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🚗 | Nissan Z new model, equipped with 405 horsepower twin turbo ... to be released in the US this summer

Photo Nissan Z (equivalent to Fairlady Z) New model (US specification)

Nissan Z new model, equipped with 405 horsepower twin turbo ... to be released in the US this summer

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The steering wheel with deep spokes is designed for quick operation by the driver.

On May 5th, Nissan Motor's US division set the base price of the new "Z" (Japanese name: equivalent to "Fairlady Z") to 16 ... → Continue reading


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Steering wheel

Steering wheel(British: steering wheel) IsAutomobileInSteeringAn annular part for operating the mechanism and rotating it to adjust the direction of travel.JapanInhandle It has been called (handle), but this isJapanglishIs[1].

Part of the steering systemoperationThe person who does this adjusts the direction of travel by grasping the steering wheel with both hands and rotating it.When you want to move forward to the right or backward to the right, rotate it clockwise (clockwise), and when you want to move forward to the left or backward to the left, rotate it counterclockwise (counterclockwise) to operate the steering mechanism. While moving forward and backward.


In the early days of automobiles, steering adjustments were made with bars (bar-shaped handles).1894/ OfParis - RouenAmongraceAlfred VacheronPanhard There is a record of participating in a 4-horsepower model of (Panhard) in a car with a steering wheel, which is considered to be the earliest record that deserves special mention.[2].1898/Since then, Panhard et Levassor has come standard with a steering wheel.1898/ToCharles RollsIs the first car equipped with a steering wheelUnited KingdomImported to, but it isFranceIt was a Panhard 6 horsepower type[3] .



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