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🚗 | A light camper is completed by placing the cabin on the loading platform, and new specifications are available for disaster evacuation studio cars.

Photo Disaster evacuation studio car C type (standard specification)

If you put the cabin on the loading platform, a light camper will be completed, and a new specification will be released for a one-room car for disaster evacuation.

If you write the contents roughly
The C type added this time is a compact cabin that fits in the loading platform of a light truck.

Namire (Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City) has added a new specification "C type" to the disaster evacuation studio car and will sell it from January 1th ... → Continue reading


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light truck

Automobile > Cars in Japan > Light car > light truck
Light trucks by prefecture
Number of units owned, ratio of ownership
(End of March 2013)[1]
Shimane 096,91235.2
Yamaguchi 144,70930.4

light truck(Kei truck)Japan OfLight carCorresponds to the categoryLight truckThat thing.As the name suggests, it is a truck made according to the standards of light vehicles, and is generally called "Light tigerIt is abbreviated as ".Maximum loading capacityIs less than 350 kg.

Since it is a light vehicle, the vehicle price and maintenance cost (annual) compared to ordinary trucksLight vehicle tax[5,000 yen[2]] And every two yearsWeight taxincluding車 検cost),Voluntary insurance, Etc. are much cheaper,IndividualIt is easy to own and maintain by small businesses.With overall dimensionsWheelbaseIs narrow because it is smallFarm roadAnd builtResidential areaRoad etc.Narrow roadHowever, it also has the advantage of being easy to handle.

1960/Until aboutTricycleWas the mainstream,1960 eraThe four-wheel model developed from the previous term and became the mainstream of the market.Until the 1960s, the mainstream of the loading platform was a low-floor type rear one-sided opening, but after the late 1960s, the more versatile stilt-type three-way opening became common, except for specially equipped vehicles, and the rear wheel By removing the house from the loading platform, the area of ​​the loading platform can be used effectively.


All current models have parallel 2-seat cabinsCab overExpression (full cab) orSemi-cab overCeremony (semi-cab), but oncePorter truck,Mighty boyEtc. Bonnet type (Pickup),Midget II1-seater (manual transmission car only)commuterThere was also a typical light truck.1990 eraTo meet fromCrushable zoneAlthough the number of models that use semi-cabs that can take a wide range of vehicles has increased temporarily, the wheelbase has inevitably stretched, and the front wheel house occupies the toes inside the vehicle, causing difficulties in comfort and getting on and off.In addition, the full cab is advantageous in terms of small turning performance on narrow farm roads and the length of the loading platform.Electric car OfMitsubishi Minicab MiEV TruckHowever, after production ended in May 2017, only full cabs are available.


Light trucks and vehicles must not exceed 2.0 m above the groundRoad Transport Vehicle ActAlthough it is stipulated inRed capFor etc.HoodYou may see individuals with a height of more than 2.0 m.Regarding this, for example, for hoods that are attached with thumbscrews, "Handling in structural change inspections when automobile parts are attached (Notice of Order)" (Notification of Automobile Transportation Bureau, Ministry of Transport, dated November 7, 11, Self-Skill No. 16, Self-regulation No. 234) (PDF P23-29) is treated as "non-designated parts by simple installation", and the hood can be installed at a height of up to 3.8 m from the ground.Therefore, there is no problem even if the height of the hood exceeds 2.0 m.However, the height of the luggage to be loaded on the light truck isRoad Traffic LawIt is necessary to be careful because it is limited to 2.5 m (for example, even a light truck with a hood with a total height of 3.8 m, if you drive with the height of your luggage above 2.5 m from the ground, it will be a violation of the Road Traffic Act. )

Drive system

The drive system isVertical engine OfFront engine / rear drive(FR) is common, and except for the bonnet type pickup mentioned above, the engine mounting position is located directly under the cabin seat or the loading platform.Underfloor engineThe format.このようなアンダーフロア形式のFR車はSuch an underfloor type FR carsuspensionOnly the front wheelsMcpherson strutSuch asIndependent suspension, The rear wheelLeaf suspensionbyAxle suspensionIs often the case.

For the convenience of the manufacturerHorizontal engineThere is also a car model that has become1959/From (Showa 34)2012/It was manufactured in-house until (24)Sambar truckPowertrainSubaru 360Horizontally placed because it was shared withRear engine / rear drive(RR), the company's passenger carFront engine / front wheel driveEven after becoming (FF), the rear cylinder type engine exclusively for SambarOverhangIt was placed horizontally in.Honda TheTN360It has been a horizontal horizontal cylinder (MR) since the times, but in the subsequent ActyFour-wheel driveVertical installation was adopted only for the model.These engine layouts have the advantage of providing sufficient rear wheel traction even when empty by increasing the rear axle load, but like FF vehicles.Drive shaftThere is a drawback that the need for regular maintenance (replacement of rubber dust boots) arises.However, unlike dust boots for drive shafts of FF vehicles, it does not expand or contract or bend, so there are many cases where there is no problem even after 10 km or more.

Light trucks are often used on rough roads, so most manufacturers use rear-wheel drive models.Four-wheel driveModels are sold together, and the mainstream switching method is the part-time method.Initially, there were many lever types, but the current type is mainly push buttons.Also,Sub transmissionThere are also vehicles that can be used on rough roads, and at the same time, the rearDiff lock(OrLimited slip differential) Is set in many models.タ イ ヤFor bad roadsMad terrain tiresIs lined up for agricultural light trucks.By the way, the diff lock is prepared as standard equipment to cover the disadvantages of small diameter tires peculiar to light trucks, and it is a full-scale four-wheel drive vehicle equipped with large diameter tires that do not have this.Suzuki JimnyIt is premature to think that it is superior in driving force and running performance.

2022/As of January, all light truck engines currently being produced and sold as current models (new cars) have a valve mechanism.DOHCWas usedInline 3 cylinder-4 cycles Ofgasoline engineEven if it is installed vertically, many of them have the same basic design as the passenger model of the same manufacturer, but they are the same.Natural aspirationThe maximum output is suppressed compared to a series of light passenger cars equipped with a gasoline engine, but in the low to medium rev range.torqueSettings with enhanced characteristics (tuning) Is given,Fuel efficiencyAll cars are equipped with naturally aspirated engines that emphasize economic efficiency.In passenger light vehiclesFuel injectorTo keep the selling price down even after the installation ofcarburetorMany models have adopted the, 12Exhaust gas regulationsThe complete transition to fuel injection equipment had not been made until the enforcement of.Maybe because it is often possible to have output characteristics specialized for mid-low speed and high load driving.highwayHigh speed atcruiseConscious ofturboStarting withSuperchargerIs not common, and the underfloor format limits the mounting space.[3]ByIntercoolerThere is no example of genuine installation, Sambar truckSuperchargerExcept for cars, there are few cases where cars with a supercharger remain in the long-term production lineup.

Like the engine, the transmission is strong against low-speed and high-load driving.Low geared OfManual transmission(MT) is common, and in the past it was often possible to select MTs with different number of gears depending on the application.DifferentialThe final reduction ratio of is often set particularly low.1998/Until the announcement of the new 10 cc standard (660)Automatic transmission(AT) was not very popular, but today it is a company-wide light truck.[4]AT car is set in.

As of January 2022, as a light truck that can be purchased as a new carPower steering-Car air conditionerAs the cheapest grade of Suzuki CarrySet as made-to-orderHas been done.

How it is used

Agricultural and mountain village[5],fishing village-Fishing portSo, it is used for both work and life.Agricultural machinesTools such as harvestedcrops, LandedMarine ProductsAs it is a necessary item for transporting vehicles and has a weather-resistant two-seat cabin, it can be used as a tool for daily short-distance travel.下 駄It is also useful as a substitute.Due to its widespread use, light trucks have even become one of the scenic spots in Japanese rural landscapes.Even in urban areas, shops / restaurants and architecture-relatedCraftsman such asself employedIt is not uncommon for a person to own a light truck and carry work tools, materials, and goods by himself.Japanese trafficInfrastructureMatches JapanClimate,Of JapaneseEveryday lifeIt is an automobile genre that is greatly involved in.

How to run a freight car transportation businessLorry Transportation Business ActDepending on the situation, 5 or more vehicles are required, but if only light vehicles are used, permission will be given from 1 unit as a "freight light vehicle transportation business", so the business can be started with 1 light truck.Also"Red capSpecializing in small-lot transportation using light trucksCarrierThere is also.

There are many examples of use focusing on the mobility unique to mini vehicles.オ ー ト バ イ OfTransporterIn addition to being used as a special vehicle for narrow road settlements and old urban areas (Garbage truck,Fire truck,Dump truck,Tank truck, Refrigerator truck, etc.), and more recently, smallerCamper vanIt is often used as the base for.

Recently, "Light Truck City (Light Truck City)", where agricultural products are loaded on light trucks and these are sold instantly on public roads where the open space and vehicles are temporarily closed, is being held at nearly 100 locations nationwide.[6]..他にも食品関係ではBesides, in food relatedStone baked potatoTo the topFried noodlesIt is also used for the management of pottery stalls such as.

Home center,FurnitureIn the case of stores that handle large items such as stores, light trucks and light trucks (for customers to bring back large items)Mazda Bongo Truck,Nissan Vanette Truck,Toyota Townace Truck/Liteace truckEtc.) are often rented free of charge for a certain period of time.殆どの場合、顧客のIn most cases, the customerAutomatic limited licenseAT specifications are overwhelming in consideration of, but there is a lot of snow in winterCold district(EspeciallyHokkaido-Tohoku-HokurikuEach ofSea of ​​Japan side)MTMost of the cars have 4WD specifications or AT 4WD specifications.

In recent years, some users use a hooded individual with a height of more than 2 m, which is similar to the above-mentioned red cap specification, as a camper.In this case, by expanding the hood to the upper part of the cabin, it can be effectively used as a luggage storage space.

Light trucks outside Japan

Since the mini vehicle standard is unique to Japan, it is mostly used in Japan, but it is also exported to some parts outside Japan.

OverseasMicrovan (microtrack)Although it is classified into, there are also names such as Keitora, Kei truck, Kei class truck, and mini truck.

North America

The United States of AmericaIn the 1960s, it exported vehicles that met American standards ((English edition)(Famous for importing Subaru Sambar trucks, etc.) in 1968collisionDue to stricter safety standards, it was no longer sold as a public road vehicle, and after that it was sold as a work vehicle used on farms, etc., but withdrew in the 1990s due to low sales (the last case is A Mitsubishi minicab truck sold under the name "Mighty Mits" from 1990 to 1995).現在は業者によってCurrently by vendorParallel importWhat was donepastureWork andhuntingUse forOff-roadDedicated work vehicle (ATV(Substitute for), for management work in parks and university campuses (Golf cartIt is mainly used as a substitute for.In addition, public institutions such as the military and the Coast Guard have also introduced it as a small work vehicle used at garrison and airfield.

Right-hand steering vehicles violate security standards according to American security standards, so basicallyPublic roadAlthough it is not allowed to drive in, the 2015-year rule for imported cars from around 25[7]Because some vehicles are applicable toSide-by-side vehicleLight trucks that are more equipped and easier to handle than pickup trucks are beginning to be evaluated.[8][9].. OtherUnited States Environmental Protection AgencyAccording to (EPA)Car emission regulationsWhen,United States Department of TransportationBy (DOT)Collision safety standardsHowever, EPA regulations can be avoided by 21 years from production and DOT regulations by 25 years.この事から25年落ち以上のMore than XNUMX years have passed since thisModel yearOlder standard light trucks are popular for import, but even newer vehicles have certain speed limits and maximum mileage limits from home in some states.Interstate highwayUnder certain restrictions such as restrictions on entry into the US Open, there are cases where state laws that allow light trucks to travel on public roads have been established, and as of 2018, 21 states in the United States have enacted such "mini truck state laws".[10].

There is a light truck in the American automobile classification, but it is a pickup truck, etc., and Light here is compared to a so-called full-size large truck.In Japan, where pickup trucks are rarely seen, it is often mistranslated as a light truck.


Kyoncha (경차 / Kei car) There is a standard for small cars similar to Japanese mini cars. South KoreaInDaewoo・ Lab / Damas (=Carry/Every),Asia / Kia・ Downer (=Hijet) Etc. There are locally produced light trucks / light 1BOX.ただし、日本の軽自動車と韓国の軽自動車との規格の違い(例:韓国の方が排気量上限が大きい)から来る差異やLPG車が存在However, there are differences and LPG vehicles that come from differences in standards between Japanese and Korean mini vehicles (eg, South Korea has a larger displacement limit).[11]There are some aspects that are different from general Japanese light trucks, such as what to do.

Republic of ChinaStartedSoutheast AsiaCountries andOceaniaAt, Japanese light truckKnockdown productionIn some cases, it was exported, but the engine displacement has been increased from 700cc to around 1000cc and sold in accordance with local circumstances where there are no restrictions on displacement by law.


Quadricycle (quadricycle) Has its own minicar standardFranceThen,Exam,LigerManufacturers such as make light trucks similar to light trucks.規格は50cc以下のThe standard is XNUMXcc or lessSpark ignition engineThere are two categories: lightweight vehicles (Quadricycle léger à moteur) with a prime mover of 4 kW or less and heavy vehicles (Quadricycle lourd à moteur) with a prime mover with a maximum output of 15 kW or less.クワドリシクル規格の小型トラックは、日本の軽トラックに比較して排気量や最高速度の面では見劣りするものの、今日の軽量車では50ccの排気量制限の対象外である400cc/4kw以下のQuadricycle standard light trucks are inferior to Japanese light trucks in terms of displacement and maximum speed, but today's lightweight vehicles are not subject to the XNUMXcc displacement limit of XNUMXcc / XNUMXkw or less.diesel engineAnd electric motors are the mainstream, and there are some vehicles that are comparable in terms of maximum load capacity.


  • 1950 era
    • 1952/From aroundオ ー ト バ イ,scooterAn early example was the production of three-wheeled trucks, which fit within the standard frame for mini vehicles with two rear wheels at the base, by relatively small companies.本格的な軽自動車規格のFull-scale light vehicle standardAuto three wheelWas released in the same yearHope & Co.It can be said that the "Hope Star" made by the company is the first.
    • 1955/ : Japanese sea bass, 4 wheelsSuzulightReleased.Front wheel driveThere was a pickup model that had the same structure as the passenger car and light van.
    • 1957/ : Daihatsu industry, Light auto three-wheeledMidgetReleased.Due to its low price and light convenience, it will be a spark for the light auto three-wheeled boom.以後After that1959/In the short term, light three-wheeled vehicles will be released one after another by major manufacturers, encouraging the conversion of small-lot transportation means from bicycles and motorcycles, and contributing to the trend of motorization at that time.
    • 1958/ : Yanmar Diesel (currently Yanmar Holdings)249 cc single cylinder for agricultural machinery developed in-houseOHVdiesel engineAnnounced the "Yanmar KT type truck", a prototype cab-over truck equipped with.
    • 1959/ : Tokyu Kogyo Kurogane Industry,Rear engine OfCab overType 4-wheel light truckKurogane BabyReleased.It will be the pioneer of a full-scale four-wheeled light truck.
  • 1960 era
    • 1960/
      • Yanmar Diesel (currently Yanmar Holdings), further development based on "KT type", released cab over truck "Pony (KTY type)" equipped with air-cooled V-type 2-cylinder 358cc OHV diesel engine "2A2 type"[12]..It will be the first commercial vehicle equipped with a diesel engine in the history of mini vehicles, but it will be short-lived because the engine output is too low.
      • Daihatsu,HijetReleased.At the time of appearance, it appeared on the bonnet truck.
    • 1961/: Fuji Heavy Industries (currentlySUBARU),SambarReleased.
      • Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (currentlyJapanese sea bass),CarryReleased.Like the Hijet above, this one also appeared as a bonnet truck at the time of its appearance, and almost all light four-wheeled trucks are available from major light vehicle manufacturers. To cultivate.
    • 1963/March:Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,T360Released.A 4-cylinder engine using the first and last 4-unit carburetor for a series of light trucksDOHCEquipped with an engine.Semi-cab over.
    • 1966/ : Mitsubishi Motors(at that time·Mitsubishi Heavy Industries), Of cab over carsMini cabReleased.
    • The Hijet and Carry (however, the engine is under the seat) were released on the bonnet truck, and later moved to a full cab over body.Honda and Mitsubishi also initially entered the market with bonnet cars and semi-cab-over cars, and later introduced full cab-over cars.For light four-wheeled trucks, which have strict restrictions on overall dimensions, there was a strong tendency toward full cab over, which allows a large loading area.
    • 1967/: Honda Motor Co., Ltd., 360-cycle air-cooled 4-cylinder engine that succeeds the T2SOHCFull cab over car with engineTN360Released.
    • 1969/: Toyo Kogyo (currentlyマ ツ ダ),Porter cabReleased.It was the company's first light cab over truck.
  • 1970 era
    • By the beginning of this period, the production and sales of light three-wheeled vehicles, including Daihatsu, were completed.The light truck market has converged on a 4-wheel cab-over type.
    • 1976/: Standard revision. A 550cc model has appeared, and the correspondence differs depending on the manufacturer, such as a manufacturer equipped with a 360cc engine with a 550cc body and a provisional 500cc engine.
    • 1977/
      • Honda Motor Co., Ltd.TN74cc model equipped with a 2-cycle water-cooled 550-cylinder SOHC engine that succeedsTN Acty (later Acty Truck)Released.
      • The model was changed to a 4cc model equipped with a porter cab and a 2-cycle water-cooled 550-cylinder SOHC engine manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors.
  • 1980 era
    • 1980/: Part-time four-wheel drive model added to Sambar truck.This is the first attempt for a general light truck, and has since spread to other companies.Since four-wheel drive light trucks have a remarkable effect of improving driving force, they will be favored mainly by people involved in agriculture and forestry who drive on rough roads such as rough roads, farmlands, and snowy roads.
    • 1981/: Among the Hijet trucks, the 360cc model, which had been in production, has been discontinued, and the sales of light vehicle driver's license compatible vehicles have ended.
    • 1983/: Hijet truck with large cabin and short loading platformjumbo"Series added.
    • 1987/: Added supercharger to Hijet truck, Minicab truck and Carry.This is the first case of a mini vehicle equipped with a supercharger,ー ア コ ン コ ン ン プ レ ッ サ ーBecause it was an exclusive installation, it ended with a short-term option setting.
    • 1988/
    • 1989/: Mazda,Scrum truckReleased by Suzuki (Carry) on an OEM basis.It is the successor to the Porter cab.
  • 1990 era
    • 1990/
      • Standard revision. Introducing the 660cc model.
      • With a full model change of the Sambar truckECVTThe set.軽トラック初のFirst light truckContinuously variable transmissionThis is an example of installation, but under heavy loadElectromagnetic clutchThere is some difficulty in the durability of1995/Common with minor changes in OctoberTorque converterIt was abolished in the form of being replaced by the formula AT.
    • 1996/: For all Hijet truck AT cars (however, MT cars are only "Tensei" and "iS")Equipped with DOHC engine..An exceptional precedent since the Honda T360.After that, in order to reduce costs by sharing the engine within the manufacturer, there will be cases where the same type of DOHC engine as the light passenger car is shared by tuning changes even in light trucks.
    • 1997/: Turbo added to Carry.The first example of a light truck equipped with a turbocharger.
    • 1998/: Standard revision[13]..The current 660cc model is now available.Carry, minicab truck, and Acty truck have been semi-cabbed.However, the Hijet truck and Sambar truck will continue to be full cabs.
  • 2000 era
  • 2010 era
    • 2011/ : Toyota,Pixis truckReleased by Daihatsu (Hijet Truck) on an OEM basis[14].
    • 2012/
      • Fuji Heavy Industries discontinues sales of Sambar trucks produced independently.As a self-produced model Sambar truck, the history of the 6th generation 51 years has come to an end.それ以後はダイハツから(ハイゼットトラック)のOEMで発売After that, it will be released by Daihatsu as an OEM (Hijet truck).[15].
      • The name was changed from Clipper Truck to NT100 Clipper due to minor changes of Nissan Motor and Clipper Truck.
    • 2013/
      • Mitsubishi Motors launches minicab MiEV truck[16]..国産の軽トラックとしては史上初のThe first domestically produced light truck in historyElectric carBecomes
      • Carry has been integrated into the full cab specifications that have been set since 2005 due to the full model change.OEM scrum trucks that do not have full cab specifications will be fully cab with a full model change.
      • Nissan Motor changed the OEM source of NT100 Clipper from Mitsubishi Motors to Suzuki.
    • 2014/
      • Carry, based on MTclutchas well as the shiftElectro-hydraulic type that automatically operatesActuatorAMT that adopted (Automated manual transmission) "Auto gear shift (abbreviation: AGS)" is set for some grades equipped with set options.It was the first mini vehicle to be equipped with AMT.
      • Mitsubishi Motors discontinues sales of self-produced minicab trucks excluding MiEV.As a self-produced minicab truck as a vehicle equipped with a gasoline engine, the history of the 6th generation and 48 years has come to an end.After that, it was released by Suzuki as an OEM (Carry).As a result, the semi-cab specifications for light trucks of gasoline vehicles have disappeared.
    • 2017/
      • As of April of the same year, the minicab MiEV truck, which was the only electric vehicle for light trucks, was sluggish due to sluggish sales.Next monthDiscontinued with.As a result, the semi-cab specifications for a series of light trucks have disappeared in both name and reality.
    • 2018/
      • Over 60s, which has become a very serious problem in recent yearsOld ageIn addition to the case where the background of a car accident caused by driving / operation mistakes centered on the driver ofFalse start caused by stepping on the accelerator pedal with the intention of stepping on the brake pedalSafety equipment such as false start suppression function and backward false start suppression function will be sequentially set for Carry (including OEM NT100 clipper and scrum truck, minicab truck), and Hijet truck (including OEM Sambar truck and Pixis truck). It will be like.
  • 2020 era
    • 2021/May 4, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. discontinued production of Acty trucks, and completed all new car registration (new car sales) by December of the same year.As a result, the production and sales of the company's light trucks, which have continued since the T12, which appeared in 1963, will end in a total of 360 years of history.Only two companies, Daihatsu and Suzuki, will remainIt became.
    • 2021/May 12, With minor changes to the 10th generation Hijet truck (including OEM Pixis truck and Sambar truck)Idling stopThe CVT, which is the first CVT since the 5th generation Sambar truck (KS1995 / KS8 type until August 3 production), was adopted for the mechanism and transmission.

Manufacturers and products

Current products as of January 2022

Past products

* ★ is an imported car


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