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🚗 | Montoya will participate in 2022 races including Indy 500 from Arrow McLaren SP in 2


Montoya will participate in two races including the Indy 2022 from Arrow McLaren SP in 500

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"I'm pleased that both Juan Pablo and Mission Foods are back in the Indy 500.

Juan Pablo Montoya, who won the Indy 500 twice and was active in F2, from Arrow McLaren SP ... → Continue reading


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Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500 (Indianapolis 500) isThe United States of AmericaIndianaIndianapolis CitySuburbsSpeedwayIt is inIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayAmerican is held in May every yearMotor sportsIt's an event. AbbreviationIndy 500 Sometimes called (Indy 500).


The final race of the Indy 500 is the last Monday of May every yearMemorial DayIt will be held on the Sunday before, that is, the Sunday from May 5th to May 24th. Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayOval truck1 times per lapMiles (About 4.023 km) For 200 laps and 500 miles (805 km).The first event will be held1911/.F1Monaco GP(In recent years, due to the schedule, it is often held on the same day as the Monaco GP),24 Hours of Le MansAlong withWorld's three biggest racesCan be counted as one of.

World's fastest lap race

The average lap speed of the Indy 500 will exceed 362 km / h in qualifying and 354 km / h in the final.This is the fastest in the world's orbiting race category, as well as in the IndyCar Series, where races are held on the same machine.The maximum speed reaches 380 km / h.this isF1Above the instantaneous maximum speed record (372.4 km / h), the faster categoryDrag racing (NHRALimited to non-lap races such as (more than 520 km / h) in the top fuel class.However, at maximum speed alone, some prototype cars exceed 400 km / h. 33 machines compete on the tail-to-nose, side-by-side, and the development that can be said to be typical of American motor sports that overtakes by making full use of slipstream spreads.

Positioning as a championship

From 1950 to 1960, it was incorporated as one race of F1 to prepare the appearance of the world championship. However, few F1 drivers participated, and it was almost nominal.[Annotation 1].1996/Since then, it has been incorporated as the largest event race in the IndyCar Series.

While the average number of viewers in a regular Indy car race is about 50, the Indy 500 is so popular that more than 500 million people watch TV.[1].. Even locally, it is a truly big national event, with 40 occupants filling up the ovals that are usually vacant. Because of this difference in attention,Winning the Indy 500 is said to be more valuable than the IndyCar Series champion[Source required].

2014 seasonAfter that, in the final race, you will be given twice the points normally given according to the ranking.


Up to the 1960s, the Indy 500 could participate in various engine types and drive systems.1952/ToPole positionEarnedturbodiesel engineEquippedCummins・Diesel special1967/と1968/Appeared inGas turbine engineThe vehicle equipped with it is famous.

CARTWhen it was incorporated into one race of the open wheel race championships such as the and IndyCar Series, the participating vehicles changed to those that correspond to the regulations of the championship. In the Indy 1, aero parts for high speed oval called "Super Speedway Package" are installed. It has a single-plate structure (single element) on both the front and rear, and realizes ultra-high speed running by minimizing air resistance.


Due to the high speed range and the number of close battles, accidents (crashes) often occur during the race.There were several fatal accidents in the era when the safety of racing machines was low, but as of 2021, 1996Scott BraytonIs the last fatal accident that happened during the Indy 500 race schedule.Detail is(English edition)See.


Including small support events, it will take about 2 weeks, the way the qualifying grid is decided is unique, and race winnersmilkIs given (see below) and has a "tradition" different from other races. In addition, the runner-up (second place) is "the fastest loser", the most active driver in the first race (basically the top-ranked one, but as many as 2017 It may be given to a player who has retired but retired.) is given the title of "Rookie of the Year". Also, in addition to being awarded prize money for each final ranking, there are various cases of bonus prizes such as "driver who passed the top of the first lap of the final race" and "driver who passed the final qualifying race".

Borg Warner Trophy

As a winning trophy for the Indy 500Borg Warner・There is a trophy. thisSterling SilverMade of trophyCheckered flagThe reliefs that three-dimensionally model the faces of all the successive winners of the Indy 500 are embedded in the wall of the shape, and the names of the winners, the year of the year, and the average speed of the winners in the final race are embedded in the blocks below.Miles per hour (mph)) is engraved.Although it's called a trophy, it's not something the winner can carry around and can't lift because it weighs about 153 pounds (69.4 kg).It is usually exhibited in a museum in IMS and is a monument to be displayed in Victory Lane on the Indy 500 final day.The Indy 500 winner will be given the right to embed a relief of his face on the wall of the trophy, take a picture with the trophy the day after the race, and will be awarded a mini trophy that imitates the BorgWarner trophy at a later date. (This can be held permanently).1935/I had never been out of the United States for 82 years2017/ToTakuma SatoFor the first time ever to go abroad for a triumphal tour in Japan to commemorate his victory.

Tournament schedule

The Indy 500 will open in mid-May and will feature race programs such as practice runs, qualifying and final races, as well as spectator events such as autograph sessions and parades for about three weeks.During the period, the official game of the IndyCar Series, "Grand Prix of Indianapolis" andIndy LightsRace events such as "Freedom 100" will also be held. The following are the race-related events that are held every year.

Rookie Orientation Program (ROP)

It is a so-called rookie test, and rookie drivers who mainly participate in the full season will also have a ROP in the test held in the spring, and will clear it at this stage.For drivers participating in the spot race, it will be held at the beginning of the first day of practice during the race schedule.It is intended for first-time drivers and drivers who have not participated in oval races for a long time (called "refreshers"), and if they do not pass this, they will not be allowed to enter the Indy 500.The Indy 500 always races at cruising speeds above 350 km / h (217 mph), so extremely slow machines can interfere with the race and are extremely dangerous.[Annotation 2].. Therefore, the main goal is to get used to the course layout and to be able to repeat the lap at a stable pace. The details vary depending on the year, but several "phases" are prepared for each target average speed, and a method of clearing them one by one is adopted.

Practice run

Free practice period from Tuesday to Friday of the 5rd week of May.In the first half, the machine settings are generally confirmed.In the second half, high-paced driving for qualifying and practice using slipstream with an awareness of the final will be held.Especially the last Friday is called "Fast Friday", and the driver who set the top time of the day will be awarded a prize.


It will be held on the 5rd Saturday of May and the next Sunday (3 days in 2-2001). It is done in a complicated way, soQualifying systemExplained in.

Curve Day

Two days before the race, Friday (Thursday until 2) The final practice, which takes place only one hour in the morning.All 2004 cars that passed the qualifying will enter the course with settings for the final race, and practice running assuming a race while using drafting.Curve Day is an abbreviation for Curveration Day and was named because it was once the last time the carburetor could be adjusted before the final race.In addition, Freedom 1 will start after noon on this day.In the afternoon, a "pit stop contest" will be held in which some drivers and the pit crew in charge compete for the speed of pit work.

Qualifying system

The Indy 500 qualifying system has changed several times, but as of 2022, it is generally conducted by the following method.[2].

Basic matters

  • There are 33 qualifying slots and 3 starting grids ✕ 11 rows.
  • The first day of qualifying will be Saturday and the second day will be Sunday.
  • The driver runs four laps with one measurement (attempt), and the average speed is referred to.
  • If the session is not held due to rain on the second day of qualifying, it will not be postponed and will be confirmed in the top 2 cars on the first day, but the last chance qualifying will be postponed to the next day or later.

Driver change

In the Indy 500, drivers can be replaced in qualifying and finals.This is because the qualifying is based on the idea of ​​"choose a machine rather than a driver who will advance to the final". In an era when human interaction with the European F1960 championship series was active as in the 1s, it is not uncommon for F1 drivers to use this system to board "machines that passed qualifying" only in the finals. It was.However, the grid will be demoted to the end of the chassis where the driver was changed. If two or more cars are replaced, the one with the fewest championship points will be at the end.

First day of qualifying

On the first day of qualifying, the finalists up to the 1th place will be decided. All entering players will try at least once, and will be sorted as follows according to their provisional ranking.

  • 1st-12th: Qualifying pass confirmed, advance to the second day of qualifying
  • 13th-30th: Pass qualifying and confirm qualifying ranking
  • 31st place and below: To the last chance qualify on the second day of qualifying

On the first day, you can try an unlimited number of times during the qualifying time. The first attempt will be made in the order determined by the lottery on the previous day. When approaching the second and subsequent attempts, you can choose whether to cancel or keep the time recorded immediately before, but only if the canceled player can run preferentially and there is no player to cancel and re-attempt, it will not be canceled. Players can be reattended.If the number of entries is 1 or less and no qualifying loss occurs, the qualifying ranking of 1th-2rd in the qualifying will be confirmed on the first day, and the "Last Chance Qualifying" on the second day of the qualifying will not be held.

Second day of qualifying (Paul Day)

On the second day of qualifying, three sessions will be held.Athletes participating on the second day of qualifying will need to try again because all the records from the previous day will be reset (provisional ranking will be saved).The top 2 cars in the qualifying will be awarded championship points based on the ranking confirmed on this day.

  • Last Chance Qualify
    • A session will be held to determine the starting grid from 31st to 33rd.For players who are 1st or lower in the provisional qualifying ranking on the first day of qualifying, the first round will be attempted once in the order of the earliest lottery on Friday, and after that, re-attempting is possible within the time limit. In that case, the record made immediately before is always canceled.In the end, the 31st-1rd (top 31 of the participants) players in the fastest average speed will pass the qualifying, and the 33th and lower will be dropped from the qualifying.In addition, even if the player who is 3th or higher on the previous day sets a faster record, he will start from 34st or lower.
  • Top 12 Qualify
    • For the players from 1st to 12th place in the qualifying on the previous day, the players with the lowest rankings will be attempted only once, and the top 6 cars will advance to Fast Six. The qualifying ranking will be confirmed for the 7th-12th place players.
  • Fast Six
    • In Fast SixPole positionThe starting grid from 6th to 12th is confirmed.Attempt only once from the player with the lowest ranking to the players from the 1st to 6th place in the top XNUMX and qualify.

Successive winners

TimesYearsWinnerBody/EngineTeam/OwnerRace distance[History 1]
Average speed[History 2]
(Miles per hour (mph))
11911/United States flagMarmon50074.602
21912/United States flagNationalNational motor vehicle50078.719
31913/French flagPeugeotPeugeot50075.933
41914/French flagDelageDelage50082.474
51915/United States flagメ ル セ デ スEC Patterson50089.840
61916/British flagPeugeotPeugeot300[History 3]84.001
1917 and 1918: World War INot held due to
71919/United States flagPeugeotIMS Corporation50088.050
81920/United States flagFrontenacWilliam Small Company50088.618
91921/United States flagFrontenacLouis Chevrolet50089.621
101922/United States flagDuesenberg·mirrorJimmy Murphy50094.484
111923/United States flag Tommy MiltonmirrorHCS Motor Company50090.545
121924/United States flag ,
United States flag [History 4]
131925/United States flagDuesenbergDuesenberg500101.127
141926/United States flagmirrorPeter Kreis400 (rain)95.904
151927/United States flagDuesenbergWilliam S. White50097.545
161928/United States flag Louis MayermirrorAlden Sampson II50099.904
171929/United States flagmirrorMA Yagle50097.585
181930/United States flagSummers MillerHarry hartz500100.448
191931/United States flagStevens MillerBL Schneider50096.629
201932/United States flagWettaros MillerHarry hartz500104.144
211933/United States flag Louis MayermirrorLouis Mayer500104.162
221934/United States flagmirrorHC Henning500104.863
231935/United States flagWettarosKerry Peteiro500106.240
241936/United States flag Louis MayerStevens MillerLouis Mayer500109.069
251937/United States flagShow OffenhauserWilbur Shaw500113.580
261938/United States flagWettaroth MillerRow Moore500117.200
271939/United States flag Wilbur ShawMaseratiBoyle Racing500115.035
281940/United States flag Wilbur ShawMaseratiBoyle Racing500114.277
291941/United States flag ,
United States flag [History 5]
Wettalos OffenhauserRow Moore500115.117
1942-1945: Second World WarNot held due to
301946/United States flagAdams SparksThorne Engineering500114.820
311947/United States flag Mauri RoseDating OffenhauserRow Moore500116.338
321948/United States flag Mauri RoseDating OffenhauserRow Moore500119.814
331949/United States flagDating OffenhauserRow Moore500121.327
341950/United States flagCurtis OffenhauserCurtis345 (rain)124.002
351951/United States flagCurtis OffenhauserMurrell Belanger500126.244
361952/United States flagKuzma OffenhauserChristopher JC Agajanian500128.922
371953/United States flag Bill BukovicCurtis OffenhauserHoward Keck500128.740
381954/United States flag Bill BukovicCurtis OffenhauserHoward Keck500130.840
391955/United States flagCurtis OffenhauserJohn Zink500128.209
401956/United States flagWatson OffenhauserJohn Zink500128.490
411957/United States flagEpary OffenhauserGeoge Salih500135.601
421958/United States flagEpary OffenhauserGeoge Salih500133.719
431959/United States flagWatson OffenhauserLeader Cards500135.875
441960/United States flagWatson OffenhauserKen-Paul500138.767
451961/United States flag AJ VoithTrevis OffenhauserBignotti-Bowes Racing500139.130
461962/United States flag Roger WardWatson OffenhauserLeader Cards500140.293
471963/United States flagWatson OffenhauserChristopher JC Agajanian500143.137
481964/United States flag AJ VoithWatson OffenhauserAnsted-Thompson Racing500147.350
491965/British flag Jim ClarkLotus-FordTeam lotus[History 6]500150.686
501966/British flag Graham Hillロ ー ラ・FordMekong Racing Team500144.137
511967/United States flag AJ VoithCoyote fordAnsted-Thompson Racing500151.207
521968/United States flagイ ー グ ル・OffenhauserLeader Cards500152.882
531969/United States flag Mario AndrettiHawk fordSTP500156.867
541970/United States flag Al AnswerPJ Colt FordVel's Parnelli Jones Ford500155.749
551971/United States flag Al AnswerPJ Colt FordVel's Parnelli Jones Ford500157.735
561972/United States flag Mark DanahueMcLaren・OffenhauserPensky Racing500162.692
571973/United States flagEagle OffenhauserAll American Racers332.5 (rain)159.063
581974/United States flag Johnny RutherfordMcLaren OffenhauserMcLaren[History 6]500158.589
591975/United States flag Bobby answerEagle OffenhauserAJ Voith Enterprises500161.331
601976/United States flag Johnny RutherfordMcLaren OffenhauserMcLaren255 (rain)148.725
611977/United States flag AJ VoithCoyote VoithAJ Voith Enterprises500161.331
621978/United States flag Al Answerroller·CosworthChaparral Racing500161.363
631979/United States flag Rick MarysPen ski・CosworthPen ski500158.899
641980/United States flag Johnny RutherfordChaparral CosworthChaparral Racing500142.862
651981/United States flag Bobby answerPensky CosworthPensky Racing500139.084
661982/United States flagWildcat CosworthSTP Patrick Racing500162.029
671983/United States flag Tom SnivaMarch Engineering・CosworthBignotti-Cotter500162.117
681984/United States flag Rick MarysMarch CosworthPen ski500163.612
691985/United States flag Danny SullivanMarch CosworthPen ski500152.982
701986/United States flag Bobby RayholeMarch CosworthTrue sports500170.722
711987/United States flag Al AnswerMarch CosworthPen ski500162.175
721988/United States flag Rick MarysPenskyChevroletPen ski500144.809
731989/Brazilian flag Emerson FittipaldiPensky ChevroletPatrick Racing500167.581
741990/Dutch flag Ally RuiendijkLaura ChevroletDoug Searson Racing500185.981
751991/United States flag Rick MarysPensky ChevroletPen ski500176.457
761992/United States flag Al Answer Jr.・ChevroletGareth Craco Racing500134.477
771993/Brazilian flag Emerson FittipaldiPensky ChevroletPen ski500157.207
781994/United States flag Al Answer Jr.Pensky MercedesPen ski500160.872
791995/Canadian flag Jack villeneuveReynard・FordTeam green500153.616
801996/United States flagReynard FordHemelgahn Racing500147.956
811997/Dutch flag Ally RuiendijkG Force-Aurora (Oldsmobile)Treadway racing500145.827
821998/United States flag Eddie Cheever Jr.Dallara・AuroraCheever Racing500145.155
831999/Swedish flag Kenny blackDallara AuroraAJ Voith Enterprises500153.176
842000/Colombia flag Juan Pablo MontoyaG Force AuroraChip ganassi racing500167.607
852001/Brazilian flag Erio castronevesDallara AuroraPen ski500153.601
862002/Brazilian flag Erio castronevesDallara ChevroletPen ski500166.499
872003/Brazilian flag Jill de FerrandPanosG ForceToyotaPen ski500156.291
882004/United States flag Buddy ricePanos G ForceHondaRay Hall Letterman Racing450 (rain)138.518
892005/British flag Dan WeldonDallara HondaAndretti Green Racing500157.603
902006/United States flag Sam Hornish Jr.Dallara HondaPen ski500157.085
912007/Scottish flag Dario FranchittiDallara HondaAndretti Green Racing415 (rain)151.774
922008/New Zealand flag Scott DixonDallara HondaChip ganassi racing500143.567
932009/Brazilian flag Erio castronevesDallara HondaPen ski500150.318
942010/Scottish flag Dario FranchittiDallara HondaChip ganassi racing500161.623
952011/British flag Dan WeldonDallara HondaBrian Harta Autosport500170.265
962012/Scottish flag Dario FranchittiDallara HondaChip ganassi racing500167.734
972013/Brazilian flag Tony CanaanDallara ChevroletKV Racing Technology500187.433
2014/United States flag Ryan Hunter-RayDallara HondaAndretti Autosport500186.563
2015/Colombia flag Juan Pablo MontoyaDallara ChevroletTeam Pensky500161.341
2016/United States flag Alexander RossiDallara HondaAndretti Autosport500166.634
1012017/Japanese flag Takuma SatoDallara HondaAndretti Autosport500155.395
2018/Australian flag Will PowerDallara ChevroletTeam Pensky500166.935
2019/French flag Simon PagenoDallara ChevroletTeam Pensky500175.794
2020/[History 7]Japanese flag Takuma SatoDallara HondaRayhole Letterman Lanigan Racing500157.824
1052021/Brazilian flag Erio castronevesDallara HondaMayer Shank Racing500190.690[History 8]
  1. ^ (rain)Is a race that was stopped halfway due to rainfall.
  2. ^ TaiziIs the fastest record at that time. However, in the Indy 500, the number of laps is counted even during full course caution, so the actual racing speed exceeds the record.
  3. ^ The 1916 race was held with a race distance of 300 miles
  4. ^ In the 1924 race, both boys were treated as winners because Joe Boyer took over the victory of the car started by Laura L. Column during the race.
  5. ^ In the 1941 race, Maury Rose took over the car that Floyd Davis started, and both are treated as winners.
  6. ^ a b 1965 yearsTeam lotusAnd of 1974McLarenIn the same yearF1 OfConstructors titleHas also earned
  7. ^ Impact of 2019 coronavirus infectionPostponed to August 8 due to no audience
  8. ^ Average race speed fastest record


Transition of qualifying speed

  • 100 mph-(104.785 mph, 1919)
  • 110 mph-(110.728 mph, 1925)
  • 120 mph-(120.546 mph, 1927)
  • 130 mph-(130.492 mph, 1937)
  • 140 mph-(141.287 mph, 1954)
  • 150 mph-(150.729 mph, 1962)
  • 160mph level- Jim Clark (160.973 mph, 1965)
  • 170mph level- Graham Hill (171.887 mph, 1968)
  • 180 mph-(185.797 mph, 1972)
  • 190 mph-(196.678 mph, 1972)
  • 200mph level- Tom Sniva (200.535 mph, 1977)
  • 210 mph-Tom Sniva (210.689 mph, 1984)
  • 220 mph-Rick Mears (220.453 mph, 1988)
  • 230mph level- Robert Guerrero (232.618 mph, 1992)


  • Most Paul Positions-Rick Mears / 6 times (1979, 1982, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991)
  • Maximum Race Average Speed-190.690 mph (306.885 km / h) / Elio Castroneves (2021)
  • Maximum qualifying speed (1 lap) --237.498 mph (382.216 km / h) / Arie Luyendyck (1996)
  • Best fastest lap-236.103 mph (379.971 km / h) /Eddie Cheever (1996)
  • Most lap leads-198 laps (3-200th lap) / Billy Arnold (1930)
  • Minimum lap lead of winning driver ―― 1 lap / Dan Wheldon (2011)
  • Maximum number of leaders-15 (2017, 2018)
  • Most lead changes --68 times (2013)
  • Minimum time difference between 1st and 2nd place --0.043 seconds / 1st place: Al Unser jr, 2nd place: Scott Goodyear (1992)
  • Maximum position rise-32 (38th place finish from 6th start) / Sieg Mayer (1932)


  • Youngest victory-Troy Ratman / 22 years 80 days (1952)
  • Youngest run-AJ Foyt IV / 4 years 19 days (0)
  • Oldest victory-Al Unser / 47 years old 360 days (1987)
  • Oldest run-AJ Foyt / 57 years 128 days (1992)

Number of wins

Number of timesdriverYears
4United States flag AJ Voith1961, 1964, 1967, 1977
United States flag Al Answer1970, 1971, 1978, 1987
United States flag Rick Marys1979, 1984, 1988, 1991
Brazilian flag Erio castroneves2001, 2002, 2009, 2021
3United States flag Louis Mayer1928, 1933, 1936 years
United States flag1937, 1939, 1940 years
United States flag1941, 1947, 1948 years
United States flag Johnny Rutherford1974, 1976, 1980 years
United States flag1968, 1975, 1981 years
British flag Dario Franchitti2007, 2010, 2012 years
2United States flag1921, 1923
United States flag Bill Bukovic1953, 1954
United States flag1959, 1962
United States flag1973, 1982
Brazilian flag Emerson Fittipaldi1989, 1993
United States flag Al Answer Jr.1992, 1994
Dutch flag Ally Ruiendijk1990, 1997
British flag Dan Weldon2005, 2011
Colombia flag Juan Pablo Montoya2000, 2015
Japanese flag Takuma Sato2017, 2020

Consecutive wins

There are five drivers who have won two consecutive wins (no driver has won more than three consecutive wins).

Records with other categories

Monaco Grand Prix,24 Hours of Le MansRecords related toWorld's three biggest raceschecking
Multiple conquests with other categories in the United States
driverIndy 500 winnerCART/IndyCar SerieschampionDaytona 500WinDaytona 24-hour raceWin
United States flag1958/1956, 1957——
United States flag1959, 19621959, 1962——
United States flag AJ Voith1961, 1964, 1967, 19771960, 1961, 1963, 1964,
1967, 1975, 1979 years
1972/1983, 1985
United States flag1968/1968, 1974——
United States flag Mario Andretti1969/1965, 1966, 1969, 19841967/1972/
United States flag Al Answer1970, 1971, 1978, 19871970, 1983, 1985 years—1985/
United States flag Mark Danahue1972/——1969/
United States flag1973, 19821976/——
United States flag Johnny Rutherford1974, 1976, 1980 years1980/——
United States flag Rick Marys1979, 1984, 1988, 19911979/——
United States flag Tom Sniva1983/1977, 1978——
United States flag Danny Sullivan1985/1988/——
United States flag Bobby Rayhole1986/1986, 1987, 1992 years—1981/
Brazilian flag Emerson Fittipaldi1989, 19931989/——
United States flag Al Answer Jr.1992, 19941990, 1994—1986, 1987
Canadian flag Jack villeneuve1995/1995/——
United States flag1996/2000 (IRL)——
Swedish flag Kenny black1999/1998 (IRL)——
Colombia flag Juan Pablo Montoya2000, 20151999 (CART)—2007, 2008, 2013 years
Brazilian flag Jill de Ferrand2003/2000, 2001 (CART)——
England flag Dan Weldon2005, 20112005 (IRL)—2006/
United States flag Sam Hornish Jr.2006/2001, 2002, 2006 (IRL)——
Scottish flag Dario Franchitti2007, 2010, 2012 years2007 (IRL), 2009, 2010, 2011—2008/
United States flag Buddy rice2004/-—2009/
Brazilian flag Tony Canaan2013/2004 (IRL)—2015/
New Zealand flag Scott Dixon2008/2003 (IRL), 2008, 2013, 2015,
2018, 2020
—2006, 2015
United States flag Ryan Hunter-Ray2014/2012/——
Australian flag Will Power2018/2014/——
French flag Simon Pageno2019/2016/—2022/
Brazilian flag Erio castroneves2001, 2002, 2009, 2021——2021, 2022
United States flag Alexander Rossi2016/——2021/

Game software

In Japan, Tommy (present:タ カ ラ ト ミ ー), on May 1997, 5,Play stationAs game software forIndy500Has been released. Also, as an arcade game from SegaIndy 500Has been released.

Relationship with Japan

There are almost no other Asian countries involved in the Indy 500 outside Japan.[Annotation 3], "Japan's first" is usually "Asia's first".


1991 yearsHiro MatsushitaSince 2017, a total of 10 Japanese drivers have been challenging by XNUMX[3][Annotation 4].

  • The first finish for a Japanese driver was recorded by Hiro Matsushita in 1991 (16th place)[Annotation 5]).
  • First Japanese driver(English edition)[Annotation 6]Was in 2003Toranosuke TakagiRecorded by (completed 5th place). following year,Takaaki MatsuuraRookie of the Year (11th place finish) was also awarded.
  • The first Japanese driver's lead lap was recorded by Toranosuke Takagi in 2003 (two laps).
  • The first Japanese driver to win in 2017Takuma SatoRecorded by
  • The first Japanese driver's front row was recorded by Takuma Sato in 2020.
  • The Japanese driver's first multiple wins were recorded by Takuma Sato in 2020.
  • The Japanese driver has not yet won the pole position, and the highest qualifying position is 2020rd place, which was recorded by Takuma Sato in 3.

Below, the participating drivers and the final rankings are listed.

Hiro Matsushita[Annotation 7]DNQ16DNQ181410
Takeshi MomotaDNQ
Hideshi Matsuda24158DNQ10DNQ
Hattori ShigeakiDNQ2030
Shinji Nakano14
Toranosuke Takagi[Annotation 8]519
Roger Yasukawa[Annotation 9]1010181621DNQ
Takaaki Matsuura11171516
Hideki Muto71028
Takuma Sato203317131913261323114
Colors and results
2 bit
3 bit
4th / 5th
(11th place and below)
Retire[Annotation 10]
Not qualified


Although both are alliances based on the local team,Super agriFrom 2004 to 2006, "Super AguriFernandez Racing, 2007 as "Super Aguri Panther Racing"Team townshipIn 2020Dale Coyne Racing There is an example of participating as "with Team Goh".

Japanese team constructors have never built a vehicle for the Indy 500.

One thing that didn't happen was that Honda was considering participating in the F1960 race in the 1s when it was included in the race.[4].


Engine supplyHonda(Since 1995, 2003), in the pastNissan Motor(1997-2002;InfinityName) andToyota(2003-2005) is doing.The first victory was recorded by Toyota in 2003 (driversJill de Ferrand/Team Pensky).

In terms of engines, from 1987 to 1991JudThe engine originally supplied by Honda includes the Indy 500CARTIt has a relationship that it has evolved from the engine that was developed for participation in the war.

Tire supplyBridgestone FirestoneGoing under the name (since 1995)[Annotation 11].

Japanese indie

1966 year 10 month,Shinsho"Japan Indy 500 Mile Race" (commonly known as "Japan Indy") was invited by the invitation of the Indy 200 starting driver at the time.Fuji SpeedwayHeld at[5].

TV broadcast

  • In Japan, once on the ground waveTBS,TV AsahiNationwide live on internet since 2003Nippon TVThere was a digest broadcast (Kanto Local) at a later date, but it has not been broadcast since 2012.Satellite broadcastingThen as a game of the IndyCar seriesTODAYIs being broadcast live. Besides this from 2019NHK BS1Then, the video recording is broadcast on the night of the day.
  • From 1965 to 2018 in the United StatesABCHas a live broadcast every year and is a movieDelta ForceThe theme song "The Delta Force Theme" was used as the opening song and insertion song. Since 2019NBCWill broadcast live[6].


The winner drinks milk

In Indy 500, the winning driver ismilkTo drinkCustomThere is. In 1933, Luis Mayer won his second victory, but after the raceButtermilkRequested.Louis B. Mayer won his third victory in 1936, again requesting buttermilk, but was handed a bottle instead of a cup and drank it as was.The photo I was drinking became an article in the newspaper and caught the eye of the milk company.Since then, milk has been provided to the winners (except between 1947 and 1955).

This "drinking milk in Victory Lane" also has a sponsor (as of 2017 the Indiana Dairy Association), and if you do not drink milk or if you miss the prescribed schedule, you are the sponsor. No prize money will be given.

In fact, in addition to the usual whole milkLow fat milk (2% fat milk),Non-fat milk You can also select (fat-free milk).For this reason, drivers who have decided to pass the qualifying are supposed to select in advance which one to drink at the time of victory, and the result of the selection will be announced as "Milk List" every year.[7]..Many drivers traditionally request buttermilk, but the sponsor Indiana Dairy Association said, "Meyer drank it from his mother.Traditional buttermilkHowever, he declined this request for two reasons: "similar buttermilk is difficult to obtain in modern times" and "traditional buttermilk is very perishable".[8].

Some drivers did not follow this convention. Bobby Answer refused to win it in 1968, but he has followed it for the next two wins. Emerson Fittipaldi drinks orange juice before milk because he owns an orange plantation in Brazil when he won in 2[9].. As a result, I was unable to receive the sponsor's prize because I was drinking milk outside the stipulated time, but it was settled after Fittipaldi apologized later.

1998/WonEddie CheeverDrank two bottles of this "Winner's Milk" on the podium[10].

"Back home again in Indiana"

At the end of the opening ceremony, "Back home again in Indiana" is sung just before the start command. At the ceremonyUnited States National AnthemThe song, which is sung after that, is so famous that it can be called the "state song" of Indiana, but in 1946 James Melton sang it to the parade of the automobile club he represents in the ceremony. It was the first song sung in.The song became so popular that Melton was invited to sing it after 1947.It was in 1948 that the song was officially sung in its current form just before the start command.Since then, many singers have performed solo until now.

The best-known singer is a country singer who sang 1972 times over the 2014 years from 42 to 36.Jim NaverseIs. In 2014, Naverse, who finished the last singing at the 36th time, performed a start command together with Mari Harman George.

A singer who sings national anthems at ceremonies after 2017(English edition)Is going.

Start command

Engine start command (start command) before the start of the raceLadies and gentlemen, start your engines!Has been performed by people with connections to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for generations.

Tony Harman, who was originally the owner of IMS, was making the announcement, but Tony died in 1977. From 1978 onwards, Tony's wife Mary Fendrich Harman began to do it (only in 1982, Tom Carnegie, a public announcement announcer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway). When Mary died in April 1998, Tony and Mary's daughter Mari Harman George took over from 4 to 1998. Then in 2015, the whole family of the Harman George family married to Mali was performed, and from 2016 to 2017 Mali's son Tony George performed. And in 2019, he became a new owner of IMSRoger PenskyIs going.

In the past, the only drivers who participated in the race were men, so the start command was "Gentlemen, start your engines!", But now female drivers are participating, "A (One) lady and gentlemen, start your engines! ”, And when multiple women participated, it was changed to multiple forms,“ Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! ” Become. It can be used regardless of gender in 2017 and 2018, and after 2020 when Penske started to do it.DriversThe start command ", start your engines!" Is used, but as a result, Toni George's last command, 2019, was returned to "Lady and gentlemen, start your engines!"[11].

Quilt will be given to the winner

Since 1976, the winner has been given a handmade quilt. This was handmade by Janetta Holder, a local quilter who was also a former female racer. Every year, the holder, who loves races, makes an original applique quilt, which is embroidered with the racer's signatures, and presents it to the winner. Therefore, she is known as a "quilt lady" to racers and other people. One of them, Bobby Answer, who has won several wins, donated the quilt to the Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, MI). Al-Ansah also decorates the quilt awarded to the self-established Ansor Racing Museum (Albuquerque, NM). [12]

Champion ring

Like many other American sports, the winner of this race isChampion ringIs awarded. Ring making1983/から2016/Until then, the same Indianapolis-based "Herff Jones" was in charge,2017/It was changed to "Jostens" in Minnesota. In addition, Jostens has the same ring as the winners of the pit stop challenge and the same organizer.NASCAR OfBrickyard 400Also in charge of producing the championship ring[13].

Winner's overcrowded schedule

The winner will be obliged to handle the overcrowded schedule with honor.The day after the race, we attended the winner's press conference after a 9-hour photo session starting at 3 am, and attended the 5-hour ceremony event "Indy 500 Victory Banquet" in the afternoon. More than km awayニ ュ ー ヨ ー クMove to, and after a short nap the next morningFOX5 New YorkWith "Gooday New York"CNBCof"Squawk BoxAfter thatNASDAQHead to and ring the trading start bell at 9:30 am.After thisEmpire State BuildingAfter having a photo session for the media in Japan, he appeared on various TV and radio, and then about 3000 km away.TexasArlingtonMove to America's iconic sports team,NFLDallas CowboysCourtesy visit and do a lot of interviews here as well.further2012/から2019/and2022/After that, the race will be held on the weekend as it isDetroitMust move to and prepare for the race[14].


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