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✈ | 5 turboprop aircraft ATR connecting local cities, 10 aircraft in XNUMX years since the introduction of Japan Air Commuter

Photo Japan Air Commuter's first ATR (Mukku @ RJFK, taken on February 1, 2017)

5 turboprop aircraft ATR connecting local cities, 10 aircraft in XNUMX years since the introduction of Japan Air Commuter

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It is a painting to celebrate the registration of "Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, Northern Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island" as a World Natural Heritage Site.

Five years ago, on January 5, 2017, we received the first ATR aircraft as Japan Air Commuter (JAC) ... → Continue reading


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Amami Oshima

Amami Oshima(Amami Oshima) isKyusyuSouthern sea,KagoshimaOkinawa main islandLocated almost in the middle ofKagoshimaAmami archipelagoMajor of(I.e.So, if not confused with other islands, simply Oshima (Oshima,Amami dialectUshima) Also called.Also,Amami archipelagoIt is sometimes referred to as the main island of Oshima in comparison with the other islands within.A sandy beach where sea turtles visit for spawning,'Amami BlueThe image of the highly transparent blue sea, also known as the ancient forest,Native forestHas spread,Oshima StraitIn the surrounding sea areas such as the coast and in the mountains such asAmami archipelago national parkIs part of.In particular, the nature in the south is abundant, and many rare creatures can be seen, as well as aquaculture.Bluefin tunaShipment of the best in JapanSetouchi TownThen, this tuna andRyukyu wild boar OfCuisineYou can also enjoy it. On July 2021, 7, of flora and faunaDiversityIs recognizedTokunoshima,Okinawa IslandNorthern andIriomote IslandAt the same time, it was decided to be registered as the 5th World Natural Heritage Site in Japan.Regarding the climate, in Naze, the central part of the islandWeather stationThere isAmamiSee.


area712.35 km2[1] And23 wards of Tokyo,Biwa lakeLarger than the area ofHonshuな どNativeExcluding 4 islandsSado IslandSecond onlyJapanIs the 5th largest island in Japan[2](In descending order,Etorofu Island-Kunashiri Island-Okinawa main island-Sado Island-Amami Oshima) A town south from Kasarizaki at the northeastern endKoniyaThe distance on the main road is about 80km and it takes more than 2 hours by car.Annual sunshine hoursJapanShort, especially in winterKanhizakuraBloom1-2It's easy to have light rain days these days,SubtropicalTherefore, if it is sunny, the maximum temperature will exceed 30℃. But,1901/May 2ToSnowfallHas been recorded,2016/May 1For the first time in 115 yearsSnowfallWas recorded[3].. The coast of Amami Oshima issurfingThe sea is blue and highly transparent even though there are waves suitable for it, so Tehiro Coast is popular with surfers.typhoonThere are many passing roads, causing landslides and damage to crops every year,2010/10A record heavy rain hit the island, killing three people (Heavy rain in the Amami region from October 22 to 10, 18).


Excludes small rocks on the beach/sea reef, and unnamed rocks.

  • Tachigami Island - Setouchi TownOff Nishikomi. A submerged land connection island (shallow water). There are three ancient Komi gods.
  • Yui Kojima -Off the well in Setouchi Town.
  • Sakihara Island -Off Isu, Setouchi Town.
  • Shigeru Suko --Off the coast of Sukomo, Setouchi Town.
  • Tobira island - AmamiOff the coast of Sayo Town.
  • Tachigami -Amami CityNazeOji Asahi offshore.
  • Tachigami - Yamato VillageOff Imazato.


Flora Subtropical in the mountains that occupy most of the islandLaurel forestSpreadNative forestThere is alsoSudajii[4],Neolitsea aciculata,Iju,Crape myrtle,Cycad,Banyan,Ako,Below,Hego,Shimao Otani WatariSuch as treesFernsGrow, near the coastAdan,Acatetsu,Hamabiwa,Sharinbai,Kusato BellaOf shrubs and huge leavesAlocasia,Hamayu,ア ザ ミKind grows and blooms and scatters for one night on summer nightsSagaribanaCan also be seen. Also,sugar cane,Loquat,Tankan,Ponkan,banana,papaya,mango,melon,pineapple,Plum,passion fruit,Pitaya,ItobashoTemperate, subtropical plants such as are cultivated,Ryukyu pineTree planting such as is done.

Amami OfResidential districtIn JapanIriomote IslandSecond largest in sizemangroveForest (approx. 71km2).In addition, it appeared in the mountainous area of ​​the city more than 3 million years ago.Living fossilAlso calledLizard hegoKinsakubaru, which is overgrownNative forestThere is (mandatory accompanying eco-guide). Amami Oshima,TokunoshimaOriginallyEurasia OfYangtze PlateWas part ofOkinawa plateAs a result of moving to the southeast with, it was separated from the continent, remained on each island, and evolved independently.Endemic species,SubspeciesBecause many of them live,GalapagosIt is also called, and because of its peculiarityTokunoshima,Iriomote Island, With the northern part of the main island of Okinawaworld Natural Heritage SiteWas selected.

Special Natural Monument (designated by Japan)

Natural monument (designated by Japan)

The above natural monuments are designated without specifying the region.

Kagoshima Prefecture designated natural monument

  • Newt(Kagoshima natural monument, endangered type I)
  • Stone frog(Kagoshima natural monument, endangered I <designated as Ishikawa frog.2011/Amami Oshima population of IshikawaAmami stone frogAs a new species)

Whale watching

recent yearsHumpback whaleAs squirting can be seen from the coast due to the progress of recovery ofWhale watching OfOkinawa IslandsNext to, the potential as a base is beginning to be noticed. A dedicated tourism association and network have also been formed, and both commercial development and environmental protection are being sought.[5].Bryde's whale,Sperm whale,Oki Gondo,Spinner dolphin,Spotted dolphinIt has also been confirmed in and around the bay of the island. In the whaling era,blue whale,Fin whaleWell asOshima StraitWas appearing in[6].

Endangered species

  • Right whale(All confirmations of this species in the East China Sea in modern times (1901-) are on the south side.Shigeru SukoIt occurs around the main island including the above, and it is attracting attention that it may be a clue to elucidate the ecology of this species whose breeding sea area is still unknown. )
  • Southern hand dolphin(On the main islandOshima StraitIt was the first confirmation in Japan because it was discovered in. )



Including Amami OshimaAmami archipelagoIt is,Daito Islandsexcept forOkinawaWithRyukyuConsists of a cultural area.Amami TheRyukyuIt is a part of, and has many things in common such as basic vocabulary and expressions.JapaneseThese became internationally independent due to the difficulty of communicating with the speaker言语Is often regarded asvocabulary,Proto-languageStandard languageFrom having JapanesedialectSome researchers say. StillAmami archipelagoEspecially, the culture of Amami Oshima is more than that of OkinawaKyusyuThere are not a few parts near the north, and they are intermediate. Based on a unique culture, depending on the timesKyusyuNorth ofOkinawa main islandSouth and againMainland China,Southeast AsiaIt has also been affected by the direction. It is a representative product of the islandbrown sugar,Oshima pongee,Black pig TheChugokuTransmitted from the continent,Distilled spirits(Amami brown sugar shochu) And (in JapanAmami archipelagoRemains only in extremely limited landWedgeTightendrum), Takakura (Stilt warehouse) IsSoutheast AsiaIt is said that it was transmitted from the direction.

In addition,1185/ OfBattle of DannouraI was defeated and fellHeike's FallenThe culture of the mainland was conveyed by us, and some forts andGusuku) Has been handed down,HeikeThere is a connection, and next to the southKakeroma IslandThen.Taira no MoriTo enshrineImportant intangible folk cultural propertiesThe designated (Shodon Shibaya) has been reported.

Traditional folk song

Rice cultivation on Oshima has already been reduced to the extent of Shinto ritual, but it celebrates the rice harvest.August danceIs still in each village in summer (Old basinAround)drumWhile strikingFolk songCan be sung and danced.The folk songs that are different for each village (sima)ShimautaI know a lot of songsAmami dialectA singer who is proficient at singing improvisationallySingerCall.Okinawan folk songSame asSanshinIs used,string,Mallet, ToneOkinawaUnlike, higher,Ornament soundMany performances were performed at Amami Oshima三味 線Often referred to as (shamisen) or snake skin line,Ryukyu scalenotKyusyuSame as the northern folk songs (Scale without Jonah) Is used.August danceAs a daily entertainment, not for Riuta and Shinto ritualsShimauta(Nagusa song)SanshinIt was sung indoors, accompanied by lyrics of lyrical and lyrical songs by improvisation, and past events that have not been transcribed have been conveyed by mouth. otherLabor songAsShimautaThere is also.NazeWhile listening to Shima-uta in the downtown area ofAmami cuisineThere are also several restaurants where you can eat.

Traditional ship

Amami's traditional ship is a structural ship called (Itatsuki). LaterOkinawa main islandOf expressionSabaniIt is an eclectic shape of a boat with Amami boardAinokoWas devised.

Food and drink


There are multiple villages on each island.ShrineCan be seen,BuddhismTempleIs very few. However, most shrinesEdo Period(Satsuma DomainIt is a relatively new one that was established around the time of the political era, shifting from the indigenous belief, and is common to Satsuma at Takachiho Shrine and other places.June LightThe event is held.

Besides, mainly in the northern part of the islandCatholic(I.e.Is often seen,MeijiIt has been established since then. In March 1892, a French priest began a Catholic mission on Amami Oshima. The ratio of Catholics to the population is said to be high in JapanNagasakiIt is said that it is over. During canonization investigationDomingos Chohachi NakamuraThe first Japanese missionary who went abroad was in charge of missionary work in Amami Oshima before moving to Brazil in 1923.[7].

Many current tomb styles are the same as the mainland,Okinawa OfTortoiseshell graveCan not be seen.However, "Castle Tomb Group" (Kasari)TOEFLCalled yaTortoiseshell graveThere is a pre-era style graveyard (CremationIt is said to be the northern limit of the grave system in the Nansei Islands).これは隆起This is a ridgeCoral reefFormcliffDig a side hole inCremationThe ashes are stored in Zushigame or Zushigame. There are more than a dozen horizontal burial mounds in the raised dunes, all of which have remained almost perfect since they were built over 400 years ago, nine of which are active.GraveIt is used as. Manage public eventsNoroNo longer exists,Shrine,A priestessTo be compared withUtahFolk religion remains.


KagoshimaIt belongs to, and consists of the following municipalities.

All towns and villages except Amami CityOshima-gunBelong to.

Metropolitan area

A metropolitan area proposed by Yoshitsugu Kanemoto and Kazuyuki Tokuoka. Detailed definitions etc.Urban employment areaAccording to. For a general definition of a metropolitan areaMetropolitan areachecking ...

(Showa 55)
(Showa 55)
(Heisei 2)
(Heisei 12)
(Heisei 22)
(Heisei 27)
Residential village--Naze metropolitan area
5Ten thousand9676
Amami metropolitan area
5Ten thousand3964
Amami metropolitan area
5Ten thousand0492
Kasari Town--
Naze cityNaze metropolitan area
4Ten thousand9021
Naze metropolitan area
5Ten thousand4524
Tatsugo Town-Tatsugo Town
Yamato Village-Yamato Village
Uken Village-----Uken Village
Setouchi Town-----Setouchi Town
* 10% not in the commuting zoneMunicipalitiesIs shown in gray and "-" in each statistical year column.


eachindustryAnother big sales amount is every yeartyphoonDemand is constant due to damage from Civil engineering work,Construction industry. Agriculture: Thesugar cane,sweet potatoMainly in productionTankan,Ponkan,Plum,passion fruit,mangoDragon fruitFruit cultivation such as is also popular.rice TheSecond cropIs possible,Reduction policyDue to the conversion to economic crops byRice cultivationHas not been done.Fishery: TheBluefin tuna,Greater Amberjack,pearl,Prawns,Thailand,MozukuAre being cultivated. SouthernSetouchi Town(Oshima Strait) For the first time in the world (2002/ToWakayama OfKii OshimaAt)Bluefin tunaSucceeded in complete aquacultureKinki UniversityThere is an experimental site of the Fisheries Research Institute ofNear-sized tunaIt is called. Since it grows faster than it does in Wakayama Prefecture, it can be cultured by other companies as well.Bluefin tunaThe shipping value ofSetouchi TownIs the best in Japan. Manufacturing industryIs mostly a small factory,Kasari TownTosugar caneからRaw sugarTo manufacture.

Amami Islands (Amami IslandsKumamoto National Taxation BureauManufacture is only permitted in the jurisdiction of the Oshima Taxation Office)Amami brown sugar shochuIs manufactured as a special product. Of traditional craftsAuthentic Amami Oshima TsumugiIs highly evaluated as a fabric for Japanese clothes, but in addition to the decline in the habit of wearing Japanese clothes, it is also by an island trader. South KoreaWith production guidance and encouragement in Korea, etc.ChugokuIt seems to be pushed by the imported pongee from the industry, and the sales, which used to be more than 300 billion yen in the industry at one time, have now dropped to less than 1/30.

tourismIn addition to Amami Park and Tanaka Isson Memorial Museum, trekking in the Kinsaku Primitive Forest in the mountainous areas of the central region, Amami City in the southResidential townMangrove forestCanoeSightseeing, also in Setouchi Town in the southcoral reefAre famous. In the Oshima Strait in Setouchi TownSea kayakingIs also popular, and every summer Amami Sea Kayaking Marathon in Kakeroma Is being held.奄美市笠利町などではモーターMotors in Kasari Town, Amami City, etc.ParaglidingSightseeing byStand-up paddle boardThere is also a place where you can enjoy.

Headquarters in OshimaFinancial institutionAs,Amami Oshima Shinkin Bank,Amami Credit UnionThere are two. Also,Nansei Islands OfdefenseFrom the perspective of strengthening2019/3ToJapan Ground Self-Defense Force OfAmami Camp(AmamiAnd itsSetouchi Branch(Setouchi TownWas installed.


There are 3 thermal power stations (Tatsugo/Naze/Koniya) and 2 hydropower stations (Shinjuyogawa/Nanegawa), a total of 5 power stations, each of which supplies electricity on its own.


Air route

Amami Airport -Amami City


Naze Port(Naze new port / old port) -Amami City

Koniya Port --Setouchi Town

  • Amami shipping(Marue Ferry series)
    • Kagoshima Port (Main Kohoku Pier)- Kikai Island(Bay Port) --Amami Oshima (Nase New Port) - Amami Oshima (Koniya Port) --Tokunoshima (Hitono Port) --Okinoerabujima (China Port)
  • Setouchi Town-"Ferry Kakeroma"
  • Setouchi Town- "Setouchi"
    • Koniya Port --Ukejima (Ukeamuro / Ikeji) --Yoroshima

Abandoned route

  • Marue Ferries
    • Tokyo Port(Ariake Pier) --Shibushi Port - Amami Oshima (Nase Shinko) --Naha Port (New Port Pier)
    • Kobe Port(Rokko Ship Terminal)- Osakako(Nanko)- Amami Oshima (Nase Shinko) --Tokunoshima (Kametoku Port) --Okinoerabujima (Wadomari Port) --Yoron Island (Yoron Port) --Naha Port (New Port Pier)
      * Sometimes I did not call at the port of call in the Amami Islands.
      Passenger handling will end in 2014 for the Tokyo route and 2017 for the Hanshin route (RO-RO shipConversion, Tokyo route is also suspended at Amami port).

Bus route

General route bus

Community bus

  • Yamato Village Direct Bus (operated by Yamato Village outsourced to Oshima Taxi)


General national road

Main local road

Road Station



Immigrants from other areas

Related person


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