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🚗 | Bentley Flying Spur's first PHV, EV mode is over 40km ... Europe debut

Photo Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid (2022 Autoworld Museum)

Bentley Flying Spur's first PHV, EV mode is over 40km ... European debut

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Other information about EV driving, such as cruising, battery level, and charging, can be displayed on the instrument panel, heads-up display, and center screen.

Bentley on July 1th, "Flying Spur Hybrid" (Bentley Flying Spur ... → Continue reading


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Head up display

Head up display(English: Head-Up Display, abbreviation: HUD, Had) is a means of projecting information directly into the human field of view.

This technologyMilitaryDeveloped in the aviation field, it has been experimentally applied in various fields.To something similarHead mounted display (HMD, pronounced "hamd").


The head-up display has the following features.

  • ThisdisplayIs large and transparent, and the information is displayed overlapping the normal field of view of the heads-up display user.
  • Information is imaged at a point at infinity.As a result, the physiological phenomenon of "refocusing", which takes several seconds with a comma, does not occur when the head-up display user switches the viewpoint from the outside world to the image.

The most common means of realizing a head-up display is to project an image onto a transparent optical glass element.PreviouslyF-14Fighterlike,WindshieldThere was also a model that directly projected the image on the (A type before repair, etc.).

Originally, the device that projects an imageCRT (Cathode Ray Tube, CRT).Small display technology has been introduced as a projection device.Small displayLiquid crystal display (LCD),Reflective liquid crystal panel (LCOS),HolographicIt is composed of optical elements and the like.

Initially, heads-up displays were introduced in fighters and later flew low.armyusehelicopterIt came to be introduced to.pilotImportant information such as the speed and direction of travel of the aircraft can be seen overlapping, and during flight, the instrument panelInstrumentOccurs by switching the field of view toSpatial disorientationIt is designed to prevent fatal mistakes.

Large-scaleTransport aircraftAnd somePassenger planeIt is also used in.For fighters, the same information as the head-up displayhelmetDirectly projected onHead mounted display(For exampleJHMCSEtc.), but there is concern that the burden on the neck will increase due to the increase in the weight of the helmet.

Also, of firearmsDat SightSome of them are from EOTech and Bushnell.HolociteThere are also products with the same structure as head-up displays.


The following have been realized or proposed as applications of head-up displays.


It provides the windshield with an image of basic information for the driver (like forming an image at a point at infinity), and some car makers have already released it.[1].

Normally, a speedometer is displayed, butJapanIn Japan,tv setIf you look at the video etc. while drivingRoad Traffic LawIt is a violation (Article 71, Item 5-5).

5th generation Japanese passenger carNissan SilviaIt was the first time that the manufacturer option was set for (S13 series), and at this time it was only the speed display.continueToyota Crown MajestaIs standard equipment on all models, speed display andcar navigationguide,Night viewIn addition to being used inMazda AtenzaAll grades andMazda Demio,Mazda CX-3,Mazda Axela,Mazda CX-5Some grades,Honda legend Intelligent night vision systemIt is used for.

pioneerCar navigation system,Carrozzeria-Cyber ​​navigationThen,2012/7HUD compatible models are available on the market.

2017 year 1 month,Konica MinoltaHas developed the world's first in-vehicle 3D augmented reality heads-up display.According to Konica Minolta's explanation, even if the driver's viewpoint moves, the AR (Augmented Reality) display moves in a variable manner in consideration of the driving speed, and by eliminating the display shift, it is possible to convey accurate video information.[1].


F-15LaterFighterAnd so on, conventional opticsSightIt is equipped instead of.


DoctorAgainstX-ray,CT scanThe image of is superimposed on the patient and displayed.This makes it possible to see the structure of the body that is normally not visible.

Computer games

Computer gamesThen, the information displayed on the screen is called "HUD display" (note thatHead mounted displayThe display inside is also called as follows for convenience).Also, the physical strength of the player character on the normal game screen,ammunitionHead-up displays are used for the purpose of superimposing various information such as the remaining amount, map, and score.However, since it is a head-up display for simultaneously viewing various status displays while gazing at the front of infinity, this is a normal display.Computer displayIt doesn't make much sense to use it for.There is some confusion about the name of the display with "head mounted display".


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Dashboard (car)

Dashboard(English: dashboards,dash) IsAutomobileAt the frontWindshieldThe name refers to the entire interior parts in front of the front seats below.driving seatUsually in frontSpeedometer,Tachometer,Fuel gauge,Water thermometer,RangefinderNecessary for driving a car, etc.情报Point toInstrumentThe kind is arranged. The instrument panel (instrument panel,instrument panel,IP). this isAmerican Englishso,British EnglishThen.FaciaIt is called (fascia).

Originally, it was a protective plate in front of the driver's seat that was provided to protect the person who drove the horse (the person who operates the horse) from the pebbles and mud splashes that the horse kicked up. It is said that he tried to step on the board. It is said that the instruments were attached to this plate during the early days of automobiles.

Dashboard safety measures

John F. KennedyOf the eraUS Secretary of Defense,Robert McNamaraIt is,FordIn the era when he was an executive of the company, he taught the safety program quickly, in 1956,Cushioning materialCovered with (pad)SafeNa' dashboard was announced. This was named "Safeguard". But at that timeconsumerHad little interest in.

1970 eraSince安全 性As a measure for improvement, dashboards covered with cushioning materials will be widely applied. The mainstream of cushioning materialPolyurethaneForm the surfacePVCOrleather(mainlyluxury car) Is covered.

North AmericaThe largestOutputOf each country that was the destinationCar makerAlso, starting from North America,handleCenter pad, 3-point typeSeat beltA dashboard with cushioning material was introduced along with (and collapsible steering shaft later).

1990 eraThen, on the driver's sideAirbagWill be required in several countries such as the United States, and soon it will be widely installed on the passenger side as well.

Dashboard type

There are different types of dashboards for different purposes.

lawn mower, For agricultureト ラ ク タ ー, In the early days of cars, what is attached to the dashboardSteering wheel(Handle)ignition・It was only a switch (a switch used to start and stop the engine).

NASCARSuch asCompetition vehicleThen,Aluminum,Fiber reinforced plasticBoards (rarelyIron plate) Often one is installed as a dashboard. If you have a new instrument that you want to install, find the right place and simply make a hole to install it.

luxury carThen, a wood panel with real wood (honmoku / honmoku) attached to the panel around the instruments is used.Once the whole panelWalnutWood andRosewoodIt was made of thick wooden boards such as wood, but now it isResinOf high quality wood on the panelVeneerBy laminating, safety, weight reduction and cost reduction are balanced. What is said to be "wood grain" is fake wood, which is just a resin part and no wood is used.これは水圧This is water pressureTranscriptionIt has a wood grain pattern on the surface of the parts, and can be used simply as a cost-cutting method, or it can easily handle structures and shapes that cannot be mass-produced with real wood.

RecentFormula 1 carThere is no dashboard space, but the steering wheel itself doubles as an instrument panel.

オ ー ト バ イ,scooterIn that case, a compact version of a passenger car dashboard is used, but here an audio player orGPS navigationSome can be attached.

20st centuryIn the middleCar radioHas become widespread and has come to be mounted on or below the dashboard (embedded).

What is installed on the dashboard

The most important are the steering wheel and ().On the instrument panelSpeedometer (speedometer),Tachometer (tachometer),odometer (odometer),Fuel gauge (fuel gauge),Water thermometerAre installed.

Usually at the top of the dashboardAudio equipmentOften equipped with speakers, heaters and air conditioner outlets. A glove box (storage space) is usually provided on the passenger side. Originally, the glove box is worn to drive or maintain the car.glovesIt used to be a space for storing (gloves), but today it is used exclusively for small items.Car inspection certificate(Vehicle verification) Used as a case[1][2][3].

Retrofit for passenger cars before the 1980sCar coolerHowever, it was often hung under the dashboard on the passenger side.Light carIn the case of a car with relatively low output, a retrofit electric blower motor imitating a car cooler system was sometimes installed. In this eraCar AudioAlsoDIN standardSince there was no such thing, there was a case where an external item was mounted so as to be hung under the dashboard on the passenger side.

For modern passenger carsCar navigation systemIs often worn.

Difference in pointing range

In automotive terms, instrument panel and dashboard usually refer to the same thing.

Depending on the user, the instrument panel may refer to the instrument panel only, and the dashboard may refer to the entire front of the front seat, including the passenger seat. However, the term "instrument panel" is used to refer to the entire front part of the front seats as a technical term when the parts manufacturer that manufactures the product refers to its own product or the instruction manual of the car. Often there are.

In Japan, it refers to the entire parts that normally exist under the front window from the front of the driver's seat to the front of the passenger seat. Although it refers to the equivalent part in English, it may refer only to the instrument panel depending on the context in which it is used.

Sometimes only the horizontal part of the front of the front seat is called the dashboard, or the part where the instrument panel and operation part are gathered is called the dashboard, and the meter part of the motorcycle and the operation part of the competition car are grouped together. It is also called the dashboard including the steering wheel.

After the dashboard with cushioning material became popular, the instrument panel was used for the dashboard and the other cushioning material parts wereSoft padIn some cases, it is called separately. It is also used in some parts of Japan, but it is not common.


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