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🚗 | 77 domestic and imported car test rides gathered, "Motor Fan Festa" held for the first time in 3 years April 4

Photo Toyota GR Yaris

77 domestic and imported car test rides gathered, "Motor Fan Festa" held for the first time in 3 years April 4

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You can also watch the opening game of the "D1 Grand Prix" that will be held at the same time for free.

The car experience event "Motor Fan Festa" will be held at Fuji Speedway on April 4th.Domestic self on the day ... → Continue reading


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    Simultaneous holding

    All Japan Professional Drift Championship

    All Japan Professional Drift Championship(Zen Nippon Pro Drift Senshuken)2000It was held in 2001, and the name was changed from XNUMX.D1 Grand Prix,DriftingCompete for technologyMotor sportsChampionship.Known as "D1 Grand Prix(D1 GRAND PRIX / D1GP).


    "All Japan Professional Drift ChampionshipIn the name of2000From the following year, "D1 Grand PrixIt is held as (D1 GRAND PRIX).Unlike general motorsports that simply compete for speed,DriftingCompete by making points of power and artistry in.It was contested in a series of races (6-10 races a year) and is now the highest drift competition series in Japan.The official name is "D1GP International Drift Championship" and the series name is "Gran Turismo D1 Grand Prix Series』.

    In the series battle, there are two types, "single run" that runs with one car and "follow-up" that runs with two cars. Will be the winner of the round[1]..In the past, the score was based on the visual inspection of the judges, but since 2013GPSAnd using the angular velocity sensor[2]The mechanical scoring system DOSS (D1 Original Scoring System) has been introduced in a single run, and has been used in follow-up since 2019.

    As a subcategoryD1 rights, And below that, there is the D1 Divisional Series (local battle).[1], There are many cases where players who have achieved good results step up to the D1 Grand Prix.also,Formula Drift JapanThere are also drivers who participate in the race in parallel.

    The inventor of the name "D1 Grand Prix" was a former racer who was also the person who launched the series.Kei TsuchiyaAnd the magazine "OPTION』\ Founder'sDaijiro InadaIs. Drift (Drift (Drift) "D" Keiichi Tsuchiya (Drift King,Drift King) "D" (Inada) Daijiro (DIn the sense of aiming for the top from the three "D" s of aijiro), "D"D1Was named[3].


    Birth of the D1 Grand Prix

    The origin of the D1 Grand Prix is1995Held by Keiichi Tsuchiya and Daijiro InadaDrift unified champion deciding match".Major at that timeDoriconIt was "STCC", "Doricon GP", "Ikas Racer Team Heaven(Squid heaven)[Note 1]Excellent players participated and competed for drifting skills under unified judging criteria[3]..With this as a trigger, the concept of "drift competition in which top players compete according to unified rules" that did not exist until then was born, and similar contests were held several times after that.

    2000,All Japan Professional Drift ChampionshipThe first professional drift eventEbisu CircuitThe championship was held in Japan with a prize of 50 yen.By then, there had been a one-off event in which powerful drivers from all over the country were gathered to compete for victory, but this was the first time that a prize money was held.[4]..At the time of the event, "No matter how good the drift is, there is no future.Then let's make it professional so that you can eat with driftTsuchiya says, "At first, OPTION andV-OPTI was thinking about arranging a job at), but it was worth the money to see it. "

    2001,D1 Grand PrixThe series was held from this year under the name of ".Rounds 1-3 do not include spectatorsVideo optionsAlthough it was recorded as a recording of, it came to be held by mobilizing the audience from the 4th round Ebisu.

    Expansion of the series and the rise of new players

    At the beginning of the series, EbisuNikko Circuit,Sekia CircuitIt was held at a relatively small circuit such as, but it was held at the beginning of 2002Tsukuba CircuitStarting withFuji Speedway(Since 2003),Autopolis(Since 2004),Suzuka Circuit(Since 2006),Okayama International CircuitLarge scale such as (since 2008)circuitThe number of events held in Japan has also increased.also,2003FromAmericaAdvance toCaliforniaHeld a tournament at the Irwindale Speedway (until 2006).Drift competitions originating in Japan became a catalyst for spreading around the world, and drift competition competitions in each country (American)Formula driftEtc.) are now held[5].. further2004Of the city special courseOdaibaRound held for the first time[6].2006As a subcategory of the D1 Grand PrixD1 street legalThe series continued to expand in Japan and overseas, with the start of (currently D1 Rights).

    Also, until 2001, all athletes were privateers, and most athletes brought their own cars with license plates to the race.But the next2002After that, tuning parts manufacturer (Blitz-HKS-trustEtc.)ワ ー ク スParticipation in the system[Note 2]And tuning shop (top secret-RE AmemiyaEtc.) began in earnest, and the machines were sharpened to competition-only vehicles accordingly.[5].

    Players also at the beginning of the seriesKen Nomura,Nobuteru Taniguchi,Katsuhiro Ueo,Youichi ImamuraMost of the players were active in squid heaven and other dricon, but in the mid-2000sKawabata Masato,Saito TaigoPlayers who have fought around D1GP from the beginning of their careers have emerged, and in the latter half of the 2000sMasashi Yokoi,Yukio Matsui,Naoto SuenagaSome players have stepped up from D1 Street Legal.[5].

    As the highest peak in the country of drift competition

    2010At the D12 Corporation Board of Directors meeting on December 9, Daijiro Inada and Keiichi Tsuchiya announced that they would resign from the board of directors of D1 Corporation and will be away from the future operation of D1GP.[7][8]..Inada and Tsuchiya2011As a counter-event toDrift muscleWas launched. "A tournament that costs as little as possible and can be played with just your arms"[9]D1GP has begun its path to a large-scale motorsport event with sharpened machines as the domestic top category of drift competition.

    2012In the examination and scoring that had been done by the judges until then, the machine scoring systemDOSSWas introduced, the next2013From now on, the single run will be scored only by DOSS.2019From then on, DOSS scores will be used in the follow-up examination.also,2014Is D1 CorporationJAFBecame a member of the Japan Automobile Federation, and the regulations were changed according to the JAF regulations, supporting the power war up to that point.ONGOINGDue to the ban on the use of2JZ-GTEVehicles with large displacement engines such as the above have begun to dominate the series.

    Since the mid-2010sHideyuki FujinoAnd Masashi Yokoi,Masanori Kobashi,Naoki NakamuraPlayers from street legal are emerging, as represented by the championship of the championship, and they are competing with other players.[5].

    It is also exploring aspects as entertainment and entertainment, from the early to mid-2010s.Yoshimoto Creative AgencyThe laughing entertainer of the affiliation participates as a guest,Chubu International Airport(Centrair)Maishima Sports Island,Huis Ten BoschNew special course rounds such as are set up. Smartphone games in 2018Drift spiritsWas named as a sponsor, and the game's first ever year-round season collaboration was held.

    2018From D1GP officialYouTubeChannel(D1GP MOVIE CHANNEL), The tournament is also live-streamed.

    2020Season isNew coronavirusDue to the influence of the above, the schedule was changed, and some rounds were held without spectators to prevent infection.In the same year, it was integrated with Drift Kingdom, the successor to Drift Muscle, which once found out about D1.

    2021, The Ebisu Circuit South Course that has been used since the first year of the seriesdirtThe D1GP was the last to be held this season due to the renovation of the road surface.

    2022From the series, continued from 2014Monster energyOfficial drink sponsor has been cancelled.The reason is unknown.As a result, it became a sponsor box without the Monster Energy logo for the first time in nine years since 2013, and a bib without the sponsor logo for the first time since 9.


    It is contested by a modified vehicle of a commercial vehicle.Due to the nature of the competition, most of the drive systems of the base vehicleFRBut once it was a GT-RImpreza[Note 3],Lancer evolution[10]Such,4WDThere were a small number of cases where the vehicle was converted to FR.

    As a main model from the beginning of the series,シ ル ビ アCan be mentioned.Especially in the last few yearsS15 SilviaOccupies the majority of the vehicles that participate in, and the engine is genuineSR20DETEngines that can get a lot of power from (especially2JZ-GTE,otherVR38DETTAlthough it is a standard practice to replace it with SR20DET, there are a few players who fight with SR800DET.The engine is tuned close to full tune, and most of the horsepower it exerts ranges from 1000 horsepower to over XNUMX horsepower.As another base vehicle,180SX,Chaser,Mark IIIs typical.in recent years,2012To862JZ-GTE and XNUMXJZ-GTEEJ25Various engines were used, etc.[5].2013By Trust to R35GT-RBut,2019By Daigo Saito and Masato KawabataGR SupraHas been put in[11].

    The distinctive feature of the car competition vehicle is the sponsor box introduced in the 2004 series. In all of D1GP, LIGHTS (formerly Street Legal), and the regional war East-West war, one big sticker with the logo of the sponsoring company is put on the side of the vehicle, which was unprecedented at that time and is still the D1 machine. It is also a symbol.In recent years, more and more original sponsor boxes have been posted at events hosted by players from D1 and events of D1 related companies.Many athletes take measures to hide or remove this sponsor box from above so that it will not be noticeable when using a D1 vehicle at Formula Drift Japan and other competitions.However, in rare cases it is unknown whether it is intentional or negligent, but there are players who will participate as it is, soIn tournaments other than D1, it can be a source of dispute.[Source required].

    ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ンAlso for competitionSequential missionIn recent years, the drifting arm and knuckle have been used to improve the turning angle of the front wheels required to maintain the drift angle.[12], For proper front and rear weight distributionradiatorHas been modified to suit drift competitions in various places, such as installing it in the trunk of a vehicle.

    タ イ ヤ

    At D1GP, the battle between tire manufacturers became fierce.2007 OfToyoContract driver Masato KawabataAtsushi Kuroi-Tatsuya SakumaIt is the formation of "TEAM TOYO DRIFT" consisting of.Participation of the direct team of the tire maker will be a priming water to replace the participation form that was mainly the tuning parts maker until then with the tire maker center, Toyo,Bridgestone,ダ ン ロ ッ プ/フ ァ ル ケ ン,Yokohama,GoodyearA fierce battle was fought, and the grip performance was improved.Furthermore, in the 2010s,Hancock,FederalStarting withChugoku,TaiwanWhile Asian tire manufacturers are expanding one after another, domestic manufacturers are withdrawing one after another, and at one point the only domestic manufacturer was Toyo.[Note 4].

    In 2017 and 2018, tires manufactured by companies other than the official sponsor manufacturer of the tournament were unusable, but the rules were changed in 2019 to allow tires other than the tournament sponsor manufacturer to be used.

    Currently available tire manufacturers[Note 5] [Note 6]
    • Toyo(2001-)
    • Valino[Note 7](2019-)
    • Shiva tire (2022-)[Note 8]
    • Vitzer(2021-)
    • Kenda(2016-2017/2022-)
    • Yokohama (-2010/2012-2016/2022-)[Note 9]
    • Zestino (2015-2018/2022-)[Note 10]
    • Tri-Ace (2018-2019)[Note 11]
    • Good Ride (2017-2019/2022-)
    • Nankang(2017-)
    • Dunlop (-2018/2022-)
    • Federal(2011-2016/2022-)
    • Serimo (2022-)
    • Habilid (2022-)
    Tire manufacturers that have entered the market in the past
    • Bridgestone (-2010, 2014-2016)
    • Falken (-2008, 2012-2016)
    • Goodyear (-2018)
    • Wanli(2016-2017)
    • 5Fivex (2019)
    • Zeknova (2019)
    • Hancock (2011-?)
    • Sairun (2020-2021)
    • Rin Ron (en: Linglong Tire, 2019-2021)



    Published by D1 Japan AssociationMotorsport licenseIsD1 licenseMust be obtained.

    The license rules are changed in a fluid manner depending on the year, and 2022 is classified as follows.Detailed issuance conditions are explained on the official website[13][14]checking ...

    D1 International Drivers License
    D1-SUPER Drivers License
    Top license.This license is required to participate in competitions such as D1GP and D1 Champions outside Japan.International Automobile FederationIssued by (FIA)Super licenseHas nothing to do with.In principle, it is necessary to fall under any of the following for issuance.Those who hold this license cannot participate in D1 Rights.
    1. Within 1th place in the D8GP series ranking of the previous year
    2. A past D1GP series champion who participated in the series the previous year
    3. He had won the D5GP round five years ago and participated in the D1GP series the previous year.
    D1-GP Drivers License
    A license that allows you to participate in D1GP and D1 Rights in Japan.For new issuance, it is necessary to earn a total of 1 points or more in the D16 Lights series of the previous year.
    Domestic drivers license
    D1-A Drivers License
    A license that allows you to participate in the D1 Rights and D1 Divisional Series (local battles).For new issuance, it is necessary to earn a total of 1 points or more in the previous year's D16 regional competition, or to be certified by the selection committee judge at the previous year's D1 license selection meeting.
    D1-B Drivers License
    License to participate in D1 local battle.It is issued when you obtain a temporary license and participate in a local battle or a license selection meeting.
    Temporary license
    It is issued to those who have taken a license course and paid the license fee.Valid only on the day of the class.

    Even if these requirements are not met, a license may be issued if the D1 Japan Association specifically approves it.

    Previously, licenses were issued to those who achieved excellent results in "Ikasu Racer Team Heaven", but as a result of the development of lower categories, now "D1 Local Battle → D1 Rights → D1GPThe step-up scheme is almost fixed. When integrated with Drift Kingdom in 2020, Drift Kingdom participants will be able to qualify for D1GP using the nomination system.[15].

    When you got the D1 license, you used to be oldDriver's licenseThere were no restrictions depending on the presence or absence of.In fact, in the past, there was an example of a 1-year-old driver (who does not have a driver's license, of course) participated in D16 Street Legal.However, since 2013, it was mandatory to confirm possession of a driver's license when issuing a license, so in principle it will be impossible for people under the age of 18 or those who do not have a driver's license to participate.[16]..In addition, in order to participate in D1GP, it is necessary to have a license of JAF domestic B license or higher.

    In addition, since it is said that the license will be deprived of "persons who have committed social illegal acts such as running out of control on public roads".Motorcycle gangParticipation such as is strictly regulated.

    Vehicle regulations

    For details, see D1 Vehicle Regulations[17]checking ...

    Engine / intake / exhaust system / accessories

    Unlike D1 rightsradiator"Rear radiator" that mounts on the rear of the car body is permitted, and many vehicles are now rear radiators to optimize the front and rear weight distribution.[18][19].

    For the exhaust systemcatalystIs obligatory to install, and the exhaust volume is 113dBMust be:

    NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) was available until 2013, but it is now banned because it became a JAF official competition from 2014.

    タ イ ヤ

    2001 isS tireAlthough the use of was permitted, it was prohibited from the following year due to speed control.However, since the mid-2010s, China andIndonesiaEmerging manufacturers such asS tireHigh grip tires with comparable gripRadial tireAs a result of the introduction as, the regulation began to become famous and innocent.[20]Therefore, the current rule is that the sea-land ratio of the tread pattern (groove area ÷ tread area) is 22% or more in the unused state.Furthermore, from 2022, only tires that meet UN / ECE R117-02, which is an international standard for tire wet performance, noise, and rolling resistance, will be permitted with the aim of reducing the burden on the circuit road surface and increasing tire options. Is to be done[21].

    In the past, there were no restrictions on the size of public road tires that are on the market, but from 2014 there was a limit of 285 widths (exception on the product catalog of the base vehicle). Only when the size of 285 width or more is set, the size of the stated width can be used.[Note 12]). From 2019 onwards, regardless of the base vehicle, the total weight of the vehicle and driver (including equipment) is up to 1275 width for vehicles less than 265 kg, and up to 285 width for other vehicles.

    The number of tires that can be used is within 3 sets (6 tires) after the single run final.


    In the past, pipe frame formation was prohibited for the purpose of "preventing changes far from street specifications".[Note 13]..However, this is an ambiguous definition in itself[Note 14]In addition, it is often pointed out that the regulation does not correspond to the vehicle speed of competition vehicles in recent years, and there is also a safety problem in the event of a crash, so from 2019 it is limited to the part before 200 mm in front of the front axle and behind the rear inner fender. It has become possible to make pipe frames.

    Roof panelbonnet-fender-Doors can be replaced with carbon.

    Safety device

    8 points or more with sidebar to protect the driver from crashesRoll cageAnd 6-point formulaSeat beltMust be worn.


    • suspensionYou can freely change the type and mounting position of.
    • As a general rule, the external dimensions of the vehicle are up to a total length of 5000 mm, a total width of 2000 mm, and a total height of 1500 mm.In addition, the weight of the vehicle, including the driver and its equipment, must be 1000 kg or more.
    • Prohibition of smoke windows (to make drivers easier for judges to see)
    • Installation of passenger seat

    な ど

    Since 2014, it has been certified as a JAF semi-official competition, and the overall vehicle regulation is more subdivided and stricter than before.Along with that, a motor is used as powerElectric carRegulations have also been added (at the kick-off event in 2015, while exhibitingPriusBased on, a vehicle that has been converted to FR with a complete motor drive is running[22]).

    Competition progress

    Single run

    Drift through two regular sections per player[Note 15], The ranking is decided by the score of the one with the highest score.The top 16 players win the follow-up tournament.In addition, the top 24 people will be given single-run series points, and the top 4 people will also be given driver's points.[23]..The player who ranked first in each round will be commended as a "single-run champion", and the player who ranked first in the annual single-run ranking will be commended as a "single-run champion".

    The scoring is done by the mechanical scoring system DOSS (detailed in the "Examination / Scoring" section below), and the speed, angle size, stability, etc. are quantified and scored.In addition to this, the judges will judge whether or not they have passed the designated zone, whether or not the drift has returned in the middle, whether or not they were able to run on the course, etc., and the points will be deducted from the DOSS score. The final score is calculated with[23], The ranking is decided. Since 2012, the final ranking when losing in the follow-up tournament described later is determined in descending order of the ranking in the single run, so it is becoming more important.

    Before 2018, there were "qualifying" and "final" in the single run. In 2009 and 2010, the knockdown method was adopted, in which the finals were run from the bottom of the qualifying.

    From 2011, the format was single-run qualifying (17th or lower in the series participated) → single-run final (top 12 in the qualifying + 16th in the series).Drivers within the 8th place in the series ranking will be seeded up to the 2nd stage of the follow-up regardless of the result (from 2012, regardless of the ranking, if they do not enter the 16th place in the single run final, they will not be able to proceed to the follow-up qualifying. ).

    In line with the fact that it was a two-day event in which single run and follow-up will be held on different days from 2014, players who are 24th or lower in the series (new car preferential treatment)[Note 16]In addition, a selection meeting was held by overseas preferential players and street legal top prize winners (excluding preferential treatment), and only players who passed it and players who were not eligible for the selection meeting could participate in the single run qualifying (as a result). The hurdle to participate in the main race has been raised).Two single-run qualifying rounds can be run, but one single-run final will be a one-run match, and the order will determine the placement of the follow-up tournament to be held the next day.The top eight players in the single-run final will be treated as seeds, exempt from the follow-up qualifying on the following day.

    From 2016, the top eight cars in the series have been exempted from qualifying as seed players.Then, a total of 8 cars, 16 cars that won the single run qualifying and 8 seeds, ran two runs in the single run final, and the single run ranking was decided using the one with the highest score.

    From 2017, in the single run final, the top 24 cars of the 1st out of 8 cars will be exempted from the 2nd run and advance to the follow-up, the remaining 16 cars will run the 2nd run, and the remaining 8 cars to proceed to the follow-up will be decided It became.

    From 2007 to 2010, all three will get 3 points.[Note 17]10 yen was given as the "Keiichi Tsuchiya Award".

    Follow-up tournament

    It will be contested in a tournament format with the top 16 single runners. Two vehicles will drift on the specified section at the same time and compete for the degree of proximity between the vehicles and the beauty of the simultaneous driving.Front car (Precedent) And the rear car (Follow-up) Are alternated and run one by one, and the criteria for judging are how well the leading car is able to complete a single run and how much the trailing car can keep up with the leading car. The two runs are scored with DOSS, and the referee's addition and subtraction points are added to the final score, and the one with the higher score wins.The player who wins to the end will be the overall victory in the round.[23].

    If the victory or defeat is not decidedsudden deathIt entered an extra time called, and until 2010 it was held many times until it was settled, but now, considering the holding time of the event etc., unlimited sudden death is limited to the final, and in the best 16 sudden death None (however, if both the sum of the two scores and the score up to the second decimal place of the previous DOSS score are tied, a sudden death will be performed), and the best 2 is limited to once.If it is not settled, check the score by DOSS and add the points of the judges to the score, and the higher one wins.

    Until 2010, 10 advantages were distributed in the order of 6: 4, 7: 3 to decide the victory or defeat.This format is based on the cartoon "Initial DIs based on the "preceding and following battle method" that appears in[24]..Since 2011, when Keiichi Tsuchiya left, 10 points will be the highest and each will be scored, and the player who leads 2 point or more in total after running two runs will win.

    From 2014 to 2018, it was decided by the judges' addition and subtraction points based on the DOSS score of the preceding car, and the victory or defeat was decided by the rank in 0.5 point increments.The follow-up qualifying will be held by the players who ranked 9th to 24th in the single-run final, and then the follow-up final will be held by the best 8 of the 8 people who passed the follow-up qualifying and the top 16 single-run finals who will be the seeds. It has become. If the total rank after two runs is the same, the one with the higher rank will win by referring to the rank at the time of the preceding, and if it is still the same, the one with the higher DOSS score will win.However, only if the ranks of the two players are the same and the total rank is 2 or higher, only one sudden death will be performed in the form of a special sudden death.In addition, the match with the highest overall rank of the two players through the qualifying final will be the best follow-up award, and will be the target of the annual MVP award decided at the end of the season.

    Since 2012, a "minor chase" has been held by players who did not make it to the final 16 in the single run final, but it is not currently being held.Even if you win in a minor chase, you will not be able to advance to the best 16, but the winner will be given 1 point.

    Judging / scoring

    Human Examination (-2011)

    Until 2011, the judges scored each run on a 100-point scale, which was used to determine the ranking and winners.In addition, in order to judge the deduction factors such as drift return, line taking, pushing, etc. in places that are difficult to see from the judging seat, a deputy judge with a flag indicating the addition and deduction points was placed beside the course.The flags of the deputy judges are the "blue flag" that is waved when there is a deduction factor mentioned above, and the "fantastic flag" that is waved to add points when a wonderful jump out during a single run (usually). There are two (flag).In a single run, the points of examination are the speed of entry into the corner, the angle, the line (commonly referred to as the flight distance, angle, and flight time), and how dangerous (wall, etc.) can be approached. rice field.In the follow-up, the point is whether or not you were able to run more "awesome" than your opponent (overtaking, pulling from behind, etc.), and it is more important than the point in a single run.spin,UndersteerIs no point.

    Until 2004, Keiichi Tsuchiya (Chairman of the Judging Committee)Suzuki Manabu(Judge / MC) and Manabu Orido judged the game, and the average score of the three judges decided the game.The deputy judge is a former D3 driver. Since Orito turned into a player from 3, Keiichi Tsuchiya and Manabu Suzuki conducted the examination.Since 1, Manabu Suzuki has been published in the official book that he has not been involved in the single-run examination.What he does is rank when the score and approach speed of the 2005st to 2rd single run are all the same, and 2005rd-1th, 3th-3th, 4th-5th respectively in the follow-up tournament. There are two places to determine the ranking.However, the former has never been applied.

    From 2009, the judges will be Keiichi Tsuchiya, Daijiro Inada, Hisashi Kamimoto,Shinichi Yamaji4 people[Note 18], Single run is now done by the average score of each judge, and follow-up is done by total[Note 19]..Then, in the follow-up examination, if the difference is 0.5 or less as a result of adding up, it will be a sudden death.

    Because Tsuchiya left D2010 only in 12011The examination system has changed significantly since then.Basically, the judgment score will be the average of the scores of three of the five referees, excluding the scores of the two who gave the highest and lowest scores.As for the judges, Kamimoto was promoted to chief, and the remaining four were Yamaji.Akira Iida-Eiji YamadaTo three professional drivers, the magazine "Drift heaven』Become a system called Ryusuke Kawasaki, editor-in-chief[25].

    When Tsuchiya was the chairman of the judging committee, the judging criteria for both single run and follow-up changed year by year as follows.

    • 2001-Emphasis on speed for both single run and follow-up.
    • 2002 --- Single run is an angle, and follow-up is close even if the angle is loose.
    • 2003 --The angle is not too sweet for single run and the angle for follow-up.
    • 2004-Single run is to angle and emit white smoke without killing speed.Of course, the pursuit should close the distance, but the angle should not be defeated.
    • 2005-2007-Single run is an angle and white smoke run without removing the line.Follow up with a proper line and close the distance at the same angle.
    • 2008-In single run, speed is excluded from the examination, and emphasis is placed on line, angle, and white smoke.Follow-up is based on the target from 2005.
    • 2009-2010 In addition to the follow-up so far, "simultaneous swing" will be added to the examination target

    DOSS (2012-)

    In single run from 2012DOSS A mechanical scoring system mounted on the vehicle, called the (D1 Original Scoring System), was introduced.this isGPSThe angular velocity sensor is used to quantify the movement of the vehicle and automatically score it. It has been under development for three years since 2009, and was introduced on a trial basis in 3 without any major problems. Therefore, we decided to launch it in earnest.About this system Manabu Suzuki said, "karaokeIt ’s as fun as scoring. ”[26].. Since 2013, the single run has been judged only by DOSS scoring, and the judges will add points and deduct points as an aid to the part that DOSS cannot judge.For this reason, unlike in the past, the DOSS score and the judges' points may give a score of over 100 points.

    From 2014, DOSS was attached only to the preceding car even in the follow-up, and the victory or defeat was decided by the score based on the preceding DOSS score. From 2019, DOSS will be attached to the following vehicles, and the examination and scoring will be done based on the DOSS scores of both cars, and the scores of the two DOSS will directly divide the victory or defeat.

    In single run, the competition section is divided into 4 to 5 sectors, and 10 to 30% is allocated to each sector according to the importance of each.The sum of the DOSS scores of all sectors is the final score.In addition, from 2019, several "zones" will be added on the course, and points will be deducted due to non-passage of the zone.In addition, points will be deducted for running off the course, swinging twice at the time of swinging, and understeer during drifting.

    In the follow-up, it is required that the vehicle speed, angle, and stability are maintained in the lead as in the single run, and how close the follow-up can be while matching the lead.Points will be added when approaching during follow-up[27]However, if the drift becomes too small or the angle becomes too shallow to aim for points, the low points of DOSS will cancel the points added at the approach points.Therefore, the challenge for the followers is how to get close points without dropping the DOSS score.

    In rare cases, an error may occur in the DOSS system, making accurate measurement and scoring impossible.In that case, a human examination will be conducted by the judges.[28].

    Acts subject to addition or deductionAddition / subtraction points
    Zone non-passage-1 to -3 depending on the zone
    Driving off course-2 to -5, no deduction for up to 2 wheels in case of follow-up
    Understeer, swing twice-5
    Crash, stop in competition section, flying, etc.-5 to -10
    Approached at the time of follow-up+1 to +3 for each zone
    Did not show any effort to approach when chasing
    (No Good Challenge)
    -2 for each zone
    Driving disorder outside the examination section
    Contact with the installation
    At the discretion of the judges

    Successive champions

    Series champion

    Single run champion

    • 2011 --Daigo Saito Vehicle: Toyota Mark II (JZX100), Toyota Chaser (JZX100)[29]
    • 2012 --Kuniaki Takahashi Vehicle: Toyota Mark X (GRX130) [30]
    • 2013 --Masato Kawabata Vehicle: Nissan 180SX (RPS13) [31]
    • 2014 - Masao Suenaga Vehicle: Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)[32]
    • 2015 - Akinori Utsumi Vehicle: Nissan Silvia (S15) [33]
    • 2016 --Daigo Saito Vehicle: Toyota Mark II (JZX100), Toyota Chaser (JZX100)[34]
    • 2017 --Hideyuki Fujino Vehicle: Nissan 180SX (RPS13) [35]
    • 2018 --Masato Kawabata Vehicle: Nissan GT-R (R35) [36]
    • 2019 --Vehicle: Toyota Mark II (JZX100) [37]
    • 2020 --Masashi Yokoi Vehicle: Nissan Silvia (S15) [38]
    • 2021 --Naoki Nakamura Vehicle: Nissan Silvia (S15)

    WORLD ALL STAR Winner (World Champion)

    Tournament record

    Major tournament records

    • Most wins in total ... 18 wins-Daigo Saito (including simultaneous victory with Tetsuya Hibino on 2009 Rd.3)
    • The most victorious vehicle in total ... 66 wins-Silvia (S15) (including single-run victory)
    • Record of most wins of the season ... 5 wins-Daigo Saito, Masanori Kobashi
    • Record of most consecutive wins ... 5 consecutive wins --Daigo Saito
    • Record of most consecutive wins in the season ... 3 consecutive wins-Daigo Saito, Masanori Kobashi, Yasuyuki Kazama, Naoki Nakamura
    • Opening round consecutive win record ... 3 consecutive wins-Yasuyuki Kazama
    • Most Series Champion ... 4 times-Youichi Imamura (as of the end of the 2021 series)
    • Most consecutive series champions ... 3 times-Youichi Imamura
    • Highest single run score (human examination)… 120 points --Atsushi Kuroi[39]
    • Single run highest score (DOSS)… 101.23 points --Daigo Saito
    • Highest single run score (DOSS + judge added)… 101.40 points --Masato Kawabata
    • Record of 100 points for the oldest single run ... 50 years old- Kazuyoshi Okamura
    • Oldest victory record ... 48 years old-Katsuhiro Ueo
    • Season single run consecutive championship record ... 6 consecutive victories --Masato Kawabata

    Number of wins by base car

    The last update date is after the end of the 2021 season.Including single run victory.

    Place(I.e.Number of wins
    1 bitNissan Silvia S1566
    2 bitMazda RX-7 FD3S26
    3 bitNissan 180SX RPS1325
    4 bitToyota Mark II JZX10020
    5 bitNissan GT-R R3513
    6 bitToyota Sprinter Trueno AE8610
    7 bitToyota Supra A907
    8 bitToyota Chaser JZX1006
    9 bitNissan Skyline ER345
    9 bitToyota 86 ZN65
    11 bitToyota Mark X GRX1304
    12 bitSubaru Impreza GDB3
    12 bitNissan Laurel C333
    12 bitNissan Silvia S143
    15 bitNissan Skyline GT-R BNR322
    15 bitMitsubishi Lancer Evolution X CZ4A2
    15 bitToyota Sprinter AE852
    15 bitMazda Roadster NA6CE2
    15 bitChevrolet Corvette X245A2
    20 bitHonda S2000 AP11
    20 bitToyota Soarer JZZ301
    20 bitMazda RX-7 FC3S1
    20 bitNissan Silvia PS131
    20 bitMitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX CT9A1
    20 bitToyota Crown GRS1801
    20 bitLexus GS GRS1911
    20 bitNissan Skyline GT-R BNR341
    20 bitDaihatsu Charmant A351
    20 bitToyota Altezza SXE101
    20 bitInfiniti Q60 V371

    Participants and vehicles used

    2022 Participants / Vehicles used[41]
    No.driverOUR TEAMマ シ ンRemarksTire manufacturerEngine specification
    7Yukio MatsuiTeam RE Amemiya K & NRX-7 (FD3S)-TOYO TIRES4 rotor
    9SPAN RacingGR Supra (A90)Missing Round 1--
    16Freem TEAM G-meisterSilvia (S15)-VALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    23Team CM Feeling.Silvia (S15)-VITOUR TIRE (Round 1) → TOYO TIRES (Rounds 2 and 3)SR20DET
    27OKUTONE FP IWANACENTERSilvia (S15)-VITOUR TIRE (Round 1) → SHIBATIRE (Rounds 2 and 3)2JZ-GTE
    30TEAM TNRMark II (JZX100)--2JZ-GTE
    38Mercury car musician VALINOSilvia (S15)-VALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    46Masao SuenagaD-MAX RACING TEAMSilvia (S15)-NANKANG TIRE2JZ-GTE
    55Team miyaseimitsuSilvia (S15)-VITOUR TIRE4 rotor
    69Ryusei AkibaTeam BOOSTAR VALINOSilvia (S15)-VALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    70Masashi YokoiD-MAX RACING TEAMSilvia (S15)-NANKANG TIRE2JZ-GTE
    77Hokuto MatsuyamaTMARGR Supra (A90)Missing Round 1TOYO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    79Freem TEAM G-meister180SX (KRPS13)-VALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    87Saito TaigoTMARGR Supra (A90)Missing Round 1YOKOHAMA2JZ-GTE
    91BC RacingSilvia (S15)Participated in Rounds 2 and 3TOYO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    97CAR GUY RacingGR Supra (A90)-GOOD RIDE2JZ-GTE
    98TEAM Purple TOPTUL x VALINO TIRESOne Via (PS13)21st D1 Lights Series ChampionVALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE
    99Naoki NakamuraTMAR x TEAM purpleSilvia (S15, Round 1 only) → Silvia (S13, Round 2 and later)21st year D1GP series single run championVALINO TIRES2JZ-GTE (Round 1 only), LSX (Round 2 and later)


    • Formula race,Touring car raceUnlike the top categories such as, the majority of athletes are not specialized in racing drivers, but participate in the series while working as self-employed (tuning shop management etc.) or office workers.[Note 21].SUPER GTOf professional racing drivers who are active inOrido Manabu[Note 22],Nobuteru Taniguchi[Note 23],Tatsuya KataokaHas also participated in the war.
    • In the 2009rd and 3th rounds (Okayama International Circuit) of 4, two consecutive races will be held on the same circuit.Dual finalWas carried out for the first time.In recent years, the number of dual finals has been increasing, and in 2021 all rounds will be dual finals.
      • In the third round, Okayama, Daigo Saito and Tetsuya HibinoSimultaneous victoryA rare event has occurred.After the first run of the follow-up tournament, Saito submitted a retirement notice due to a machine trouble, but after that, he took measures and ran the second run, and as a result Saito won.However, it was found that the withdrawal of the retirement notice was not confirmed after the award ceremony, and the decision of the final was invalidated because there was a protest as a deficiency in regulation.This was the first victory for Hibino.[42].
    • In the first round of Autopolis in 2011, due to heavy rain and fog, the tournament was interrupted and the tournament ended in the middle of the best 1 follow-up tournaments, and the ranking of the single run was ranked as the overall ranking.[43]..The same thing happened in the first round of 2014[44], Kazuya Matsukawa won the first victory.
    • The color of the bee attached to the front window is white-red in 2003 (the letters are "D1 GRAND PRIX"), orange in 2004-2008 (D1 GRAND PRIX), and orange in 2009-2015 (D1 GRAND PRIX). / Black (Gran Turismo), 2016-2021 is White (Gran Turismo) / Black (D1 GRAND PRIX)[Note 24].. From the 2022 season, it has become a new ash (professional drift series) / pink (D1 GRAND PRIX / Gran Turismo).

    Overseas expansion

    • The aforementionedAmerica・ Held at Irwindale SpeedwayUnited Kingdom-Silverstone CircuitThe exhibition was held in Japan and attracted attention overseas, which triggered the spread of drift around the world.
    • movies"Wild Speed ​​X3 TOKYO DRIFT』Drift sceneStuntAre active D1 drivers at the time, such as Nobushige Kumakubo and Kazuhiro Tanaka.In the home country of America(English edition),Tanner FoustAre in charge.
    • Popular American drama "HEROESIn the first episode, the characters Hiro and AndoTokyo MetroIn the scene of riding in the 2002 D1GP Round 2 in the advertisementsunlightA crash video of Tsuyoshi Tezuka and Mitsuru Haruguchi is projected.


    TerrestrialSatellite broadcastingThere is no TV broadcast on.Video options for many years (VHS,DVD), But with the shift to YouTube for video options, from 2018YouTube D1GP official channelIt is live streamed for free at.

    In the past, BS Fuji was broadcasting a TV program called "D1 KING!".The main performers areBorero, Rin Kichikawa, etc.

    Manabu Suzuki has been in charge of the actual situation since the series was first established (at one point, MC Naoki Tsuji was in charge of part of the single run).Suzuki is mainly in charge of commentary, but Ken Nomura and Ryusuke Kawasaki, the editor-in-chief of "Drift Tengoku", may sit in the commentary seat.In past follow-up tournaments, a player who lost in a single run the day before served as a commentator.

    Image girl

    "D Sign" (2007-2012)

    The first image girl unit. There was an image girl before 2007, but after this year, this “D SignThe name "(D-Sign) has taken root.

    Successive members

    "D-Loveits" (2017-)

    A new image girl unit is launched.The reading is (D Rabbits).TV and magazine advertisements,Nico Nico Live BroadcastWe are promoting mainly media exposure such as distribution.Talent, activeRace queen, Former race queen, newcomer and many other members.

    Successive members


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

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    14. ^ In fact, the interpretation that anything is within the scope of regulation has become widespread, and there have been things that make pipe frames where the presence or absence of processing is not determined.Although not limited to this, there are many conflicts of interpretation between the players / team side and the management side, especially regarding bodywork, and as an example, in 2016, Daigo Saito used it in the first and second rounds.Toyota Mark IIHowever, there was a situation in which he could not participate in the season after the third round.
    15. ^ The second one can be canceled.It is often canceled when you want to preserve the tires for the follow-up.
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