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🚄 | Station name is written in hiragana [Wooden station building collection] 082


Station name is written in hiragana [Wooden station building collection] 082

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It's not floating in the air (laughs) For some reason, there is a part that pops out of the home, so I'm shooting from there.

* Taken in April 2021 The top image is a picture of the direction going down from the overpass on the premises of "Ukiha Station" on the Kyudai Main Line.Approaching ... → Continue reading

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LevitationWhat is (Levitation)?object(Especiallysolid) Stay in the air.重力It seems to be against, but basically重力Other thanPowerSupported by.


Levitation is by some actionobjectIs to stay in the air.For any object on the ground重力Because it takes空 気With the same volumeheavy(→proportion) All matter falls to the ground and stays there.If it is off the surface, is it some force counteracting gravity?OffsetIt is thought that it is because it is doing.Normally, an upward force is working, and there are various types of that force.

On the other hand, the story of humans floating in the air is a kind of story.奇跡It is transmitted to various places as a typical act.Also,yoga,SpiritualismSuch as mysticismoccultIt has been reported in the world ofmagic,SFIt has become the subject of.

Within the scope of physics

Generally, the force used when an object floats in the air against gravity is空 気Againstbuoyancy,Magnetic forceRepulsive force between each other (→Attraction and repulsion) Is known, but as another physical phenomenon,magnetic fieldInSuperconductorWake upMeissner effectThere is.In the case of repulsion between magnetic fieldsLinear motorUnless some magnetic fields are adjusted to keep the object in a certain place, it will not be a static levitation.However, the superconductorType II superconductorIn the case of, apart from the repulsive force against the magnetic field, in the superconducting materialimpuritiesDerived fromNormal conductionBrings about the generation of bearing capacityPinning effectA "fixed state in the air" occurs.

toyas,permanent magnet"Levitating top" (→top) Has been commercialized.A top with a built-in magnet is placed on a special table and rotated on it, and then lifted a little to stay in the air and rotate.However, it is quite difficult to turn it that way.This is because the space in which the top is fixed in the air by the magnetic force from the pedestal is limited, and on the contrary, the top is played or stuck in other places.

In addition, Electrostatic fieldUtilized the repulsive effect ofIon craftIt is known that it floats depending on the applied voltage strength.

Besides this,Action / reactionIn a state called hovering, in which a substance with some mass is injected based on, the object will stand still in the air when the jetting force emitted by the object is balanced with other forces such as gravity applied to the object. However, this is not included in the category generally imaged as "levitation".In addition, as a hovering thing,helicopter,Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft,Hovercraft, The injection force is controlled extremely preciselyrocketand so on.

Also, the so-calledGeostationary satelliteThen, from the force to fall to the earth side and the satellite orbit to spaceThe power to escapeThe equilibrium state of is used.However, geostationary satellites have a predetermined satellite orbit (such as when the speed changes).Geostationary orbit), It will immediately fall toward the earth or be thrown out of the satellite orbit (→)Artificial satellite).The principle of this geostationary satellite is the distance from the ground (equatorialThe altitude is about 35,786km), which is far from the general image of "levitation".

From the standpoint of physics, levitation in yoga and spiritism, which will be described later, is an unverified phenomenon, orPseudo scienceIs considered to be in the category of.

Animal example

Some animals have the ability to fly, including those that hover.

Specifically, the group of animals that can fly is in modern life.birds-BatKind・昆虫There are only three of them.All of these fly by flapping their wings.

Animals that are good at hovering include the following.

Mysticism / occult

yoga(Yoga)SpiritualismIn mysticism and occult traditions such as, there are many reports that the human body and tables "floated in the air."However, even if the affirmatives show a picture of the evidence, the negativestrickControversy often arises, such as being criticized.

If you look at history,GnosticAnd the magicianSimon magus,Tibetan monks OfMilarepa,Catholic church Ofsaint OfThomas AquinasThere are anecdotes of levitation about various saints and monks.In addition, the stories of humans floating and flying can be found in other folklore, and their types date back to prehistoric mythological eras.

These anecdotes are modernPositivismBased on a scientific viewEthnology,Sociology-PsychologyAnd so on寓 話,Transformer stateSubjective inHallucinationIt may also be considered.

Levitating with yogi

TrainedYoga practitionerIt is said that some (yogi) levitate their bodies in the air through intentional trials and accidental actions.For exampleParamahansa YoganandaIn Chapter XNUMX of his book, Yogi Kathaamrt, the story of levitation yogi appears.

Also of yogaTrainingWas one of the central doctrinesAum ShinrikyoAround 1985 (before becoming a religious corporation)occultmagazine"Mu』In the name of" the buoyancy of the guru "Akiaki AsaharaHas released a photo that is said to be levitating.On the other hand, it is critical of AlephismLawyerIsTaro TakimotoThis is one of the yoga practicesZazenJumping (jumping) with thestrobeInsisted that it was a trick that made it look like it was flying continuously by taking a picture only at the moment when it was in the air with a fast shutter speed, as if Takimoto himself was levitating. The photos you can see are open to the public.In fact, in Asahara's buoyant photohairHowever, it is pointed out that it is just a jump, with a handstand and a strong expression.

Another yoga practitioner and yoga instructorMasaharu NaruseIs a book ("levitation", "Kundalini yoga", etc.)WebsiteHe publishes his experiences and photos when he floated in the air.However, he says that he has not performed any demonstrations because he has passed the training stage of being caught up in external phenomena (the last photo was taken in April 1990, and no video remains).[1].

Spiritualism and levitation

In spiritism,Spiritual societyThe phenomenon that the table floats in the airMediumIt is known that the body of the body floats in the air.As for the floating phenomenon of the table, spiritual existence is emitted from the medium.EctoplasmSpiritualism explains that it is to lift the table through.It is also a mediumDaniel Dungrass HomeMany people have witnessed him floating in the air.


LevitationmagicOne of the "phenomena" (magical term: state / expression theme expressed by various methods) (Magic #Phenomenon classification(See), and the mysterious levitation phenomenon for the audience is actually realized by a rational method.The objects to be floated vary depending on the performance, for example.Close-up magicLet's float the rolled banknotesFloating buildingOr fly cards around your bodyUFO cardAnd so on,Stage magicLet's lift the ballZombie ballAnd cane floatDancing caneand so on.Also,IllusionThen, acting to lift the human body of the performer and assistant is also performed.

Such performances have existed for a long time, for example, because they are in a very strange state from the general stereotype that "objects cannot float without any support".Rope magicThe "Hindu Rope" in Japan has already been recorded in India in the 14th century.

The floating phenomenon in magic is sometimes performed by the spiritistic production mentioned above, but this isMental magicIt is said.In theseSpiritual societyFollowing the anecdote that the spirit rang the trumpet or floated the ball, it was traced, or, as a matter of fact, the phenomenon in front of the audience was due to spiritual power or psychic power. And so on.

Fictitious technology

Science fictionIn the category of, so-calledAntigravityEtc. are positioned as technologies for levitation.It is depicted as a force that repels gravity or gravity that acts in the opposite direction, such as "trying to fall upward."


  1. ^ References: Masaharu Naruse "Levitation" e-book version

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