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✈ | Wooden toys made from domestic cypress "JAL airplane mechanic set", JAL brand communication strike ...


Wooden toys made from domestic cypress "JAL airplane mechanic set", JAL brand communication strike ...

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"IKONIH" is a toy brand that properly cuts and plants hinoki cypress, and produces and sells safe and secure toys that utilize materials. JAL Brand Communications sympathizes with the idea of ​​promoting sustainability and pursuing safety and security. , Collaboration has been realized.

JAL Brand Communications is a wooden toy "J ..." planned and developed with the cypress toy brand "IKONIH". → Continue reading


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JAL brand communication

JAL Brand Communications Co., Ltd.It is,Japan Airlines(JAL)In-flight magazine"SKYWARD(Skyward) "JAL card"Agora", a newsletter for members ofTravelingGuidebookA JAL group company that publishes "JAL GUIDE".

Established as part of the integration of Japan Airlines and Japan Air System, and started operations in April 2004.[1]..The company was established at a press conference in February of this year.[2]Announced together with the president of the holding company and domestic and international operating companies[3]..The new company aims to unify brand management and advertising, and was established by integrating the advertising departments of Japan Airlines, Japan Air System, and JAL Sales, Japan Airlines Cultural Business Center, and JAL Planning.[4].

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  • Kadokawa Magazines --JAL BOOKS, JAL City Guide Map sales consignment, joint development of airport / airplane-themed content "Magic Airport"[5].


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