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🚗 | Renault's new Arcana, a coupe SUV equipped with a unique hybrid system incorporating F1 technology is on top ...

Photo Renault Arkana

Renault's new Arcana, a coupe SUV equipped with a unique hybrid system that introduced F1 technology is on top ...

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Until a long time ago, clean diesel was the mainstream of eco-cars in Europe, but due to the effects of the diesel gate problem, clean diesel has shrunk at a stretch, and the wave of electrification is rushing at a stretch.

Renault's new Arcana, a full hybrid model that is rare among imported cars sold in Japan, is the Tokyo Auto Salon 202 ... → Continue reading

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Low pollution vehicle

Low pollution vehicle(Let's go)Air pollutionmaterial(Nitrogen oxideandCarbon monoxide-carbon dioxideEtc.),natural environmentLess load onAutomobile. The popular name isEco car (eco car).

2020/Current,Electric car,Hybrid car-Plug-in hybrid vehicle,Natural gas car,Hydrogen car,Fuel cell car,Clean diesel carな ど[1]Is in the practical stage[2],othersMethanol car[3]And so on.

JapanSo, the cars that have been certified as low-emission vehiclesTax systemBenefits such as preferential treatment are provided.


in Japan,Ministry of the Environment-Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry3MinistryIn the narrow sense, the term "low-emission vehicle"Electric car,Methanol car,Compressed natural gas (CNG) automobiles,Compressed air caras well as the Hybrid carOf these, four types excluding compressed air cars.In addition to basically low pollution performanceoilSubstitutability (Alternative fuel,New energy,再生 可能 エネルギー) Is required.

またJapanese govermentIn addition to these, in the "Low Pollution Vehicle Promotion Plan" ofLow emission certificationAnd lowFuel efficiencyIn the concept of a clean energy car, including "car"LPG carOut ofTrackWith freight carsbus-Special carIn addition, "diesel alternative LPG vehicles" have been added, and low-emission gasoline vehicles have been excluded.Also"Act on Promotion of Development and Introduction of Non-Fossil Energy, While the methanol vehicle, which already has only a few dozen, is still one of the "four low-emission vehicles".CNG vehicleThere is almost no difference in exhaust gas performanceLPG carIs excluded orFuel cell carIs not considered a low-emission vehicle.Also existinggasoline-Light oil OfLiquid fuelOf the vehicles that use, the concept is not organized because it is a low-emission vehicle with exhaust gas performance.

As an alternative fuel vehicle outside JapanElectrical,methanolEtc.alcoholsystem,Natural gas-LP gas-hydrogen-DME OfGas systemAs for low exhaust gas performance, it is the mainstream to "clear a certain level regardless of fuel".

Purchase subsidy system

An increasing number of countries are subsidizing the purchase of low-emission vehicles to promote the spread of low-emission vehicles for economic and environmental measures.

Japan alsoBubble economySince the collapse of the company, new car sales have been declining, and the domestic performance of each automobile manufacturer has been deteriorating.In addition, due to the growing awareness of environmental protection in recent years, the emission of greenhouse gases and harmful substances has been reduced, and finite energy has been achieved.Energy savingHas come to be required.Therefore, for economic measures, the government has developed various subsidy systems in conjunction with environmental measures, and has launched various preferential systems by replacement by purchase.

Main types of low-emission vehicles

Among low-emission vehicles, vehicles with particularly high emission low-emission properties (cars) may be referred to as ultra-low-emission vehicles.Ultra-low pollutionTransport equipment (vehicle) is collectively called ULEV (ultralow-emission vehicle).In addition, a vehicle at a level close to that of a non-polluting vehicle may be referred to as an extremely low-emission vehicle.SULEV (Super ultra low-emission vehicle) is a general term for transportation equipment with extremely low pollution.

Zero-emission vehicle (non-polluting vehicle)

Vehicles with zero emissions, such as electric vehicles, are called zero-emission vehicles (non-emission vehicles, ZEVs).

Low-emission vehicles and zero-emission vehicles under research and development

Limitation of "low pollution" and "non-pollution"

The "low pollution" and "free pollution" of a low-emission vehicle or a non-polluting vehicle refer to "low-pollution / non-pollution" with respect to the limited environment in which the vehicle travels.Even for low-emission and non-emission vehicles, the process of new manufacturing and disposal (Scrapped car) In the process ofGreenhouse gas,Air pollutionThe substance is discharged.Many rare metals such as lithium for storage batteries are used in hybrid cars and electric vehicles, and it is not always ecological when considering their manufacturing costs.[4].

In addition, hybrid cars are about 30 yen more expensive than gasoline cars.[5]There is also a view that it is not economical unless the gasoline price becomes abnormally high.[6][7].

In addition, low pollution performance may not be exhibited even if the usage environment and vehicle characteristics do not match.For example, a hybrid car runs in an urban area due to its characteristics of using a motor at low speed and an engine at high speed.Transit Bus,TaxiIts characteristics are exhibited in a driving environment where the vehicle runs at low speed and has many accelerations and decelerations.But mainlyhighwayTo runExpress Bus,Sightseeing busBut with an emphasis on environmental performancePlateau Of(I.e.EtcHybrid busMay be adopted (as an example)Tochigi,Alpico Transportation OfHinoHIMRSuch).

In other words, if you look at the whole process from vehicle manufacturing to use and scrapping, it may not be said to be low pollution.[8].


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