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🚄 | "Commemorative wrapping" plan on the JR Mine Line 2024th anniversary of the opening of the entire line in 100, the cost is C for hometown tax payment ...

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"Commemorative wrapping" plan on the JR Mine Line 2024th anniversary of the opening of the entire line in 100, the cost is C for hometown tax payment utilization ...

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For other details, "Furusato Choice" is being accepted. The project "Mine Line 100th Anniversary!"

The JR Mine Line runs through Yamaguchi Prefecture from north to south and connects the three cities of Sanyo Onoda City-Mine City-Nagato City. All lines opened in 3 2024 ... → Continue reading

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100th anniversary of the opening of the entire Mine Line

Trust bank

Trust Bank Co., Ltd.It is,Furusato tax paymentPlans and operates the comprehensive site "Furusato Choice".The head office isTokyoMeguroPut in. Founded in April 2012.Information on all 4 local governments throughout Japan is posted, and as of October 1788, there are 2017 contracted local governments and more than 10 items listed.


Operates Japan's largest hometown tax payment comprehensive site "Furusato Choice" in terms of the number of contracted local governments and the number of items listed[3],ICTWith the mission of "revitalizing the region and seniors through this," we are developing a business to circulate "people," "things," "money," and "information" throughout Japan.Our core business, Furusato Choice, offers a variety of payment and application methods.In addition, we hold many real events where local governments and donors can interact.

"Governance Crowdfunding (GCF)" (GCF), a project-type problem-solving support owned by a local government, where you can choose a donation destination from the "usage" of donations using the hometown tax payment system.Later) And disaster area support in case of emergency, "Disaster Support" is developed.


  • 2012/Established Trust Bank in April
  • In September 2012, the hometown tax payment comprehensive site "Furusato Choice" opened.
  • 2013/In September, we provided a form that allows you to apply for hometown tax payment directly from "Furusato Choice".
  • Provided "Governance Crowdfunding" in September 2013
  • 2014/In January, Japan's first national hometown tax seminar was held
  • In September 2014, we provided the "Disaster Emergency Donation Application Form" that can be opened immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • In September 2014, a dedicated site for "Governance Crowdfunding" was opened.
  • 2016/July, "Furusato Choice Café" opens
  • In November 2016, the "Furusato Choice Award 11" was held to commend local governments that are contributing to regional revitalization through hometown tax payments.
  • 2017/In April, the media "Areal Japan" that conveys the charm and challenges of Japan opens.
  • In April 2017, "Furusato Choice Disaster Assistance" was opened as a dedicated site for raising funds in the event of an emergency such as a disaster.
  • 2020/May 1, Corporate versionFurusato tax paymentFull-scale business development[4][5][6][7][8].

Government crowdfunding

Government Crowdfunding (GCF) is provided by Trust Bank.Furusato tax paymentUsing the system ofCrowdfundingIs the name of the mechanism of[9].

Through "Furusato Choice," Trust Bank uses the Furusato tax payment system to mediate government crowdfunding.Government crowdfunding is crowdfunding in which local governments solicit investment for specific purposes.[10], Some local governments use this to solicit investment and use it for disaster relief, childcare / education support, etc.[9][11]..By using Furusato tax payment as a donation method, the total amount of the donationDonation deductionIs applied[12].

The local government clearly indicates the use of the investment, and the investor can select the local government to donate from the use.At that time, donations will be made using the "hometown tax payment" system.These donations are for disaster relief[13]And child-rearing / education support[14][15], Protection of cultural properties[16], Maintaining the natural environment[17], Barrier-free[18]Not only public works such asYujiro IshiharaPreservation of your car[19]It is also used for cultural activities.There are also examples where multiple municipalities are used to solve common problems.[20].

PoliticianSeiko NodaWas in 2017Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications"In this way, the clear use of the investment may be worth the donation for the donor and may contribute to maintaining the continuous connection between the local government and the donor. To that effect[21][22]..In this way, the term government crowdfunding was originally the name of the system within the trust bank, but it is now becoming a widely used term.[23]..In addition, the government crowdfunding mechanism has come to be adopted by other companies' crowdfunding sites.[24][25].

As a problem of government crowdfunding,Kobe UniversityTakaaki Hoda, an associate professor at the graduate school, said, "Because the purpose of use is clear, it may become a" popularity vote "that depends on its uniqueness and appeal." There is a possibility that the financial resources of the professor will not be used. "[26].

Hometown tax payment big Thanksgiving

In September 2015, we held the "9st Furusato Tax Payment Great Thanksgiving Day" in Shinagawa, the first event in Japan where local governments and hometown tax donors interact.In 1, the first time, 1 local governments exhibited and more than 2015 donors visited. In 40, it will be held in Osaka (exhibited by 5,000 local governments, over 2016 visitors) and Yokohama (exhibited by 26 local governments, over 4,300 visitors). In 61, it will be held in Tokyo (exhibited by more than 9 local governments, about 2017 visitors) and Osaka (exhibited by 100 local governments, about 11,000 visitors).

Hometown Choice Café

A cafe run by Trust Bank. In July 2016, Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched "Furusato Choice Café" where you can experience "Furusato" with all five senses.ChiyodaYurakuchoOpen to.We display "thank you items" for hometown tax payment, such as local specialties and crafts, and offer a menu using ingredients of thank-you items from each local government.There is also a seminar on hometown tax payment.


  • Planning and operation of "Furusato Choice", a comprehensive hometown tax payment site
Introduction of local government's hometown tax payment usage and thank-you items (listed in 1,788 local governments nationwide)
Promotion of government crowdfunding
Hometown Choice Disaster Assistance (Funding in an emergency such as a disaster)
  • "Furusato Choice Café" management
  • Planning and operation of "Tanomoshi", a support site for producers and businesses nationwide
  • Planning and operation of "Local weather."
  • Planning and operation of "Areal Japan", a media that conveys the charm and challenges of Japan


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