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🚗 | Three old cars equipped with surprising equipment that is rare now!Nostalgia equipped with a device that can be called the pioneer of advanced safety equipment ...

Photo Toyota Corona (5th generation)

Three old cars that were equipped with unusual and surprising equipment now!Nostalgia equipped with a device that can be called the pioneer of advanced safety equipment ...

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In such a first Leopard, the world's first fuel consumption meter and a fender mirror with a wiper were adopted.

In recent cars such as collision damage mitigation brakes, auto cruise control (ACC), and lane keep assist ... → Continue reading

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Fender mirror

Fender mirror(Fender Mirror) IsAutomobileOne of the parts for the driver to check the rear and rear sidemirror(rearview mirror) Out of the carbonnetA panel that covers the front edge of the front wheel and around the front wheel (Front fender) Is the name given to what is attached to the top.According to the definition of laws and regulations, it is included in the "outside rearview mirror" of what is defined as a "backview mirror".Normally, it is mounted on the side of the car body as a pair on the left and right.Sometimes equipped on minivans and SUVsSide under mirrorIs sometimes referred to as a fender mirror, which is incorrect.


Comparison with door mirrors

Track,バ ンSuch asbonnetDo not haveCab overIn the mold, there is no big difference in distance even with door mirrors.

However, it is argued that fender mirrors are more effective than door mirrors in cars with hoods from the viewpoint of ensuring safety.[1][2]..Fender mirrordoor mirrorIt is located more forward than the driver, and it is said that the driver has less eye movement and head twist angle, can move his eyes quickly, and has less fatigue when driving for a long time.[1][3][4]..Also, there are few blind spots[2][3], The mirror is not obstructed by the passenger sitting in the passenger seat[4], The view from the side of the fender to the side of the door is also secured.

There is little protrusion from the car body, and you can go through narrow roads without folding the mirror.[5][4]..It is easy to grasp the position of the front wheels by using the mounting position of the mirror as a guide.[3], The effect of assisting the width and sense of the vehicle length[2][4]It also has the advantage of being aerodynamically advantageous.

On the other hand, the mirror image looks relatively small because the mirror is separated.[4][2], The amount of information reflected in the mirror is reduced[6]..Also, unlike door mirrors, where safety cannot be confirmed without shaking the face from side to side, fender mirrors that always have a mirror surface in the field of view may cause information overload.[7]It has also been pointed out that drivers tend to neglect lateral safety.[2][4]..Furthermore, unlike the door mirrors placed near the windows, it is not easy to wipe off when it gets wet with rain or when it becomes cloudy due to temperature differences.[2][8]If there is no electric adjustment function for the mirror surface, it takes time to adjust.Long legs and mirrors can become protrusions, which can compromise safety in the event of accidental contact with a pedestrian.[5].

There is also an argument that what is said to be the merit of fender mirrors as mentioned above is just a matter of familiarity.[2][6]..For example, a car criticMitsuhiro KunisawaSkeptically examines the benefits of fender mirrors and concludes that their high adoption in taxis may only be symbolically preferred.[6].

Limited-edition vehiclesAutech Zagato StelvioHas adopted a unique structure in which the fender mirror is built into the body.The purpose is to improve the design of the fender mirror, but as a result, the design evaluation is not high.

Adopted in door mirror cars

Sold in JapanSUV,MinivanIn addition to the door mirror for rear confirmation, a small fender mirror for front side confirmation may be installed on the passenger side fender part.this is,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt complies with the "immediately preceding lateral visibility standard" set bySide under mirror).

Also, there were many transfers from fender mirror cars in terms of time.7th SkylineIn order to reduce the visual discomfort of the door mirror car, the driver's side was a door mirror and the passenger's side was a fender mirror, which was a rare option (each shape is very normal).


Introducing Fender Mirror

Fender mirrors first appeared in the 1950sUnited KingdomIt was the first time that some cars had a rear-view mirror attached to the front fender.[9]..When automobiles had a closed structure, it was no longer possible to attach a rearview mirror to a windshield as it was before, and instead it could be attached to fenders and doors.

In the 1950s,Nissan / Austin A40 Summer Set,Isuzu Hillman MinxBritish cars equipped with fender mirrors such as are being knocked down[9].

However, some cars were not equipped with a rear-view mirror mounted on the outside of the car body at the beginning, and the first Crown late model (1960 model) exhibited at the Toyota Automobile Museum also did not have a rear-view mirror.Mini Cooper,Volkswagen,ChevroletBut the installation was different[8].

Transition to door mirrors


In Western countries, door mirrors became the mainstream in the early 1960s, and fender mirror cars were an extremely minority.[3][10][8].Volvo CarsSome manufacturers have consistently adopted door mirrors, such as[8].


In Japan, even in the 1960s, no external rearview mirrors were allowed except for fender mirrors, except for cab-over type vehicles without a bonnet.[9][8].

Therefore, at that time, it was necessary to install a fender mirror even when importing a vehicle outside Japan, and even in Japanese TV dramas at that time, you can see that the fender mirror is also installed in American cars appearing in the play. can[3]..Especially in cars with a low bonnet design that was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, long legs that spoil the design are required to install the fender mirror.[5], Such a situation in Japan is for automobile manufacturers outside JapanNon-tariff barriersHad become[1][3][10].

1983/Door mirror regulations have been abolished[3]In July of the same yearNissan EXAWhen the turbo specification grade was added, Japan's first door mirror specification vehicle with a bonnet was released, and the spread of door mirrors will progress starting with this.[10]..It is rare in the world and is not liked in terms of design.[1]The number of fender mirrors, which are also expensive to manufacture, has decreased rapidly. The first generation released in 1980Nissan LeopardLeopard TR-X, which is a Pulsar sales specification car[Annotation 1]Some grades were equipped with a fender mirror with a wiper, but this has also disappeared from the equipment after the appearance of the door mirror specification car. As of 2020, the fender mirror option itself has disappeared, which will be described later.Toyota Japan TaxiOther than that, there is no fender mirror model.

Even after the ban on door mirrors is lifted in JapanTaxi[1][3][6]And public carsOfficer car[10]It was used for such things.In addition to the above reasons, the door mirrors cause a situation in which the driver accidentally meets the occupant in the backseat, causing the problem that the driver looks as if he / she is looking into the backseat and feels uncomfortable.[1][7][10][2]..In a taxi vehicle, the act of checking the passenger seat side feels like the passenger seat occupant is being seen by the driver.[2],Toyota CenturyIn public cars such as the Crown Sedan and Crown Sedan, fender mirrors have long been the mainstream for reasons such as the driver appearing to be talking to the passenger seat or listening to the driver from the rear occupants. It was.

PolicePatrol carThen,Mitsubishi GTO (medium-term model)Since the introduction of the first door mirror police car[Annotation 2], The number of cases where door mirrors are used instead of fender mirrors is increasing, and door mirrors are now common.Training carEven so, the number of models that only have door mirrors has increased, and the generation of training cars has changed, so in the 1990s, most of the training cars with ordinary licenses (including AT limited licenses) became door mirrors. There is.

Some racing cars also use fender mirrors with little eye movement.[4].

Of these, for taxi salessedanHas traditionally adopted fender mirrors for many years[1][3][6], Support from taxi drivers is also strong[2][6]..But abolished in 2014Nissan Cedric business carDuring the minor change in 2009, the fender shape was changed in order to mitigate damage to pedestrians in the event of an accident, making it impossible to attach a fender mirror due to its structure.[3], AfterNissan MotorAll models that use fender mirrors have been abolished.[1].ToyotaThen,Toyota Crown sedan/Crown comfort/コ ン フ ォ ー トThere was a fender mirror setting in[1][3][2], Because these cannot comply with the laws and regulations after 2018[3], Production completed by December 2017.As a taxi car other than a sedan, it appeared in 12Toyota Japan TaxiIs a car exclusively for fender mirrors[3][6].

In Japan, it is legal for car owners to modify their door mirrors and replace them with fender mirrors.[1], The fender part assumed an accident in a door mirror car that is not supposed to be equipped with a fender mirrorCrushable zoneBecause it is, the rigidity is insufficient, and it may be necessary to make major modifications such as reinforcement to prevent vibration of the mirror.[4].Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAutomotive Transportation BureauAccording to staff, the modification will cost at least hundreds of thousands of yen.[1]..The cost of actually requesting a custom shop is tens of thousands of yen, which is simple.[11][Reliability required verification][12][Reliability required verification], Full-scale one that involves filling holes and wiring work associated with the removal of door mirrors, and costs more than XNUMX yen[13][Reliability required verification]There is a track record such as.However, it is not illegal to install both door mirrors and fender mirrors.[4]If you don't like the appearance, you don't need to remove the door mirrors.

Expression of each country

The part name is "English: outer rear view mirror(Outer rear-view mirror = external rear-view mirror) "is common, and there is no point in indicating the mounting position on its own.American EnglishThen the door mirror.British EnglishThen wing mirror (wing mirror)[Annotation 3]..From that function, side view mirror (side-view mirror), And in principle, there is no distinction between "door mirrors" and "fender mirrors" in Japan.


注 釈

  1. ^ TR-X is an abbreviation for Tri-X.
  2. ^ When removing the masked police car.
  3. ^ In British English, Fender Wing It is expressed as.


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