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🚗 | Nana Mori ranked 1st in the ranking of "new adult celebrities who want to go for a drive together"

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Nana Mori ranked 1st in the ranking of "new adult celebrities who want to go for a drive together"

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The life-sized performances shown in the drama "Dragon Zakura" (TBS series) and the leading drama "Run through the Wind" (NHK General TV) broadcast in December are also new to my memory.

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Dragon cherry

"Dragon cherry』(Dragon Zakura)Kibo MitabyJapan OfComicthe work. From 2003 to 2007KodanshaManga magazine "MorningWas serialized in.The book has 21 volumes and 194 episodes.

The sequel "Dragon cherry 2"But2018 から2021 Was serialized up to.There are 139 episodes in total.


VariousExaminationTechniques and study methods are introduced,Hideki WadaAlong with his book "Examination is the point" and his book "One-shot reversal ○ Secret skill study method", it attracted a lot of attention in the examination industry.For each episode, the intention to take the examination is also introduced.

In addition,Child-rearingThe episode about is also included, and the area covered is wide.At the beginning of the story, Sakuragi said in front of a large number of students, "The rules of the world are made to suit the smart guys, and those who do not study will continue to be deceived by it." The rigor is also struck by the students.

"Dragon Zakura" is the stage of the work, "Dragon Zakura"Dragon"" And "Sakurasaku" mean "pass"Cherry BlossomsIt is a coined word that came from ", and in April of next year.TodaiIt's like a tree of vows to pass (and for Sakuragi, a letter of challenge to the system of Tatsuyama High School and a milestone to a big lawyer).

2005 It was made into a drama.The number of students is larger than that of the original, the love patterns of the characters are drawn, and the original ending is prepared because it preceded the completion of the original, so the making is very different from the original.Also,Ran SatomiIt is also novelized by. From January 2010, 1 South KoreaBut the drama "Dragon Zakura (God of Study)" based on this workKBSIn Japan, it was broadcast on Fuji TV under the title of "Dragon Sakura <Korean Version>". In 2019Yuya SatoWith the students as the main axis by the script ofRecitationWas transformed[1].. 29stKodansha Manga Award, 17Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalReceived the Manga Division Excellence Award.

In "Morning" from October 2007, the sequel to this work, "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-Has started serialization, and the theme is to change jobs.This was also made into a drama with the title "Angel Bank-Job Change Agent".Kyoko HasegawaHas continued to cast the role of Mamako Ino, but the connection with "Dragon Zakura" has weakened.

Originally, I was working on an idea to draw a story that a school on the verge of closing down would regenerate.As one of them, in the story of changing a third-class school into a first-class preparatory school, I was thinking of setting up to aim for the University of Tokyo, which is the highest peak in order to become a preparatory school.When the author said, "It's difficult for (ordinary students) to enter the University of Tokyo," said the editor in charge.Yohei SadoshimaAnswered, "You can easily enter the University of Tokyo," and the editor in charge was a graduate of the University of Tokyo, which triggered the birth of "Dragon Zakura."Even during the serialization, the study method is reflected in the work by relying on the University of Tokyo's classmates from the study method of the editor in charge during the examination period.[2].

In "Dragon Zakura 2", Mita draws only the name, and the drawing is completely outsourced.It is said that it is the first attempt in the manga world to outsource not only the background but also all the characters.The merits include "you can concentrate your efforts on necessary work such as interviewing and storytelling" and "there is no need for labor management that occurs by hiring an assistant for drawing".[3]..Also, the prep school instructorHayashi OsamuHas appeared in the role of himself[4][5].

Similarly, the theme of examination and education is "February Winner-Absolutely Passed Classroom-”(Shogakukan) and a dialogue project“Central public opinion』The February 2020 issue, and published it in the official Note[6]..In this dialogue, the theme of "Dragon Zakura 2" is that the maximum volume of the examinee population is 50 to 60 units, so they told them, "If you study hard for a year, you can go to the University of Tokyo with plenty of time. Don't give up, "he said.

In 2021, a sequel TV drama based on "Dragon Zakura 2" was produced.The new stage is Ryukai Gakuen, which is on the verge of bankruptcy with a deviation value of 32, and the theme of ordinary high school students with a deviation value of 50 taking the University of Tokyo exam has been changed.


Dragon cherry

yuanMotorcycle gangFledglingLawyer-Kenji Sakuragi(Kenji Sakuragi) will undertake the management problems of the bankruptcy of the fallen high school and private Tatsuyama high school.

At first, Sakuragi was planning to liquidate, but in order to avoid bankruptcy and improve the business condition, he thought that it would be quick to improve his academic achievement, and plans to send 5 successful applicants to the University of Tokyo in five years. To devise.

While gathering unique teachers who once made great achievements in exam guidance, they were giving up their lives in the special advancement class that they openedNaomi Mizuno(Naomi Mizuno)Yusuke YajimaSakuragi who welcomed (Yusuke Yajima) gave them variousExaminationI will teach you techniques and study methods.As a result of the examination, Mizuno passed the University of Tokyo and went on to school, and Yajima failed, but announced that he would try again the following year.

Dragon cherry 2

It is set 10 years after Sakuragi taught Mizuno and Yajima.

Tatsuyama High School, which inherited the know-how of Sakuragi et al., Has grown into a high school at once.However, after Kumiko Tatsuno, who is nicknamed the "Emperor" in the shadow of faculty and staff, became the acting chairman, the number of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo decreased year by year, and finally became zero.Taking this opportunity, Sakuragi became a director of Tatsuyama High School and declared at his own discretion that he would set up a "University of Tokyo Specialized Course" abbreviation "University of Tokyo Senka" in addition to the existing special advance class. Yes, he orders Mizuno, who is currently a lawyer under Sakuragi, to take charge of it.

Nao Hayase(In addition to being thin)Koichiro AmanoThe University of Tokyo specialized course that welcomed (Amano Koichirou) teaches them various examination techniques and study methods.

Hayase and Amano who took the University of Tokyo passed, and 13 successful applicants including students of the difficult school course and graduates of Tatsuyama (Ronin) came out, and the story ends.[7].



Kenji Sakuragi
The main character of the main story, formerMotorcycle gangA lawyer with a unique title.originallybasketballRecommendでPrestigiousUniversityI was promised to go tofriendWas owed todebtBy father'sinsurancesuicideAs a result, the future went crazy, and he became desperate and became a runaway tribe.Then recoverDaikenThrough独 学でLawyer examPassedToranomonAs Ichirizuka, who will open a law firm in Tokyo, he will rebuild Yongsan High School.In addition, although the following Okabe was supposed to be in charge of this matter, the weekly magazine that wrote that Sakuragi was a former runaway tribeHarmful rumorBecause he had no job, he said, "If Mr. Okabe didn't mediate, next month's rent would have been dangerous." "(The act with Mako Ino at the matchmaking party) was just right to eat for free." Since he was in trouble with his life, Okabe took charge of it, and after announcing the application of the Civil Rehabilitation Law of the school, the lawyer who became the trustee was scheduled to take over the duties.However, in that case, he said, "I want to do something big because my role is over," and at that time I devised a plan to make Tatsuyama High School a high school, and established a special advancement class.A high school teacher becomes the person in charge because he does not want to take responsibility.セ ン タ ーGeography OfWorld historyToScrumStudents learn together by the method of "study method" (study the world history that they have not learned jointly with "three people").リ ア リ ズ ムThe motto was a thorough way of lifeRealist..He clearly conveys his thoughts to others and has a logical and transparent personality.
The sequel to this work, "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-』, Has also achieved the management reconstruction of the lawyer office that he manages from the success of the reconstruction of Yongsan High School, and was called" the savior of school reconstruction "because he also rebuilt the school in addition to Yongsan High School. There is.In addition, he will start running a cram school that puts out his own techniques.
In "Dragon Zakura 2", he became a director of Yongsan High School in order to rebuild Yongsan, which had no successful applicants at the University of Tokyo.Alumni Yajima commented, "Anyway, he speaks well. He is imbued with plausible things and makes everyone feel that way without knowing it. He is a scammer rather than a lawyer."[8].
Mamako Ino
Yongsan High SchoolEnglishteacher.Private university OfDepartment of literatureEnglish Literature DepartmentGraduated.In the past, I met Sakuragi at a matchmaking party and started "acting", but after that I could not contact Sakuragi and I have a grudge against Sakuragi (SakuragiMobile phoneWas stopped due to non-payment, not malicious).A self-protector who has a lot of escape attitudes toward things.It opposes Sakuragi and Kawaguchi's teaching policies because it is a selfish reason to force students to study, but to force themselves to do troublesome things.Sakuragi dislikes Nishizaki and favors Kuriyama, so he is lightly called a junk teacher.
Appeared as the main character in "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-".
Tetsunosuke Yanagi
Special advancement classlecturerThe old man who first came as.SenkaMath..The head of the legendary private school "Yanagi Juku", which was once famous for its achievements in going on to the University of Tokyo. Called the "demon of high school mathematics," he was feared by the students. Yanagi's idea that "stuffing is true education" is rejected by students and parents as "a method that does not suit the times."I used to run a science and mathematics cram school with Ain.
Re-appeared in Volume 2 of "Dragon Zakura 8".Sparta-style lessons are still the same, but despite the elderlySmartphoneMizuno is impressed with the attitude of conducting lessons that make full use of.
Hiroshi Kawaguchi
2nd instructor in special advancement class.SenkaEnglish.. The motto is "Let's study English happily", so it's unique.ユ ー モ アhave.ビ ー ト ル ズThe lyrics of the songAerobicThere are many unusual lessons, such as reciting them, and Ino is openly repelling them.
Ryuzaburo Akutayama
3rd place instructor of special advancement class.SenkaNational language..In contrast to the impression that his appearance and demeanor are gentle, his attitude toward the national language has a dignified rigor.I have the idea that the national language influences the test scores of all subjects, and the more fundamental it is, the more important it is.Students are always asked "why?" And classes are held to read the intentions of the author who created the question.
Shutaro Ain
I will come last as a special advancement class instructor.Senkascience.. "-Dehi" is a habit.A self-made textbook "Ain's" for high school science that makes it difficult to have a concrete imagephysical"Teach in an easy-to-understand manner through illustrations.Earth scienceAlso in charge. In the 1st and 2nd grade special advance classes, we also offer classes that incorporate experiments.
Hiroyuki Takahara
Tatsuyama High School math teacher.Waseda UniversityFaculty of EducationGraduated.When the business situation of Yongsan High School came to light, he was invited by another school, but he stayed to realize his own philosophy. With the educational motto, "Give students dreams and hopes, and teachers will support them," he often collides with Sakuragi.However, based on the idea that the students are immature, Sakuragi accuses them of hypocritical education that does not improve the students' power.At first, he was repulsed by Sakuragi's method, but as he saw the changes of the students, he was gradually moved by Sakuragi's ideas.
In "Dragon Zakura 2", he has been promoted to vice-principal.
Sachiko Miyamura
A Japanese language teacher at Yongsan High School.privateWomen's UniversityFaculty of LiteratureDepartment of Japanese LiteratureGraduated.I wasn't confident in myself as a teacher, but I agree with Sakuragi's teaching policy, hoping that it will be a catalyst for school changes.I sometimes oppose the teaching method of Akutama, who is a special instructor of Japanese language, but as I observe the lessons, I gradually begin to understand his way of thinking.
In "Dragon Zakura 2", temporarilyEtsuko MiyaharaIt was written as (Etsuko Miyahara), but later the originalSachiko MiyamuraReturn to.
I basically support Sakuragi,AlasarYou can see her growth by observing Mizuno's guidance on preparing for the University of Tokyo exam.


Naomi Mizuno
Tatsuyama high school third grader.Special advance class students.My parents were in the second year of junior high schooldivorceYes,EkodaでsnackThemanagementI live with my mother.One childIt seems like.Although she dyes her hair and wears loose socks, her lifestyle seems to be sober, and she is often alone in school.The motivation for aiming at the University of Tokyo is to live strongly alone, not wanting to fall down like a mother who sells flirtation and lives.Gradually, he strongly trusts the teachers of the special advance class such as Sakuragi.It seems that he is in love with Kenji Osawa, who is said to have passed the University of Tokyo Science III class.
Passed the University of Tokyo Science Class I just before the final round.Graduated from Tatsuyama High School as the first successful candidate at the University of Tokyo.
In "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-", good salary was the most important factor in job hunting, but it didn't go well. "Isn't it supposed to be a platinum ticket if I entered the University of Tokyo as Sakuragi said?" I'm complaining.Sakuragi encouraged me, "I'm consulting with people, so I can't get a job offer. Be a person who thinks for myself, not a robot." Finally, I got a job at a major trading company, Yai Bussan.[9]..This career is not mentioned at all in "Dragon Zakura 2" for some reason.
In "Dragon Zakura 2", he became a lawyer after graduating from the University of Tokyo and assisted Sakuragi.
At the behest of Sakuragi, who became a director of Tatsuyama High School, he was in charge of the "University of Tokyo Specialized Course" and was tasked with passing students Nao Hayase and Koichiro Amano to the University of Tokyo.
In the previous work, Osawa, who was more than a friend and less than a lover, went abroad and has not met Yajima for several years.AlasarHowever, he seems to be single.
At one point, I'm worried that Hayase and Amano will have a lover-like relationship, but Sakuragi is upset when he says, "You didn't have anything with Yajima."[10].
Yusuke Yajima
Tatsuyama high school third grader.Special advance class students.His father is the president of a major pharmaceutical company. The youngest of three siblings, he grew up with high expectations from his parents when he was a child, but after failing to take the junior high school exam, he stopped studying because of his inferiority complex toward his excellent brothers and his opposition to his parents.He was also repulsive to Sakuragi and joined the special advance class with the intention of disturbing him, but under the guidance of Sakuragi and the special instructors, he gradually began to work on his studies and began to demonstrate his original high potential. ..
There are places where he hates to lose and is stubborn, and sometimes he does not follow the instructions of Sakuragi and others, but he also shows kindness such as caring for Mizuno's friend.Also, I will open my heart to my parents through studying.Osawa, a talented man who has come to associate with Mizuno, feels a complex and shows a complicated appearance.
In the final round, he did not reach the passing score (15 points until passing) and failed to take the University of Tokyo exam, but he said with a positive feeling that "the accumulation is not a failure", followed by Sakuragi and Dragon Zakura. Promising to see each other in the spring of the year, ronin and aiming for the University of Tokyo again.
In the sequel to this work, "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-", it is said that he passed the University of Tokyo after working as a Ronin, and Yusuke states that he is aiming to become a bureaucrat after graduation.The motive was to improve Japan, but Sakuragi said, "I don't know the future of Yajima." "Even if you become a bureaucrat, this country will not change at all. No matter how good each bureaucrat is, the country will not improve." Is the attitude[11].
Re-appeared in the 2th period of "Dragon Zakura 107" (excluding Mizuno's flashback scene).At first, Mizuno didn't notice because he had long hair and had a long beard.After graduating from the University of TokyoMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryHe became a bureaucrat, but he said he was not suitable for himself and quit and wandered around the world for about two years before working to rescue refugees in Africa.
Shota Kuriyama
Tatsuyama High School 2nd grade special advance class honor student.Ino drives an English test confrontation with a special advance class student.Although he has academic ability that was said to be easy for mid-career private universities, he chooses Tatsuyama High School where he can walk to school because he is weak.He has a quiet personality with few words.He is expected to be the closest student to the next University of Tokyo passer by doing the tasks of the special advance class comfortably.
Asami Nishizaki
Tatsuyama High School 2nd grade special advance class student.future,actress,talentI'm thinking of using the University of Tokyo brand to become.Ino is a friend of dogs and monkeys, but unexpectedly it seems to be balanced.He is burning a sense of opposition to Mizuno.The name below can be found in the list in Volume 11.It's blunt, but I'm familiar with him, such as inviting Kuriyama to eat.
Nao Hayase
A student of the University of Tokyo special course in the third year of Ryuyama High School that appears in "Dragon Zakura 2".Like a modern child, he has a light glue and has a "brain that can't make an effort".My parents' houseBoth countriesHe runs a restaurant in Tokyo and has a younger brother.For studying englishTwitterYou will be instructed how to tweet in English using.After that, he passed the active duty at the University of Tokyo.
Koichiro Amano
A student of the University of Tokyo special course in the third year of Ryuyama High School that appears in "Dragon Zakura 2".The owner of a cautious and "effortable brain".He failed to take the entrance exam with junior high school and high school, and has a complex with his excellent younger brother Yuta.For studying englishYouTuberYou will be instructed how to deliver in English.After that, he passed the active duty at the University of Tokyo.
Mari Kosugi
A student of the 2rd year difficult course at Ryuyama High School that appears in "Dragon Zakura 3".The grade is the top in the liberal arts class.Initially, he refused to take the University of Tokyo exam because of the risk of ronin.Hitotsubashi UniversityOrWaseda University OfFaculty of LawHe said he wanted to.However, he decided to take the University of Tokyo exam after being persuaded by Rieko Tamura, who is in charge of the difficult course.textbookIt is the same "alien" type as Osawa in "Dragon Zakura" whose grades increase just by reading.The reason I chose Tatsuyama High School despite my excellent grades is because it is the closest to my house[12]..Since he had excellent grades from the beginning, he demonstrated his ability in both the center test and the secondary test, and successfully passed the active duty at the University of Tokyo.Slender but quiteKenjiyaHayase was surprised to see how the special bibimbap bowl was eaten immediately.
Ryo Fujii
A student of the 2rd year difficult course at Ryuyama High School that appears in "Dragon Zakura 3".The grade isScienceTop in class.Although he aspires to the University of Tokyo, he is overconfident and hates Sakuragi, so he clearly states that he will not enter the University of Tokyo special course.Looking down on Amano, unlike Amano, just before taking the examinfluenzaI think I just entered Yongsan because of the problem.He was a very problematic child, not only with Sakuragi but also with the guidance of Keisuke Mizuguchi, who is in charge of the difficult course, but he was persuaded by Sakuragi because of the poor score of the center test and gave up science.TransliterationHowever, he changed his attitude by bowing to Mizuguchi and asking for guidance.As a result, he passed the University of Tokyo Bunka II class.
Nishioka himself says that the model of personality is Issei Nishioka, who was in charge of editing Dragon Zakura 2 and was an active student at the University of Tokyo at the time of serialization.The character was created by telling the original author, Norifusa Mita, "I (Nishioka) had a bad personality, so I fell to the University of Tokyo twice."[13].


Elite who entrusted the debt processing of Tatsuyama High School to SakuragiLawyer.
Kenji Osawa
Tokyo Metropolitan High School 3rd grade (in the novel version, Tokyo Metropolitan Super-advanced School).University of TokyoScience III(In the novel version, it is class I at the beginning)Xiucai..In addition, firmly for 3 yearshandballHe also performs club activities on behalf of his deceased mother.HouseworkAlso takes care of the younger brother of elementary school students.Also, he has a good face and personality.Mizuno says "alien".A personality that is interested in any thing and tries to pursue it deeply.When he was a kidUltramanI became very fond of it, and I asked my mother to buy one or two Ultraman books, and I read it over and over again.Get acquainted with Mizuno and start dating.Everything seems to be perfect, but I'm worried that I forgot to write my name on the answer sheet for Math II / B after the center test.[14].
In "Dragon Zakura 2", Mizuno says that he is studying abroad as a researcher after entering the University of Tokyo.
Michiko Honda
From autumn to YajimaTutorA fourth-year student in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tokyo.Long time agoTohoku OfCommercial high schoolAfter graduating, after graduationbankThe bank suddenly went bankrupt in the second year after joining the company.From that experience, I realized the horror of ignorance and decided to enroll in the University of Tokyo and study economics from scratch.He is so talented that Sakuragi admits, and he has many things in common with Sakuragi.
Erica Matsumoto (Erika Matsumoto)
京都Another student of Honda who lives.High school consistent schoolAlthough he was placed in the top of the grade, he suddenly dropped out of high school because he could not bear the expectations of his parents who were too high.After that, he aims to take the University of Tokyo examination under the guidance of Honda.He moved to Tokyo in the autumn of the University of Tokyo and became friends with Mizuno and Yajima.Later passed the University of Tokyo Science Class I.In the novel version with Hiroyuki TakaharaMel friendIt has become.
Kumiko Tatsuno
Acting Chairman of Tatsuyama High School that appears in "Dragon Zakura 2".Known as "Empress".It is feared by teachers because it has full control of the school.It is said to be the cause of the decline in the number of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo at Yongsan High School.Continuing to confront Sakuragi while changing his educational policy, such as thinking about selling the school, trying to make it a correspondence high school, and aiming for an elite educational school.Eventually, the idea changed with the release of 13 successful applicants from the University of Tokyo, and he agreed with Sakuragi that "the goal for next year is double this year" and decided to increase the number of successful applicants for the University of Tokyo.

Bibliographic information

Side Story

"Angel Bank Dragon Sakura Gaiden"(Angel Bank Dragon Zakura Gaiden)"Morning』(Kodansha)2007 No. 45 (2007 May 10No.)2010 Serialized in issue 28.There are 14 volumes in the book.All 125 episodes. Taking over the characters of "Dragon Zakura"Career changeFrom a high school English teacherJob change agentThe main character, Mako Ino, who changed jobs toTsuguo EbiharaAs a model[52]Through the appearance of struggling under a charismatic career change agentJob shortageI drew a way to survive[53]"Dragon Zakura" for working people. "Angel Bank-Job Change Agent』(Angel Bank ~ Tenshokudairinin)TV Asahisystem"Thursday dramaIn 2010TV dramaWas transformed[53].

TV drama

Based on "Dragon Zakura"TBSsystem"Friday dramaIn the frameTV dramaWas converted2005 May 7からMay 9Broadcast in 11 episodes. From April 2021, 4, the title will be the same.Dragon cherryIs a TBS system "Sunday TheaterBroadcast in the frame. It will be the first broadcast in 16 years, but it is a sequel based on the manga version "Dragon Zakura 2" instead of a remake, and Hiroshi Abe as Kenji Sakuragi and Masami Nagasawa as Naomi Mizuno continue to appear.

"Dragon Zakura (God of study)(Original title: "공부 의 신』<Kombue Shin>) South KoreaKBSBy2010 ToRemakeWas done.


Novel dragon zakura

Ran SatomiNovelized version by. "Novel dragon zakuraFrom November 2005 to June 11, written by Satomi and written by Norifusa Mita.Kodansha X BunkoPublished by.All 5 volumes.

The outline is based on the original, but there are many additions and changes such as the past episodes of Sakuragi not drawn in the original.The ending is also different from the original, and the sequel "Angel Bank -Dragon Sakura Gaiden-』The connection with is lost.

Bibliographic information (novelize)

  1. Novel Dragon Zakura Special Advance Class Start (November 2005, 11,Kodansha X Bunko,ISBN +978-4-06-278451-1)
  2. Novel Dragon Zakura Charisma Teacher Gathering Edition (March 2006, 3, Kodansha X Bunko,ISBN +978-4-06-278452-8)
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  5. Novel Dragon Zakura Soul Engine Edition (June 2007, 6, Kodansha X Bunko,ISBN +978-4-06-278461-0)


Dragon Zakura DS

A game for the Nintendo DS. Released by Electronic Arts on March 2007, 3.Players can acquire basic academic ability to solve problems reliably and quickly by asking elementary school students from more than 8 questions in 4 subjects of Japanese language, math, science, and society under the setting of aiming for the entrance examination for junior high school and the University of Tokyo. It is the content.

  • Curriculum mode
  • Test Mode-A quiz mode that appears according to the score earned in the curriculum.
    • Test by subject
    • Comprehensive test
  • Challenge Mode-Cleared when all 100 points are scored in Test Mode.All subjects and all curriculums will be conducted in succession to compete for the total score, and all 10 levels will be prepared.
  • Battle Mode-Battle of up to 4 players using the wireless battle function.Download play is possible.
  • Nationwide download mock test- Nintendo Wi-Fi connectionNational battle function using. It was available until February 2008, 2.
    • Quiz (delivered once a week, playable up to 1 times a week)
    • Nationwide mock exam (delivered once a month, playable once a month)

YouTube channel

Dragon zakura channel

The main character of this work, Kenji Sakuragi, was co-produced by Activ8 Co., Ltd. and Cork Co., Ltd. on December 2018, 12 on the YouTube channel "Dragon Zakura Channel".Virtual youtuberMade its debut as[54].


Recitation"Dragon Zakura]Yuya SatoStaged by the script ofKoji KawanoDirected by TokyoYurakucho Asahi HallAt2019 May 7Performed in[55][56], The second recitation drama "Dragon Zakura ~ 2nd season ~Is in TokyoSuntory HallAt Blue Rose (small hall)2020 May 1Was performed in[57][58].

With a composition centered on students, the lead role is Yusuke YajimaShota TakasakiWill play the role of heroine Naomi Mizuno, and this work will make her debut as an actress.LISTSPlayed by[56][59].


ス タ ッ フ

Performance schedule

Dragon cherry
Dragon Zakura ~ 2nd season ~


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