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🚗 | Nissan x Mitsubishi Motors' new "light EV" started production at Mizushima Seisakusho ... offline type

Photo Mitsubishi K-EV Concept X Style (Tokyo Auto Salon 2022)

Nissan x Mitsubishi Motors' new "light EV" started production at Mizushima Seisakusho ... offline type

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The new "light EV" has a cruising range sufficient for daily use and a reasonable price, while the smooth and powerful driving unique to EVs, overwhelming quietness and good riding comfort, and advanced autonomous driving support functions. And connected technology realizes high safety and comfort.

On May 5, Nissan Motors, Mitsubishi Motors and NMKV announced the offline type of the new "light EV" at Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima Plant (Oka ... → Continue reading


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    Quiet performance

    Quiet performance(Purge) is a performance that expresses the quietness of a target object.It puts outvolume,Sound pressure,frequency, The distribution, etc. are comprehensively taken into consideration.Also quiet.


    There is no specific definition of what constitutes "quiet performance".In general, the following various performances are often referred to and discussed.In addition to these, various factors are often summarized in one word of quietness performance, and there are various viewpoints regarding excellent quietness performance.

    Elements that make up the quiet performance of automobiles

    fundamentallyCatalogsAbove,Sound pressureThe quietness performance may be appealed by factors such as, but in the actual environment, the content greatly affects the psychological state.Especially high notes and extremely lowLow-frequency,People OfsoundSame asfrequencyEtc. are very unpleasant even if the absolute volume is low.In addition, since the taste of sound varies greatly from person to person, even if it is possible to take a statistical intermediate value at the time of development, there are many cases where the average does not match the median, so everyone is satisfied. It is very difficult to get it done.Therefore, it is necessary to narrow down the target to some extent.It also depends on the vehicle speed.For example, hybrid cars are quiet when the engine is not running or when the vehicle starts moving with a motor, but since the sound insulation material is often reduced with an emphasis on fuel efficiency, many cars suddenly become noisy as the speed increases. ..

    Classification of sound in the academic field

    The following is just one example, and the individual classification methods are not unified.

    Sound pressure of sound.Quiet is more relaxing than apparently loud, but completelySilenceIn the case of a state, human beings feel excessive stress (there is no experimental result whether they go mad or not), so some environmental sound is required.
    In addition to the sounds that humans hear, low-frequency vibrations that the body feels may also be included.High sounds, extremely low frequencies, and frequencies that are the same as human voices are extremely unpleasant even if the absolute volume is low.Especially when listening to a sound with a frequency distribution close to that of a human voice in a very quiet place, it tends to give the illusion of a human whisper.
    持 続Time
    Generally, it is better to be short, but it tends to be less anxious because people can recognize it if the peak is ringing for a certain period of time rather than appearing for a moment and converging.
    It is how long the repeated reflected sound lasts by reflecting the sound on the wall or floor after the first sound is generated.It is better to have moderate reverberation than to have no reverberation completely, and the degree of this reverberation also depends on individual cases such as listening to music, conversation, and running sound.Normally, humans recognize their own voice directly from the vocal cords to the inner ear, but at the same time, after a momentary delay, the sound emitted from the mouth is reflected from the ear to the surrounding environment such as the wall. I'm also listening.In other words, it is the self-generated sound at the time of generation + the delayed reverberation sound.For this reason, listening to one's own voice without any reverberation tends to make one feel uncomfortable.

    Classification by sound generation location

    The following is just one example, and the individual classification methods are not unified.

    Road noise
    The sound generated by the contact between the tires and the road surface. At high speed stability at 100km / h or less and at 100km / h or more.In addition, it can be classified according to speed and road surface condition such as "flat road surface", "rough road surface", and "when pushing up".In addition to the performance of the car body itselfタ イ ヤIt tends to depend heavily on the quiet performance of.
    Engine sound
    Is the power sourceengineThe sound produced by.Volume and frequency at idling, constant speed running at 30km / h, 60km / h, 100km / h (generally less than 2000rpm), acceleration (generally 2000rpm or more), and the content of the change Is.These sounds are also affected by the exhaust system and the like.
    Wind noise
    It is the sound of the car body cutting the wind at 30km / h, 60km / h, 100km / h, etc.It is important how low the volume is, as the outbreak basically causes discomfort.This sound may not be noticed unless the engine and road noise are quiet to some extent.
    Air conditioner sound
    It is the volume of outside air ventilation, inside air circulation, wind noise such as normal and fully open, and motor noise.When the inside air circulation is set, the motor and wind noise are likely to reverberate in the air conditioner duct, so it tends to be generally noisy.
    Other sounds generated in the car
    There are various sounds such as the sound of the motor that exists in the car, the "squeaking" sound that makes you feel the car body is built, and the spring sound of the seat.
    Voice of passengers
    In addition to conversations between both sides of the driver's seat and passenger seat, conversations between the front and rear seats, etc.Whether the front and rear seats can speak in their usual voice, especially when driving at high speeds,luxury carIt is one of the scales that
    Environmental sound from outside the car
    How much is the sound of other cars?Not only the volume but also the transparent sound quality is important.

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