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🚗 | F1 Round 21 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Final Top 10 Driver Comments (2)


F1 Round 21 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Final Top 10 Driver Comments (2)

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It was a great feeling to be able to grab the podium like that.

The driver who won the 2021 F1 Round 21 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix final race-5th place looked back on Sunday.Yu ... → Continue reading


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Podium(Endan) is higher than the surrounding areaSpeakerA hill used to raise the height.

EnglishPodium of Podium isGreek languageIt is derived from the feet (πόδι) and is not limited to people. The raised podium is called Rostrum.Ancient romeThe warship's beak, which was derived from cutting and decorating this part from the captured enemy ship[1].

In sports,OlympicA podium is used to pay homage to the top three competitors at events such as. At the Olympics, a three-tiered platform is used, with the highest tier in the middleGold medalist, To the lower rightSilver medalistStands. To the left of the gold medalist,Bronze medalistThere are even lower tiers for. In many sports, remaining in the top three in a competition is called "going to the podium" or "getting the podium". In some individual competitions, being on the podium is an official performance and refers to the number of results a player has achieved during the season or life, up to and including third.


buildingThen, "podium" is a large-scale platform (base) that can be used to mount ancient buildings, and in the modern era means low-rise areas such as commercial tenants found in high-rise buildings. In hotel construction, it refers to the facility part other than the guest room, and in this case, not all are at a low level because it includes the top floor restaurant etc. (podium department to guest room department)[2].

"Podium" refers to the lectern, which is the original word, as well as the pedestal itself on which documents and books placed in front of the speaker are placed.[3].

First use at the Olympics

Western Ontario UniversityAccording to Robert K. Barney, founder and emeritus professor of the International Center for Olympic Studies, the idea of ​​letting a winning athlete rise when he received a medal was in 1930.OntarioHamilton OfCanadianBorn from the idea of[4].

Professor Barney's 25-page research report, The International Journal of Olympic Studies, shows the British Empire Games (currently 1930) in Hamilton.Commonwealth Games) Followed by 1932Los Angeles Olympic Summer GamesとLake Placid Winter OlympicsIt is said to have been used first during the period.

Use in motor sports

In many forms of motorsport, the top three drivers in the race stand on the podium for the trophy awards ceremony. At international competitions, the winning drivers and the national anthems of their teams or manufacturers may be played, and the flags of the drivers are raised above them.

After the trophy was awarded to each other's drivers and teammates looking from belowChampagne.. This tradition dates from 196724 Hours of Le MansAtDan GurneyStarted by[5].

In the event of death or serious accidents during a race, drivers typically refrain from champagne.

Expressions such as "get the podium", "miss the podium" or "podium finish" in English, which shows whether the driver remains in the top three, are common terms in the media.

The highest stock car race in the United StatesNASCAR(Nascar)Sprint cup seriesSo don't use the podium for each match or season. Instead, the winning driver and team are in Victory Lane.[6]And the 5th place and 10th place are recognized in the season result.

IRLIndyCar SeriesIt is,Indy 500Or do not use the podium.Texas Motor SpeedwayManager Eddie Gossage said Victory Lane must be reserved for the winners of the race, and the Indy 500 has a long tradition of celebrating winning drivers and teams in Victory Lane.[7].. However, the series uses the podium in all other races, especially the road race.


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