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✈ | JAL and Yamato HD launch domestic cargo flights in April 24 Jetstar operates


JAL and Yamato HD launch domestic freight flights in April 24 Jetstar operates

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The aircraft will be introduced by the Yamato Group and will be operated by the JAL Group.

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Yamato Holdings operate 20 cargo-only flights connecting the Tokyo metropolitan area with Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa. → Continue reading


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Japan Airlines (holding company)

Japan Airlines > Japan Airlines (holding company)

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.(In the Japanese translation of the Articles of Incorporation, etc., "Nipponkouku"[1],English: Japan Airlines) Was onceTokyoShinagawaEstablished in Japan for the purpose of controlling the management of a corporate group centered on the regular air transportation business located inHolding company.


The abbreviation is "JAL(Jar)”, “Japan Airlines(Nikko) ("JALS(Jarls)" was also used). Japan Airlines itself was not an air carrier, soAirline code,Radio call nameThere is no such thing, and each airline of the group is given an airline code and a radio call name.

2010/May 1, Japan Airlines and its subsidiariesJapan Airlines International,Jal CapitalThe three companiesTokyo District CourtToCorporate rehabilitation lawAfter applying for and receiving the procedureCorporate Revitalization Support CorporationWith supporters, we decided to plan a path for business reconstruction[2][3].

As described below, the company was merged with Japan Airlines International, which is a business company, on December 2010, 12, so it will be temporary until the company changes its name to Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2011. However, there was no corporation named "Japan Airlines" in the Japan Airlines Group.


  • 2002/(Heisei14 years)May 10 --Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. and Co., Ltd.Japan Air System(Then Japan Airlines Japan)Stock transferThen,Japan Airlines System Co., Ltd.(JALS) established.
  • 2003/(15)May 4 - Absorption splitFrom Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Jal CapitalSucceeded the management sales of the two and made both companies wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • 2004/(16)
    • April 4-Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. and Japan Air System Co., Ltd.Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.,Japan Airlines Japan Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.Stock exchangeByJapan Asian AirlinesMade JAA Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • May 6 --JALSJapan Airlines Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
    • May 12 ――By rationalizing management, the JAL Building, which is the JAL Group headquarters building, will be opened.Nomura Real EstateGroup 2 companiesReal estate securitizationOn sale. Concluded a rental agreement with the airline company under the name of Japan Airlines International with a special agreement prohibiting cancellation for 10 years.
  • 2005/(17)May 3 --AffiliatedHarlequin Air(HLQ) Completed all air transportation business.
  • 2006/(18)
    • April 4-Japan Airlines International will transfer the ticket reservation and ticketing business, which was controlled by JAL Sales, from the company, and JAL Sales will become a pure travel agency.
    • May 6 --Japan AirlinesOne worldReceived and signed a letter of invitation for membership.
    • May 10 --Japan Airlines International, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, merged with Japan Airlines Japan with the company as the surviving company.
  • 2007/(19)
    • May 2 ――The JAL Group is a new small aircraftEmbraerCompany (Brazil)ofEmbraer 170The introduction policy of (E170) was decided. We concluded a purchase contract for 10 confirmed and 5 optional machines around spring 2007,2008/10Will receive the first machine. And2009/2From a group companyJay Air(J-AIR) started operation.
    • April 4-JAL Group officially joins and starts service with oneworld, an international airline alliance.
    • May 11 - JAL labor union(About 1 union members)personal informationThe fact that I collected it without permission and recorded it with descriptions such as thoughts and beliefs and "breast cancer" "single mother",Weekly AsahiReported (reported by JAL flight attendants)[4].. 190 people such as "Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Union" asked JALFIO, union executives and Japan Airlines for damages totaling about 4200 million yen,Tokyo District CourtSued. In 2008, Japan Airlines accepted the plaintiff's request. In October 2010, JAL labor unionRestitution for Damagescommand.
    • December --A purchase contract was signed for Embraer 12 (E170), which will be introduced as a new small aircraft of the JAL Group, on condition that a pilot is dispatched.Approximately 170 foreign pilots will be dispatched, and will be on board for a period of three years.Such a purchase contract is unprecedented in Japan.At the same time, J-AIR, a group company that operates Embraer 20 (E3), is securing pilots through its own training system for pilots.
  • 2008/(20)
    • May 3 - TaiwanWas in charge of transportation to the groupJapan Asian AirlinesAbsorbed and merged. The flights operated by Japan Asia Airways were transferred to Japan Airlines International, which is also under its umbrella.
    • May 5 --The aircraft with the Tsurumaru mark (second generation), which has been used for nearly 50 years, made its final flight.
  • 2009/(21)
  • 2010/(22)
    • May 1 --With Japan Airlines International Jal CapitalTokyo District CourtCorporate rehabilitation lawApply for and receive the same day. Corporate Revitalization Support Organization announced support during the same day[2].. Debt amount of 3 companies is about 2 million yen (as of September 3221, 2009)[3]The fourth major bankruptcy after the war, as a business companySOGOBecame the largest bankruptcy beyond the group[7].. President'sNishimatsu HarukaThe following directors resigned the same day. The trustee has instructed a temporary management system until the establishment of the new system on February 2. Masato Uehara, Senior Managing Executive Officer,COOInaugurated as an extraordinary person, and a trustee room was set up in the company.[8].
    • May 1(The United States of America: January 1) --Japan AirlinesNew York StateTo the district courtFederal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 15Apply for[9].
    • May 2 --Masaru Onishi, President and CEO of Japan Air Commuter becomes President and Group COO (Chief Operating Officer)Kazuo Inamori・Representative Director and Honorary Chairman of Kyocera Co., Ltd. assumed office as Chairman (Executive Officer) (Inamori will later become Group CEO). Onishi and Inamori system and new management team established on the same date. The Corporate Revitalization Agency will continue to support it.
    • May 2 - Delisted.
    • May 4 --For Japan Airlines claimsCDSA clearing value bid was placed and determined to be 20%[10].
    • May 6 --Japan Airlines International Jal Capital, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, becomes Japan Airlinesabsorption・Announced to integrate[11].. The purpose is to facilitate the negotiation of debt cuts with financial institutions by unifying the debts, which are said to be more than 3 trillion yen in total for the three companies.
    • May 8 --Submit a rehabilitation plan to the Tokyo District Court[12].
    • May 11 --The Tokyo District Court approves the rehabilitation plan.
    • August 12- Absorbed and dissolved in Japan Airlines International(Changed from the time of reporting in June of the same year). Canceled issued shares by 6% capital reduction.
    • May 12 --More than 5 crew members who are members of the 160 anti-social unions such as the Japan Aircraft Commander's Union and the Japan Airlines Cabin Crew Union on the dayUnderstanding.. The dismissed persons are sued on January 1, 2011, the first anniversary of the Corporate Rehabilitation Law.
  • 2011/(23)
    • May 3 --Company reorganization is completed.
    • April 4-Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd.Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.

Public offering issue

Japan Airlines Board of Directors 2006May 6To a largePublic offeringAnnounced to do. This public offering is to issue 37 million shares, which is about 7% of the issued shares, to raise about 2000 billion yen.Convertible bondsIt seems that it will be used for redemption. But two days ago (May 6At the company's shareholders meeting held in ), no clear explanation was given to shareholders regarding this public offering, and the announcement of the capital increase just two days after the general meeting was criticized as a neglect of shareholders. After that, the capital was increased, but the amount of funds gathered was only about 2 billion yen, which was below the target, and the stock price temporarily dropped significantly. However, regarding this capital increase,Hong KongSaid that the fund set up a short sale and motivated them to lower their prices.Securities and Exchange Surveillance CommitteeIs urging Hong Kong securities regulators to dispose of parties.

Management rebuilding problem

2010/, Japan Airlines andCorporate Revitalization Support OrganizationLaunched a significant personnel reduction (1500 people) as part of its reconstruction. Above all, the crew (Captain-Copilot-Flight attendantEtc.) For the same year only for 200 peopleUnderstandingForUnionThere were complaints and criticisms from inside and outside of the company, such as "I do not meet the four necessary requirements", and the complaint of the union was received.International Labor OrganizationからJapanese Government(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Has been arbitrated[13](The support organization was planned for December 12-24strike``If it is decided, we will stop the support,'' he said.Right of disputeIn breachUnfair labor practices"He said.) The 1st anniversary of applying the Corporate Rehabilitation Law2011/May 1The trained crew members filed a lawsuit to maintain their status.

Regarding the number of people arranged, it was said that there were 1500 voluntary retirements against 1700 people.[14].

JAL Group companies

Airline company

The JAL Group was a giant aviation group (megacarrier), with the group's overall sales being the third largest in the aviation industry.

The constituent companies are roughly divided into three groups: Japan Airlines (holding company) direct consolidated subsidiaries (including JAL), Japan Airlines International consolidated subsidiaries, and former Japan Airlines Japan consolidated subsidiaries. "Old" goes back to the time when Japan Airlines Japan was Toa Domestic Airlines) while operating as a "JAL Group", but that is one of the causes of a series of safety-related accidents, Due to the organizational reform of the group, all major companies were working to clarify the management relationship as a group by making it a consolidated subsidiary of Japan Airlines.

◎ The JAL Group is the International Aviation Union (Alliance)One world, But airlines with * are not affiliated to OneWorld due to management policy.

At the beginning of the Japan Airlines system, we planned to split the cargo business (both domestic and international) into "Japan Airlines Cargo".Aviation AgreementDue to the above problem, it was decided to be a business of Japan Airlines International.


  • JALUX(trading company)[1]
  • JAL brand communication(JAL WEB system development, advertising, advertisement, publishing)[2]
  • JAL Grand Service(Grand handling business. Former company name AGS)
  • JAL Hotels(Hotel operation)
  • (In-flight meal)
  • JAL Sky(October 2009, 10, JAL Sky Service, JAL Sky Tokyo, JAL Wave will be integrated)
  • JAL Engineering(Aircraft maintenance, October 2009, 10 JAL Aircraft Maintenance Narita,JAL Aircraft Maintenance Tokyo,, 4 companies are integrated)
  • JAL card(Credit card business)[3]
  • JAL Mileage Bank(Mileage serviceOperation)
  • Caplan(Temporary staffing/Introduction)
  • Jar pack(Planning and operation of trips outside Japan)
  • Jal Tours(Planning and operation of travel in Japan)
  • (Arrangements for individual/group travel and foreign travel using JAL)
  • (At first, the travel agency business, the main business was comprehensive product sales including JAL Group's airline ticket reservation and ticketing business, but with the reorganization of the group, the handling of airline tickets was transferred to Japan Airlines International, Became a pure travel agency)
  • JAL Infotech(IBM Japan subsidiary. IT system development and operation)[4]
  • (Firefighting equipment/environmental management)
  • JSS(Security service)[5]
  • JAL ABC(Mobile phone rental service for home and abroad, home delivery service)[6]

Former group company

  • Japan Asian Airlines(JAA) --Merged with Japan Airlines International on April 2008, 4.
  • JAL Logistics (automobile transportation business, warehousing business, customs clearance business)-October 2010, 10Hamakyo RexOn November 11, the same yearLogi RexChange the trade name to.
  • JALways(JAZ) --Merged with Japan Airlines International on December 2010, 12.
  • Jal Capital(Finance business, general leasing business, insurance service business, fund administration agency)-December 2010, 12, merged with Japan Airlines International.
  • Thiev K[7](TFK, in-flight meal)
  • JAL Express(JEX) --Merged with Japan Airlines on October 2014, 10.

Major shareholders

2009/As of the end of September,Tokio Marine & Nichido FireFinancial institutions such asTokyu Electric RailwayWas a major shareholder[19].. Tokyu Corporation owns its shares because it was the parent company of the former JAS. Tokyu sold all shares by January 2010, 1[20].. Former largest individual shareholderMember of the House of Representatives(1983-1996 saddle change from the House of Councilors)Eitaro ItoyamaI was a "executive adviser" for a while.

Also, 2009May 9Is世界Is the largest airlineDelta AirlinesWas reported to be negotiating a business alliance with[21].. If the negotiations were successful, Delta was expected to become a major shareholder of Japan Airlines.

In order to prevent this, on September 2009, 9, like Japan Airlines,One worldJoin the coalitionAmerican airlinesJoin the same oneworldBritish Airwaysas well as the QantasAnnounced that it is considering investment in a coalition with DeltaSky teamUnionAir France-KLMAnnounced that it is considering investing in[22].

If negotiations are concluded with Delta of the SkyTeam camp, the transfer to SkyTeam will be concentrated, and if this happens, for the One World camp, the current situation isAsiaWith the loss of Japan Airlines, which is the largest airline and a major network in Northeast Asia, it may be a big hit,Aviation unionA fierce negotiation battle was held together.

after that,Corporate Revitalization Support OrganizationTo rebuild Japan AirlinesCorporate rehabilitation lawHowever, the policy is not to receive investment from foreign airlines.[23], The acquisition or maintenance of the tie-up with Japan Airlines is still an important issue for both sides, and they continued to engage in negotiations over the business tie-up.

2010/May 2, Japan Airlines decided to strengthen business tie-up with American Airlines.


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Yamato Group

Yamato GroupIt is,home deliveryMajorYamato TransportA corporate group centered on a joint-stock company. 2013/May 1Currently, it is divided into four business fields.[2], A total of 45 companies and 1 public interest organization (excluding holding companies and affiliated companies).

The Yamato Transport company emblem is based on the alphabet Y, and is the group's main brand as a quasi-company emblem.Home deliveryOf the parent and child that is also usedBlack catThere is a mark.In addition, as a group, the company name and Yamato Group are written along with the cat mark (some use their own logo).


Originally, it was the Yamato Group centered on "Yamato Transport", which was developing Takkyubin, and its subsidiaries.After that, it moved to a holding company and is nowYamato HoldingsEach company under its umbrella is listed as a group company.Many of the group companies were established as a result of the spin-off of the business that Yamato Transport itself was doing, so it has a strong aspect as a support company for the parent company.

However, in recent years, the number of companies that do not depend on TA-Q-BIN or Yamato Transport is increasing.

List of Yamato Group companies

Holding company

Central company

Retail business

  • Yamato Contact Service
    • Telemarketing service business (Group's first in-house entrepreneur support system commercialization)

Corporate business

Overseas business related organizations[3]


Other business

  • Yamato Home Convenience
    • The former Yamato Transport Moving Division and Yamato Home Service, which was engaged in the product sales business, were merged and spun off.Moving business and product sales business,MovingWe are engaged in the furniture installation business that was transferred from
  • Yamato Auto Works
    • Former Yamato Transport Vehicle Division.We mainly handle inspection and maintenance of automobiles used by Yamato Transport, as well as various insurance for employees and OB / OG.
  • Yamato Auto Works Iwate
  • Yamato Auto Works Kita Shinetsu
  • Yamato Auto Works Shikoku
  • Yamato Auto Works Okinawa
  • Yamato Staff Supply
    • Developing businesses such as driving suitability diagnosis, forklift license, and staff dispatch
  • Express Network
    • Joint shipping platformer
  • Box charter
    • Franchise business development of JIT Box Charter
  • Packcity Japan
    • Joint venture with France Neopost,Delivery boxOperation of "PUDO Station"
  • Swan
    • Bread manufacturing and sales for the purpose of employment of persons with disabilities and independence support, cafe restaurant management, grocery and miscellaneous goods sales, store management support to member stores, etc.

Related organizations

Affiliated companies outside the Yamato Group

Past affiliates

Companies that have left the Yamato Group

  • Book service
  • Dream Create
  • UPS Takkyubin
    • UPSDissolve the joint venture with.Currently, it is a Japanese subsidiary of UPS.
  • Shikoku Expressway
    • It was absorbed and merged with Yamato Transport on April 2003, 4 and disappeared.Separate from the current corporation.


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外部 リンク


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