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🚗 | Open Street proposes micro-mobility share service ... Automotive World 202 ...

Photo Open Street (Automotive World 2022)

Open Street proposes micro-mobility share service ... Automotive World 202 ...

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Mr. Tsubasa Komoriya of Open Street said, "It's been six years since the service started, and I feel that it's finally being recognized.

Open Street, which provides a share service platform specializing in micromobility, is January 1th ... → Continue reading


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Open Street Inc.(English: OpenStreet) IsMobility shareService andIoTDevelop and provide devicesStartupIt is a company.SoftbankWas proposed by the new business proposal system "Softbank Innoventure" that has been implemented since 2011.In-house ventureThe company was established as.

In October 2020ENEOS HoldingsAnnounced collaboration with 2023Solar power,Storage batteryAnnounced that it aims to build a share mobility supply station and data platform utilizing[2].. In March 2021East Japan RailwayAnnounced a capital and business alliance with, and announced the expansion of transportation functions between stations and regions.[3]


Partner companies from November 2016, 11 (Cycle base Asahi,Sinanen cycle,JTB publishingEtc.)Bicycle sharingWe are developing the system "HELLO CYCLING" and the scooter sharing system "HELLO SCOOTER".[4].. As of May 2021, it is one of the largest share cycle platforms in Japan with more than 5 stations in about 200 cities, wards, towns and villages nationwide.[5]



It is available 24 hours a day and you can select a station from the site and make a reservation 30 minutes before use. (Prepaid Transportation Cards,FeliCaNo reservation is required when using a compatible smartphone).To use the bicycle, after confirming that the reserved vehicle number matches the bicycle at the station, activate the smart lock near the steering wheel and hold the transportation IC card over or enter the PIN to enter the bicycle.Smart lockIs unlocked.To return it, activate the smart lock after manually locking it at the station and press the RETURN button.You can return it at a different station, but be careful as you cannot return it if the station is full.The fare varies depending on the station and vehicle type, but most of the fare is 70 yen / 15 minutes and 1,000 yen / 12 hours.However, it will be expensive from two and a half hours to four and a half hours. As of November 2, payments are only available by credit card and carrier payments.Payment is not possible with the transportation IC card used to unlock the smart lock.


A scooter sharing service using "BENLY" and "GYRO" provided with the cooperation of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Service starts from September 2019, 9 in Shinjuku, Meguro, and Shimbashi, Tokyo[27].埼 玉,千葉But the service is scheduled to start.To use the service, you need a license to drive a motorized bicycle.Helmet is attached to the scooter[28].

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