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🚗 | BBS Japan exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.Talk show will be held on the theme of motor sports


Exhibited at BBS Japan and Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.Talk show will be held on the theme of motor sports

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Various talk shows will be held under the general moderator of car critic Yuko Iida.

BBS Japan will be holding the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from January 1th to 14th, 16. → Continue reading


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ModeratorIs the broadcast program (TV program-Radio program) Andstage-Banquet-weddingIn the public eyeEventsThe person who controls the progress of.The latter ischairpersonAlso called (Shikaisha).


The moderator is a facilitator, as an unsung hero[1], "Start, advance, put together, end" the event (start and end)[2]Play a role. The moderator must not be self-righteous and must be impartial and unobtrusive to the attendees.[1].. However, in the broadcast program, there is also a moderator as a "clown" who makes people laugh and compliments the guests.[1].

The specific roles of the moderator are as follows:[3].

  1. Manage your time and keep your event on schedule
  2. Refer event attendees to attendees
  3. Bring out the statements of attendees
  4. Produce the atmosphere of the venue

At meetings, the moderator may operate as a leader with authority over the chair.[4].. In this case, the moderator will control the remarks and organize the meeting while maintaining fairness.[4].

Moderator for broadcast programs

There is no particular qualification to be the moderator, but the main task is to make the program progress smoothly and get excited. BasicallyScriptIn addition to managing time (some parts may not have scripts), selecting talkers (pretending to be a story),Live broadcastIn case of happeningAd libIn some cases, you may have to be quick.

Therefore, there are multiple moderators, and one person is in charge of the excitement in the development of talks and controls, and another person is often devoted to the progress of the program. The latter isannouncerIs often in charge. Since it is necessary to balance the progress and excitement of the program, it is necessary to have the skill to determine both sides.

However, for many variety programs, because the host will be the main performer, excluding guests, it will be the highest performing performer among regular performers.

Japanese TV hostTetsuko Kuroyanagi,Ohashi Kyosen,Kinya Aikawa,Yoshimura Mari,Shinsuke Sannami,Takehiko MaedaAre pioneered.1980 eraFrom the middle,Ken Shimura,Tamori,Beat takeshi,Akashi family,Shimada Shinsuke such asComedy BIG3Such ascomedianBecame the host of a variety program mainly.1990 eraFrom the first half,Tunnels,Downtown,Utchan Nanchan such asComedy third generationMany variety programs were broadcast by the host. Also, from the late 1990s,Koji Imada,Koji Higashino,Sama-zu,After the rain,Nine Tine,ネ プ チ ュ ー ン,Creamy ChuIn addition to a variety program broadcast by a comedy talent such asMasahiro Nakai(SMAP),Taichi Kokubun(TOKYO),stormSuch asIdle talentIs often the host of variety programs.

In another nameMC(Master of Ceremony), hosts, news and information programs, etc.casterIs also expressed.


mainlybroadcast,MusicIn fields such asEnglishMC(MC,master of ceremonies (ceremony OfMasterThe abbreviation of) came to be used. Speaking as a facilitator of the program, orPeopleRefers to.concertEtc.SongTalking to the connection ofTimeIs also called MC, but this is called "Mike Comment"JapanglishIs an abbreviation and does not mean the moderator.

English editionWikipedia To themaster of ceremoniesIn addition to the items inPresent"(Presenter), "television presenter"(tv setModerator), "News presenter"(NEWSModerator =news caster), "radio personality"(Radio personality) Has been created many items related to the moderator. Although the meanings are overlapping and the difference cannot be completely stated, the English word "Master of ceremonies" is mainly used.EventsIt seems to mean the moderator in. In addition, "Television presenter" is linked to this case, but the word MC in Japan is used mainly in the TV industry except for news.Entertainment programsThis is because.

Also, although English is originally plural as "master of ceremonies", when explaining the abbreviation MC in Japan, it is often referred to as "master of ceremonies" in the singular.

JapanAtTV programThe name of the host varies depending on the program,情报-News programIn case of system (main)Caster (news caster),Educational programIn the case ofbrother-older sister-MrOften called.Entertainment showsIn the case of, it came out that it was called MC (Master of Ceremonies) as mentioned above. In addition, there are also programs that use the name "General MC".

TV used overseas Host (TV Stewardess) Is a TV showSocialTypicalMeetingUsed as the moderator of.

Also, depending on the program, in addition to "MC" and "general moderator", "main performers" and ""captain""leaderSome programs use different names.

Radio programIn the case ofDisc jockey (DJ),Radio personalityAlso called.


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Talk show

Talk showWith (Talk Bangumi), the main focus was on conversation between performers.TV program-Radio program OfGenre.


Normally,chairperson(MC) andGuestIt is a talk program if the contents of the conversation are face to face. In recent yearsVariety talentHowever, there are many things that talk about my personal life in a funny way. Many programs have multiple guests lined up and are sometimes called "Hinadan".

There are also programs that offer free talk without themes,comedy""Music""Sports""Cuisine""love""Life counseling""News report""Trivia""Ghost story""urban legend""Anime""GameThere are also programs that focus on one theme, such as ".

There is also a talk-type talk show by one moderator and one guest, and a talk-type talk show by one moderator and 1 to 1 guests.

There is also a talk show only for guests without a moderator.

On the radio, the mainstream is a question-and-answer session in which a personality answers questions from listeners.

AmericaIs called a "talk show",JapanIt has a slightly different taste and is said in JapanWide showClose toLive broadcastWe will proceed with the timely guest. Moderators are often appointed as stand-up comedians because they are expected to have a wit-rich conversation. It is not uncommon for the moderator to serve for more than 10 years, and as a result of the large amount of guarantee that he receives, he will be recognized as a leading celebrity.

Radio talk show

For a list of radio talk programs, see "Category: Radio talk show"reference

List of main TV talk programs

TaiziIs a dialogue format with one guest. (However, there may be multiple guests depending on the time)

Obi program

な ど


な ど

List of main talk programs broadcasted in the past

な ど

A program that used to have a talk corner (the program itself is ongoing)


In many cases, a preliminary questionnaire is given to the performers. The contents vary depending on the program,Chihara JuniorHas said, "Even to make one little program, three or four questionnaire sheets with about 1 questions will be written"[6].. If you do not answer this questionnaire properly, you may not be given the opportunity to speak in the program production (Manabe KaoriTalk[6]), at the planning meeting, "ThistalentThere is a case where even the personality is judged, such as "I have a bad personality" (Suzuki OsamuTalk[6]). If you have any questions about these things and do not conduct a preliminary survey,A-Studio"ofShofuiteiThere are also moderators such as[6].


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