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🚗 | [Video] Mercedes F1's "Another Brain".Race support room staff working at Blackley


[Video] "Another Brain" of Mercedes F1.Race support room staff working at Blackley

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Probably around the time Hamilton's champagne fight was taking place in Qatar.

Anyone who has seen an F1 broadcast will be surprised by the large number of team staff in the pits.death… → Continue reading


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Champagne fight

Champagne fight (champagne fight) Is of sportsRecognitionPlayers / teams who won or climbed the podium at ceremonies and celebrationsChampagneThe act of expressing joy by interacting with each other.Champagne shower (champagne shower) Also called.If a similar celebration event is held with drinks other than champagne, names other than champagne fight may be used ("NFL,NBAIn the so-called "Gatorade Shower" that is held when you win the leagueSports DrinkIs used[1]).

This article describes things that use "champagne", actions that use similar things such as sparkling wine, beer, and sports drinks, and similar actions that have different names.



As for the origin, I liked how the champagne blew up vigorously.Napoleon BonaparteHowever, it is said that it started with champagne to commemorate the victory.[1][2](Actually NapoleonMoet & ChandonIt is said that he loved drinking).

There are various theories about the origin that came to be done in the sports world,1950/ToAmerica-Major LeagueSt. Louis Browns (now:Baltimore Orioles) Is held at a feast of joy that prevented 100 defeats in the season, and there is a theory that it will be held at a major league championship celebration after that.[1].

In addition, 1967/ Of24 Hours of Le MansAnd made in the USAFord GT40The winning driver who was excited about the feat that he achieved for the first time as an American driverDan GurneyThere is a theory that was the first in the world to perform "champagne fight".Below is his comment.

“I was given a huge bottle of champagne on the podium. It was a success after trying many times. I hadn't finished seven times so far. I thought I had to do something special. I did it to everyone like a fire hose. I didn't expect this to spread. "

AJ Baime, author and journalist of Ford v Ferrari Legendary Le Mans, also said, "He did something ridiculous. He put champagne on the audience. Nobody had done it. Now, especially in Europe, the winner of every race. Was started at Le Mans in 1967 with a champagne shower. "

(The content so far is based on the documentary film "The 24 Hour War" by chassy media in the United States.)

In addition, in the 1960s, a major champagne maker Moet & Chandon (currently:LVMH), But sponsored by the company24 Hours of Le MansThere is also a theory that the award ceremony was triggered by the provision of champagne at the awards ceremony.[3].

1959/ToJapan OfProfessional baseball-Nankai HawksI referred to the champagne fight at the Japan's No. XNUMX celebrationBeerBecause[2]It is thought that similar acts had already become widespread in Europe and the United States in the 1950s at the latest.

Spread in Japan

in Japan,1987/ToF1-Japan Grand PrixRiding on the F1 boom after the resumption of the event, its existence began to be recognized by the general public.[1]. afterwards,1992 Albertville OlympicsAtNordic compoundWon a gold medal in a groupKenji Ogiwara-Takanori Kono-Reika SangadaIt became widely known that the three of them performed a champagne fight at the award ceremony.[1].1993/Opened inJapan Professional Soccer League(J League) also came to be held at championship celebrations etc.[1](In addition to players and staff, supporters also participated and penetrated to the general level).In professional baseball, the above-mentioned beer brewing is usually done, but in 1997Yakult SwallowsFor the first time to carry out a champagne fight (strictly speaking, not champagne)sparkling winewas),Yomiuri GiantsAlso went in 2000 and 2012.Recently, champagne may be prepared with beer.

Beverages used


Generally, when a champagne fight is held at an award ceremony, it is customary for the organizer of the sporting event to prepare the champagne used there.Especially in the case of large-scale events, champagne makers are often sponsored, for example in F1.1985/From around1999/UntilMoet & Chandon"But,2000/Than2015/UntilGH Mumm"" Is2016/"Chandon Brut" has been designated as the official champagne.However, in the case of Ogiwara et al. At the Albertville Olympics mentioned above, they brought their own champagne.

In 2015, the MLB Organization issued the following notifications to each team.[4][5].

  • Champagne should be non-alcoholic
  • Up to 1 players per player
  • It is forbidden to drink just by interacting
  • Beer is the only alcohol other than champagne, and it is the official sponsor of the organization (Budweiser)Limited to
  • Do not take champagne or beer out of the clubhouse

Other than champagne

Some sporting events use other drinks than champagne (such as sparkling wine).

For example, MotoGPThen.Hippoof"Frecine],Formula Nippon→Super formulaThen.Sparkling sake(Until 2007, "OkunomatsuJunmai Daiginjo FN ”, from 2008“Popular one Sparkling Junmai Daiginjo ”) has been designated.Indy 500So instead of champagne fight, the winnermilkIt is customary to drink.

When winning the league titles of the American Professional Football League (NFL) and Professional Basketball League (NBA), the so-called "Gatorade Shower" (Gatorade Shower) is used for each tank of sports drink.Gatorade Shower) Is done[1].

At sporting events in the Islamic worldIslamRefrains from champagne fight itself or refrains from drinking becauseCarbonated waterIt is often used as a substitute. It will be held in the Islamic world even in F1Bahrain Grand Prix,Abu Dhabi Grand PrixSo, instead of champagne in a champagne fightRose waterIs used.

Even in the J League, some clubs use drinks other than champagne, and many clubs use beer or carbonated water.The Spa Kusatsu(at the time"SpaHot water "Ehime FCof"Pon juiceThere are also some clubs that use hometown specialties.also,Shimizu S-PulseSome clubs do not have plans similar to champagne fights due to the circumstances of the venue.

In addition, if the winner has not reached the drinking age (in the case of a team battle, if there is a member who has not reached the drinking age), carbonated water etc.Non-alcoholic beveragesIn some cases, such measures as using, refraining from champagne fight itself, and refraining from participating in champagne fight only for its members may be taken.


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