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🚗 | Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 to be held soon.Personal highlights recommended by image girl A-class


The Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 will be held soon.Personal highlights recommended by image girl A-class

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Personally, I was an idol, so I'm paying attention to the live performances at the event hall, "says Miyu Yonekura.

The world's largest custom car show "Tokyo Auto Salon 1 ..." to be held at Makuhari Messe from January 14th to 1th. → Continue reading


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Miyu Yonekura

Miyu Yonekura(Yonekura Miyu,1993/Heisei5 years>May 6[1][3] -) isJapan OfGravure model-Cosplayers.Female idol groupFormer member of "[eN]" (En)[4].IbarakiBackground[2].. Nickname is "Yone-san. "


When I was 18 years old, I took the opportunity to participate in a fashion show at a vocational school.モデルCome to dream[5]..Then at the age of 20,OmotesandoModeled after being scouted inEvent companionStarted activities as[5][Video 1].Shoot boxing OfRound girl(2017/[1]And so on2019/The formed idol group "[EN]』Same year as a memberMay 11Live debut in[6].2020/ToWeekly Young Jumpof"SAKKI ACE SURVIVALI also entered[7],2021/May 8ToShimokitazawaGraduated with "[eN] Higashi-Meihan Tour Final-Because the bond between four people is eternal-" held in Shangri-La[4][Video 2]..The color in charge within the group was red[7][8].

2021 year 9 month,Tokyo Auto SalonImage girl "A-class"of2022/Elected as a member[2][9]..In 2020 at the Auto SalonFALKENHave served as a booth companion[10], This was my second real participation[Note 1]..In the same year's A-classSakura Shizuka[Note 2]It is the second elder after.In the auto salonJapan Race Queen Award2021 Award Ceremony[12]And "Tokyo International Custom Car Contest Award Ceremony"[13]Also served as a stage assistant for.

[EN] The timesPuryu Co., Ltd.I belonged to, but as of January 2022FreelanceAre active in[14].


  • He is 169 cm tall and is called "miracle eight heads".[4][15][16][17]..She has been learning to swim since she was a kid and has been in the volleyball club since 5th grade.[5][Video 1].
  • After graduating from high school, I worked part-time at a second-hand clothing store, a cake store, and a greengrocer, and then worked as an office lady at a financial institution.[18][19]Soon after, I retired and started performing arts activities.[19]..Taking advantage of his talent who worked at the second-hand clothing store, "CHILL SPIRIT』(Chill Spirit) launched his own apparel brand[20].
  • According to him, his rough skin has been severe since high school.[5], He said that he went to a beauty salon or hospital with the money he earned from his part-time job and treated him.[18]..Because of that relationship, my hobby is beauty activities.[20]In particular, "Dermapen 4", which promotes skin regeneration, was received about 5 to 6 times.[18].
  • "Yamada Nami" who is the leader of [eN][Note 3]The combination with is called "Namiyu", and when Yonekura's [eN] graduated, two digital photo books, which will be described later, were produced and released as a graduation commemoration.[21].
  • My favorite car isChevrolet camaro[20].
  • UVERworldThe lyrics of the band's song, "Someone else's correct answer is not my answer."[Note 4]"Motto of mottoIs trying[15].
  • The nickname of his fan is "Yonekura cult"[22].


Distribution album

  • My lifelong treasure(2021 8 年 月 日 2)[23]
  1. Eternal eN bond
  2. Infinity Shooter
  3. Two people

Digital photo book

  • Nice to meet you, my name is Miyu Yonekura. New Charm (June 2020, 6,Amazon KindleEdition)[24]
  • Miyu Yonekura & Nami Yamada "Namiyu's Secret Complete Edition" (May 2021, 5, Amazon Kindle Edition)[21]


TV program

Distribution program





注 釈

  1. ^ Incidentally,New coronavirus infectionIn 2021, which was canceled due to the influence ofYuina IwaseAppeared as a companion with[11].
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