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🚗 | "Softly boosting" congestion avoidance in the corona disaster ... Experiment to promote behavior change on the Yamanote Line From January 1th

The Yamanote Line is an experiment that encourages behavior change through the monitors recruited.

"Softly boosting" congestion avoidance in the corona disaster ... Experiment to promote behavior change on the Yamanote Line From January 1th

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JR East announced on January 1 that it will conduct an experiment on the Yamanote Line from January 21 to promote behavior change in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT).

On January 1st, JR East will conduct an experiment to promote behavior change in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) on January 21th ... → Continue reading


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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(Nippon Denshinwa,British: NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION[2], Abbreviation: NTT) Is JapaneseTelecommunicationsCompany.Law concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(Law No. 59 of 85)[Annotation 1]Based on, it is a corporate group whose main business is the telecommunications business.NTT Group OfHolding companyEstablished in 1985 asSpecial company.Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Core30,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[3][4][5].

The holding company has a management control function that controls group companies, and is one of the best in the world in terms of scale and technology.graduate SchoolTo have. NTT's R & D department is not limited to the business technology development of group companies, but also in the communication field.Technology standardization,Academic research,Open source softwareIt also contributes significantly to (OSS).Due to these functions, the holding company has 2,600 employees, which is quite large.

As a corporate group, NTT has a large information and communication relationship in the wired communication business, mobile communication business, Internet-related business, and information system / information processing business. Recently, it has recently been involved in overseas information system construction business, domestic urban development, and electric power energy business. We are also focusing on.

This section gives an overview of the NTT Group, in addition to the matters of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, which is the holding company.


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationAs a universal service, NTT East and NTT West are obliged to maintain telephone lines.The main businesses are broadly divided into regional telecommunications businesses (Internet line businesses such as fixed-line telephones and FLET'S Hikari:NTT East,NTT West), Long-distance international communication business (international communication, inter-prefectural communication business, ISP business, etc .:NTT CommunicationsMobile communication business (mobile phone business: etc.)NTT DoCoMo), Data communication business (data communication system construction business for banks, etc .:NTT Data,Dimension data) There are four fields of information and communication.Although the scale of the business is smaller than those, it is also focusing on the urban development business and the electric power energy business.When it was first launched, it relied on landline revenue, but now 4% of its operating profit depends on the mobile communications business (mobile phones).For details of each business#Major group companiesSee.

Law concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone CorporationBased onJapanese GovernmentHolds more than one-third of the total number of issued sharesSpecial companySo, in Article 1 of the law, "East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporationas well as the West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone CorporationThe purpose is to hold the total number of shares issued by each company, to ensure the provision of appropriate and stable telecommunications services by these corporations, and to conduct research on telecommunications technology that is the basis of telecommunications. It is defined as "Co., Ltd."In addition, NTT Group said, "Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law, NTT, NTT East, NTT West, NTT Communications, and NTT DoCoMo have been designated as five companies.[6].

International Telecommunication UnionIs a sector member of.


Successive presidents

AlgebraNameTerm of officeAlma materRemarks
First generationHisashi Shinto1985 (Showa 60) --1988 (Showa 63)Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Imperial UniversityRecruit caseArrested and guilty
2nd generationHaruo Yamaguchi1988 (Showa 63) --1990 (Heisei)02 years)Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
3nd generationHitoshi Kojima1990 (Heisei02 years) --1996 (Heisei)08 years)Hokkaido University
4nd generationJunichiro Miyazu1996 (Heisei08 years) --2002 (14)Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
5nd generationNorio Wada2002 (Heisei 14) --2007 (19)Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University
6nd generationSatoshi Miura2007 (Heisei 19) --2012 (24)Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
7nd generationHiroo Unoura2012 (Heisei 24) --2018 (30)Faculty of Law, University of TokyoRetired without becoming chairman due to the government's unusual refusal to reappoint a director[8]
General CounselorIllegal entertainment
8nd generationJun Sawada2018 (Heisei 30) --2022 (Reiwa 4 years)Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto UniversityIllegal entertainment of general affairs deputies
9nd generation2022 (4th year of Reiwa)-PresentHitotsubashi UniversityFaculty of Commerce

Performance of each year

Annual performance according to US GAAP or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) (Unit: Million Yen)[9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]

Fisical yearOperating revenueOperating incomeBefore tax
Net income
Net income
February 1611,095,5371,560,3211,527,348643,862
February 1710,805,8681,211,2011,723,312710,184
February 1810,741,1361,190,7001,305,863498,685
February 1910,760,5501,107,0151,132,702481,368
February 2010,680,8911,304,6091,322,291635,156
February 2110,416,3051,109,7521,105,163538,679
February 2210,181,3761,117,6931,120,071492,266
February 2310,305,0031,214,9091,175,797509,629
February 2410,507,3621,222,9661,239,330467,701
February 2510,700,7401,201,9681,201,099524,071
February 2610,925,1741,213,6531,294,195585,473
February 2711,095,3171,084,5661,066,629518,066
February 2811,540,9971,348,1491,329,259737,738
February 2911,391,0161,539,7891,527,769800,129
February 3011,799,5871,642,8431,755,624909,695
March, the first year of Reiwa (2019)11,879,8421,693,8331,671,861854,561
March, 2nd year of Reiwa (2020)11,899,4151,562,1511,570,141855,306
March, 3nd year of Reiwa (2021)11,943,9661,671,3911,652,575916,181


Privatization debate of the three public corporations by the second extraordinary administrative investigation committee

2thOil shockBy March 1981 (Showa 56)(I.e.CabinetIt is,Japan Business FederationHonorary Chairman of (Keidanren)Toshio DomitsuWith the chairman and the slogan of financial reconstruction without tax increaseSecond extraordinary administrative survey meetingWas launched[Annotation 2].

One of the items to be reported in the second phase was the privatization of the government corporation.Received this reportNakasoneUnder the Cabinet's private life routeSankosha[Annotation 3] OfPrivatizationWas being discussed.

Cabinet decision to privatize Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation


The outline of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law, the Telecommunications Business Bill, and the law concerning the development of related laws accompanying the enforcement of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and the Telecommunications Business Law was as follows.

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law
    • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation is a joint-stock company whose purpose is to manage the domestic telecommunications business, and in addition to operating the domestic telecommunications business,Postal minister OfAuthorizationIn response to this, it is possible to carry out the business incidental to this and other business necessary to achieve the purpose of the company.
    • In conducting business as the responsibility of the company, we always pay attention to proper and efficient management, and provide telephone services that are indispensable to people's lives under appropriate conditions, so that the services are stable throughout Japan. Contributes to securing a reliable supply.We must endeavor to contribute to the creative improvement and development of telecommunications in Japan through practical research on telecommunications technology, promotion of basic research, and dissemination of the results.
    • The company's shares must be held by the government at all times at least one-third of the total number of issued shares.In addition, the disposal of shares of a company held by the government must be within the limit of the number of shares passed by the Diet with the budget for the year.Foreigners and foreign corporations cannot hold shares of the company.[Annotation 4].
    • Approval from the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications must be obtained for the issuance of new shares, resolutions such as the appointment of directors and corporate auditors, resolutions such as amendments to the articles of incorporation, business plans, and the transfer of important equipment.
    • When the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications intends to approve the issuance of new shares, resolutions such as amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, business plans, and transfer of important equipment,Minister of FinanceMust be consulted with.
    • Within five years from the date of establishment of the company, the government will consider the state of enforcement of this law and changes in various circumstances after the enforcement of this law, and consider the ideal state of the company, and it is necessary based on the results. It is stipulated that various measures shall be taken.
  • Telecommunications Business Law
    • Protection of confidentiality of communications handled by telecommunications carriers, prohibition of censorship, fairness of use and ensuring important communications.
    • The telecommunications business is provided by the first-class telecommunications business, which provides telecommunications services by installing telecommunications line equipment on its own, and the first-class telecommunications service, which is provided by the first-class telecommunications carrier. It is classified into the second-class telecommunications business.Regarding the first-class telecommunications business, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications started the business in order to ensure the stability and certainty of the business, such as not having a significant excess of telecommunications line equipment.AuthorizationAnd.In addition, the fee will be approved by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications as it will have a significant impact on the lives of the people and the national economy.As for the Type XNUMX telecommunications business, it is expected that telecommunications services will be provided in response to a wide variety of communication demands, so in principle the business can be started by notification.However, the nationwide, core business and business with foreign countries for the general public shall be a special type XNUMX telecommunications business, and the start of the business shall be a registered matter of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.
    • Regarding the first-class telecommunications business and the special second-class telecommunications business, the national government has established certain technical standards for telecommunications equipment, ensuring the provision of high-quality and stable telecommunications services, and for terminal equipment. Users shall be able to install it freely after establishing certain technical standards.
    • When the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications intends to take important dispositions based on this law, such as business licenses and fee approvals, he / she must consult with the council and respect the decisions.
    • The government will consider the status of enforcement of this law and take necessary measures within three years from the date of enforcement of this law.
  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law and Telecommunications Business Law
    • With the abolition of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Law, necessary revisions such as deletion of the quoted part and change of the name of the law and related laws that cite the name of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation shall be made.
    • Even after the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation has been reorganized to become Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, the mutual aid system shall be applied and the relevant laws shall be revised as necessary.
    • Regarding the labor relations of the company, the three labor laws shall be applied, and the labor relations law of public enterprises, etc. shall not apply, and necessary amendments shall be made to the relevant laws in order to establish provisional special measures for mediation.

Establishment of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation was established by the enforcement of the "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law" on April 1985, 60.The total number of issued shares was 4 million, the capital was 1 billion yen (face value 1,560 yen), and the holding ratio was 7,800% by the Minister of Finance.

The stock owned by the governmentInitial public offeringIt was decided to be done.Along with this, on February 1987, 62 (Showa 2), Nippon Telegraph and TelephoneSecurities code9432 is assigned,Tokyo Stock Exchange,Osaka Stock Exchange,Nagoya Stock ExchangeListed on the first section[Annotation 5].

On February 1987, 62, 2 million government-owned shares were released, but the price could not be set due to the large number of buy orders on the first day of listing.The following day, February 9, the government decided to release another 186 shares, with an initial price of 2 million yen.Two months later, on April 10, 10, the stock price soared to a record high of 160 million yen.After that, due to the collapse of the entire stock market in July of the same year, the company's stock also fell to 2 million yen, then repeatedly fluctuated, and in the fall of the same year the stock price recovered to 1987 million yen.[Annotation 6].

I was watching this trendMinistry of Finance(CurrentMinistry of Finance)は、1987年(昭和62年)11月に政府は保有株式195万株の第2回売り出しを行い、このときは255万円の値がついた。さらに1988年(昭和63年)10月、政府は保有株式150万株の第3回売り出しを行い、株価は190万円となった。

The government has sold 3 million shares in total three times, and the sale price is 540 trillion yen.National treasuryI was supposed to enter.Nippon Telegraph and Telephone also announced in October 1990 in order to restore credibility against the stock price slump due to the deterioration of stock supply and demand.LDPWe requested the Policy Subcommittee of the Telecommunications Issues Investigation Committee to lift the ban on foreign stock ownership and amortize by purchasing government-owned stock.

In addition, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications received a report from the Telecommunications Council, and the "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law" includes "the ban on foreign ownership of shares is lifted to less than 20% of voting rights" and "the ban on the appointment of foreign officers". The Law for Partial Revision of, etc. was enacted in May 1992, and came into effect on August 4, 5.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone announced on September 1994, 6, based on the relaxation of foreign capital restrictions due to this amendment.New York Stock ExchangeOn October 10, the same yearLondon Stock ExchangeListed on.

Group company strategy

It was the first subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone on April 1985, 60.NTT leaseA corporation was established.Behind the establishment of NTT Lease as a subsidiary at the same time as the privatization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the Telecommunications Business Law made it possible to liberalize communication terminals such as telephones, so Nippon Telegraph and Telephone also started selling out communication equipment. This is because it became possible to do so, and it was necessary to support installment sales and lease sales as sales product methods.

During the time of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, legal restrictions were strict under the "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation Law," and only investment in consignment companies was permitted within the minimum necessary range for business operations.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone will promote the slimming of the organization and aim to diversify the business and expand the business domain so that it can compete with new entrants due to the liberalization of the telecommunications business through privatization. We decided to enter a new field.

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group companies are "new business companies aiming to expand their business domain," "companies that have separated their businesses as business divisions," and "the company's specialized functions have been consolidated and spun off. It is classified into three types of "company to do".

As one of these strategies, as a business separation type company on May 1988, 63 (Showa 5)softwareDevelopment Co., Ltd.NTT DataWas spun off.

With regard to such trends, even after privatization, due to the vast range of business and the great influence on the economy, the theory of regional division such as the division of the national railway (JR7 company) erupted due to the pressure of the United States and became a political issue. There is also a view that Nippon Telegraph and Telephone has avoided the division by making it a subsidiary in order to avoid the regional division.

Reexamination 5 years after the establishment of the company

Within five years from the date of establishment of the company, the supplementary provisions of the "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law" consider the ideal state of the company in consideration of changes in various circumstances after the establishment of the company, and it is necessary based on the results. It was stipulated that measures should be taken.

In October 1989, the Telecommunications Council submitted a report on "The Future of the Telecommunications Industry."In the report, he pointed out that there is a limit to the improvement in the current organizational structure, and from the viewpoint of further competition in the telecommunications market and improvement of management efficiency, "organizational reorganization should be considered" as a concrete plan. Three proposals were presented.

  1. Regional reorganization
  2. One company nationwide by separating the city from the city
  3. Multiple companies in the city due to separation of the city

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone disagrees with this interim report,Fair Trade Commission, Japan Business Federation, Telecommunications Industry Federation, etc. announced the conclusion that it was "premature", and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and Shindenden companies announced their support.Under these circumstances, in March 1990, the Telecommunications Council made a final report, "Measures and Measures to be Taken Based on Article 2 of the Supplementary Provisions of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law-Fair and Effective Competition. Creation and technological innovation- "was submitted to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.In the final report, the reorganization was narrowed down to the "one company nationwide by separating the city and suburbs" method, and the implementation time was set to 3 (Heisei 2).In addition, it was recommended that the mobile communication business be separated from the company and completely privatized, and that it be implemented promptly within a year or two.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications made adjustments to realize the city-to-city separation plan presented in the final report of the Telecommunications Council, but after the report, the stock price of the company's stock was sluggish due to shareholder anxiety, and the Ministry of Finance was also a shareholder. , He strongly expressed his opposition that he could not accept the separation unless the interests of the people were guaranteed.Finally, the Liberal Democratic Party decided not to implement the division for the time being, and based on the implementation status of measures such as promotion of fair and effective competition, if deemed necessary, it will reconsider in 1995 (Heisei 7). , Decided to reach a conclusion.

Consideration of reorganization

In April 1995, discussions on the form of management, which was reconsidered five years later by government policy, began with an inquiry by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications to the Telecommunications Council.The Telecommunications Council, after being consulted, set up a special subcommittee on what NTT should be and started to consider it.In July of the same year, the Deregulation Subcommittee of the Administrative Reform Committee published issues regarding deregulation on 7 items.First of all, in order for new operators to provide services, the market structure has to rely on the regional communication network of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, which is also a competitor, and the resulting fair competition problems arise. Pointed out that.In addition, in order to reduce telephone charges, it is essential to improve the efficiency of the regional network of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. In December 4, the Deregulation Subcommittee compiled a final deregulation report entitled "Aiming for a Shining Country," and in the field of information and communications, the telecommunications business was a major pillar of structural reform. He mentioned the deregulation of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone and the way Nippon Telegraph and Telephone should be, but decided to leave the final decision to the Telecommunications Council. In February 5, the Telecommunications Council submitted a report stating, "About Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation-Toward the Creation of Dynamism in the Information and Communication Industry-", 7 (Heisei 40). We announced a proposal to reorganize Nippon Telegraph and Telephone into a long-distance telecommunications company and two regional telecommunications companies by the end of the year.

In response to the report of the Telecommunications Council, the government set up a "Working Team on NTT's Management Form" in March 1996 by the Liberal Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the PRESTO coalition government. , Even within the ruling coalition, there is a conflict between the opinion that the report of the Telecommunications Council should be respected and the opinion against the separation / division, and the opinion cannot be adjusted, so the conclusion is postponed to the next ordinary Diet session. It was decided to.

Reorganization reexamination

On December 1996, 8, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications summarized "NTT's Reorganization Policy" as a content to reorganize into one long-distance telecommunications company and two regional telecommunications companies under a pure holding company. "announced. Matters related to this announcement, such as the revision of the "Relevant Bill on Holding Companies" and the "Special Provisions for Taxation of Gains on Business Transfers," were also examined, and the Antimonopoly Act Amendment Bill was submitted to the 12th Ordinary Diet in 6. The "Antitrust Law Amendment Law" was enacted in June 1.With this establishment, the lifting of the ban on the pure holding company, which is a prerequisite for the reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone shares, has been confirmed.

Amendment of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Law

In June 1997, the "Law for Partial Amendment of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law" was enacted, and the reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation was decided.Under this amendment, the holding company and two regional companiesSpecial companyThe long-distance company was made a completely private company.

The purpose of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone as a holding company is to "hold the total number of shares issued by regional companies, ensure the provision of appropriate and stable telecommunications services by regional companies, and research on telecommunications technology that is the basis of telecommunications. To do. "The resolution to appoint and dismiss the directors and corporate auditors of the holding company was said to require the approval of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

The regional company states that "the purpose is to manage a regional telecommunications business (telecommunications business within the area of ​​the same prefecture)".East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(NTT East),West Nippon Telegraph and Telephone CorporationEach business area of ​​(NTT West) has been established.Although the government regulations of regional companies remain as special corporations, the approval of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is not required for the appointment / dismissal of officers and the appropriation of profits.

Reorganization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

In January 1999, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone changed to "Holding Company Transition Headquarters", "East Japan Company Transition Headquarters", "West Japan Company Transition Headquarters", and "Long-distance International Company Transition Headquarters" in order to create an organization after the reorganization. Reorganized into 11 transition headquarters of "headquarters". July 1, 4, as a regional company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (NTT West), as a long-distance companyNTT Communications Corporation(NTT Communications) was established.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone will make NTT DATA (established in 1988 (63)) and NTT DoCoMo (established in 1992 (4)), which have already been spun off, as group companies.Holding companyIt became.

Currently, the name NTT often refers to the fixed-line telecommunications business that ties up NTT East, NTT West, and NTT Communications (the telecommunications business that Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East itself was engaged in before the split, such as fixed-line telephones and broadband services).

According to Article 3 of the "Law Concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, etc." (NTT Law), "Companies and regional companies are arranged so that their businesses are always managed appropriately and efficiently. To ensure the appropriate, fair and stable provision of telephone services that are indispensable to people's lives throughout Japan.contributionAt the same time, in view of the importance of the role of telecommunications in the future development of socio-economy, we will contribute to the creative improvement and development of telecommunications in Japan through the promotion of research on telecommunications technology and the dissemination of its results.Public welfareTo contribute to the promotion ofHave to workHowever, there are no specific, individual or direct obligations.However,Telecommunications Business LawAccording to Article 7 and Articles 14 and 40 of the Enforcement Regulations, NTT East and NTT WestBasic telecommunication services(Landline, payphone, emergency call, so-calledUniversal service) Remote islandAll including市町村Is obliged to provide to the target. When starting a communication service that crosses prefectural borders in accordance with Article 2, Paragraph 4 of the NTT LawMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsHowever, due to the amendment of the law in 2011 (Heisei 23), it was changed to the advance notification system.

Currently engaged in basic researchResearch departmentIs not split and remains inside the holding company.The administrative department of the holding company basically takes the form of being seconded from a subsidiary, but the holding company independently hires research positions.In addition, some subsidiaries have their own research sections.

Upon reorganization, the group companies are classified into categories 1 to 4 according to the presence or absence of regulations under the "Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Law" and the type of business, and the organization and integration of businesses and services are being promoted.The first category is regulated companies by NTT East and NTT West, the second category is competitors by NTT Communications, NTT Data and NTT Docomo, and the third category is management resource utilization companies by NTT Comware and NTT Facilities. The four categories are new business development companies, such as NTT Finance and NTT Urban Development.

Organization of group structure

Jun Sawada became the president of the Company in 2018 and has begun to review the group structure.Unlike the reorganization up to the previous paragraph, it was not led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

In 2018, NTT Communications, NTT DATA Dimension Data, which was directly under our company, will be titled "Global Holding Company".NTT Corporation(British: NTT Inc.).

In 2019, NTT Urban Development and NTT Facilities will be integratedNTT Urban SolutionsEstablished.

In 2020, NTT DoCoMo will become a wholly owned subsidiary, and further2022/May 1DoCoMo will make NTT Communications, a long-distance communication business company under the umbrella of NTT Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Comware, and will also transfer a part of NTT Comware's holding company and NTT holdings to DoCoMo. By making it a subsidiary, the long-distance and mobile communication business was virtually unified into DoCoMo, and NTT as a controlling holding company became specialized in the east and west regional communication business.[23].

Main services handled by NTT Anode Energy

Wired call / communication business

Business identification number

Mobile communication business

Public wireless LAN

Internet service provider

Finance / leasing

Smart energy business

Other business

Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law Related

The following companies of the NTT GroupDisaster Countermeasures Basic LawIt has been designated as a designated public institution and is obliged to secure communication in the event of a disaster.

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (Our company): Coordination of communication operations for the entire group
  • NTT East / NTT West
  • NTT Communications
  • NTT DoCoMo

Of rival companiesKDDIAnd Softbank are also designated based on the law because one company provides the above services and mobile phone services.

Main group companies

Research base

  • Yokosuka R & D Center (KanagawaYokosuka Yokosuka Research Park
    • Service Innovation Research Institute[1]
      • Service Evolution Laboratory
      • Media Intelligence Laboratory
    • Advanced Technology Research Institute [2]
      • Future Net Research Institute
    • Information Network Research Institute [3]
      • Access Service System Laboratory
  • Musashino R & D Center (TokyoMusashino
    • Information Network Research Institute
      • Network Infrastructure Technology Laboratory
      • networkService System Laboratory
      • SpaceEnvironmental Energy Research Institute
    • Service Innovation Research Institute
      • Software Innovation Center
      • Secure Platform Laboratories
  • Atsugi Research and Development Center (Kanagawa Prefecture)Atsugi
  • Tsukuba Research and Development Center (IbarakiTsukuba City
  • NTT Keihanna Building (KyotoSoraku-gunSeika Town
    • Advanced Technology Research Institute
  • NTT Research, Inc. [4](The United States of AmericaCaliforniaEast Palo Alto)
    • Physics and Informatics (PHI) Lab
    • Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) Lab
    • Medical and Health Informatics (MEI) Lab

Medical institution

The former Teishin Hospital has been taken over and operated.Corporate hospitalHowever, it can be used by people other than those related to the NTT Group. Operated by NTT EastMedical institutionThere are the following three hospitals.In addition, NTT West withdrew from hospital operation in 3.

The operations of the following hospitals have been transferred from NTT (East Japan / West Japan) to other corporations.



The symbol logo is called a dynamic loop. When NTT was born, a graphic designerYusaku KamekuraReceived an order from a CI design company and was in charge of production,17st centuryIt was designed based on the infinite motion closed curve in the trochoid curve that was mathematically expressed in.

Domain name

NTTインターネットDomain nameAs,JPccTLDI had "ntt.jp" from the beginning of operation.

JPNICWhen NTT introduced the second-level domain, NTT was specifically allowed to continue using "ntt.jp" because the domain name was widely recognized, but later moved to the co.jp domain ( ntt.co.jp).Similarly, NTT DATA was allowed to continue using the "nttdata.jp" domain, but later moved to the co.jp domain (nttdata.co.jp).

Institute of High Energy PhysicsSimilar measures were taken for (KEK, holding "kek.jp" at that time), but this was after the introduction of the second level domain.General-purpose JP domainI continued to use "kek.jp" until the birth of.

Generic top-level domainIt is the management body of ".ntt" and is operated on some wed sites of the NTT Group.[24][25].


A catchphrase was added above the symbol logo in the CM's eye catch.

  • 1985 (Showa 60) --1986 (Showa 61): A human company thinking about the future
  • 1995 (Heisei 7) --1996 (Heisei 8): To the destination of the telephone.
  • 1996 (Heisei 8) --1997 (Heisei 9): Expanding multimedia
  • 1997 (Heisei 9) --1998 (Heisei 10): Multimedia connects the world
  • 1999 (Heisei 11) --Unknown: Global information distribution company

Commonly known

In the first half of the 1990s (2-11)PC communicationThe heyday ofKeyboardFrom the kana characters engraved on the "N", "T", and "T" ofNifty ServeFocusing on the personal computer communication community such asMikakaAlso called "PC communication"インターネット OfDial-up connectionThe high telephone charges for telephone charges were often described as "Mikakayo" (for details).MikakaSee section).

Illegal entertainment issues for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Prior to a series of problemsSeiko NodaMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications announced on November 2017, 11 and March 22, 2018 that NTT DoCoMoKeiji TachikawaOperated by NTT executives including the former president and NTT GroupAzabu JubanI was having dinner at KNOX. When this was reported on March 2021, 3, it had nothing to do with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.Improve Your Social LifeOn March 2, 6,000, it was explained that it was not entertainment, as it was reported that the dinner fee of 2021 yen was returned.LDPPerformed by Noda at the headquarters[26][27][28].

After that, he was the president of the pastHiroo Unoura,Jun SawadaAnd of NTT DATAToshio IwamotoBut in 2018 and 2020Suzuki ShigekiGeneral CounselorAndYasuhiko TaniwakiGeneral Affairs Deputy Director,Makiko YamadaGeneral Affairs Deputy Director,Yoshinori AkimotoGeneral Manager of Telecommunications Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,Kenji KanesugiForeign Affairs CounselorAgainstNTT GroupAffiliateRestaurantsSo, I had a lot of entertainment. On March 2021, 3Weekly BunshunNTT also admitted that "it was a fact that we had a dinner"[29][30][31].. NTT is managed with approval from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, such as business plans, and in the case of general government officials, it is not possible for executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to receive entertainment from the NTT side.National Civil Service Ethics LawSuspected of conflicting with[31].

In June 2018, Uura's reappointment of directors will be announced.Mobile phoneRejected by the government, which was aiming to reduce the price, and replaced by an unusual personnelHiromichi ShinoharaWas promoted to chairman[8], With Shinohara at the expense of NTT in that monthSakai ManabuVice Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsHad a dinner[32].

On September 2018th and 9th, 4, Taniwaki, who was the director at the time, was entertained at KNOX, a membership restaurant in Azabujuban operated by NTT Group.[31].. I just retired from the president of NTT on September 9th.Hiroo UnouraWe had a dinner with three counselors and received entertainment totaling 3 yen and over 30 yen per person.[31].. On September 9th, NTT President Sawada and three others had a dinner, and the total amount was 20 yen.[31].. The total amount of entertainment from the NTT side is over 3 yen, and the total amount of entertainment received by Taniwaki is over 58 yen.[31].. The first entertainment is 1 yen for the 2 yen "French course"Red wineThe third time is a "healthy course" of 3 yen, 1 yen of red wine and 6,000 yen.DaiginjoEtc. were behaved[33]..According to the National Civil Service Code of Ethics, a notification is required for entertainment exceeding 1 yen, but Taniwaki has never submitted a notification.[33].

In November 2018, SawadaSuzuki ShigekiWith the General Affairs Deputy DirectorYoshinori AkimotoEntered the telecommunications division manager of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the NTT side paid the full amount[34].

Sawada and Vice Presidents on December 2019, 12 and September 20, 2020Sanae TakaichiMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIt was also reported that he had a dinner at KNOX.Takaichi argued against this on March 2021, 3, and it was not a so-called "entertainment", and the membership fee of 10 yen specified by NTT and the equivalent of 2 yen were paid both times. It was also explained that he provided souvenirs and told him that he would pay if there was a difference on the same day.[35][36][37], Then the actual refund was made[38].

On June 2020, 6, Yamada and the Director of the International Strategy Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications visited a restaurant operated by an affiliated company of the NTT Group.[31]..The entertainers were NTT President Jun Sawada and executive officers, and the total food and drink charges for the four were about 4 yen (before discount).[31].. NTT and other member companies pay an annual membership fee of 100 million yen to the store, and in the case of member companies, the price is discounted by 4[31].

On July 2020, 7, Taniwaki was once again in the same store, in a superlative private room called "Piony," where he was entertained by former president Iwamoto of NTT DATA.[31][33].. at that time,Foreign Affairs CounselorwasKenji KanesugiAlthough the total food and drink charges for the four people were about 4 yen.[31], The Foreign Affairs Deputy Director explained that he was not a stakeholder at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on March 2021, 3.Toshimitsu MogiMinister of Foreign AffairsMade from[39],Katsunobu KatoChief Cabinet SecretaryHowever, he expressed his intention not to conduct interviews with Kanasugi.[40].

In September 2020, SawadaMinoru TeradaIt was reported in the weekly Bunshun on March 2021, 3 that NTT had borne the expenses after having a dinner with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.[36][41].. In response to a report in the electronic version of the weekly Bunshun (Bunshun Online) dated March 2021, 3, the Terada office explained that it was "intended to be a consolation party" and expressed its intention to refund the dinner fee.[42].

In March 2020,Ryota TakedaThe Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications said that he had a dinner with Sawada and others, but did not order the meal and paid 1 yen as an expense.Code of Secretary of State, Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Vice-MinisterExplained that there was no conflict with[43].

Discovered earlierTohokushinsha executives and employees entertaining executives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIn response to this, a verification committee was set up by experts in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the top is a junior of Taniwaki's high school.Masayoshi ShintaniIt was announced that the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications would take office, but due to Shukan Bunshun on March 3, Shintani's in November 10.secretaryIs receiving entertainment from NTT, and Shintani himself was planning to have a dinner in January 2021.Global pandemic of new coronavirus infectionsIt was reported that it was canceled due to[37][44][45]..After that, on the 12th, the composition was changed when the verification committee was organized only by a third party without the addition of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications staff.[46].

In addition, on March 2021, 3, the House of Representatives Budget CommitteeHiroyuki MoriyamaWhen asked by a member of the Diet, "Have you ever received entertainment from satellite broadcasting companies other than Tohokushinsha, commercial broadcasters, NHK, or the president of a telecommunications company?" There is no such thing. "[31].

In addition, the government will not confirm the facts with Yamada at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on March 2021, 3 that Makiko Yamada, who was a general affairs deputy at that time, was reported to have had dinner with NTT presidents in Shukan Bunshun. Showed an idea[47]..Yoshihide Suga didn't know about the dinner with NTT presidents when Yamada resigned on March 3st.Japan Communist Party OfTomoko TamuraAsked and answered, "I didn't know."[47]..When Tamura asked, "I will of course confirm the facts with Mr. Yamada," Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato replied, "I am not in a position to confirm the facts because I have already retired."[47]..When Tamura asked, "Why isn't the facts confirmed?", Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato explained, "Because I have already retired and have become a general public, the government is not in a position to confirm."[47]..When Tamura pursued, "Then the Suga administration is not in a position to investigate the entertainment issue," Suga insisted that "there is a firm response based on the rules."[47].

On March 2021, 3, Eiji Makiguchi, director of the International Strategy Bureau, acknowledged that Yamada was also present at the entertainment and explained that he had paid 5 yen as a membership fee requested by NTT.[48].

At the House of Councilors Budget Committee on March 3, Taniwaki replied that he "paid 5 yen as a membership fee" for the dinner, which was about 2020 yen in total for the four people in July 7.[49].

Taniwaki responded to the Diet by saying that he had "paid the membership fee" three times, but on March 3, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced the results of a survey certifying that he had not paid two of the three times.[50]..Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Ryota Takeda announced on March 3 that he would replace Taniwaki with the Minister's Secretariat, stating that "there is a high suspicion of violating ethical laws (for national civil servants)."[50][51][52].

On March 3, NTT established a special investigation committee to serve as an outside director.Sadayuki SakakibaraHonorary Chairman of Nippon Keidanren becomes chairmanIto TetsuoyuanDeputy Chief ProsecutorEtc. became a committee member[53]..Of the series of dinners, dinners with politicians were excluded from the survey because they are general exchanges of opinions without legal problems.[54].

March 3th, Sawada is the House of CouncilorsBudget CommitteeNTT responded with the opposition partyMember of ParliamentHe also revealed that he was entertaining.LDPExecutives also restrained the opposition, saying, "I know who was having dinner in the opposition."[55].

On March 3, Taniwaki resigned after being suspended for three months, and Makiguchi received a disciplinary action of one-tenth for two months.[56].. 17 days,Makoto ShiraIt turned out that the operation record of the official car of Taniwaki was destroyed by the submission request from the member of the House of Councilors.[57].


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Related item

外部 リンク


NTT DoCoMo, Inc.(NTT Docomo,English: NTT DOCOMO, INC.) IsMobile phone OfWireless communicationJapan's largest provider of servicesMobile carrier(MNO).Nippon Telegraph and Telephone(NTT)Wholly owned subsidiary.


1968/(Showa43) January 7,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationMobile communication servicesPagerThe origin of NTT Docomo is to start. Denden Public CorporationPrivatizationAfter1990/(2) In October,Japanese GovernmentAs a measure ofNippon Telegraph and Telephone"Separation of mobile communications business" was decided by the stock company,1991/(3) "NTT Mobile Communications Planning Co., Ltd." was established on August 8,1993/(5) of JulySpin-offWith "NTT DoCoMo"[Note 1]We provide services under the brand of.2008/(20) In July, each regional company was merged to form one company nationwide.Until then, it was the core company that controls the NTT DoCoMo Group, and at the same time.Kanto regionandKoshinetsu districtIt was also a business company under the jurisdiction of. In order to distinguish it from the NTT Docomo Group as a whole, it was also called “(NTT) Docomo Central” for convenience. TogetherCorporate logo markThe old "NTT DoCoMoFrom the current "NTT docomoWas changed to ".2010/(22), the official English names are changed from "NTT DoCoMo, Inc."NTT DOCOMO, INC.Was changed to[4]. Also2013/On October 25, 10, the company name was changed from "NTT DOCOMO" to "common name" until now.NTT DoCoMoUnified[5][Note 2].

2020/(2nd year of Reiwa) Currently,W-CDMA-HSPAUsingFOMA"(第 3-3.5rd generation mobile communication system,2001/(13) Service started),LTEUsingXi"(3.9rd generation mobile communication system, Service started in 2010),LTE-AdvancedUsingPREMIUM 4G"(4rd generation mobile communication system, Service started in 2015),5G NRUsingdocomo 5G"(5rd generation mobile communication system, 2020 (2 years Reiwa service started), and is developing various businesses centering on the mobile phone business.

NTT owns 100% of the issued shares and is a consolidated subsidiary of the company (Financial Instruments and Exchange ActAbove specified subsidiary).NTT Group OfOperating incomeIt is also the top earner who earns 7% of the total.However, "Law concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation"(Commonly known as the NTT Law) does not apply to our company.Special companynot.

I was working on it oncePHS"Service" is January 2008, 20[6],AlsoPDCUsingCity phone(Limited to Higashi-Meihan, 1.5GHz band2rd generation mobile communication system) Is2008/(20) June 6, "MOVA""DoPa(2G mobile communication system)2012/(24) April 3[7]Service ended.

2020/9From the perspective of strengthening and growing the competitiveness of NTT DoCoMo and the growth of the entire NTT Group, NTT, the holding company, announced that it will make DoCoMo a wholly owned subsidiary, and at that time, it indicated the following four directions.

  1. Deployment and provision of new services considering the remote world
  2. Centralization of resources and promotion of DX
  3. Promotion of research and development on a global scale
  4. Strengthening new businesses such as smart life business

In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to strategically utilize management resources across the group and speed up decision-making, so NTT will make DoCoMo a wholly owned subsidiary and will also make it a wholly owned subsidiary.NTT Communications,NTT ComwareWhile utilizing the capabilities of each group company, such as, we are aiming to expand the communication infrastructure development in anticipation of the 6G era and promote the provision of new solution services, aiming for the growth of DOCOMO as a whole.[8]

2022/Until then, of the global holding companyNTT, Inc.DoCoMo made NTT Communications, a long-distance telecommunications carrier under its umbrella, a wholly owned subsidiary, and the mobile and long-distance telecommunications businesses within the NTT Group are virtually centrally managed by the DoCoMo Group.[9]..Also, due to the reorganization of this business, it will be greatly

  1. Corporate business
  2. Smart life business
  3. Communication business
  4. Software development

It was decided to proceed with the reorganization and clarification of the business contents centered on the four businesses of.

In particular,

  • As a corporate business, we will launch a new corporate business brand called "docomo business" and unify the corporate business to NTT Com to provide one-stop support for all corporations from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to establish a sales system and provide cutting-edge solutions such as 5G and IoT, NTT Com's regional branch offices will be newly established in eight regions: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, China, Shikoku, and Kyushu.In addition, we decided to newly establish a "Solutions & Marketing Headquarters" within the NTT Com headquarters, and also established a subsidiary of NTT Com, "Docomo Business Solutions Co., Ltd."The current headquarters of Docomo CS, Inc., eight regional companies, the corporate business of Docomo Support Inc., some branches of NTT Com, and the business of NTT Com Marketing Co., Ltd. will be integrated there.Similarly, the "8G & IoT Service Department" will be established within the NTT Com headquarters with the aim of strengthening the provision of advanced solutions.
  • As a smart life businessNTT PlalaDoCoMo will merge with DoCoMo, strengthen the video content business of both companies, integrate the video technology, content, and membership base of both companies, and strive to expand new services in the video and entertainment fields.
  • As a telecommunications business, NTT Com and NTT Com Engineering's network infrastructure business will be unified into Docomo CS, and management from integration, education, planning and operation of mobile and fixed networks will be centralized.Providing higher quality and economical networks and mobile / fixed fusion services, and accelerating the realization and evolution of 6G / IOWN.In addition, NTT Com's transmission and power equipment and various maintenance of network infrastructure will be transferred to DoCoMo, and NTT Com Engineering's network infrastructure-related operations will all be transferred to CS.
  • In addition, NTT Com's consumer sales businessNTT ResonantMoved to Co., Ltd., unified management policies under DoCoMo's consumer sales strategy, speeded up decision-making and communication decisions, provided diversified rates and services, and changed sales channels to expand the customer base. prompt.This is 2022May 7A series of services provided by NTT ComOCNService (computerForインターネットcommunication,OCN Mobile ONEEtc.) have also been decided to migrate[10].
  • As a software development division, we merged DoCoMo Systems with NTT Comware Corporation, established a unified execution system from software development to operation of the DoCoMo Group, and provided innovative services through smart life and corporate business. To be the first to be created, and to accelerate the DX acceleration of the entire NTT Group and DoCoMo Group, and provide it to customers.[11]

2021/(Reiwa 3rd year) Brand from JulysloganIs "I will change the world with you.. "


  • 1968/(Showa43 years)
    • July 7-At Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationPager serviceStart.
  • 1979/(54)
  • 1985/(60)
    • April 4-With the privatization of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation, ``Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(NTT)" is established.
    • November-Installed the Mobile Communications Division at the Advanced Communications Service Division of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
  • 1987/(62)
  • 1988/(63)
    • October-"NTC Central Mobile Communications Co., Ltd." and regional mobile communication companies established.
  • 1990/(Heisei2 years)
    • March-Separation of NTT's mobile communications businessJapanese GovernmentDetermined as a measure.
  • 1991/(3)
    • April 4-Launch of "ultra-small mobile phone, mova".
    • July 8-``NTT Mobile Communications Planning Co., Ltd.Was established.
    • November 11-Regional mobile communication planning (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kansai, China, Shikoku, Kyushu) established.
  • 1992/(4)
    • July 4-``NTT Mobile Communications Network Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
    • May 5-Communication brand isNTT DoCoMoDecided to ".
    • July 7-NTT's mobile communications business (cell phones, car phones, wireless calls,Ship phone, Aircraft public telephone) was transferred, and business started.
    • October 10-The first Docomo shop (Hachioji store) opens.
  • 1993/(5)
    • February-Number of mobile/car phone service contractsOver 100 million.
    • August 3- 2rd generation mobile communication system"Mova digital system (PDCmethod·800MHz band)” service started.
    • July 7-From NTT Mobile Communications Network Co., Ltd., 1 companies in each region (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu) will be separated and established, and the system will be 8 companies nationwide ( The trade name of each regional company is "NTT XX Mobile Communication Network Co., Ltd." XX (the area name is entered in parentheses).
    • October 10-NTT Mobile Communications Network Co., Ltd. and each regional company absorb and merge the contracted companies in each region, and nine companies nationwide share the operations and networks of each region The system is established. NTT Mobile Communications Network Co., Ltd. operates the Kanto/Koshinetsu area and has the function of research and development as a central company.
  • 1994/(6)
    • April 4-Introduction of "Terminal purchase system" for mobile phones and car phones.1G mobile communication system "digital system (2) GHzObi) ”service started (Kanto・Tokai/Kansai area only. In the Kanto and TokaiCity phone". In the Kansai area, "Citio").
  • 1995/(7)
    • March 3-Introducing a pager "Terminal Purchase System".
  • 1996/(8)
    • March 3-"Pager Next Service (FLEX-TD method)" start. Launch of satellite mobile/car phone service and satellite ship phone service.
    • July 8-``ALADDIN(Business processing support tool) has been introduced first in the Shin-Etsu district.
  • 1997/(9)
    • February 2-Mobile and car phone service contractsOver 1000 million.
    • March 3-Packet communication service "DoPa" started.
    • August 6- SMS"Short Mail" service started.
    • December 12-Finish accepting new applications for analog services.
  • 1998/(10)
    • March 3-KanagawaYokosuka-Yokosuka Research Park Established "NTT DoCoMo R & D Center" in (YRP).
    • July 7-"DoCoMo", the first overseas subsidiary Europe Established "SA".
    • February 8-Mobile and car phone service contractsOver 2000 million.
    • August 10- ISPStarted service "mopera".
    • August 10- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed in the second part.
    • November-Start point program service "ClubDoCoMo".
    • December 12-NTT Central Personal Communications Network Co., Ltd. PHS business from the business transfer (same for each region).
  • 1999/(11)
    • July 2-``i-mode"Start the service.
    • March 3-31st generation mobile communication system "mobile phone service (analog method)" service, "ship telephone (analog method)" service ended.
    • April 4-Combined mobile phone and PHS terminal "Dutchimo" sold.
    • October - "Puri callService (then "Mobiles check"Change to").
    • November 11-"NTT DoCoMo USA, Inc." established.
  • 2000/(12)
    • March 3-The mobile phone industry's first broken mobile phone site "DoCoMo6.com" opened.
    • March 3-Headquarters changed to Nippon Mining Building (laterE-MobileHeadquarters move in),Sanno Park TowerMoved to.
    • July 4-``NTT DoCoMo, Inc.Changed the trade name to "(The same applies to each region) (The trade name of each regional company is "NTT Co., Ltd. ○○"○○"○○ is the area name).
    • February-Number of mobile/car phone service contractsOver 3000 million.
    • August 8-Number of i-mode service subscriptionsOver 1000 million.
    • October 10-Established "DoCoMo Europe (UK) Limited".
  • 2001/(13)
    • January 1-"Pager Service" renamed "Quickcast" service.
    • August 1- Java application"i-appli"Start the service.
    • August 3-Number of i-mode service subscriptionsOver 2000 million.
    • July 7-Start the satellite aircraft telephone service.
    • August 10- 3rd generation mobile communication system"FOMA(W-CDMAmethod·2 GHz band)” service started.
    • November 11-Video distribution service "i motionStart.
    • August 12-Number of i-mode service subscriptionsOver 3000 million.
  • 2002/(14)
  • 2003/(15)
    • August 6- International roaming service"WORLD WINGStart.
    • August-The "mova" service peaks at about 8 million contracts and begins to decline after September.
    • July 9-``Melody call"Start the service.
    • September 9-"FOMA" serviceOver 100 million contracts.
    • August 10-Number of i-mode service subscriptionsOver 4000 million.
    • July 11-``Carry over for 2 monthsThe service (a free call charge that has not been used up can be carried over for 2 months) is started.
  • 2004/(16)
    • July 1-``i-mode disaster message board serviceStart.
    • March 3-"Analog Airplane Phone" · "Satellite Airplane Phone" end of service.
    • April 4-Apply DoCoMo point service membership organization "ClubDoCoMo" developmentally resolved, newly launched "DoCoMo Premier Club".
    • May 5-Start providing FOMA international roaming in service.
    • June 6-Start i-mode packet flat-rate service "Pake-hodai".
    • July 7-i-modeFeliCaservice"Mobile walletStart.
    • September 7-"FOMA" serviceOver 500 million contracts.
    • September 9-Mobile phone brand for beginners of mobile phonesEasy phoneThe first terminal in the seriesFOMA Easy Phone (FOMA F880i ES)” is released.
    • October 10-Start of "Free i-mode mail sending and receiving charges" between family discount contracts.
  • 2005/(17)
    • January-docomo originalcharacterAsDomodomoAppears.
    • February 2-"Free communication charge sharing" service between family discount contracts started.
    • September 2-"FOMA" serviceOver 1000 million contracts.
    • April 4-"PHS" service finished accepting new applications.
    • July 7-Established "DoCoMo Capital, Inc.".
    • July 9-``i channel"Start the service.
    • November 11-"FOMA" and "mova" common throughout the country "New basic rate plan" introduced.
    • February 11-Mobile and car phone service contractsOver 5000 million.
    • July 11-``Push talk"Start the service.
    • December 12-"Fami-wari wide" service started.
    • December 12-Credit brand ``iD"Start the service.
    • September 12-"FOMA" serviceOver 2000 million contracts.
  • 2006/(18)
    • January 1-PushTalk flat-rate service "Kake-hodai" started.
    • March 3-"Fami-wari Wide Limit" service,Imadoco search"Start the service.
    • August 3- Digital terrestrial broadcasting(One Seg) Sold compatible terminals.
    • August 4- creditservice"DCMXStart.
    • June 6-"Chaku-Uta Full" service started.
    • June 6-The number of "FOMA" service contracts exceeds the number of "mova" service contracts.
    • July 7-for Docomo絵 文字Started a service to convert to mobile phones of other companies.
    • August 8-HSDPA (31rd and XNUMXth generation mobile phones) compatible terminal service "Music Channel" started.
    • September 9-FOMA ``Answering machine"Service" Videophone support started.
    • September 9-"BlackBerry" service started.
    • September 11-"FOMA" serviceOver 3000 million contracts.
    • August 12- Fuji Television,ITOCHU Corporation"Multimedia broadcasting planning LLC GK" in a total of 5 companies (then "(then "multimedia broadcasting company" → "mmbi"Reorganized to)))) established.
  • 2007/(19)
    • February-From February chargesUniversal service chargeIs set.
    • March 3-Start packet flat-rate service for i-mode full browser "Pake-hodai full".
    • March 3-Nationwide FOMA service areaPopulation coverageAchieved 100%.
    • March 3-Closed the "quick cast" business.
    • August 4- SmartphonePacket flat-rate service forBiz HodaiStart.
    • July 5-``2in1"Start the service.
    • July 6-``Office discount"・Business call hodai"Start the service.
    • August 8-"Fami-wari MAX22" ・ "50 alone"Start the service.
    • July 9-``Office Discount MAX 50"Start the service.
    • September 9-"FOMA" serviceOver 4000 million contracts.
    • October 10-Start of "flat-rate data plan" service by FOMA.
    • November 11-FOMA 26i series new terminal sales and basic charge plan system "Value Course" and "Basic Course" started.
    • July 12-``Area mail(Emergency bulletin)" service started.
  • 2008/(20)
    • January 1-"PHS" business ends[12].
    • August 1- GoogleAnd business alliance regarding mobile internet services[13]Allows you to use "FOMA 904i series or later terminals"YouTubeIs officially available[14].
    • March 3-With the start of the e-Mobile voice call service, the FOMA network was introduced domestically in parts of 28 prefectures.roamingAvailable on connection.
    • April 4-"Fami-wari MAX 1" (or "family discount" and "Hearty discount)) or continue using it for more than 10 years, and select "Family Discount" and "(New) Ichinen DiscountChanged domestic calls to family members to free for FOMA subscribers who have subscribed to.
    • April 4-Change of corporate brand logo, announced "New Docomo Declaration".
    • June 6-"i-mode" additional function fee was changed from 1 yen including tax to 210 yen including tax.
    • June 6-"Digital system (30GHz band)" service ("Cityphone" for Kanto and Tokai, "Citio" for Kansai) ended.
    • August 7- Eight DoCoMo companies in each region will be absorbed and merged to form one operating system nationwide...At the same time, the corporate brand logo was changed from "NTT DoCoMo" to "NTT docomo"change to.
    • August 8-BlackBerry personal service "BlackBerry Internet ServiceStart.
    • July 9-``Flat-rate data plan HIGH-SPEED"Service" to "Flat-rate data discount"Service applies.
    • October 10-Review the packet fee system, a two-stage "Pake-hodai double" "Biz-hodai double" service that combines a flat-rate system and a pay-as-you-go system.
    • November 11-User agent service ``i-concierIs started.
    • November 11-Ended new application for "mova" service.
    • December 12-"FOMA High Speed" reach 26% of the population coverage of service areas.
    • December 12-New application for "Packet Pack 31" and "10", "Pake-hodai" and "Biz-hodai" ended.
  • 2009/(21)
    • January-The number of "iD" issuedOver 1000 million.
    • July 3-``Overseas plus numbers","Docomo communityIs now available.
    • March 3-"Packet Pack 31" and "60 same" ends new application.
    • April 4-"Pake-hodai double" is used to change the packet charges for PC connection and other fixed charges.
    • August 4- Oak Lawn MarketingCapital investment announced.
    • May 5-"Pake-hodai double" "Biz-hodai double" lower limit to 1 yen.
    • May 5-"Family Discount" "Office Discount" Free change in the group mail attachments of 1KB or more.
    • May 5-Mobile phone broadcasting station ``Bee TV"AvexJointly opened with (Avex Communications Broadcast).
    • September 6-"FOMA" serviceOver 5000 million contracts.
    • July 7-``Letter photo service"as well as"Flat-rate ubiquitous plan"Start the service.
    • February 7-Japan's firstAndroidEquipped smartphone, Google mobileHT-03AReleased.
    • August 7- AEON Co., Ltd.Jointly withAEON marketingEstablished "Co., Ltd."
    • August 8-Number of members of the credit service "DCMX"Over 1000 million members.
    • October 10-"Biz · Hodai double" packet charges such as PC connection changes to a fixed amount.
    • November 11-Japan's first commercialFemtocellIs a serviceMy areaStart.
    • December 12-New rate plan "Type Simple", new flat-rate service "Pake-hodai simple""Biz-hodai simpleIs now available.
    • December 12-"Pake-hodai double" contractor, the connection to a specific APN to start offering a fixed amount of communication charges other than i-mode.
  • 2010/(22)
    • July 3-``Mova ChemerEnd of service.
    • April 4-"Biz Hodai Double" integrated with "Pake Hodai Double". This made it possible to use i-mode and smartphones with a single SIM card at a fixed rate. Also, by applying for multiple NTT Docomo ISP services such as "i-mode" and "mopera" on the same day, the flat-rate charge will be discounted.ISP set discountIs now available.
    • April 4-A new fee service that allows you to use i-mode mail for freeEmail user HodaiStart.
    • August 4- DeNAJointly withEveryista Inc.Was established. On June 6, we started "E★Everya", a free posting site mainly for novels and comics.
    • April 4-Next satellite mobile phone service "Wide Star IIIs now available.
    • April 4-Available on both PC and i-modeDocomo WebmailIs now available.
    • June 6-English notation from "NTT DoCoMo, Inc."NTT DOCOMO, INC."change to.
    • July 7-Start offering discount business "Business Simple".
    • September 9-International roaming flat-rate service "Overseas Pake-hodai" started offering.
    • September 9-Payments for i-mode mail, web contents, and apps can be made on smartphones.sp modeIs now available.
    • September 9-Multimedia broadcasting subsidiary is certified for multimedia broadcasting.
    • September 9-"Push Talk" end of service.
    • October 10-i-appli for navigation ``Docomo map navigationService started.
    • August 11- Portable navigationInformation service "Docomo Drive Net" started.
    • December 12-For i-modePortal site"Docomo marketStart.
    • December 12-LTE3.9rd generation mobile phone"XiService started.
  • 2011/(23)
    • August 1- Dai Nippon PrintingIn cooperation with NTT Docomo, an e-book distribution site for smartphones and e-book readers,2DfactoStarted operation.
    • August 4- SIM lockStart releasing.
    • April 4-"Voice Delivery Service" started service.
    • April 4-Antivirus for smartphones "Docomo Anshin Scan" started.
    • July 7-Start "Docomo Medical Insurance".
    • November 11-Xi compatible smartphone launched. In addition, Xi new charge plan "Type Xi", fixed call plan between DoCoMo "Xi Kake-hodai" (Xi Talk 24), "Xi data plan", etc. are now available.
    • December-"FOMA" service peaks at about 12 million contracts, and begins to decline after January 5796.
    • August 12- PlayStation Vita Started providing prepaid data plan for (PS Vita).
    • December 12-"Xi" serviceOver 100 million contracts.
  • 2012/(24)
    • July 2-``Disney Mobile on docomoIs now available.
    • February 3-Mobile and car phone service contractsOver 6000 million.
    • March 3-`` Lady ShuttleboatWas made a subsidiary through a tender offer.
    • March 3-31nd generation mobile phone "mova" "DoPa" end of service.
    • March 3-"Mobiles Checks" end service.
    • April 4-Docomo Group's "mmbi" is a multimedia broadcasting service for smartphonesNOTTVStarted broadcasting.
    • 7 month - NTT FinanceStarted charge storage business. With this,NTT Group(NTT East,NTT WestandNTT Communications) It became possible to unify the payment with the charge.
  • 2013/(25)
  • 2014/(26)
    • March 3-London Stock Exchange delisted[15].
    • April 4-First in Japan as a Japanese mobile phone operatorVoice call flat rate system(Teledome,Navi dial,Telephone number informationChargesSatellite mobile phone,Short message service(There are exceptions such as sending to) and announced a new charge service "Kake-hodai & Pake-aeru" based on data communication.May 5Start accepting reservations fromMay 6Service provision started.
    • June 6-Voice call service by Xi ``Volta"(Voice over LTE) service started.
    • August 8-With the provision of the new fee service, the old fee service "Type Xi" is no longer accepted.
    • October 10-Android remote control service "Smart Data Link Mobizen" started service.
  • 2015/(27)
    • February-Substantial subsidiaryTower RecordRecochoku"Eggs project", a collaborative project with[16].
    • February-Charge your bill
    • March 3-NTT East/WestFLET'S HikariFixed line service using service wholesale "Docomo hikariService started.
    • August 10- タ カ ラ ト ミ ーCommunication Toy Omnibot jointly developed withOHaNAsStarted selling.
    • November 11-``d point card integrated credit card''d cardIssuance.
  • 2016/(28)
    • March 3-KoreanLG ElectronicsLTE-Advancedmethod,LTEmethod,W-CDMAIt depends on the terminal device for each standard of the method.Essential patentConcluded a license agreement.
    • June 6-ChineseHuaweiConcluded a license agreement for essential patents on mobile communication technology.
    • July 6-``NOTTV"The service ends.
    • November 11-TaiwanHTCConcluded a license agreement for essential patents for LTE-Advanced, LTE, and W-CDMA standards.
  • 2017/(29)
    • July 7-1th anniversary of the start of business.
  • 2018/(30)
    • April 4-New York Stock Exchange delisted[17].
    • August 12- Minoru industryDevelops a weeding robot for vegetable farmers in collaboration with Vegetable Club (Showa-mura, Gunma Prefecture)[18].
  • 2019/(ReiwaFirst year)
  • 2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • January 1-Docomo Healthcare becomes a wholly owned subsidiary[19].
    • March 3-25th generation mobile phone "docomo 5G" started service.
    • March 3-New acceptance of "FOMA Data Plan" and "Ubiquitous Plan" has ended.
    • April 4-Merged with Docomo Healthcare.
    • August 11- General holding company, NTTTOB (Tender Offer) established by[20].
    • November 11-24 TOB settlement date. NTT's share certificate ownership ratio will be 17%[20].
    • December 12-Data capacity 3 GBAnnounced the "ahamo" brand, which offers a price of ¥ 2,980 / month (excluding tax)[21]..The main target is in their 20s.
    • December 12-Tokyo Stock Exchange Part 25Delisted[22].
    • December 12-By request for sale of sharesNTT, the holding companyWholly owned subsidiaryBecomes
  • 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)
    • April 4-Docomo Shop uniformsSato OkiIntroduced for men at the same time as the design was renewed[23].
  • 2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)
    • January 1-NTT CommunicationsNTT Corporation (Global Holding Company, NTT, Inc.)In addition to making it a wholly owned subsidiary by transferring shares from NTT Comware, we also transferred a part of the shares held by NTT Comware, the controlling holding company, to make it a subsidiary.[9]
    • March 3-Announced plans to expand 11G coverage by diverting part of the 4G frequency band to 5G[24]
  • 2026/(8nd year of Reiwa)
    • March 3-Third generation mobile phone "FOMA" "i-mode" service scheduled to end[25].

Main business

Segment classificationServices
Communication businessMobile communication services・ 5G service
・ LTE (Xi) service
・FOMA service
・International services
・Terminal equipment sales, etc.
Optical communication services and other communication services・Optical communication service
・Satellite phone service, etc.
Smart life businessContent commerce service・DTV, d hits, d magazine, d shopping, d travel
・ DAZN for docomo
-Tower RecordCo., Ltd. etc.
Financial/settlement service・D card, iD
・Fee storage agent
・D payment etc.
Lifestyle service・D health care, d gourmet, d photo
・Oak Lawn Marketing Co., Ltd.
・ABC Cooking Studio, etc.
Other businessesCorporate solution・Corporate IoT
・System development, sales, maintenance contract, etc.
Anshin support・Mobile phone compensation service
・Anshin remote support, etc.

Mobile phone business

The number of mobile phone contracts in JapanAbout 7,967 million contractsIn the domestic mobile phone marketmarket shareIs about 44%, both ranked first (as of the end of December 1)[26].

Currently, W-CDMA and HSPA 3rd and 3.5th generation mobile phonesFOMAThe LTE-based 2010th generation mobile phone, which was launched on December 12, 24, ahead of domestic mobile operators.XiLTE-Advanced fourth-generation mobile phone launched on March 2015, 3PREMIUM 4G"The 2020th generation mobile phone launched on March 3, 25"docomo 5GAre being serviced.

Years reached for each 1 million contracts[27]

  • February 1997: 2 million contracts
  • February 1998: 8 million contracts
  • February 2000: 4 million contracts
  • February 2002: 1 million contracts
  • February 2005: 11 million contracts
  • February 2012: 3 million contracts
  • February 2016: 2 million contracts

Mail/i-mode service

1997/Start of December10 yen emailService (20082End) and1999/Starting in Februaryi-mode'[Note 3]ServicesBecame an explosive hit, increasing the market share.

From 1999 when i-mode spread2001/To the original i-modeEmail AddressWas "Mobile phone number@docomo.ne.jp".Malicious content providers use the email address "mobile phone number@docomo.ne.jp"ComputerAutomatically generated by our companySelfish siteTo advertisespamWas sent to i-mode in large quantities. Junk mail, which requires recipients to pay the mail reception fee, has become a major social problem. For this reason, since July 2001, the i-mode center has been able to detect mails sent in large numbers for i-mode, delete them, and prevent them from being received. IsrandomIt has been changed to a specification that begins with alphanumeric characters, and you can change the settings for spam mail countermeasures as well as addresses (mail accounts) in "Mail Settings" on i-mode.

Around the same time, J-Fon (currentlySoftbank) IsE-mailReceive free stronglyPRAlso, "In the received mailpacketWe introduced a system similar to NTT Docomo called "Charge fee"au(KDDI-Okinawa Cellular Phone2001)1Introduced a discount plan called "Comicomi Pack" that includes free communication.On the other hand, since August 2001, NTT DoCoMo has made i-mode users free of charge up to 8 packets per month as part of measures against spam.In addition, for W-CDMA (FOMA), which has a margin in the radio wave band, the unit price of one packet is slightly reduced and the same "Comicomi pack"Packet packWas introduced.2005/In November, when introducing the new unified rate plan,i-mode basic chargeHas been reduced and the monthly "400 packet free" has been abolished. In June 2008, the basic i-mode charge was revised to 6 yen per month, which is side by side with other companies.

Mova to FOMA migration

Launched in October 2001 as the world's first W-CDMA third-generation mobile phone service, "FOMA" was positioned as Docomo's main service with the launch of the 10i series incorporating the latest functions in 3. It was After that, by moving subscribers from "mova" to "FOMA",2004/April to 46By the end, the net increase in third-generation mobile phones was number one for 3 consecutive months, and in July 50, the number of FOMA contracts exceeded the number of mova contracts. November 1 mova service · March 2006Dual network serviceEnded the new contract and ended the PDC Mova mobile phone service on March 2012, 3.

Speeding up FOMA and introducing LTE

The data communication speed of FOMA was 2001 for both transmission and reception when it was first introduced in October 10. Kbps[28]Circuit switching and reception up to 384 Kbps Transmission up to 64 KbpsWireless packet communicationThe service was started at. In September 2003, the card-type terminal F9 was released, and communication at a maximum of 2402 Kbps became available for both transmission and reception.In voice terminals, transmission was still up to 384 Kbps. In August 64,FOMA high speedIs a higher standard of W-CDMA under the name ofHSDPAWas introduced, and a communication speed of up to 3.6 Mbps for reception and 384 Kbps for uplink transmission became available. In April 2008, the reception speed of FOMA High Speed ​​was improved to a maximum of 4 Mbps, and in June 7.2, the transmission was also improved to a maximum of 2009 Mbps with the introduction of the HSPA standard. From June 6, the FOMA high-speed reception speed has been increased to 5.7 Mbps (theoretical value: 2011 Mbps).

Depending on the communication area by actively expanding the FOMA area and FOMA high speed areaCustomer satisfactionImproved, and in March 2009, became the number one customer satisfaction in data communications[29]In July 2009, the number of net additions for mobile phones was the highest, and for the entire fiscal year 7, the number of net additions was the highest for the first time in four years.[30]..また2010年にはJDパワーAlso in XNUMX, JD PowerCustomer satisfaction surveyWon first place in the industry[31].

Currently, carriers around the world are beginning to introduce3.9rd generation mobile communication systemIs the standard of Long Term Evolution Regarding (LTE), DoCoMo will start the service on December 2010, 12 under a new service brand called "Xi (Crossy)", and will increase the number of base stations from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya to government-designated cities and nationwide. There is. With the introduction of "Xi", communication speeds of up to 24 Mbps were available in some indoor areas and up to 75 Mbps in other areas at the time of introduction.In some areas, the maximum reception speed has improved from winter 37.5 to a maximum of 2012 Mbps, and from the summer of 112.5 to a maximum reception speed of 2013 Mbps.

Delayed entry into smartphones and iPhones

Started in October 2006Number portability (MNP)” struggled initially, and the number of contracts in November 2006 was the first net decrease for the company. After that, the number of net additions was smaller than that of au. Furthermore, it was inferior to Softbank in terms of net increase, and was far behind the two companies after the start of MNP. Also, for January 11E-MobileHowever, the net increase was inferior. DOCOMO has beenDoCoMo 2.0We aimed to acquire customers with the flag, but in August 2007, it was the second net decrease (-8) since the company was founded.

It was this further decrease in the net situation that causedfeature phoneChange toSmartphoneThe rise of2007/ToWWDCAnnounced inAppleSmartphone "iPhoneIs the appearance of. In particular, the iPhone has a multi-touch function with finger operation on the screen, in addition to a novel and intuitive operation system,Personal computer"Full browser function" and "電子 メ ー ルBy incorporating "functions", the market size of the iPhone has expanded. Announced next year in 2008iPhone 3GWith the entry of SoftBank, it became a catalyst for the spread of smartphones in Japan.

With the rise of smartphones, Docomo was chased to respond, and it was decided to change to the new Docomo brand from July 2008. In November 7, we revised the numbering system for mobile phones using numbers such as "2008X/11X" and arranged the model numbers,docomo PRIME series, docomo STYLE series, docomo SMART series, docomo PRO seriesIt has come to be classified into four series, such as the 4 series and the docomo PRO series from 2008.Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android(GoogleWe released smartphones such as mobile phones in quick succession.

From the summer of 2010, the smartphone will be separated from the PRO series category.Docomo smartphoneAnd in September 2010SmartphoneHowever, you can use i-mode mail address etc.sp mode"Has started service.

From the 2011 winter model terminal, the higher-ranking series of conventional mobile phones have been integrated into the "docomo STYLE series" to position smartphones as the mainstay, and the functions that were installed in conventional mobile phones such as One Seg and Osaifu-Keitai Added "docomo with series", and it will be positioned as a smartphone for advanced users that inherits the flow of the old "docomo smartphone".docomo NEXT seriesIt was divided into two series. Since the winter 2 model, voice communication terminals compatible with the "Xi" have been released.

However, until now the communication standard "CDMABecause of the problem, au, who could not enter the iPhone,iPhone 4sBy entering at the same time as the release of,iPhone 3GSDespite the fact that the following models were compatible with the FOMA communication standard, only DoCoMo was in a state of not handling the iPhone. This is because, from the time SoftBank entered the iPhone to the time Docomo entered the iPhone, the president was changed twice at Docomo, and the management policy had to be changed. Video acquisition and 2NOTTVThe start of the broadcast of DoCoMo and the arrogant attitude of Docomo at the time were also factors that made users unpopular.

As a result of that, after the summer of 2008,Number portabilityThe number of peopleCancellationThe decrease in the rate became remarkable, and it was the first excess transfer since the MNP system started in December of the same year.[32].. In January 2012, the number of "FOMA" contracts declined for the first time, and until the entry into the iPhone, the battle continued.

Based on these past failures and reflections, DOCOMO has reviewed its management strategy and newly added "2 Top strategyIs launched,ソ ニ ー エ リ ク ソ ンSamsung electronicsIn addition to investing more sales incentives on smartphones (although it will eventually fail), from the 2013 summer model terminal, "docomo with series"When"docomo NEXT seriesThere is no longer a classification based on the two series.

In the fall of 2013, following Softbank and au, iPhone entered the market in Japan (iPhone 5s / 5c) Was finally fulfilled.

Recent issues and new services

Compared to other companies,TerminalThere is an image that the price is high. At FOMAPake-hodai(For i-mode communicationPacket flat-rate systemRate plan)·Pake-hodai full(I-mode communicationFull browserPacket flat-rate charge plan for) (Pake-hodai doubleWith the start of the service in 2008May 12New application acceptance will be ended with the introduction), expansion of usable area, enhancement of service and terminal variations, free call for family members 24 hours[Note 4]な どFamily discountStrengthening, unification of price plans FOMA and mova,Fami-wari MAX50Discount for one person 50Dispel the image of high fees due to the introduction ofValue course-Basic course) Introducing the terminalInstallment saleThe start of the[33], Introduction of HSDPA, which is a higher-speed packet communication standard,MOAPWe are taking countermeasures such as common platform development in software such as.

In 2004,i-mode FeliCaStarted. Nickname is "Mobile walletAnd based on this, "Mobile SuicaService is also provided. "Osaifu-Keitai" is also available to other companieslicenseHas been donated.

2006/May 8,HSDPAA service that uses a high-speed packet communication standard called "FOMA high speedStarted[34].. HSDPA3.5rd generation mobile communication systemCorresponds to the high-speed data communication reception standard (download). Using this,Chaku-Uta FullOr download music programs automatically at midnightMusic & Video channelIs also going. It is also the transmission standard (upload) for high-speed data communication of the same 3.5th generation mobile communication system.HSUPAThe system "FOMA High Speed" was also adopted, and the FOMA data communication service "FOMA High Speed" achieved faster transmission and reception. Furthermore,4rd generation mobile communication systemEquivalent toXi (Crossy),5rd generation mobile communication systemActively researching and developing new methods for

From fiscal 2008, we are also working on fields that we could not fully develop with the i-mode system, which is the business model that DOCOMO created.

From September 2010, ISP service for smartphonessp modeStarted service,One Seg, Has begun selling smartphones equipped with Osaifu-Keitai, andDai Nippon PrintingIn partnership with the company's smartphone e-book distribution site "2DfactoAre working to expand sales.

From September 2011, tablet devices will be added to the new category "Docomo tabletIt is being developed in. Also,2011/May 4The terminals sold after that areMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsBased on the guidelines shown by, on all mobile devices except iPhone,SIM lockCan be released (SIM free) And[35].

Furthermore, in the summer of 2014, a high-quality sound call service "Xi"Volta(Voice over LTE) has started.

From February 2015, the "Deposit for Information on Account Transfer" will be charged and the postage will be 2 yen (consumption taxwithout),InvoicePayment now comes with a handling charge of 100 yen (excluding consumption tax) (e-billing continues). same year,タ カ ラ ト ミ ーJointly developed the communication toy omnibot "OHaNAs". Is applied to enable smooth conversation.[36][37][38].

2019/autumn,Rugby World Cup 2019According to5GStarted pre-service[39]Officially launched 2020G service on March 3, 25[40].

2020/9In the future6GFor research and development of mobile phonesNTT GroupWith the aim of increasing international competitiveness asHolding companyIsNippon Telegraph and Telephone(NTT) docomoWholly owned subsidiaryWas announced to be[41].

Also, like KDDI and SoftbankSub-brandThe company, which did not have, urged a major mobile operator to reduce its monthly charges.Yoshihide Suga CabinetIn December 2020, in response to the request ofDigital nativeA new plan that is completely separated from DoCoMo's existing plans, targeting generationsahamo"2021/3Has announced that it will be introduced in[42].

2022/ToNTT CommunicationsA cheap smartphone provided by NTT Com, which is under the umbrella ofOCN Mobile ONE[43]Is sold at the NTT DoCoMo shop.This NTT Com personal business was also made a subsidiary of NTT DoCoMo on July 2022, 7.NTT ResonantWill transfer the business to[44]

Line lending to other operators (MVNO business)

NTT Docomo's Xi/FOMA networkMVNOWe are engaged in MNO business that lends to businesses.

Companies currently or will be offered (including those that are newly suspended)
Service nameProvider companyService line
IIJ MobileInternet initiative (IIJ)FOMA high speed (data only)
IIJmio High Speed ​​Mobile/DXi / FOMA high speed (data / voice)
Mobile/remote access docomo modelNTT Communications
(NTT Group)
FOMA high speed (data only)
OCN mobile
OCNBusiness mobile (d)
OCN mobile dXi
OCN Mobile ONEXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
b-mobile 3GJapan CommunicationsFOMA high speed (data only)
Connect emailMail service
talkingSIMVoice, data, WORLD WING
b-mobile 4GXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
STAR Remote 3G Sumitomo Electricsystem
(Temporary periodNet marks(There is a period under the umbrella)
FOMA high speed (data only)
Tiki Mobile 3GTikiTiki InternetFOMA high speed (data only)
(NTT Datasystem)
FOMA high speed (data only)
Master'sONE Mobile SaaS OnePac ServiceNTTPC Communications
(NTT Group/NTT Com)
FOMA high speed (data only)
(Kosida Groupsystem)
data communication
Mimamori Hot LineZojirushi Mahobindata communication
TANGO mailFOMA high speed (data only)
AIA-110PoFdata communication
Sweet potato network 21C(Iwasaki SangyoName)[45]Voice, data
Mobile PC access type DFujitsuFOMA high speed (data only)
Mobile access type AJUSENFOMA high speed (data only)
WICOM Mobile-DFOMA high speed (data only)
MIND FOMA packet access (TypeB)
(Mitsubishi Electricsystem)
FOMA high speed (data only)
Operation management systemMobile create
(OriginalJapan RadioSystem →Oita Bank(Actually under the group)
data communication
VECTANT Secure Mobile AccessVector
(Marubeni, nowArteria Networks
(Old Global Access))
FOMA high speed (data only)
Very data flat rate Japana2networkFOMA high speed (data only)
MiFiInter Communications
(Gee Phonesystem)
FOMA high speed (data only)
Cleaning POS "DUKE" wireless plan, etc.Digi Japan
(Teraoka Group)
data communication
HP Mobile BroadbandHewlett Packard Japan
(HP groupJapanese corporation)
FOMA high speed (data only)
DTI Hybrid MobileDream train internet
(Free bitsystem)
FOMA high speed (data only)
ServersMan SIM LTE 100Xi/FOMA high speed (data only)
R-SkyEarl StreamFOMA high speed + IP phone
EsmobiSofia mobile
(Sophia Holdingssystem)
FOMA high speed + IP phone
So-net mobile 3GSonnet Entertainment
(Sony Group)
Xi/FOMA high speed (data only)
NURO LTE → So-net Mobile LTE (September 2013, 9-)Xi/FOMA high speed (data, voice)
Plala MobileNTT Plala
(NTT Group)
Xi/FOMA high speed (data only)
(OriginalNECGroup →KDDIgroup)
Xi/FOMA high speed (data, voice)
@nifty do LTENiftyXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
hi-ho LTE typeD
(OriginalPanasonicSystem → Currently under the umbrella of IIJ Group)
Xi/FOMA high speed (data only)
Wonderlink LTEPanasonic Consumer MarketingXi (data only)
Rakuten Broadband LTERakuten Communications(Rakuten Group)
Xi/FOMA high speed (data only)
BB excite LTEExcitementXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
Big SIMBic cameraXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
U-Mobile LTEU-NEXTXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
Umobile dFOMA high speed (data only)
ASAHI Net LTEASAHI NetXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
Mobile data communicationsignalXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
Value SIM (Toppa!)Hi-bitFOMA high speed (data only)
@MobileGenesXi/FOMA high speed (data only)
K MobaKintetsu Cable NetworkXi/FOMA high speed (data, voice)
ads.mobileAdvance corpXi/FOMA high speed (data, voice)
Companies that once provided
Service nameProvider companyService line
ACCA mobile (D)ACCA Networks
(Former NTT GroupNTT ComUnder the umbrella →E accessSystem → absorption merger)
FOMA high speed (data only)
FOMA high speed (data only)

Satellite phone (Wide Star)

Wide star TheequatorialOf two aircraft in the sky 36,000 kmGeostationary satellite It is a public telephone service using (N-STAR). As of the end of May 2010, there were 5 contracts. Available area is Japanterritory-Waters-Economic zoneOut ofnoonAround(I.e.It covers all the places overlooking. mainlyMountain hut,ShipSuch as mobile phonesFixed-line phoneIt is used in places that are hard to reach. 20043Until,aircraftThe service was also provided inside.

Since the satellite orbit is far away, there is a delay in voice for about 0.2 seconds.Also, due to the high output required for communication, the minimum portable phone weighs 1.7 kg.There are three main types: portable type, vehicle type, and ship type.Vehicle type and ship type are equipped with an automatic tracking antenna so that the antenna always faces the geostationary satellite.Portable on its ownDirectivityA strong antenna is built in, and communication can be performed by pointing the antenna to the south.

It can be connected to an external antenna for indoor use. The assigned number is the same as the Japanese mobile phone number,Satellite phoneThe price system for incoming calls is the same as the price for terrestrial mobile phones, so it is a cheap satellite communication even in a global comparison. Above groundInfrastructureLow dependency on disastersconvergenceAs long as the "satellite uplink stations" distributed at the two locations below are not damaged at the same time, there will be no communication problems and the transition to the mobile backup station will be easy.

The ability became unprecedented damageGreat East Japan EarthquakeTherefore, even when the mobile phone base station on the ground became paralyzed and malfunctioned one after another due to an earthquake, tsunami, long-term power outage, etc., stable call and communication were verified, so not only disaster recovery agencies,Government officeAnd companies have also introduced it as a disaster countermeasure.

Since April 2010, we have started a new service called Wide Star II, which aims to increase the data communication speed and reduce packet charges.

International roaming, international call

NTT Docomo InternationalroamingAs a serviceWORLD WINGThe service is provided. This is a service that can be used in the service areas of overseas carriers that are affiliated with NTT Docomo while keeping their telephone numbers and email addresses. In addition to calls, i-mode (including i-mode mail), SMS, data communication, etc. can be used overseas.

It is available in 210 countries and most countries where Japanese travel. AlsoConexus Mobile AllianceWe are actively engaged in tie-ups with overseas communication carriers.Overseas Pake-hodaiProvides services such as fixed packet usage charges overseas. Since around 2007, the number of models equipped with WORLD WING has increased, but at international airports in Japan, docomo world counters are set up and international roaming terminals are rented.

For international calls (from Japan to overseas),WORLD CALLIt is available from all terminals of NTT Docomo. Although there is no description in the guidebook,Iridium satelliteYou can call your mobile phone.

Internet service provider and public wireless LAN business

At NTT Docomo,Internet service provider(ISP) We are developing business.

NTTEast Japan-West JapanAnd alliancesCable TVOf the stationOptical line wholesaleUsingCMFIs to do. Although it is affiliated with each ISP, docomo net can be selected.

mopera(Mopera) is an Internet connection for all communications such as NTT Docomo's mobile phones (mova, early FOMA), DoPa, and satellite phones, and the usage fee is basically free. Specializing in FOMA data compression andsecurityCan take measuresmopera UI-mode cannot be used with (Moperayu) on doCoMo smartphonesPush email,Flat-rate data planIn addition to connecting with etc., as an optionPublic wireless LAN,FLET'SLight and FLET'S ADSL can be used at low cost.

Long time agoDocomo AOL,Dream netI was also operating such an ISP, but it is only mopera and docomo net due to sale to other companies and integration into OCN.

ABCaaaadocomo Wi-FiIt provides a public wireless LAN service called (docomo Wi-Fi).It used to be a service under the name of Mzone, but it was changed to the current name from March 2012, 3.We provide docomo Wi-Fi public wireless LAN service as the above-mentioned mopera U public wireless LAN optional service for line subscribers and sp-mode public wireless LAN optional service for smartphones, but NTT DoCoMo's line contract Even if you do not have the docomo Wi-Fi service, you can subscribe to it and use it (the usage fee is higher than the mopera U or sp-mode public wireless LAN option).The service area is the largest among the public wireless LANs offered for a fee in Japan, and is a convenience store. restaurant,station,空港, Complex building,Hotel,Parking areaEtc., can be used at 116,600 access points in 140,000 areas nationwide (as of November 2013, 11).

PHS business

In 1998NTT personalReceived the transfer of the PHS business and was developing the business. Rather than voice calls to avoid competition with NTT DoCoMo's mobile phone business as much as possibledata communicationOr location information terminal,PassageIt is said that it has been focusing on fields such as the private extension and home extension that use PHS. Around 2000Palm (Palm /SONY) AndZaurus (Zaurus /),Windows CESuch as a terminalMobile information terminal (PDA) is at its peak,Compact flashThe number of contracts increased, centering on type data communication terminals, and at the peak, the market share was the second largest with more than 200 million contracts. Multimedia service in the first half of 2, ahead of FOMA etc.M-Stage(Music distribution・ Video distribution) was also performed.However, the business itself continued to be in the red, and in 2003 as a survival measure.@FreeDTo sayFlat-rate data communicationStarted service (dormant method by circuit switching).Revenue picked up for a while, but competing DDI pocketsAir H"Around 2005, when the terminal and charge settings were enhanced without catching up with the service (packet switching method), the FOMA service became cheaper, and data communication and premises extension (PASSAGE DUPLE) The benefits of business continuity have diminished due to the fact that the business has begun to compete internally and it is difficult to expand the area and add new services due to aging equipment. Among the three major groups engaged in PHS businessAstelThe group began withdrawing from some regional companies in 2002 (all services as Astel ended in December 2006), and the trend of DoCoMo PHS was drawing attention. New subscriptions were suspended on April 12, 2005, and all services were terminated at 4:30 on January 2008, 1.DoCoMo PHS users have given preferential treatment to FOMA and mediation to WILLCOM, and the NTT Group as a whole has surrendered the market to other companies for the first time in the telecommunications sector unit.
After January 2008, 1, WILLCOM Group →Y MobileOnly PHS has become a surviving operator by developing nationwide services, but this is also2021/It was announced that the service will end in January.

Pager (quick cast)

It was the only company in Japan that provided pager services in prefectures nationwide. At the beginning of NTT Docomo's business, there were times when there were more pager subscribers than mobile phones. On July 1968, 7,Tokyo 23 WardThen the former Denden Public Corporation started,1978/280MHz bandFSK modulation200b/s NTT service started. Initially it was only a ring tone, but it has evolved into a vibration type and a card type. 1985Communication liberalizationByTele messageWith the entry of the group, the pager price has become cheaper, and in the 1990snextIt is a lineup as a series,数字-Katakana[Note 5]-漢字It became highly functional so that the notation of could be done.

Since 1996, lower prices for mobile phones and PHS and similar to pagersShort mailWith the advent of models equipped with the function, the leakage of users who have been using it for private purposes will begin to occur.

From 1997computerから電子 メ ー ルnetwork(SMTP) To send a messageApplication,Horoscope-Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-NewsPush-type information distribution service (Taxi,vending machine OfElectronic bulletin boardReleased “” for children, which supports only fixed phrases (simple next) that encourages homecoming and contact (also applied to distribution). In 1999, the caller billed “” (02DO/call) The service of "telephone" was also started, and the TV commercial was also held up to 02DO service in after the appearance of i-mode (except "Kids Bell")Tokyo TelemessageBut equivalent services have been provided until recently. ).

From pager in April 2001Quick castThe service name was changed to. Bringing out the characteristics of a "reliable delivery" pager to the front, the new terminal "ScooperAlthough the series was released, the number of users of mobile phones continued to increase, and the number of users decreased significantly.May 6The new application acceptance was completed, and the business was completed only on March 2007, 3.

After NTT DoCoMo's withdrawal in 2007, it was a tele-messaging groupOkinawa Tele MessageTokyo Telemessage(Second generation: October 2, 2008YOZANThe pager business was continued, but Okinawa TV Message closed in April 2017 and Tokyo Telemessage closed in September 4.

Credit card business

Originally NTT DocomoDocomo cardThe credit card was provided in partnership with a credit card company.Mobile walletAs of December 2005, 12, as part of promoting credit card services in Japan and securing new revenueMitsui Sumitomo Bank CardIs a contactless credit brand invested iniDI started the service.

2006/May 5Service startDCMX・A d-point card integrated type that was issued on November 2015, 11d cardIs issued as a Docomo original iD-compatible credit card. You can also use shopping and cashing with VISA / Master brand credit cards.ETCCards have also been issued.

DCMX also has a simple service "DCMX mini" that does not issue a card and only supports shopping with iD of Osaifu-Keitai. Despite the restrictions of 1 yen for usage limit and non-addition of shopping points, millions of FOMA Osaifu-Keitai owners can apply for about 1 million subscribers, aiming to expand the base of Keitai credit There is.

DoCoMo's mobile payment is a service to settle payments for shopping with a d account together with mobile phone charges. d points are given and can be used. You can obtain a d account without a docomo line contract.

iD is not only NTT Docomo and Sumitomo Mitsui Card,AEON credit service,Credit SaisonA total of 68 companies, including (Saison and UC brands), are offering the product.1,000 million piecesHas exceeded. The number of members of "DCMX" is also 2009May 8Has exceeded 1,000 million people.

iD available storesSeven-Eleven,Lawson,FamilyMart,Daily Yamazaki such asconvenience storeAndJapan McDonald's,Horns,ion,Bic camera,Yodobashi Camera,KojimaIt can be used at many other stores. AlsoJapan Coca-ColaIs a vending machineSeemo 2,TaxiBut there are some available.

The number of compatible payment terminals is42 unitsWhen,Suica,EdyIs over.世界But since July 2008Guam,In SeptemberPeople's Republic of ChinaShanghaiBut now available.

Business area

TaiziIs the prefecture where the regional branch office is located. The regional office was the headquarters of each regional company before the merger. After that, the affiliated branchesDocomo CSWas transferred to each regional company, and docomo itself has only regional branch offices. The number of contractors is as of the end of December 2019

Regional branch nameFormer regional company nameJurisdictionOld affiliated branchNumber of contractors
Hokkaido branchNTT Docomo HokkaidoHokkaidoHakodate, Tomakomai, Asahikawa, Obihiro, Kushiro, Kitami234.0 million
Tohoku BranchNTT Docomo TohokuAomori,Iwate,Miyagi,Akita,Yamagata,FukushimaAomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Fukushima399.7 million
Head officeNTT Docomo
Commonly known as Docomo Central
Ibaraki Prefecture,Tochigi,Gunma Prefecture,Saitama,Chiba,
Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Marunouchi,
Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tama, Kanagawa, Niigata, Nagano, Yamanashi
4500.4 million
Tokai branch officeNTT Docomo TokaiGifu,Shizuoka,Aichi,MieGifu, Shizuoka, Mie604.6 million
Hokuriku BranchNTT Docomo HokurikuToyama,Ishikawa,FukuiToyama, Fukui135.1 million
Kansai branchNTT DOCOMO KansaiShiga,Kyoto,Osaka,Hyogo,Nara,WakayamaShiga, Kyoto, Kobe, Himeji, Nara, Wakayama896.2 million
China branch officeNTT Docomo ChinaTottori,Shimane ,Okayama,Hiroshima,Yamaguchi Tottori, Shimane, Okayama, Fukuyama, Yamaguchi341.3 million
Shikoku branchNTT Docomo ShikokuTokushima,Kagawa,Ehime,KochiTokushima, Ehime, Kochi197.6 million
Kyushu branchNTT DoCoMo KyushuFukuoka,Saga,Nagasaki,Kumamoto,Oita,
Kitakyushu, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa658.0 million

The buildings shown in the pictures below are divided into those that have an administrative department, including subsidiaries, and those that only have telephone exchange equipment.

Mobile phone terminal and model number rule

  • Docomo smartphone

Major mobile phone handset manufacturers

Supplier manufacturer

Car phone

  • Denso -Digital car phoneESeries E408. It was produced until hands-free became mainstream at Mova, but it is sold only in stock. The E403 was on sale in the past when FOMA-compatible devices were not produced only by the mover.

Main communication equipment

Base station radio equipment
NEC, Fujitsu,Nokia,Ericsson, Mitsubishi Electric,Toshiba
NEC, Fujitsu
Transmission device
NEC, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric,Oki Electric Industry,Hitachi, Ltd.
Antennas, antenna peripherals
Nippon Electric Works,Electric industry, Japan Radio,Shimada Rika Kogyo

Research facility

Docomo R & D Center
KanagawaYokosuka OfYokosuka Research Park There is a research facility called "DOCOMO R & D Center" in (YRP).AroundNEC,Fujitsu,Ericsson,Net One Systems,Alpha SystemsSuch companies are also expanding, and joint research is also underway. Communication methods that have become popular since 2015LTE-Advanced(4rd generation mobile communication system) (At NTT DocomoPREMIUM 4GWith the brand name), and the next generation5rd generation mobile communication system NTT DoCoMo's research on (5G), development of new mobile phone terminals, development of communication platforms, etc.Mobile phone in JapanIt is a central base for mobile communication system development.
There is also an exhibition hall "WHARF" at the center, where you can see the research results of NTT Docomo and the visions for future development.[46].CEATEC JAPANIn 2009Earphones operated by eyesAnd domesticThinned woodMade fromTOUCH WOODThe technology developed at this research facility was announced.
Keikyu Kurihama Line"YRP Nobi Station10 minutes by bus.

Dealers, etc.

There are approximately 2,393 stores (as of the end of March 2011) nationwide that sell NTT Docomo products and services, centered on Docomo Shops. OtherConsumer electronics storeIt is sold in stores and agencies.

Docomo shop

Docomo shop overview
A sales agent that specializes in mobile phones of NTT Docomo, Inc. The first store was the Docomo Shop Hachioji Store, which opened on October 1992, 10, and is basically located near railway stations in urban areas and along main roads in rural areas.Roadside storeWe are opening a store with this policy.Department store,General supermarket (GMS),Shopping mallThere is also a form of opening as a tenant such as.
Cheap plan "ahamoWas introduced in March 2021, and all the procedures for it can be done online.New CoronavirusDue to the influence of the above, the number of store visits has decreased by about 3% compared to before Corona, so we will reduce the number of 3 stores, which is equivalent to 700%, by 2025, and the staff of the stores to be closed will be It is said to correspond to online contractors[47].

The main contents of work are as follows.

  • Administrative procedures for new contracts, contract changes, cancellations, suspension of use, etc. of mobile phone terminals
  • Sale of accessories and options
  • Change price plans, abolish discount services, answering machine services, abolish network services such as i-mode and sp-mode
  • Consulting services such as mobile phone bill plan diagnosis
  • Mobile phone repair (some stores do not handle some)
  • NTT Finance billing charges (NTT Docomo, NTTto East MalaysiaWest-Com), Etc., payment of NTT affiliated usage fees

Docomo shopDOCOPYThere is a mobile phone memory copy tool, called so-called, in the store, which sends notifications of mail address changes to new models, such as the transfer of data such as address books, photos, and mail, and changes in the mail address due to MNP. And so on. It is possible to change the data copy from other companies to Docomo (some models do not support it).

Corporate sales representative
In recent years, due to the expansion of sales channels, corporate sales representatives have become available at docomo Shops, and they also visit companies to provide consulting services. At such docomo Shops, "Satellite mobile phones (Wide Star)" and "BlackBerry 8707h","Business mopera"PASSAGE DUPLE, Handling products such as server products and repairing failures.
Docomo Smartphone Class / Mobile Phone Class
Docomo Shops sometimes offer free mobile phone classes. As for contents, for mobile phone beginnersEasy phoneUsing, you can operate a mobile phone, basic operations of a normal mobile phone, and convenient usage of i-mode. In recent years, along with the spread of smartphones, the name has been changed to "docomo smartphone classroom" and the content has been specialized for smartphones.

Agency system

Most stores have NTT DocomoagencyOperated by the contracted company. The main agents areConnexio(ITOCHU Corporationgroup),Tea gaia(Mitsui-Sumitomo Corporation-Mitsubishi CorporationInvested),MX Mobiling(Marubenigroup),Kanematsu Communications Inc.,TD mobile(OldToyotsu Cisco Systems.Toyota Tsusho-DensoTrading companies such as (subsidiaries), mobile phone makers, car repair shops,Honda Motor Co., Ltd.,Nissan MotorThere are distributors of automobile manufacturers. Manufacturer-based distributors have withdrawn from businesses that supply mobile phones to NTT Docomo,FujitsuMost of them are not existing due to merger and acquisition.

There are also locally rooted distributors in the region, such as local electronics stores and car repair shops. There are 1st agency, 2nd agency, 3rd agency, agency, etc. in the agency, but the docomo shop is basically done by the 1st agency or the 2nd agency.Yodobashi Camera,Bic camera such asConsumer electronics storeIs often a secondary agency.Edion(OldAiden) AndNojimaLike, there is a subsidiary that operates the primary agency business, and there are also mass retailers who have a direct contract with DoCoMo.

There used to be directly managed stores and branch windows, but now it is a function-sharing subsidiary.Docomo CSAnd are being consolidated and transferred to Docomo CS regional companies in each region.

Small store

Previously, there were smaller stores than docomo shops.The business itself is basically the same as the docomo Shop, but there are some restrictions on the services that can be received by the store (such as not accepting malfunctioning terminals and not collecting mobile phone usage charges).Criteria vary from district to district, such as around small stations, areas that do not compete with docomo shops, areas with a small population, and tenants in commercial facilities.Like the docomo shop, it is operated by an operating company that has a contract with NTT docomo, and the name varies from region to region. With the integration of eight NTT DoCoMo Group companies and the brand change in July 2008, all small dealers have been converted to docomo shops by the end of 7.At the time of the integration, all stores in the Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku areas were converted to docomo shops.In addition, the store design was renewed by changing the logo design at each store from the summer of 8.In addition, there are dealers all over the country that only sell telephones. There are stores that look the same as DoCoMo shops, such as by displaying the signboard of NTT DoCoMo, but with some exceptions, we do not store telephone charges, accept repairs, or cancel contracts.

  • Name of each store (as of just before becoming one company nationwide)
    • Hokkaido area-docomo shop satellite
    • Tohoku area-docomo land
    • Kanto/Koshinetsu area-docomo spot
    • Tokai area-docomo site[Note 6]・Docomo Mall[Note 7]
    • Hokuriku District-Docomo Shop Satellite
    • Kansai area-docomo shop satellite
    • China Area-Docomo Pit
    • Shikoku area-docomo shop mini
    • Kyushu area-docomo spot

core system

As the main backbone system, the business management system "DREAMS", customer management system "ALADDIN",Fee system"MoBillsThere are three. These are allOracleThe database of is adopted. The server used is UNIXSolaris, And a Windows server,The latter is more used (ratio)[Source required].

Optional products

The following optional products can be brought to a docomo ShopRecyclingCan be disposed of.

  • Mobile phone terminal accessories
    • Battery pack (depending on each mobile phone terminal)
    • Rear cover (varies by each mobile phone terminal)
    • FOMA AC Adapter 01/02 (Fujitsu/Panasonic Mobile Communications)…02 only available for overseas use
    • AC adapter 03 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • AC Adapter 04 (Fujitsu/Panasonic Mobile Communications)…High output type compatible with smartphones that support 1.8A input. Unlike 03, the transformer and USB cable cannot be separated.
    • AC adapter 05 (Fujitsu →Fujitsu Connected TechnologiesMade)...High voltage charging (Quick Charge 2.0) compatible
    • Portable AC adapter 01 kuruko (Hosiden(Made in Japan)...The charging method is equivalent to 05, but the cable part can be wound up. Available in gray, blue and red.
    • AC adapter 06 (made by Hosiden)...Connect the connector of AC adapter 05 from micro USBUSB Type-CChanged to connector.
    • FOMA charging microUSB conversion adapter N01/T01/SC01/L01/SH01 (NEC Casio→NEC mobile, Toshiba→Fujitsu Toshiba→Fujitsu M, Samsung, LG, Sharp products)… Using “FOMA AC Adapter 01/02” An adapter used when charging the main unit. Basically, it is exclusive to each manufacturer, but for T01, from Fujitsu ToshibaT-01CSince its release, there are cases where it has been attached to Fujitsu terminals (F series and T-01D, T-02D).
    • micro USB conversion adapter B to C 01 (made by Hosiden)… An adapter that converts a micro USB connector into a USB Type-C connector.
    • FOMA dry battery adapter 01 (3 AA batteries are charged.Alkaline batteries,Nickel hydride battery,Nicad battery対 応 Sanyo ElectricMade)
    • FOMA Auxiliary charging adapter 01/03 (Lithium ion batteryRepeatable charging adapter with built-in battery
    • FOMA Auxiliary Charge Adapter 02 (By connecting the USB cable,microUSBSupports charging of smartphone with connectorLithium ion batteryRepeatable charging adapter with built-in battery
    • Pocket Charger 01/02/03 (a rechargeable charging adapter with built-in lithium-ion battery, made by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. with improved output and capacity for smartphones)... 02/03 is compatible with Qi charging.
    • Wireless Charger 01/02/03 (manufactured by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.)Qi) A charging stand with a coil common to compatible terminals. The wireless charger attached to the terminal is the same manufacturer as the terminal (if it is for NEC Casio terminals, it will be like "Wireless Charger N01"), but it will be treated as a free trial product and not for sale, so it is set separately as an option There is.
    • Desktop holder (no HT series, which varies depending on each mobile phone)
    • Carrying case L01/S01 (Sony Ericsson Mobile CommunicationsMade by each mobile phone terminal)
    • Carrying case 02 (Depending on each mobile phone terminal manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Flat stereo earphone set P01 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Flat switch earphone set P02 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Stereo earphone microphone 01 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Stereo earphone microphone 02 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Earphone microphone 01 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • Earphone conversion adapter 01 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • External connection earphone conversion adapter 01 (manufactured by Fujitsu)
    • FOMA USB cable with charge function 01(MITSUMI ELECTRICMade)
    • FOMA USB cable with charge function 02(Mitsumi Electric)
    • Bluetooth wireless stereo earphone set P01/P02 (manufactured by Panasonic)
    • Bluetooth wireless earphone set P03 (Made by Panasonic)
    • Bone conduction receiver microphone 01 sound leaf(NEC TOKINMade)
    • Bone conduction receiver microphone 02 Sound Leaf Plus(NEC TOKIN product)
    • Bluetooth headset F01 (Fujitsu call only)
      • Bluetooth headset AC adapter F01 (Made by Fujitsu)
  • In-vehicle option
    • Car handsfree kit 01
    • FOMA in-car hands-free connection cable 01
    • mova in-vehicle hands-free connection cable 01
    • Car holder 01
    • Automotive FOMA connection adapter 01
    • Automotive FOMA connection adapter power cable (Cigarette lighter01)
    • FOMA DC adapter 01 (NECMade)
    • FOMA DC Adapter 02 (Panasonic Mobile Communications)
    • DC adapter 03 ((Japan) import source)…850mAh output
    • DC adapter 04 (PHIHONG TECHNOLOGY (Fuhiro Kagaku Japan) import source Excel) 1.2Ah output
  • Indoor auxiliary antenna
    • FOMA indoor auxiliary antenna (stand type) (manufactured)
    • FOMA indoor auxiliary antenna (NEC Corporation)
    • mova (800 MHz) Indoor auxiliary antenna (manufactured by Nippon Denki Kogyo)
  • Other options
    • Osaifu-Keitai Jacket 01 (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications)...iPhoneAnd use as a set

Image character


Anime works

UHF anime×KADOKAWAInvolved in the production of the work. Participating in animation production at a mobile phone company is unusual.

From October 2010 to October 10, I participated in the production of TV TOKYO × KADOKAWA works.

Kadokawa Shoten Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company that conducts animation content distribution business for smartphones started in July 2012, content management business related to animation, investment in new animation works, etc.Docomo Anime StoreWas established in late May of the same year[48].


Production CommitteeJoin as


Related services

Equipment / communication services

Content service

Price / discount service

DoCoMo Hikariwari

Major subsidiaries/affiliates

As a general rule, as of April 2021

Function-sharing subsidiary

Subsidiaries established by region to efficiently and flexibly operate the business that forms the basis of DoCoMo's services


  • (stock)





  • (stock)



  • (stock)


  • (stock)


  • (stock)

Domestic subsidiary

Domestic affiliate

Foreign subsidiary


Overseas affiliates

Dissolved, transferred, merged subsidiary/affiliated company

Problems, scandals, etc.

Problems in base station installation / construction

All of the base stations were removed or relocated after the problem was discovered.

Advertising issues

  • 2006/May 11,Softbank mobileSo-called "0 yen"Ads"about"Freebie display methodI suspect a violation."Fair Trade CommissionSubmitted the tax return to the same yearMay 12The Fair Trade Commission cautioned that "the label was displayed that could violate the provisions of Article 4, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Premium Labeling Act" (KDDIAlso received a caution, and SoftBank Mobile received a "warning" that was heavier than the caution). In addition, the Fair Trade Commission is a corporate body to which these three companies belong.Telecommunications Carriers AssociationHe pointed out that there are many complaints from the public about the complicated fee structure.
  • 2007/May 11Advertising againFlyerI received a warning from the Japan Fair Trade Commission with KDDI.The reason for the disposition is the same as the reason for caution received from the Fair Trade Commission in November of the previous year (problem regarding the notation of advertisements), and it is unusual to receive administrative sanctions twice in a year. It became.

Violation of identity verification of sales agents

Communication failure

  • 2010/May 115:36,TokyoChiyodaas well as the TaitoIn some of the, there was a failure that prevented FOMA voice and packet communication. The estimated number of users in the target area is approximately 6. Recovered at 3:2, about 17 hours later[56].. On January 3, three days after that, there was a failure in the use of packet communication in and around the western part of Tokyo. became[57].
  • 2010/May 2, From around 6 amKanto/KoshinetsuIn some areas of, an abnormality occurred during a voice call that was interrupted for 2-3 seconds.The estimated number of users in the target area is about 800 million.Recovered around 8:48 pm[58][59].
  • 2010/May 9, Due to a breakdown of communication equipment, from around 6 amAichiIt has become difficult to use FOMA communication calls in some areas of Japan.About 7 hours later, the voice call was restored at 13:3 on the same day, and then the packet communication was restored at 13:50.[60].. Initially announced 93,000 users in affected areas[61].
  • 2011/May 6At 8:27 am, a user who had a contract in the Kanto / Koshinetsu area had a problem that he could not make or receive calls or packet communication due to a malfunction of the communication equipment.AlsoNumber portabilityA maximum of 172 million people were affected by the phenomenon that users who moved from NTT Docomo to other companies under the system could not make or receive calls. Announced that it was restored about 13 hours later at 9:36 pm[62].
  • 2012/May 18:26 am,TokyoIn some areas of Japan, FOMA (voice / packet communication) was not available, affecting up to 252 million people.Restored at 1:8 pm on the day.The cause is said to be that there was a call / communication that exceeded the processing capacity of the packet switch.[63][64].. On January 1th, regarding repeated communication failures within 26,Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsbyAdministrative guidanceWas made[65][66][67].
  • 2021/Around 10:14 on October 17, a large-scale communication failure occurred.Electronic payment is not used, major home delivery companyUber SweetsI can't receive my order request, I can't use electronic taxi payment, etc.IoTThe influence of the spread of terminals was great.A problem occurred during the switching work of the server that controls the IoT terminals of corporate customers such as electronic payment for taxis and communication equipment for vending machines.When returning to the old equipment to fix the problem, it is said that the network was overloaded due to a large amount of information flowing from the customer's IoT terminal.[68]..Initially, it was said that the extent of the impact had reached about 200 million users nationwide.[68]Later corrected that it affected more than 830 million users (460 million voice calls, more than 830 million data communications).[69].

Defective sp mode

  • 2011/May 1212:22,SmartphoneService ofsp modeAte-mail addressIs replaced with the address of another person,電子 メ ー ルFailure such as is sent[70].May 12, Docomo announced that it will affect more than 10 lines nationwide, suspending various settings such as sp mode settings and phone book backup,May 12Service resumed[71][72].
  • 2012/May 1At night, problems such as transmission/reception of sp-mode mail and non-delivery messages such as undelivered mail did not arrive, affecting about 20 lines.[73][74].. Line congestion in the New Year's greeting email is not the cause,May 1It was restored to dawn.
  • 2012/May 7From 1:41 am to 9:14 am, there was a problem that you could browse and change the setting information including the e-mail address of others in "sp mode setting information".[75][76].serverThere is a setting error on the above, and a 4-digit network required to change the setting.PINHowever, if it matches with another person, the "sp mode setting information" of another person can be confirmed and changed. As a result, sp configuration information including other people's e-mail addresses and passwords could be changed. During trouble, about 400 users changed their addresses and about 600 changed their passwords. Access to the setting site that caused the problem was stopped at 9:14, and the serverApplication softwareAfter correcting the error in the data settings due to the update, the setting site was restored at 13:37.
  • 2012/May 11From around 6 pm, the phenomenon that sp-mode mail of FOMA and xi and sp-mode service could not be used occurred.[77].. It was restored by 8 pm on that day.

Incorrect description in the instruction manual

  • 2010/May 3, 82 modelsInstruction ManualsToClerical errorEmergency call from a mobile phone terminal that does not have a UIM or PIN1 unlocked110-119The description that enables you toEasy Phone IV"Or"P702iD""T-01AAlthough it was mentioned in the instruction manual for some models, it became clear that it could not actually be sent. NTT DoCoMo corrected the description of the relevant part for 82 models and replaced the instruction manual published on the website.[78].

Insufficient support

  • 2013/In May, it was found that about 5% of rental mobile phones misused for crimes were NTT DoCoMo.It was also found that while other companies limit the number of lines according to the business scale of the contractor, NTT DoCoMo does not set an upper limit.[79].

Information leakage

  • 2014/May 9, Management information (corporate name, business mobile phone number, business mobile phone user name, address, etc.) including personal home addresses for 1 corporate customersInformation leakageAnnounced that there was a suspicion that[80][81][82].. It has no advanced access restrictions, can be touched by 299 employees, and manages contract information and usage history.Computer systemIt was a different system.

Improper response to customers of sales agents

  • 2020/May 1,Kanematsu Communications Inc.It turned out that he was giving an inappropriate memo such as "Fucking guy" to the customers who visited the Docomo Shop Ichikawa Inter store operated by.In response to this matter, NTT DoCoMo and Kanematsu CommunicationsMay 1, An apology was posted on each company's official website, and the store was forced to close for several months.[83][84][85].

Docomo account fraudulent withdrawal case

  • 2020/Early September,Docomo accountUnauthorized use of electronic payment services such as by a third partyBank accountsWas registered and it was discovered that the account balance had been withdrawn.As of the 22nd, a total of 175 cases, damage of about 3152 million yen, have been confirmed.[86]..The company posted an apology on its official website, called attention to it, and set up a contact point for inquiries regarding this matter.[87][88][89].


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