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🚗 | Hunter Cub and Matching Fit Kloster ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

Photo Honda Fit e: HEV Kloster Custom (Tokyo Auto Salon 2022)

Matching fit croster with hunter cub ... Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

If you write the contents roughly
Moreover, the fog lamp attached to the FIT CROSSTAR uses the same headlight as the Hunter Cub.

I found a slightly sober earth color "Fit" custom at the Honda booth of Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.Be ... → Continue reading


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Fog lights

Fog lights(English: fog lamp) IsAutomobileIt is a kind of light that is installed in etc.HeadlightIt is an auxiliary lamp that emits white or yellow light, which is installed separately from (headlamps) and the like.Fog lightsOrFog lightAlso called.

Car fog lights


Front fog lights

The front fog lamp (front fog lamp) is(I.e.,(I.e.When visibility is insufficient due to factors such ashead lampLighting used in the auxiliary role of[1]..The light color is white or pale yellow.It has a function to clarify the existence of the own vehicle to a third party such as an oncoming vehicle and call attention while ensuring visibility in bad weather.[1].

Illuminate the frontHeadlightThe role is different from that of the headlight, and in order to improve visibility in a wide range, the light distribution to the left and right is wider than that of the headlights.lens(The headlights are about 70 degrees, while the fog lights are about 100 degrees or more).On the other hand, the upper and lower irradiation angles are designed to be narrower than the headlights so that strong light does not hit the fog in front.The reason for this is that the brightness of the light reflected by the fog is the driver'spupilThis is to prevent the dark areas from being obscured by squeezing.

In Japan, it is desirable to turn off the fog lights because turning on the fog lights in fine weather may cause annoyance to other drivers, such as giving a dazzling feeling to oncoming vehicles and vehicles in front.[2].National Police AgencyAccording to the report, if you drive with only the fog lights turned on without turning on the headlights at night, it is basically a traffic violation (running without lights).[2], When there is a risk of obstructing other traffic, such as when passing by another vehicle or traveling immediately after the vehicle in front, turn off the headlights and turn on only the small lamp (vehicle side light) and fog lamp to drive. But it does not constitute a traffic violation[2].

Incidentally,EUThen.2011/From February onwardsDaytime lighting(Daylight) is obligatory, and it is said that fog lamps and the like must be turned on even during the day.

In Japan, there are no legal standards for lighting due to the weather, and "headlights at night or in tunnels (Regardless of high beam or low beam[3][Source required]) Is lit and the driving headlight (high beam) is lit. If there is a preceding vehicle or an oncoming vehicle while driving, either the passing headlight (low beam) or the front fog lamp (front fog lamp) is lit. , Turning off the driving headlights[4]It is said that.

The latest fog lights have a light distribution pattern that illuminates the area widely.ShoulderAnd road markings,LaneMedian stripIt may also be used as an auxiliary headlight to illuminate such things.The position of the headlamp isPassenger carHigher than, when turningdriving seatIs greatly shaken from side to sidebus,Cab overTrackThen, you can see an example of turning on the fog lamp regardless of the weather.In recent years, in Japan as well, for safety reasons, the number of businesses that run daylight buses is increasing.

In Japan, the installation of fog lights is not required by law.[2]..Therefore, in some cases, the fog lamp is not installed in the business vehicle such as a bus as a specification of the business operator.

Japanese safety standards stipulate that fog lamps can be turned on and off at will by the driver, have an indicator lamp to inform the driver of the lighting status, and have a structure that does not turn on when the small lamp is turned off. is doing[2].

In passenger cars, it is selectively equipped according to the model and grade,SUV,RVIn addition to functionality, it may be equipped as part of the exterior design.In the past, it was the mainstream to attach genuine parts with a general-purpose appearance without major processing of other parts of the car body, but in recent yearsbumperIn many cases, it is designed so as not to significantly affect the vehicle body design, such as providing an opening for fog lamps.In addition, some models are equipped with fog lights as standard equipment as part of the body design.

For the color of the light,LightDue to the nature of, blue light with a short wavelengthWedRed light with a long wavelength is scattered and blocked by the particles, and has a high property of passing through it and reaching farther (transparency in fog).However, in many countries, it is not possible to install a red light in front of the vehicle body by law, so it is said that yellow light with an intermediate wavelength that has transparency in the fog next to red light is good, and it reflects on the fog and obstructs the driver's view. Does not include wavelengths that becomeMonochromatic lightHas been considered better.The former mainstream was the yellow light,1980 eraYellow headlights were also popular in Japan, but the views on yellow light differ from country to country, and in Japan.2006/If yellow headlights are used on newly built vehicles after that, it will be illegally modified.[5]..However, monochromatic light causes an illusion to the driver, and it has become known that it is difficult to grasp a sense of distance and recognize a specific color. Color coded tolight bulbHas become popular.Recently, the proportion of white has increased, along with the headlights.HIDWith a formula or a coating that blocks visible light, especially long wavelengthsColor temperatureLight bulbs that emit a pale light with a high height are in fashion.

Rear fog lights

If visibility is restricted due to weather conditions such as heavy fog, turn on the red light installed to improve visibility from behind.Rear fog lightsCalled (rear fog light).

通常 のtail lampBrighter than, and as bright as a brake light, unnecessary use dazzles the driver of the following vehicle[2].

JapanEuropeAccording to the safety standards of, the rear fog lamp cannot be turned on unless the headlight or front fog lamp is switched on, and when the headlight is turned off, the rear fog lamp is required to be turned on by operating the switch again. ..EuropeThen.1975/Therefore, it is obligatory to equip all new models, but since it is not obligatory to equip front fog lamps, rear fog lamps will be installed even in vehicles without front fog lamps.

On the other hand, in Japan, it is not mandatory to equip rear fog lamps, and some manufacturers do not equip all models sold, so passenger cars are not equipped.Honda TheCivic shuttleAfter the end of sales, it is not installed in all models sold domestically, including models imported and sold from Europe.Commercial vehicleSo some of Toyota's vans and trucks,On the busHino Selega,Isuzu Gala,Isuzu Gala Mio[Source required]There is only a setting in.Therefore, in Japan, there are few vehicles equipped except for imported cars.Although it is an option, the rear fog lamp was set for the first time in a Japanese car sold in Japan, which was released by Honda in 1988.3rd generation PreludeIt is said that it was installed on the right side of the rear garnish.[Source required]From this point onward, options will be set for Japanese cars as well.Cold climate specificationsRear fog lamps have become widespread as equipment, and are standard equipment on some vehicle models.

One or two lights are installed, and in the case of two lights, they are installed symmetrically. In the case of one light, it is in the center of the car bodyRoad center lineSafety standards stipulate that it should be installed closer to the right side, and it will be installed to the right side for vehicles for left-hand traffic and to the left side for right-hand traffic.[6]..In addition, of the brake lamp (brake light)light sourceIt is stipulated that the light source of the rear fog lamp should be separated from the light source by 10 cm or more.[7][8]..Depending on the vehicle model, there are examples of installing it integrally with the tail lamp, installing it as an independent lamp on one side or in the center, and asymmetrically arranging the rear fog lamp on one side and the backup lamp (backlight) on the other side. ..

The standard of brightness isbrakeIt is the same as a lamp (brake light), but it is a lamp because it is lit continuously for a long time.CaseMust be resistant to the heat generated by the light bulb.Therefore, even if the lamp is designed in the same shape as the back lamp, it is often costly depending on the material and structure of the lamp body.Less heat generation as a light sourceLEDMay be used.

Driving lamp

Unlike fog lamps, auxiliary headlights with light distribution characteristics similar to the high beam of headlampsDriving lampIs called.Also, the auxiliary headlights that illuminate a narrow area farther than the high beamSpot lampIs called.Some driving lamps have a light distribution pattern that prevents upward diffusion.

Both are used as an aid to headlamps at night, but according to Japanese safety standards, they are called "front fog lamps" regardless of the light distribution pattern.Public roadThe above use is required to operate according to various rules.As an example of adoption in commercial vehiclesFerrari F355and so on.

Accessory lamp

Some of the lamps that do not emphasize the function as a fog lamp are described as "accessory lamps" or "accessory lights" in the catalog, but they are commonly called fog lamps, and the security applied in Japan. The standard is the same as the "front fog lamp".

Equipment and standards

For the standard of automobile lamps,1958/Based on the agreementUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has developed ECE rules and introduced a mutual recognition system for certification among member countries.[1].

Japanese security standards

The fog lightsRoad Transport Vehicle Safety Standards Article 33 (PDF) As a front fog light (formerly known as an auxiliary headlight), the rear fog lightsArticle 37-2 of the same (PDF) It is defined as a rear fog lamp, and technical standards are set by each detailed notification and detailed notification attachment, and the outline of the front fog lamp is as follows.

  • The rays of light should not interfere with other traffic
  • The color of the light is white or pale yellow, all of which are the same
  • It is installed so that the height of the upper edge of the lighting unit is 0.8 m or less above the ground, below the horizontal plane including the upper edge of the lighting unit of the passing headlight, and the height of the lower edge is 0.25 m or more above the ground. Being
  • The outermost edge of the lighting unit shall be installed so that it is within 400 mm from the outermost side of the automobile.
  • In the case of one, it is attached to the center of the vehicle, and in the case of two, it is attached at a position symmetrical to the center surface of the vehicle, with the same shape and color (in the era when this regulation was not provided,March Super TurboIn sports cars like, remove one and make a holeAir intakeage,Intake,radiatorThere was also an example of using it for cooling. )
  • Three or more do not light at the same time (There are examples of installing two or more pairs of fog lights, but only one pair can light on public roads)
  • Equipped with a device that displays the lighting operation status of the fog lamp to the driver in the driver's seat.

The above security standards have been amended by the government's deregulation policy and will be applied to automobiles produced after January 2006, 1. Vehicles produced before December 1, 2005 need only comply with the current or old regulations.[9].

  • Luminous intensity is 1cdMust be
  • Those whose main optical axis illuminates 40 m or more in front should not turn on when the headlights are dimmed or converted downward.

In addition to the regulations such as, the regulations on the mounting position were also slightly different from the current ones.

The outline of the rear fog lamp is as follows.

  • The rays of light should not interfere with other traffic
  • The light should be red
  • The number of lighting units should be 2 or less.
  • If it is two, it should be installed symmetrically, and if it is one, it should be installed in the center or right side of the car body.
  • It has a structure that can be turned on only at the same time as either the headlamp or the fog lamp, and can be turned off independently (it cannot be turned on independently).
  • The lighting unit must be installed so that the height of the upper edge is 1 m or less above the ground and the height of the lower edge is 0.25 m or more above the ground.
  • Be at least 100 mm away from the lighting section of the stop lamp
  • Equipped with a device that can display the operating status to the driver (indicatorLamps, etc.)

In Japan, JIS standards have been established for lamp performance, but since 1998, ECE rules have been officially introduced.[1].

European security standards

In the EU (European Union), apart from the ECE regulations established by the United Nations, the EEC Directive (EEC Directive) has been enacted for mutual approval of certification of automobiles and automobile parts in the EU region.[1]..However, since the ECE regulations precede the EEC directive, it is common to obtain ECE regulations certification.[1].

U.S. security standards

There is "FMVSS No.108 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.108)" enacted by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), which is an organization within the US Department of Transportation, as a regulation of automobile lamps in the United States.[1]..However, since there is no provision for lamps such as front fog lamps that can be installed arbitrarily, each state law is followed.[1].

The safety standards include the SAE Standard established by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.), an industry group.[1].


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