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🚗 | Hideshi Matsuda, a member of the selection committee for the "Nissan Note" selected for the 2021-2022 Japan Car of the Year ...


Hideshi Matsuda, a member of the selection committee for the "Nissan Note" selected for the 2021-2022 Japan Car of the Year ...

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The announcement / test drive of the new Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ was held at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway.

On December 2021, 12, the final selection of the Japan Car of the Year for 10-2021 was held, and the day ... → Continue reading


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Sodegaura Forest Raceway

Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 23 Minutes 41.81 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 5 min 16.83 sec /35.3949472 degrees north latitude 140.0880083 degrees east longitude / 35.3949472; 140.0880083

Sodegaura Forest Raceway(Sodegaura Forest Raceway)ChibaSodegauraに 位置 す るcircuit.


2009/(HeiseiOpened in 21). FIA (International Automobile Federation) Standards designed as a JAF (JAF)Japan Automobile Federation) It is an official circuit[1]..The owner used to beMinister of Justice,Environment Agency DirectorAnd himselfMotor sportsA source of local selection with abundant experience in participating in the warMember of Parliament,Shozaburo NakamuraSo, I also designed the course myself[2].

All-Japan style races are not held and there are no large spectator seats, but it is about an hour by car from central Tokyo and about an hour and a half by train.Metropolitan areaAs a full-scale circuit equipped with FIA standard equipment located in the immediate vicinity ofRunning partyAnd grass race,Car maker OfMediaIt is gaining popularity as a venue for automobile-related events such as test drive events for automobiles.

Our Courses

  • Course length 1 lap 2,436 m,
  • Number of corners 14, maximum R220 m, minimum R25 m, maximum slope 4.2%, mainstandFront straight line 400 m, slope 0.7%
  • Course width up to 18 m (in front of main stand), minimum 15 m



  • Access by train
JRKururi LineHigashi Yokota StationOr,Kominato RailwayKazusa Ushiku StationAbout 10 minutes by taxi (1 hour on foot)
JRUchibo LineKisarazu StationorAnegasaki Station40 minutes by taxi.
  • Access by car
Tokyo Bay Aqua LineからKen-O ExpresswayKisarazu East ICFrom about 10 minutes.
Tateyama ExpresswayAnesaki Sodegaura ICFrom about 15 minutes.
Tateyama ExpresswayKisarazu Kita ICFrom about 15 minutes.


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