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🚗 | Car rental / car sharing Information provided in the car ... Looking at automatic driving

Photo Tourism MaaS Service "Mobicoma"

Car rental / car sharing Information provided in the car ... Looking at autonomous driving

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Mobicoma provides information on recommended spots based on travel plan settings, location information, and destinations, while all passengers share the same information through multiple dedicated tablets installed in the car.

NTT DATA is a tourism MaaS (Mobility as a Service) that specializes in providing services in the interior space of the vehicle in anticipation of the era of autonomous driving. → Continue reading


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Location information service

Location information service(Ichijoho service,British: location-based service, LBS) isMobile deviceGet the current position of the user by, for example, and provide information according to it.softwareIt is a level information service.

Location informationMobile deviceObtained from the ground location information of the mobile communication network,Social networking servicesUsed in games and other entertainment and security services[1][2][3][4].

There are application examples in the field of health, searching for things indoors, and in terms of personal life.[5][6][7].


Location-based services have an important commercial or administrative impact in that they link data with actual locations where actions and phenomena occur. It relies heavily on location-based services in the fields of banking, research, e-commerce, and even weapons systems.

Location services allow people or objects to be found, for example, where is the nearest ATM, manned or employee? In addition, luggage tracking and vehicle tracking are also included in the location information service. Coupons and advertisements can also be displayed based on the current location of the customer. It also includes personal weather services or location games.

To determine location informationGPS,GNSSEtc. are used. As a supplementWi-FiRough location information that can be obtained from access points and mobile phone base stations is used.

Example of application that uses location information

General information



Job information service



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