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🚄 | SL Paleo Express, 2022 operation from March 3th Special HM and Sabo will be posted on the first day

Photo Image: Chichibu Railway

SL Paleo Express will operate in 2022 from March 3th. Special HM and Sabo will be posted on the first day.

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The service section is between Kumagaya Station and Mitsumineguchi Station on the Chichibu Railway.

Chichibu Railway will start operating this year's SL Paleo Express from Saturday, March 2022, 3. December 19th (Sun) ... → Continue reading

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Chichibu Railway Kumagaya Station

Mitsumineguchi Station

Mitsumineguchi Station(Mitsumi Neguchi-eki)SaitamaChichibu CityLocated in Arakawashiroku,Chichibu RailwayChichibu Main Line OfstationIs.The westernmost station in Saitama prefecture.


Of Chichibu RailwayTerminal stationAnd as the name suggestsMitaka ShrineIt is the gateway to.Lake Chichibu,NakatsukyoIt is also close to.again,Chichibu Tama Kai National ParkAs a simple station that retains the remnants of its opening at the front entrance ofXNUMX selections of stations in KantoIt is the 3rd selection station of[1].


"Mitsumine" is oldOtaki VillageAlthough it is a place name of, this station is oldArakawaLocated in.Aiming to extend to the former Otaki Village,1927/(ShowaObtained a license in 2 years)[2]However, it did not start1936/License expired in (Showa 11)[3]It became.

Station structure

Single platform-Island homeEach has 1 sides and 2 linesGround station.

Directly operated stationAnd in 2022May 3UntilManagement stationAsShiroku StationWas in control.Simple at the ticket gatePASMOA ticket gate is installed.Although it is a manned station, PASMO sales, reissues, and refunds are not handled at this station window.[4].

The station building is located on the south side of the single-track platform.

Many on the north sideDetention lineWhen,steam locomotiveFor drivingTurntableThere is.

1 - 3■Chichibu LineChichibu-Nagatoro-Yorii-(I.e.-Gyoda City-Hanyu-
■Seibu LineThrough Hanno-Tokorozawa-Ikebukuroaspect

"SL Turntable Park" (formerly) on the north side of the stationChichibu Railway Park) Is attached, and "SL Paleo ExpressI used the turntable up close on the driving dayTurn aroundCan be seen.Many real cars used on the Chichibu Railway were exhibited during the old park era, but due to aging and facility renewal, all were dismantled and removed from May to July 2019.[5].

Once in the back on the west side of the stationHopperThere was equipment. 16 kmPreviousChichibu MineThancablewayUsingIron oreCarrying and mainlyHamakawasaki StationWas shipping to[6]..Part of it even nowLineIs used as.

Usage situation

  • The average number of passengers per day in 2019 is 1.
  • There used to be cargo from Nicchitsu Mining.
年度Riding personnel (persons)Persons getting off (people)Shipping freight (tons)Arrival cargo (ton)
  • Saitama Prefecture Statistical Yearbook Each Year Edition

Around the station

Transit Bus

Seibu sightseeing busbyMitaka Shrine(Express bus),Lake Chichibu,NakatsukyoEtc. oldOtaki VillageBuses arrive and depart in the direction.halfway"Otaki OnsenAt the YuyukanChichibu Municipal BusConnect with Kawamata line.There is a platform with a waiting room on the opposite side of the road from the station building.Since there is no space in front of the station where ordinary fixed-route bus vehicles can turn, the arriving bus will drop off passengers in front of the station building, then turn around at the turning point near Shiroku before entering the platform.

Ogano TownBusiness bus (old)Ryokami VillageBuses (operated buses) operate buses (small vehicles) bound for the former Ryokami Village, such as the Ogano Town Office Ryokami Branch (former Ryokami Village Office).There is a platform on the west side of the station building.

Platform系統Main transit pointdestinationOperating companyRemarks
Mitsumineguchi Station Express (Mitsumine Shrine Line)Otaki OnsenYuyukan ・Lake ChichibuMitaka ShrineSeibu sightseeing bus
Mitsumineguchi LineOtaki Onsen Yuyukan / MiyahiraLake Chichibu
Otaki Elderly Welfare Center
Nakatsugawa LineOtaki Onsen Yuyukan, Miyahira, Otaki Elderly Welfare Center, NakasoriNakatsugawa
Otaki Onsen Yuyukan, Miyahira, Otaki Elderly Welfare Center, Kawamata, Nakasori
 Express (Mitsumine Shrine Line) Seibu Chichibu StationNo stop to Seibu Chichibu Station
 Mitsumineguchi LineIn front of Uenosawa and Ryojin Government BuildingsOgano Town HallOgano Town Bus

Next station

Chichibu Railway
■Chichibu Main Line
Express "SL Paleo Express'
Ohanabatake Station - Mitsumineguchi Station
Express "Chichibu Road(Only on Saturdays and holidays)
Kagemori Station → Mitsumineguchi Station
Local train
Shiroku Station - Mitsumineguchi Station


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