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🚗 | "I can't easily say'please'" "The changed operation backfired" "First time in my life. I'm sorry" [SF Mix V ...


"I can't easily say'please'" "The changed operation backfired" "First time in my life. I'm sorry" [SF Mix V ...

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As a result, Yamamoto decided to pit in the safety car and replace the front wing.

This season, the "Media Mix Zone" is set up after the All Japan Super Formula Championship session.all… → Continue reading


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    In the safety car

    Front wing

    Front Wing Co., Ltd.(British: Frontwing Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfGameSoftware maker,Video software maker.

    Established in 1999[1]..Ryuichiro Yamakawa is President and CEO[2]And producer[3]To serve. The main brand is "Frontwing", which is the same as the company name, but in addition to that, software was also sold under brand names such as "Survive", "Stapler", and "b-Wings".


    Established in 1999 as a company that imports and exports card games, the development of computer games was a hobby.[1], Later grows as a core business.

    There is a wide variety of work trends, from games set in the school to those containing hard content and those using 3DCG.[4].. For the creation of 3D contents, we are involved in the planning and production of the work, such as forming a team called "Polygon Village" and considering introducing 2D into the video used in the 3D work.[5].. Although several works have been ported to the consumer version, the company is basically developing the ported version as well. Also, 3D dance video creation software "Dance x MixerIs also the developer[6].

    The representative work is "Makai Tenshi Jibril] And "Grisaia" series trilogy etc.[4].. The writer, Naoki Miyamoto, regards "Makai Tenshi Jibril" as a work that shows the demand for such a work, "If the heroine that looks good is fighting, the risk stimulates erotic imagination".[7].. In contrast, in the "Grisaia" series, the first work "Grisaia fruit"ButMoe Game Award2011 GOLD Award[8], Second work "Glyzaia's Labyrinth" won the 2 SILVER Award[9].

    ANIPLEX.EXENon-18 prohibited software released by "ATRI -My Dear Moments-The creators of Frontwing are involved in[10].

    On September 2018, 9, Front Wing Lab Co., Ltd. was established as an affiliated company for planning anime and games (Yamakawa also serves as CEO). In March 10BushiroadConcluded a business alliance with[11], Bushiroad acquired a majority stake in Yamakawa on April 2021, 4 and became a subsidiary of Bushiroad.[12].

    Because of this balanceBushiroad music(Bushiroad Group2021 TV animation "Our remake], He is in charge of producing the work under the name of "Front Wing". (In addition, this work was in charge of some character scenarios of the "Grisaia" series.NioIs made based on the light novel that worked on the original)

    List of released game software

    List by brand name.

    front wing



    • 2002/8/23 -Crank-in ~ early spring ~
    • 2003/10/10 -Futago Etchi


    • 2003/8/28 -Take Off!!

    More informations

    • 2002/10/25 -Piano strain
      • Developed by teamFALSTAFF. Sold by Frontwing.

    Console ported work

    The seller of the transplant work is another company, but the company basically develops it.

    Dream cast version

    • 2001/8/23 -Canary ~ Put this feeling on the song ~ (Distributor:NEC Inter Channel)
    • 2003/6/26 -Witch's Tea Party (Distributor: NEC Inter Channel)

    PlayStation 2 version

    • 2002/8/29 -Hooligan ~ Courage in you ~ (Distributor:PCCW Japan)
    • 2002/12/26 -Sweet Legacy-My sweets without her name-(Distributor: PCCW Japan)
      • A remake of the 426 recorded version of "Sweet Legacy".
    • 2003/4/10 -Canary ~ Put this feeling on the song ~ (Distributor: NEC Inter Channel)

    Xbox 360 version

    PlayStation 3 version

    • 2012/1/12 -Time Leap (Distributor: Prototype)

    Participating works

    Television Animation

    Main production staff

    Producer and President[13]
    • Ryuichiro Yamakawa


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    • Naoki Miyamoto "Introduction to Eroge Cultural Studies" Sogo Kagaku Shuppan, 2013.ISBN 978-4-88181-829-9. 

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