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🚗 | Yamaha Motor provides electric motor unit for Subaru's near-future motor sports EV ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

Photo STI E-RA (Tokyo Auto Salon 2022)

Yamaha Motor provides electric motor unit for Subaru's near-future motor sports EV ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

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The electric motor unit to be installed this time was developed with the aim of creating an emotional power unit by using the technology and sensibility that Yamaha Motor has built up in the engine development so far.

Yamaha Motor is developing a near-future motorsport by Subaru Tecnica International (STI) on January 1th ... → Continue reading


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Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.(Yamaha is goodBritish: Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.) IsShizuokaIwataHeadquartered inオ ー ト バ イCentered onTransportation equipmentManufacturer to manufacture.Two wheelsThe second largest sales scale in the world[2] AndOutboard motorAnd water vehicle sales are the highest in the world[3].Yamaha Motor Soccer ClubIt is,サ ッ カ ーJ League OfJubilo IwataIs the mother of.Nikkei Stock AverageOne of the constituent stocks of[4].

Company Overview

Second World WarFor airplanes insidepropellerJapanese musical instrument manufacturing (currently) that was manufacturing related equipmentYamaha) Started in-house motorcycle production for the purpose of peaceful use of technology and manufacturing equipment.1955/(Showa30 years)May 7It started as a motorcycle manufacturing and sales business in the form of being separated from Japanese musical instrument manufacturing. In this relationship, the same "" as YamahaYAMAHAIn the logo or in the circletuning forkUses a combination of three marks, but both have different details (explained in the next section). Yamaha Motor's sales composition in December 3 was 2017% in North America, 12% in Europe, 21.4% in Asia, 12.8% in Japan, and 43.9% in others on a consolidated basis.[5].

In the financial results for 2005 (Heisei 17), the sales of Yamaha Motor more than doubled compared to Yamaha. This relationship of market capitalization and YamahaEquity method affiliateBecause of this, it was easy to be the target of indirect acquisition. For this reason2007/(19)5Yamaha sold its shares in Yamaha Motor, which made it exempt from the application of Yamaha's equity method.Meanwhile, Yamaha Motor has decided to acquire a 5% stake in Yamaha.

Commonly knownオ ー ト バ イ-scooterNot only in the motorcycle sector, but alsoボ ー ト,Outboard motor, Fishing boats, yachts, marine products such as marine jets,Snowmobile,buggy,Side-by-side vehicleLeisure vehicles such as electricBicycle, EVs such as electric scooters, industryMech robot, Industrial equipment such as surface mounters,HiroboAgricultural radio-controlled helicopter jointly developed withRMAXIn addition, we are developing various products such as snowplows, generators, and pool equipment.

In the automobile industry, we have traditionally contracted engine production.ToyotaBesides, sales channelsFordExpand to group. High performanceV-type engine"SHO" (Super High Output) has been developed and used in toruses. We are also developing a vehicle body performance improvement device called a performance damper and a mutual cooperation shock absorber system. Entry into the automobile business under its own brand has also been considered several times.1992/AnnouncementOX99-11Then, the business was actually advanced to the point of launch. In November 2013, the prototype car "MOTIVThe intention to enter the automobile business was reiterated with the release of[6] However, in 2018, it was announced that the entry into the ordinary passenger car business would be frozen.[7].

By employeesHuman powered planeThere is a team "Team Aerocepty", and in the past "Bird Human Contest Championship』(Yomiuri Television)soHikoneからBiwa lakeI left a record of reaching the west bank. Currently, he has not participated in the bird-human contest, but the team itself is still alive, and in 2013 he plans to challenge the world record of flight distance by human-powered airplane.[8].

Also, in 2008 (Heisei 20)People's Republic of China,Sichuan earthquakeDue to the achievements of support activities in2010/(22)Blue ribbonHave been awarded[9].

Clarivate Analytics (formerlyThomson Reuters) Is "Top 100 Global Innovators 2016"[10] Elected the company. This is the sixth time that Japanese companies have made great strides. Separation independent sourceYamahaIn addition,Sony,Fujitsu,Olympus,Toyota34 companies have been elected.

2014 (Heisei 26),Japan Exchange GroupとNihon Keizai ShimbunIs selected and indexed as "the top 400 listed companies with excellent finance and management"JPX Nikkei Index 400It is adopted as a constituent stock of. Since then, it has been adopted as a constituent stock for four consecutive years until 2017.

From August 2016, 28 (Heisei 8)sharpChanged toNikkei Stock AverageIt is adopted in the brand of.

The largest motorcycle on October 2016, 28HondaAnd started considering a partnership in the production and development of domestic 50cc scooter.[11] Announced. Of the subsidiary to prospect for 2018Taiwan mountain locomotive industry"Jog" and "Vino" manufactured in Japan will be manufactured by switching to OEM production at Honda's Kumamoto Plant.[12].

On December 2016, 28 (Heisei 12), in a general-purpose engine, Fuji Heavy Industries (currentlySUBARU) To transfer some technical assets and a US sales subsidiary[13] Announced. Since SUBARU's business will end at the end of September 2017, the transfer will be completed on October 29, 9.

April 2017 (Heisei 29), tie-up with a venture company of industrial drone, and mid-sized agricultural machineryYamabikoAnnounced a partnership with the development and sales of pesticide spray drones[14].

Yamaha Motor and Yamaha will jointly develop a remote management system package for industrial robots on November 2017, 29, aiming to launch it within FY11.[15] Announced.As a result, Yamaha Motor will make a full-scale entry into the IoT business in the FA (factory automation) domain. March 2021, Honda, Yamaha Motor,KTM(Austria),PiaggioFour companies in (Italy) are electric motorcyclesUNECEAnnounced that it will launch a joint development project for interchangeable batteries that are compatible with the standard.[16][17].

In August 2021, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. sold a 8% stake in Yamaha Motor, and the shareholding ratio after the sale was 5.43%.

Difference in logotype from Yamaha Corporation

Yamaha Motor is a Japanese musical instrument manufacturer (currentlyYamaha) Is a company that was born independently, and there is something in common with the logotypes.Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.Logo typeI will explain the difference between. The one that is easy to understand is the letter "M", and Yamaha Motor has the valley in the middle completely lowered to the baseline, and Yamaha (musical instrument) is floating without being lowered. As a subtle difference, Yamaha Motor has a completely symmetrical shape of the alphabet of each letter, and Yamaha has a very subtle asymmetry. For the tuning fork mark, the handle is covered by a circle, and Yamaha Motor has a three-dimensional effect on the entire mark, and Yamaha has the handle of the tuning fork inside the surrounding circle. This makes it possible to distinguish which product is in the field without knowing which one is in the field.

DifferencesYamahaYamaha Motor
Yamaha logo.svgYamaha Motor Logo (full) .svg
Tuning fork markThe tip of the tuning fork is an outer circleFits insideThe tip of the tuning fork becomes an outer circleOverlap
"YAMAHA" logoThe central part of the letter "M" isNot attached to the bottom (baseline)The central part of the letter "M" isAttached below
eachThe alphabetThe shape of the letters is very smallLeft-right asymmetryThe shape of the letters of each alphabetSymmetrical
Color display
(Corporate color)
バ イ オ レ ッ ト(Lilac)red


  • 1955/(30)1 - ShizuokaHamakita-cho, Hamana-gun (currentlyHamamatsu cityHamakita Ward) To manufacture Japanese musical instruments (currently)Yamaha) Established Hamakita Factory, motorcycle "YA-1(125cc) production started
  • 1955/(30)May 7 --Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. was established and became the first president.Genichi KawakamiWas appointed
  • 1966/(41)2 - Toyota 2000GTTechnology license to
  • 1972/(47) February --Relocated the head office to Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • 1984/(Showa 59)- America・ Concluded a provisional contract to supply Ford Motor automobile engines
  • 2000/(12)3 - ToyotaStrengthen tie-up with
  • 2012/(24) -Founder Genichi Kawakami is inducted into the Japan Automobile Hall of Fame

Successive presidents

Affiliated Company

  • 112 consolidated subsidiaries (21 domestic companies, 91 overseas companies)
  • Three equity-method affiliates
  • 26 affiliates accounted for by the equity method[18]

(As of the end of December 2017)

Major products

Among the main products, the production and sales of general-purpose engines, generators, racing karts, and passenger golf carts have been transferred to the affiliated company Yamaha Motor Power Products.

Motor sports

Two wheels

1955/It was a domestic race in Japan (30)Asama Volcano RaceParticipated inHondaIt won the championship over the leading manufacturers such as.

Road Race World ChampionshipStarted participating in the race in 1961 and won the championship in the 1964cc class in 250.Or laterJapanese sea bassAs a male 2-stroke engine alongside, it swept the small and medium-sized displacement class. After suspending participation in Works from 1969 to 1972, he entered the highest class from 1973. In 1975Giacomo AgostiniWon the Riders title and the Constructors' title in 1976, both of which were the first Japanese manufacturers to win.The following year, in 1977, the first Japanese rider to win the championship (350cc class,Katayama) Is also produced.After that, Honda, Suzuki,DucatiHe has been fiercely fighting for the title and has continued to participate in Works until now.So far in the highest class (500cc → MotoGP class)Kenny roberts,Eddie Lawson,Wayne Rainey,Valentino Rossi,Jorge LorenzoIs the champion at Yamaha.Also in JapaneseTetsuya HaradaBecame a 250cc champion.

The Formula 1970, which was popular in the 750s in North America, has a good record in commercial car-based races.TZ750I've been in a one-make state, and I've ended the series itself.SuccessorAMA Superbike/ MotoAmerica also won 2010 championships in the 2020 years from 11 to 10.

Even off-roadDakar Rallyで1990 eraToStephane PeterhanselHas won many times.But after his four-wheel pressKTMWith 18 consecutive victories, he has been participating in Works until now, but he has been far from winning for a long time.


He has also participated in four-wheel motor sports as an engine constructor.

1985/(Showa 60)All Japan F2 ChampionshipToV6I participated in the OX66 engine. Adopts a 3-valve system with 2 intake valves and 5 exhaust valves[22].1987/ToAll Japan F3000 ChampionshipToCosworth DFVThe V5 engine OX8, which was tuned to 77 valves, was introduced.Suzuki AkuriIt was installed in the machines that they drive and played an active part, but since 1988, 3000 valves may be banned in the All Japan F5.[22], The following year1989/From (XNUMX)F1Also participated in the form of engine supply (described later).

Racing cartAlso about1974/(49) "Yamaha SL Kartsport Club" (currentSL Kartsports Organization) Has been established and is actively engaged in both the supply of machines (frames) and engines and the holding of races. Also have a capital relationshipToyotaIn partnership with, we are training drivers as "TOYOTA YAMAHA RACING TEAM". The program so farTatsuya Kataoka,Kazuki Nakajima,Hideki YamauchiAre producing[23]..Regarding cart-related operations, currently affiliated companiesYamaha Motor Power ProductsIs in charge.

In 2021MiniBy jointly with X-Raid, which has won the overall victory as a works team of the Dakar Rally, the YZX1000R has been remodeled to advance into the light vehicle division of the Dakar Rally.

In addition to this, the 2000GT that was active in endurance races, although it was not a direct entryToyota 7Is a joint development with Toyota for both chassis and engine.In addition, the 3T-G type that swept F2 races around the world,WRC/IMSA/Pikes Peak Hill Climb3S-G type, which won titles in many categories such asRC F GT3Also adopted byDakar RallyThe 2UR-GSE type, which won the overall victory in Japan, is an engine that Yamaha Motor was deeply involved in at the stage of commercial vehicles.


1989/OX8 with V88 engine in (XNUMX)Zaku SpeedAnd entered F1 with Akuri. Initially, it was planned to develop and supply a 5-valve engine using the Cosworth DFR cylinder block, but it was decided to manufacture the engine in-house in a hurry because it could not be agreed with Cosworth.[24].. Because of that, the reliability of the engine is lacking,Preliminary qualifyingIt seems that the passage is not possible, and he is forced to withdraw temporarily.

1990/(2) devoted a whole year to engine development, and the following day1991/(3)BrabhamTo 5 valvesV12Supply the engine OX99 and make a comeback. It was worth it, and he recorded two prizes in the second half of the game.

1992/(4)JordanOX99 was supplied to the OX1, but the matching with the chassis did not go well due to problems with cooling, and only XNUMX point was finally obtained in the final race, and the results were not as good as the previous year. From the middle of the season, the racing constructorJudStarted a partnership with. Also scheduled to be marketed with the same enginesports car,OX99-11However, it was not realized on the market.

1993/In (5), I gave up the new V12 that had already been developed, and Judd'sV10Developed OX10, a V10 engine with a tuned engine (Judd GV).Ukyo KatayamaBelongingTyrrellSupplied to. A pneumatic valve was adopted as the engine speed increased.[25].. At the beginning of the season, I couldn't get much results, but the G spec of the final spec in 1993 was not inferior to other works engines.

1994/(6) Continued development of OX10 and introduced as OX10B. Ukyo recorded 5th place in qualifying twice andGerman GPThen I ran in 2nd place until I stopped due to machine trouble, and my teammateMark BrandelAlsoSpanish GPHe won the podium in 3rd place, and also often ran high, showing the performance that was thin to the top team, but in the latter half of the season, the emphasis was on improving the performance of the engine, so the reliability of the engine was slightly reduced. .. The final spec is K spec.

1995/In (7), the OX3.5C was jointly developed with Judd, which reviewed both the bore and stroke in line with the change in engine regulation from 3.0L to 10L. Although he often showed a good run at the beginning of the season, he could not leave a satisfactory record due to the lack of absolute power compared to other engines and the lack of performance on the chassis side.

1996/In (8), the size and weight of the F1 engine was innovative at that time.OX11ATheJudEven though it was jointly developed with the company, the engine was twisted and swayed, and suffered from lack of power and reliability of the engine, and the results were not as expected.It wasn't until Yamaha finished its F1 activity that the lack of rigidity was found to be the cause.

1997/In (9)ArrowsOX11A is supplied to.Hungarian GPThen.Damon HillBy the hand of, he ran fast until the last lap, but ended up in 1nd place and unfortunately did not win his first victory. In December of the same year after the end of the season, Arrows (who was the representative at that time)Tom Walkinshaw) Side1998/Acquired by himselfHeart engineProposed to Yamaha to participate with a Yamaha badge[Note 1] However, it was not accepted by Yamaha and broke up. I didn't have much time to look for other suppliers, and Yamaha's F1 activities ended for this year.

YearsOUR TEAMChassisOnboard engineNumber of racesNumber of winsEarned points
1989/Zaku Speed-YamahaZakspeed 891OX881600
1991/Brabham-YamahaBrabham BT59Y
Brabham BT60Y
1992/Jordan-YamahaJordan 192OX991601
1993/Tyrrell-YamahaTyrrell 020C
Tyrell 021
1994/Tyrrell-YamahaTyrell 022OX10B16013
1995/Tyrrell-YamahaTyrell 023OX10C1705
1996/Tyrrell-YamahaTyrell 024OX11A1605
1997/Arrows-YamahaArrows A18OX11A1709


1975/(Showa 50),MiyagiMurataA test course was built in. This is the current "Sportsland SUGOIt has become.Superbike World Championship,Motocross world championshipHas a track record of holding, and all-Japan style championship races are being held. 1990/Engine test during F2 suspension in (1)[Note 2] It became the stage of.

Incidents, etc.

Unauthorized export of unmanned helicopters that can be used for military purposes

2005/(17)12An improved version of the unmanned helicopter "RMAX Type II G" that can be used for military purposes, "L181"People's Republic of China"Aerial photography company"Beijing Trainsim Technology Co., Ltd. (BVE) Yamaha Motor was accused of violating the Foreign Exchange Law when trying to illegally export to2006/(18)1Received a criminal accusation.2007/(19)2,Shizuoka Prefectural Police-Fukuoka Prefectural PoliceJointInvestigation HeadquartersIs the same suspicion andForeign trade lawThree employees of the company's Sky Division on suspicion of violationArrestdid.

In addition, BVE said on the Yamaha Motor sidePLAWants to purchase about 2 unmanned helicopters of the same type by a few years later. " The hope of this purchase is2004/(16)6It was consulted during a business talk between the two companies in Beijing, and was left as a memo by a Yamaha Motor employee who attended. The BVE side has revealed to Yamaha Motor a mechanism to send imported unmanned helicopters to the PLA via other military-related companies.

As a result of police investigation, it has become clear that the exchange of emails with BVE has been deleted. Yamaha Motor, which was aware of the illegality, was pursuing the suspect because it was possible that the evidence had been destroyed, but in 2007 (Heisei 19)May 3According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the prosecution was postponed for the three former executive officers, considering that exports were part of their business.In addition, the company as a corporation was briefly charged and paid a fine of 3 million yen because the illegal activity was business-related and it also acknowledged the responsibility for supervising the arrested employees.[26].

Also, before the police investigation was conducted2006/(18) On August 12,NagoyaCustomsReceived a report from "There was an export declaration suspected of being unauthorized"Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryWas also investigating this matter, but there were many suspicious points in the response, such as the fact that the business division submitted only one delivery note on the same day and it took several days to complete the requested documents.

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注 釈

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  2. ^ The test is,F3000Modify the chassis to match F1 and participate in the All Japan F3000 ChampionshipUkyo KatayamaWas appointed and continued for one year.


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