operated manually by train protection radio and telephone information from the station.

Fusion with broadcasting equipment

As mentioned above, some advanced railway companies have systems that combine railway telephones and broadcasting equipment.By assigning a telephone number to the broadcasting equipment of the station platform or concourse and calling that number, the station platform is broadcast from a remote location.

Broadcasting can be done from anywhere there is a railway telephone, such as the head office, command center, and other stations.It is often used to broadcast information to unmanned stations when the train schedule is disturbed.At the end of the broadcast, there is a sound when the touch-tone phone is operated, so it can be easily identified. At JR East Niigata branch office, JR West Japan Okayama branch office, Yoneko branch office, Fukuchiyama branch office, etc., not only broadcasting at abnormal times, but also automatic broadcasting is always used. A system has been built to broadcast the program.At stations that have introduced this, it is easy to identify because there is a sound when the touch-tone telephone is operated at the end of the broadcast.

JR Telephone Service (JR Hot Line)

Privatization of the national railway divisionSince then, the JR Group's railway telephone business has beenJR Communication (Railway Communication Co., Ltd.)Was going. JR Telecommunications merged with Japan Telecom and separated fixed communications division into Softbank Telecom[1],Softbank GroupAfter the reorganization of, nowSoftbankIs engaged in the business of the core communication network.

CurrentJR telephone serviceIs a flat-rate system provided by SoftBank for the JR Group and its affiliated companies.TelServicesAlso known as the JR Hot Line[2].

SoftbankTelephone exchangeAt the subscriber's expenseLeased lineBy connecting to, companies other than JR can also apply, but applications can only be made between mutual successors of the Japanese National Railways and between those who handle business related to the successor corporations. ing.For example, construction companies, vehicle manufacturers, travel agencies, hotels, etc. that have a lot of transactions with JR companies, and in rare cases, railway magazine publishers.Friendship company,Railway Journal,Electric Vehicle Study Group,Cat publishing OfRail MagazineEditorial department[3], Jeff United Co., Ltd. invested by JR East (Japan Professional Soccer League(J League)Jeff United Ichihara/Chiba(Operating company) has also been introduced.Phone book(JR dial book) is also published.In many cases, the telephone number is written in two columns, JR and NTT, on the business card of the employee of the company or department that has introduced it.

Also, most of the companies that operate directly with JR have introduced it.At affiliated companies, there is also the meaning of duplication by a route different from the NTT line (travel agencies etc. are usually instructed to use the NTT line).

The command line is operated by JR itself, but the backbone network such as communication from Tokyo to Fukuoka isSoftbankIs in operation.

JNR micro line equipment will be constructed with the policy of installing it in the JNR site as much as possible (except for crossing mountains such as Nasu and Suzuka), and basically it will be used around the station, but away from the JR line. If you want to pull in, you can use it by laying a dedicated line of NTT to the nearest connection point (POI).Branch offices of Nihon Kotsu Corporation nationwide were a typical example.

The telephone number has 7 digits, the 1st digit is zero like public lines such as NTT, and the first 3 digits represent the area.Since it is an analog line that uses the voice frequency band, it is commercially available.TelephoneNot only can be usedFAXCan also be used.

The number will be something like "0XY-ZZZZ".The first 3 digits (0XY) are called the station number, and the following 4 digits are called the subscription number. If it is within the same station number, you can make a call without a station number. X is assigned 2-9 and Y is assigned 1 to the regional base. It is not linked to the area code of NTT, and even in the 03 area, different station numbers are assigned to Tokyo, Shinjuku, and Tabata.

The area code is similar in the 20's, when the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation and the Japanese National Railways were in competition with each other, and both introduced similar area codes with the aim of infrastructure.When you dial the area code, you will hear a beep, the crossbar exchange on the way will connect in stages, and when the sound stops, the connection will be completed.In Heisei, the update to the electronic exchange proceeded, and this sound was no longer heard.

As a special JR phone,VHFThere is a Japanese National Railways (JR) car phone that uses a belt, and there is a system that allows you to talk to JR phones nationwide by manual replacement.1993 (HeiseiIt was used until around 5 years).

ShinkansenThen,UHFI used to connect by manual replacement using space waves,LCXAfter the change, dialing can be made immediately.The telephone number is a unique number plus a train number.

There is a telephone number along the line assigned to each station, and it is used by opening it during track maintenance work or in an emergency.

Example of station number[4].

Even in JR group companiesIP CentrexThere is also a move to reduce the number of contracts by introducing.

On October 2006th, 18,TransnetIn partnership with, we have started the "JR Mobile Phone Service" that allows you to give a JR phone number to your mobile phone and make a call from your mobile phone to the JR Hot Line.[5]..This service was not officially disclosed, but dated March 2009, 3,Traffic newspaper』The existence became clear.

Rail phone in India

Indian Railways (Ministry of Railway) is a government agency, but its operation is covered by the profits of various railway services. In addition to the passenger and freight transportation business, it also operates railway telephone and internet-related businesses in addition to the store business and insurance business. doing[6].


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