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🚗 | Audi RS4 and RS5 "competition", strengthening undercarriage ... European setting

Photo Audi RS4 Avant "Competition Plus Package"

"Competition" for Audi RS4 and RS5, strengthening undercarriage ... European setting

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The transmission is an 8-speed "Tipro Tonic", and the shift change time is shortened by changing the software.

Audi will release 5 of "RS17 Avant", "RS4 Coupe", "RS5 Sportback" on May 5th. → Continue reading


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ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン

In the carト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン(British: transmission) IsgearIt consists of a shaft, etc., and the power of the power sourcetorqueAssembled parts that change the number of rotations and the direction of rotation and transmit to the active shaft (ASSY)[1].transmission or Speed ​​change mechanismAlso called.The combination of gearsGearbox(British: gear box) Is also called[2][3].


Some transmissions convert and transmit the rotation of the power source with a single gear ratio, while others can switch between multiple gear ratios as needed.Gear ratio switching may be done manually or automatically.It may also have a function to switch the rotation direction.Belts and pulleys were used instead of gearsContinuously variable transmission mechanismAnd fluid etc.流体There is also a method using.

Name in the United States and the United Kingdom

In British English, "transmission" means gearbox or clutch,Propeller shaft,Differential,Drive shaftRefers to the entire drive transmission path.On the other hand, in American English, "gearbox" refers to all gear devices that convert speed and torque, and "transmission" is distinguished as a type of gearbox that can change the reduction ratio, such as automobiles, and its drive transmission path is ". It is called "drive train".

Car, etc.

Automobile,オ ー ト バ イAnd so onPrime moverIn the process of transmitting the output of the drive wheels, the transmission is used to shift to the appropriate torque and rotational speed.General positive displacement type that does not generate torque when there is no rotationInternal combustion engineIf the engine speed is set too low, the engine may stall when starting or running at low speed.The transmission slows down the rotational speed of the prime mover and at the same time amplifies the torque.Vehicle mounting is generally connected to the engine via a starting device such as a clutch or torque converter.

For the type of transmission such as automobiles, the gear ratio is switched manually.Manual transmission(MT) or automatic gear ratio switchingAutomatic transmissionIt is classified as (AT).Also in the automatic transmission,clutchOnly the operation was automatedSemi-automatic transmissionMay be classified separately. As one of the AT shifting methods, the gear ratio is changed steplessly.Continuously variable transmissionVehicles that use (CVT) and have two separate automatic control clutches for odd-numbered and even-numbered stages.Dual clutch transmissionSome models use (DCT).

Manual transmission (MT)

It is a transmission in which the operator performs all operations during shifting, such as switching the reduction ratio and engaging and disengaging the clutch required at that time.In many cases, the appropriate combination of gears with different numbers of teeth is selected, and the output of the prime mover is converted to the desired rotation number and torque and transmitted.To temporarily interrupt power transmission when shifting to a gear with a different number of teethclutchIt has a mechanism.In addition, to synchronize the rotation difference of several built-in shafts and perform smooth shifting.SynchromeshIs provided for each stage of gear.

It is the most classic mechanism for automobile transmissions and has been widely adopted with the spread of automobiles.However, due to the cumbersome operation, demand decreased except for some applications, and the number of models adopted also decreased.in Japan"manual"Or"MTIs often abbreviated.

It is a kind of MT, but unlike the synchromesh type MT that is widely used for automobiles, it is for tuning between the gear selector and the gear.SynchronizerFormat without Non-synchronized transmissionCalled.Of these, the gears are always meshing, and those equipped with a meshing clutch instead of the synchronizerJapanglishso"Dog missionAlso called.オ ー ト バ イIn addition to being commonly used in dog missions in MTs, it is also used in some racing vehicles.It was once widely adopted for general automobiles.There is also a model in which some parts such as low gear are non-synchronous and other stages are synchromesh type, whereas transmissions that adopt synchromesh in all stages areFull syncWas called.

Of the non-synchronous transmissions, the type that slides the gears to engage themSelectable sliding typeIt is called (sliding mesh).While shift changes are difficult in applications where gears rotate at high speeds, they have the capacity to withstand high loads and have a simple structure, so they are used for agriculture where the rotation speed of gears is relatively low.ト ラ ク タ ー,Construction machineryIn addition to being used in some parts oftankAndRoad trainIt is used in applications where high shaft torque is applied, such as large freight vehicles outside Japan called the 18 Wheeler.In large freight vehicles, the rotation of the shaft (input shaft), in which the engine rotation is input at the same time as the clutch operation, is used for the purpose of reducing the cost of gearing from neutral when starting.Band brakeIt is equipped with a clutch brake mechanism that forcibly stops it.

Automatic transmission (AT)

It is a transmission that simplifies driving operations by automating clutch operations and shifting operations.in JapanAutoma,ATIs often abbreviated as.The method that has been adopted for a long time and is widely used isFluid fittingIs a type ofTorque converterConnected to the engine by (torque converter)Planetary gear mechanismIt is a method that combines a mechanism that shifts gears with.In addition to this, there are a method of connecting to the engine by a friction clutch, a method of shifting with a belt and a pulley, and a method of automatically selecting and shifting a gear train combination often used in the above-mentioned MT.[4].

A combination of belts or chains and pulleys, or disks and conical rollersReduction ratioThe transmission that continuously changes theContinuously variable transmission(British: Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT).Since the torque fluctuation of the output shaft caused by clutch engagement / disengagement and gear switching during gear shifting is small and a fine reduction ratio can be realized, it is possible to make heavy use of the engine's highly efficient rotation range, which is also advantageous in terms of fuel efficiency.On the other hand, some engineers say that the superiority of CVTs is diminishing due to the increase in the number of engines that operate efficiently in a wide range of revolutions from around 2005.[5].

Those that have separate input shafts (input shafts) that support gears in odd-numbered and even-numbered stages, place clutches on each, and reconnect the two clutches at the same time when shifting.Dual clutch transmission(DCT) orTwin clutch transmissionIs called.For commercial vehicles2003/It was installed for the first time in Japan, and is gradually becoming popular from luxury cars to models in the popular price range, and it is also used in light trucks.

A switch equipped with a switch that allows the driver to arbitrarily select the gear while maintaining the mechanism and control of the automatic transmission.Manumatic(Manumatic) May be called.There are also those based on the CVT mentioned above.in Japan"AT with MT mode"Or"Sports ATIs often called.the 1990sIntroduced for the purpose of adding sportiness to the conventional AT. "Manumatic" is the English-speaking world of "Manual" and "Automatic"Portmanteau.

Semi-automatic transmission (semi-AT)

It is a transmission that automates only the clutch operation without automating the shift operation.Although the classification is based on the control range rather than the mechanism, the above-mentioned manual, which has a mode for automatically shifting gears, is often confused with the semi-AT.

Robotized manual transmission(British: robotized manual transmission) AndAutomated manual transmission(British: automated manual transmission, AMT), Etc., which have the same mechanism as a general MT (they are connected to the engine by a friction clutch and have a transmission mechanism combined with a synchromesh gear), and the clutch is operated by the operator's gear selection operation. The intermittent control of the is automatically controlled.There are other examples of mechanisms that automate only clutch operation for a long time, but with the improvement of control technology and miniaturization of actuators, many have changed to full AT with a mode that automatically shifts gears. It is changing.On the other hand, there is also a semi-AT that has a torque converter or a planetary gear shifting mechanism like a general full AT, but does not automatically select a gear ratio.


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