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🚗 | Norris severely criticizes the tire replacement rule at the time of the red flag as "It should be abolished. It will ruin everything" / F1 Round 21


Norris severely criticizes the red flag tire replacement rules as "should be abolished. Everything will be ruined" / F1 Round 21

If you write the contents roughly
You should just keep pressing the delete key until this clause is completely removed from history, "Norris said.

Lando Norris of the McLaren F1 team is unlucky many times during the F1 Round 21 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix final race ... → Continue reading


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Delete key

Delete key(Delete key, DEL key,British: Delete key) Isword processor,ComputerForKeyboardOne of the keys.It is usually stamped with "Delete", "Del", "Delete", etc.cursorIt is used to delete characters at the position.Sentences andcommandIf you press while typing, thatcursorDelete the character on the position and after that positiontextMove forward.Backspace keyDeletes the character immediately before the cursor, while it is also called "destination deletion".

PC/AT compatibleKeyboards are often stamped with "Delete" or "Del".

MacintoshIn the case of, there are two types of keys, the "delete" key, the "del", and the key with the image of right-handed deletion engraved, and each has a different function.[1].. The "delete" key is for PC / AT compatibles.Backspace keyWorks the same as (backward delete key). The key engraved with "del" and the image of the right direction isPC/AT compatibleWorks much like the key in (forward delete key).

UNIXThere are various types of keyboards, such as those with both "Del" and "Backspace", and those with only one, depending on the time.


The delete key isASCII OfDeleted characterGenerate code (7F hex, 127 decimal).This origin is 7 bitsPaper tapeIs.If you accidentally punch a hole in a piece of paper tape, the character will be ignored if you punch all 7 bits of the character.In other words, the corresponding character has been deleted.

EarlyPersonal computerSome keyboards do not have a delete key, while others only have one on the numeric keypad. The current position (lower left of the 6 keys above the inverted T-cursor) on a PC / AT compatible machine is101 keyboardAfter that[2].


laptopThe position of the delete key in is various, such as above the backspace and above the function keys.Laptop keyboards are usually stamped with "Delete", "Del", etc., but some have "Delete" and "Backspace" stamped on the same key, which works the same as backspace. ..

Depending on the environment, characters such as "^ H" may be displayed when the delete key is pressed (Terminal emulatorSuch).this isASCII codeBS (backspace) and DEL (Delete) Is displayed.

The delete key is, for example,File managerAtobjectIn addition to being used to delete, on PC / AT compatibles, when the computer starts upBIOSIt may also be used to call the screen.


As explained at the beginning, it is basically used to delete the character at the cursor position or delete the selected object.

Incidentally,WindowsNow, let's use the delete key belowShortcut keyCan be used.

Shift + Delete (Del)
Permanently delete or cut
WindowsWindows ExplorerIn the common dialog, etc., the operation is "Completely Delete", and unlike the normal "Delete", the deleted object does not remain in the "Recycle Bin".In addition, although it is unofficial because it is not usually specified in the manual, someeditor,Office softwareSo this shortcut key works as "Cut" (same as Ctrl + X) and Shift + Insert (Ins) as "Paste" (same as Ctrl + V).[3]..This behaviorSAA OfCUADerived from (Windows isWindows 3.0Until then, it was CUA compliant,Windows 3.1Macintosh-like shortcut keys have been changed to mainstream).


  1. ^ Macintosh Apple Extended Keyboard II keyboard layout (conventional delete key (backward key) and del key (delete key similar to PC / AT compatible machines) are installed)
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  3. ^ As of November 2009Windows 7standardNotepad,Wordpad,Microsoft Office 2007 OfWord,Excel,OpenOffice.org 3.1 OfWriterAnd Calc,Lotus Notes 8etc.

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