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🚗 | Experience Mazda's driving support technology "Co-Pilot" on ordinary roads ... 2022 3 models

Photo Mazda CO-PILOT 2.0 experimental vehicle

Experience Mazda's driving support technology "Co-Pilot" on ordinary roads ... 2022 3 models

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All three times, he successfully changed lanes to the left, had a safe shoulder, or deviated from the main line and stopped on a safer frontage road.

Mazda is a safe driving support technology scheduled to be introduced from the new model to be released in 2022 on a general road in Koto-ku, Tokyo. → Continue reading


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Diversion(Shinrohenkou) isTraffic LawsOne of the terms. Change course while proceeding in the same direction.

Change of course in road traffic

In general, multipleLaneWhen you are yourselfLaneTo another lane (Lane changeHowever, it is not limited to it by law. There is no clear definition in the law, but on roads (but not in lanes orDiversion zoneIf there is such a route instruction line), it means to proceed in the forward direction while making a certain angle (acute angle) with respect to the extension direction, not the same direction as the extension direction. When the course change is started, it is planned that the course change will be completed and the road will be extended in the same direction as the extension direction.

Since it is a course change, a right turn or a left turn that changes the traveling direction does not correspond to a course change.

Also, the sameVehicle traffic zoneOrLaneEven if it is an internal act, if it progresses at an angle (acute angle) to the course extension direction, it corresponds to a course change.

If you want to change course, 3 seconds before you change courseTurn signalEtcSignalYou must continue to issue the signal until the end of the course change, and when it is finished, the signal must also be terminated. Contrary to this, failure to signalTraffic violationBecomes Of course, it is not enough to give a signal, but before giving a signal, you need to grasp the surrounding situation with a mirror etc. and check whether there is another vehicle on the path even when actually changing the lane I won't. EspeciallyBlind spotCan't be confirmed with a mirror, so it is necessary to confirm it visually. In recent years, some cars have the function of monitoring blind spots with radar, but they do not always function, so you should not overtrust them.

In principle, a vehicle must not change course (without good reason) without permission. Also, if there is a risk that the speed or direction of a vehicle or the like traveling from the rear on the same course as the changed course may be suddenly changed, change the course. Don't

On the other hand, if there is a road marking (yellow line) that prohibits diversion in the vehicle lane, the diversion should not be made by the method prohibited by the road marking. However,Emergency carExcept when you are forced to change lanes because you cannot pass through the current vehicle lane due to road damage, road construction, obstacles such as parking vehicles, etc. It is a common practice to change course by crossing the yellow lineYellow cut,Crossing the yellow lineThis is a traffic violation that is a "course change prohibition violation".

In addition, the vehicle behind must not interfere with the diversion of the vehicle that diverts to turn left or right or to leave the road.

Change of course for maritime traffic

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