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✈ | 11 people visited Yokota Air Base Friendship Festival, and it was exciting with the arrival of Air Force One.

Photo Air Force One on board President Biden who flew to Yokota Air Base during the Friendship Festival

11 people visited the Yokota Air Base Friendship Festival, and it was exciting with the arrival of Air Force One.

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In the flight program, the "Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) F-16 Demo Team" based in Misawa Air Base participated, and it was a fun content together with the airborne descent by the air transport unit at Yokota Air Base.

The "US-Japan Friendship Festival / ..." was held for two days on May 2022st (Sun) and May 5nd (Sun), 21 at the US Air Force Yokota Air Base. → Continue reading


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    Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) F-16 Demo Team

    Yokota Air Base

    Yokota Air Base(Yokota Hikojo) isJapan OfTokyoTama areaIn centralMilitary airfield.Japan Air Self-Defense ForceUS Air Force OfYokota base(Yokotakichi,English: Yokota Air Base) Is installed.


    Imperial Japanese ArmyEstablished as a base for aviation units inDuring World War IIIt is,Italian armyLarge transport aircraft "Savoia Marchetti SM.75 With "GA RT", you can fly long distances between Italy and Japan[2]At the end of World War II, it became a fighter base for the defense of the metropolitan area.

    After the warAllied forcesRequisitioned to, sinceUS Army in JapanheadquartersAnd in JapanUS Air ForceHeadquarters and America5th Air ForceThe headquarters is located,East AsiaInU.S. ForcesIs the main base of the Far East region and is a relay for transportation throughout the Far East region.Hub airport(Logistics base).AlsoKorean War Armistice AgreementInUnited Nations ArmyThere is also a rear headquarters of.

    2012/From March, the relocated and reorganized Air Self-Defense ForceAviation corpsHeadquarters, etc. are now resident in both Japan and the United States.air forceIt became a base.

    Haijima StationOn the north side ofHigashi Fukusei Station,Ushihama StationLocated on the east side ofFussa,Nishitama CountyMizuho,Musashimurayama-shi,Hamura,Tachikawa,Akishima-shi5 cities and 1 town (composition)areaIt straddles (in order).OkinawaOther than that, it is the largest in JapanUS Air ForceAlthough it is a baseOkinawa OfUS Army in JapanLike a basePrivate landMost of them have no borrowingNational landIs occupied by.

    Japan-USMilitary aircraftIn addition to the operation ofNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) Member country,French air forceTransport plane (Airbus A340-200 type machine)Mainland FranceからNew CaledoniaSuch asFrance overseas departmentOn the move toTechnical landingIt may also be used as a ground.

    According to a survey by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government2005/(HeiseiAs of May 17, the number of military personnel involved in the base was 5.Military affiliationThere are 700 people, 4,500 family members, and 2,200 Japanese employees, for a total of about 11,000 people.[3].

    AmericasoldierAnd that familyMainland americaRegular airline contracts with the U.S. military for homecomingCharter flights(Patriot Express) Private sectorPassenger planeComes flying.moreover,United airlines,Delta AirlinesEtc. of American nationalityAirlinesRegular flightsDivertOr, it may be used in the US Army Charter (AMC) between the United States and the United States (although it does not normally arrive and depart, it has permission to land when the charter flight is in operation for some reason or when a divert occurs).Freight flightsKalitta AirThere are multiple airlines on board.

    Incidentally,US-Japan Status AgreementBy, American military personnel, civilian employees, and their familiesImmigration control OfBoarding procedureDoes not need.Therefore, even if a U.S. military officer who committed a crime in Japan or a high-ranking U.S. official who controls the army enters or leaves the country with a military aircraft, unless it is notified to the Japanese side,Japanese GovernmentCan't know the fact.2017/ToPresidential aircraftDonald TrumpPresident of the United States(At that time) is in and out, but legally, it does not leave the United States or enter Japan.

    Facility constructionmaintenanceWhen temporarily entering Yokota Air Base, for example,Japanese nationalityFor confirmationDriver's license(Prepaid CardBecause the registered domicile column was deleted, "2 4 digits" to confirm the registered domicilePINInput "is required),Japan passport,Basic Resident Register card,Personal number cardbyIdentificationIs required to be submitted.For other nationalities, the attendeespassport,Residence cardIs required to be submitted,People's Republic of China,north korea,(I.e.Possession ofCitizenshipDepending on the situation, admission to Yokota Air Base may be denied.


    1940/,Imperial Japanese Army Air Corps OfTachikawa Army Airfield (Tachikawa Airfield)Was built as an ancillary facility ofTama Army Airfield(Tamari-kun flight,Tama Airfield) Is the predecessor.April 4, the same year, newFighterIt is a government agency that examines various aviation weapons, includingFlight Experiment DepartmentMoved from Tachikawa to Tama.Pacific War(Great East Asian War)In1942/On October 10, the Flight Experiment Department was expanded and reorganized.Army Aviation Examination DepartmentWhile conducting the examination work next to me, at the end of the termMainland air raidOccasionally, he used members and equipment to form a temporary air defense squadron (commonly known as the Fussa Squadron) and achieved results.During the war, the U.S. militaryReconnaissance aircraftReceived a report from the Japanese military airfield, which had not been known in the past, and decided on the base.Yokota Air BaseBecause I named it againYokota baseCame to be called.It is said that there were more than 180 aircraft at the end of the war.

    After the defeat1945/On September 9, the US military, which was one of the Allied forces to occupy Japan, visited by land and was officially handed over on September 3.After the requisition, the base was expanded and the base was expanded.1960/By that time, it was about the current scale.For expansion, on the north sideNational railwayHachiko Line,National Route 16Route changed, on the south sideItsukakaidoWas divided (for this reason, it is always around hereTraffic jamdoing).Korean WarBack thenB-29BomberActs as a sortie base forVietnam WarSometimesSupplyIt is a base that was actively used as a base.

    1969/10/21Someone broke the metal fence around the base and invaded.For military aircraftgasolineOver 10 litersarsonAn incident has occurred.at a later date,Keihin Security Joint FightMembers ofHaruhiko ShibanoWas wanted (Shibano woke himself the following yearKamikatsuka police box attack caseDied in)[4].

    On March 2012, 3, the Air Defense Command of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, etc.Fuchu BaseThe Air Self-Defense Force Yokota Air Base started operation.

    (For details on the history of the base, see the materials of Mizuho Town.[5]Etc.)


    Most of the site of Tama Air Base was at that timeNishitama CountyFussa Town (currentlyFussa), So in the local and army aviation examination departmentFukusei AirfieldIt was called (Flight Flight).

    This Tama Air Base / Fussa Air Base has been visited by the U.S. military since the war.YOKOTAWas calledUS ArmyMap service1944/Map material created inJAPANESE AIRFIELDS]Kitama-gunMurayama Town (currentlyMusashimurayama-shi)ofLarge printWas the name "Yokota"But,"fuss"Or"HakonegasakiIt is believed that it was listed near the airfield.[6],Place name"Yokota" has disappeared now, but it is west of "Musashimurayama City Hall".bus stopRemains as a name[7].

    After that, due to the existence of Yokota Air Base, tunnels and stores bearing "Yokota",(I.e.Are scattered around[8].


    U.S. Forces

    • U.S. Forces Command: U.S. Forces Japan Command, U.S. Air Force HQ in Japan, Fifth Air Force HQ, Japan-US Joint Operations Coordination Center
    • Stationed Units: 374th Air Transport Air Corps, 730th Aircraft Mobile Squadron, 374th Air Transport Air Corps Constitutional Squadron, 353rd Special Operations Group 21st Special Operations Squadron, 353rd Special Operations Group 753 Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron,US Coast GuardFar East Branch (contact officer only), DFAS-J (AccountingBusiness Corps), 10thNews reportDetachment, Air ForceMilitary band,PostCompany, etc.

    United Nations Command Rear Command

    The war is still ongoing at Yokota Air Base[Annotation 1] OfKorean WarInUnited Nations ArmyThere is a rear headquarters, and three military personnel and one civilian employee are assigned as full-time personnel.In addition, eight of the UN forces participating countriesEmbassy of JapanA joint meeting attended by military attachés is held about once every three months, and it is effectively a contact point for military attachés in Japan.At the airfieldSun flag,Stars and stripesOthers,United Nations flagIs always displayed.

    United Nations Command Rear CommandKorean War Armistice AgreementAfter establishment1954/In (29), 10 countries including Japan, Great Britain, the United States, and France (later the Kingdom of Thailand will join)UN Status of Forces AgreementWas the beginning, and the Korean War is still going on.Wartime international lawUp"ArmisticeThe fact that it is in the middle (during the war) is the basis for establishing it in Japan.Long time agoCamp ZamaWas installed in2007/(19)11/2Moved to Yokota Air Base.

    Japan Air Self-Defense Force

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayCabinet decision·It was published22 Charterand23 Medium-term defenseBased on, the following units, etc.Fuchu BaseIt was announced that it will be relocated and reorganized. The relocation was completed on March 2012, 3, and the operation started as "Air Self-Defense Force Yokota Air Base" on the 21th.[9][10]..The commander of the base is also the commander of the operation system operation corps (former air defense command group) (Facility location: 2552 Fussa, Fussa-shi, Tokyo)[Annotation 2].

    Incidentally,JMSDFIn order to obtain information on marine rescue and air rescue from the Air Rescue Wing Central Rescue Coordination Center (RCC), a function called the Air Rescue Information Center (RIC) was relocated and installed from Fuchu Air Base in the base.JMSDFRescue contact was stationed[11].

    Medium-term defense capability development plan (2014)After March 2017, 3, when the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Air Rescue Wing's land-based air rescue functions were unified into the Air Rescue Wing, which was carried out by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.Integrated Staff DivisionHas placed part of the Air Rescue Wing function on the base as the Air Rescue Wing Information Center (RIC) and has a rescue information liaison.[12].

    Base data

    • Total base area: 7.136km2
    (About 4.5 north and southkm Approximately 2.9km east-west, approximately 14km around)

    The police are subject to the military law (Unified Military Judgment Law)Air Force Security ForceBecomes the jurisdiction of.

    Breakdown by landowner
    Provided area (km2)Base area ratio (%)
    National land7.07399.1
    Tokyo-owned land0.0340.5
    Public land0.0290.4
    Area provided to Yokota Air Base for each municipality, ratio to the total area of ​​the base, and ratio to the total area of ​​the local government
    Local government nameMunicipal area (km2)Provided area (km2)Base area ratio (%)Municipal area ratio (%)

    Air traffic control

    Typesfrequency (VHF)frequency (UHF)Operating hours (Z)
    APP / ARRIVAL (AREA A)123.800MHz317.850MHz24H
    APP / ARRIVAL (AREA B)120.700MHz261.400MHz24H
    APP / ARRIVAL (AREA C)118.300MHz270.600MHz24H

    Aviation Security Radio Facility

    Station nameTypesfrequencyIdentification signal
    (I.e.TACAN1172 MHz (CH-85x)YOK
    (I.e.ILS (R / W 36)109.7MHzI-YOK
    (I.e.ILS (R / W 18)108.7MHzI-YAS

    AnyRadio stationAlso operates 24 hours a day.

    Base release

    Every year in August and SeptemberSaturdaySundayThe "Yokota Air Base Japan-US Friendship Festival" was held in Japan, and ordinary people (in principle, Japanese nationals and United States nationals) cannot enter.IdentificationThe owner) is also at Gate 5 (the nearest station isOme LineUshihama Station) To enter Yokota Air Base.At the Friendship Festival, U.S. military aircraftSDFMachineMilitary aircraftExhibitAir show,BandPerformance,Ration OfMRE,ス パ ムSold by US soldiersMock shopOpening a store,childrenForgameFacilities were set up, and just before the end of the final day,fireworksWill also be launched. In 2013, it was "indefinitely postponed" due to the reduction of US military expenses.[14][15], Reopened in 2014.In addition, the "Frostbite Road Race" (marathon event) is held every January.

    2020/2021New coronavirusIt was canceled due to the spread of infection, but 2022 is 3 months earlier than usual.5/2122 daysHeld in[16]..The 22th generation will be on the 46nd.US PresidentJoe BidenDedicated machine for visiting JapanAir force oneThere was a flight of related equipment including[17], The Friendship Festival was held as planned by dividing the lot.As a result, during the Friendship Festival, an unusual event occurred in which Air Force One landed in front of the general public.[18].

    Military-civilian sharing / medium-term defense capability development plan

    Military-civilian sharing concept

    2012/UntilTokyoGovernorServed asShintaro IshiharaYokota Air BaseCivil aviation"Military-civilian sharing"2003 Tokyo Governor ElectionPledged at[19], Did not happen during Ishihara's term, but succeededNaoki InoseThe governor was also eager to realize it[20]..Meanwhile, some localsMunicipalitiesThere are also dissenting opinions among[21].

    In line with the US-Japan agreement that Yokota Air Base's military-civilian sharing related to the reorganization of the US military in Japan will be completed within 12 months from the start of the study2006/It has been discussed at the study group since October.But,2007/In mid-October, a Japanese government official told reporters that the US side was a private sector to Yokota Air Base.Passenger planeReluctant to enter, 200711/8, Secretary of Defense during his visit to JapanRobert GatesAnd the Minister of Foreign AffairsMasahiko TakamuraAt the meeting with Foreign Minister Takamura, he did not agree with the request of Foreign Minister Takamura to continue the talks.Atsugi base,Iruma BaseCounter-proposed military-civilian sharing[22].

    Discussions on military-civilian sharing during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

    After the resignation of Governor Naoki Inose, it was not realized because the successor Governor of Tokyo did not work on it, but it was a dead negotiation, but on April 2019, 4,Japanese Government 2020 Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicIt was reported that during the period of the event, Yokota Air Base was consulted for temporary military-civilian sharing.[23].

    On the other hand, the Governor of TokyoYuriko KoikeWhile touching on the background of making requests to the country as the capital, he said, "I would like to make use of it. I would like the capital to do so." Nothing has been decided at this point. We are discussing the conditions necessary for military-civilian sharing at the administrative level between Japan and the United States. What kind of demands are there from the Japanese side?United States Embassy in JapanIt is the stage of waiting through.There is an opinion that it may be shared.If approved, I would like to support 100%. "Mass mediaSuggested that Japan and the United States are making adjustments.[24][25].

    Medium-term defense capability development plan

    The US and Japanese governments are with the US Air ForceJapan Air Self-Defense ForceThe air traffic control right will be returned to the Japanese side, and the Air Self-Defense Force will take charge of it.

    This agreement was realized, and the Air Force 5th and 13th Air Force Command and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government were located at the base.Fuchu-shiAir Self-Defense Force moving fromAviation corpsThe headquarters will live together.The original plan was to share it and relocate the Air Defense Command.2010/It was (22), but2012/(Heisei24 years)3/26, The relocation was completed, and from the same day, the Air Defense Command and others started operation.[26]..In the basement of the government building, there is a "Joint Joint Operations Coordination Center" where the Air Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Army meet together, and you can go to and from the U.S. Air Force command center through the underground passage.[27].

    Following the worldwide reorganization of the U.S. militaryCamp Zama(Kanagawa) ToUS ArmyI CorpsHeadquarters relocation plan (currently USState of Washington(Located in Fort Lewis) exists, and if this is realized, the headquarters of the XNUMXth Army will be aligned in Japan. There is some opposition that "Japan-US military unification and cooperation with the US global strategy",Japanese GovernmentHas shown its willingness to cooperate with the reorganization of the US military.

    However, 2010 (Heisei 22)12/17"Medium-term defense capability development planIn the content of ", with the US militaryInteroperabilityYokota Air Base will be newly established and the Air Defense Command will be relocated in order to improve the situation. "The only narrow space in Japan other than Okinawa PrefectureAdministrationareaFussa City, which provides one-third of the number of bases, said that the establishment of the Air Self-Defense Force Yokota base is not just a matter of naming, but is directly linked to the strengthening of base functions and changes in base style.Prime Minister-Minister of DefenseStrongly protested and offered[28][29]However, the Air Self-Defense Force Yokota Air Base has been realized and continues to the present day.

    Yokota Airspace

    Yokota Air Base, commonly known as "Yokota Air Base", 1 metropolitan area and 8 prefectures (north isNiigata, SouthIzu PeninsulaTo the central part, the eastTokyo OfNakano-KamitabashiPowerTo the line connecting north and south-to the westShizuokaAir traffic control over a vast airspace (up to the central part) is carried out at this airfield.[30].

    Yokota Rapcon(RAPCON: Radar Approach Control, Also known as radar approach control), this airspace (as of 2016, the highest altitude is 23,000)フ ィ ー ト= Approximately 7,010MetersBelow)US Air ForceIt is under the control of the United States Air Force, even if it is a civilian aircraft when flying in the airspace.Air traffic controllerMust be instructed, and the navigation of US military aircraft is prioritized.

    HoweverUS Army in JapanBy prior consultation withFlight planBecause it is necessary to set and adjust the route and the procedure is complicated,Tokyo International AirportAnd in the vicinityNarita International AirportMany commercial aircraft departing from and arriving at are flying on routes that avoid the airspace on the vertical or horizontal axis.Prior to the mandatory instrument flight for commercial aircraft, there was a time-saving competition between airlines and pilots by cutting through the airspace with visual flight, and it was advertised as 30 minutes in Tokyo-Osaka. ..

    U.S. ForcesTokyo International Airport was returned from1952/(Showa(27) Under such circumstances from that time, in recent years, due to the improvement in aircraft performance, the cruising altitude of domestic jet airliners excluding short-distance flights is 8,000m-12,000m, and long-distance routes such as international flights. Has become even higher altitudes, and after the partial reduction of airspace described below, it does not have a significant impact on the flight of commercial jet aircraft.

    August 2019, 1,Kotaro NogamiThe Deputy Secretariat of Japan (at that time) said that flights to Haneda Airport could temporarily pass through the "Yokota Air Base", and negotiations between Japan and the United States, which the Japanese side controls during that time, reached a basic agreement. Announced[31][32][33]..This agreement increased the number of slots at Haneda Airport from 6 to 9, an increase of more than 9%, and also shortened flight time.[31].

    In general, jet airliners, except for short-distance aircraft, soar at takeoff to gain altitude and have low air resistance at medium and high altitudes.stratosphereIt is customary to cruise and slowly descend upon landing.The lower the cruising altitude, the higher the air resistance of the atmosphere, and the more fuel costs will be incurred.In addition, while many planes land in succession at Tokyo International Airport in open parallel, the takeoff flight (domestic flight to the west) suddenly rises to about 2,700 m around the narrow Tokyo Bay due to noise problems. Even if you fly from there to the Yokota airspace to the west, the airspace has been reduced stepwise due to the return of the airspace in 2008, which will be described later, so there is almost no effect on this airspace at present.Also,Tokyo International Airport-Narita International AirportBoth are overcrowded routes with one of the largest number of departures and arrivals in Japan, and it is necessary to take an approach / advance route that goes around on the horizontal axis because of the need for traffic control of air routes including between takeoff and landing and reduction of noise problems on the ground. Therefore, the existence of the Yokota airspace has almost no effect on such circumstances.

    The airspace is1992/Approximately 4% in (10),2008/(20)9/25Approximately 20% of the stairs have been returned to the city, and currently there are 7,000 steps of high west and low east, with an altitude of about 2,400 m to about 6 m.West JapanThe southern half, where routes to and from Tokyo are concentrated (currently, routes departing from Tokyo International Airport are concentrated), has a relatively gentle staircase shape from 2,450 m in the east to 4,900 m in the west.

    Due to the partial return in 2008, the rate of increase for civil aviation aircraft using Tokyo International Airport to bypass Yokota Air Base or cross the airspace will decrease, so about 20 billion yen per year (Tokyo International Airport) 180 billion yen before re-expansion)Economic effectsIt is estimated that there is.The breakdown of about 180 billion yen isJet fuelThe effect of cost reduction is about 66 billion yen, the effect of reducing flight time is 36 billion yen, and the effect of improving passenger convenience is 77 billion yen.The relaxation of the rate of climbing demand has made it possible to almost ignore the existence of the Yokota airspace for passenger jet aircraft, depending on the route distance.In fact, the number of routes that jump over the Yokota Air Base will increase significantly, which will increase the annual number of departures and arrivals at Tokyo International Airport from approximately 296,000 to 407,000.

    In addition, the departure and arrival routes and the number of departures and arrivals at Tokyo International Airport are not limited to the existence of the Yokota airspace, but also complicated conditions such as securing air traffic control capacity including aircraft departing and arriving at Narita Airport and noise problems around Tokyo International Airport. Get entangled.In addition, due to congestion on the Haneda approach air route, it is common for the actual flight route to detour significantly from the set air route, and the substantial impact of the existence of the Yokota airspace is small.

    In addition, the time saving effect is among the flights departing from Haneda.Chugoku-Northern Kyushu3 minutes to goKansai region-Southern Kyushu-OkinawaApproximately 2 minutes to Tokyo International Airport, 2 minutes or more for flights arriving at Tokyo International Airport[34]It is said that

    The western part of Yokota Air Base isJapan Alps,Mount Fuji,HakoneSuch aselevationHigh mountains are connected, and westerlies occur over the mountainsTurbulence,Mountain waveTherefore, even if the Yokota airspace does not exist in the first place, it is necessary to make a detour on the route, and as mentioned above, the slowly descending landing route is set closer to the south sea.In the sky above Mt. Fuji, mountain waves may affect up to an altitude of 10,000 m (about 32,800 feet), and there have been multiple aerial decomposition accidents in the vicinity of Mt. Fuji (about XNUMX feet).British overseas aircraft aerial disassembly accident,Cessna machineCrash accident, etc.) has occurred.

    On the contrary, Yokota Air BasesouthMilitary aircraft taking off and landing from Japan need to fly a long distance at low altitude in order to avoid the increase in the number of aircraft departing from and arriving at Tokyo International Airport after the partial return of the airspace. There is.

    Fuel transportation

    TraincargoByJet fuelIs being transported. JRTsurumi LineAnzen StationAdjacent to the U.S. militaryTsurumi Oil Storage FacilityFrom JR on March 26, 3, from the timetable revisionMusashino Freight Line-Nambu Line-Ome LineDedicated to operate viafreight train(Commonly known as "rice tongue") is set to make one round trip a day on weekdays (as of April 1, mainly two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays).The tank car used is by the U.S. Army Transport CorpsNippon Oil TransportBorrow moreJP-8(The name of jet fuel for aviation, JP-8 is for military use) is a dedicated tank car written on the car body, and it is loaded with 45 tonsTaki 1000 typeIt will be operated in a 12-car train using.Haijima StationThe freight car that arrived at the stationDiesel locomotiveIt is replaced with and extends to the baseSingle lineNon-electrified OfLeased lineIt is carried in via (drop line).It used to be a regular train, but now it is a temporary train.However, since the era of regular trains, whether or not to operate the train has been decided by the convenience of the US military, which is the shipper, and the frequency of operation is almost the same as that of the current temporary train.

    1967/(42)8/8ToShinjuku StationOccurred inUS Army Fuel Transport Train AccidentIs an adjacent U.S. militaryTachikawa baseIt occurred on a freight train of the same type that was being driven to, and at that timeVietnam WarOpposition movement and anti-AmericanStudent movementIt became a cause of stimulating.


    The base problem occurred immediately after the move, and it was for the construction of the runway.gravelCollection isTamagawa OfbedLower and downstreamFuchu waterIt affected such things.Also, due to the outflow of aviation fuel and waste oilgroundwater,well waterContamination, offensive odors and fire accidents,noiseAnd the surrounding area, such as repeated crashesresidentsEverydayLifeIt also caused serious damage to.Details are in related itemsList of U.S. military aircraft accidents in JapanAndSaitama Prefecture Kaneko Village B29 crash,Hachioji City F80 plane crash,Sunagawa village B29 bomber crashSee etc.

    While the Tachikawa base was returned, the Yokota base has about 2 takeoffs and landings annually.Tokyo International AirportAbout 5% of the total (the number of aircraft departures and arrivals at Tokyo International Airport per year is about 1), which was carried out several times a year.aircraft carrierCarrier-based aircraftlandingTrainingWas also done at night[Annotation 3]..Due to such training and daily flight and engine tests, it causes a great deal of noise damage to the local residents.Japanese Government,United States Federal GovernmentIn response, a lawsuit seeking suspension of flight and compensation for noise damage was filed.1976/Or later[35]The flow of judgments that allow only a part of the damages in the past is almost established.[36].

    Tokyo District CourtThe proceedings filed by the Tachikawa branch are the "2012th Yokota Base Pollution Proceedings" filed on December 12, 12.[37], "2013nd New Yokota Base Pollution Proceedings" filed on March 3, 26[38]There is.




    Appearance work

    Ryu MurakamiDebut success work.Set in a "house" near Yokota Air Base.
    Set in an American school at Yokota Air Base during the Vietnam War.
    Kobayashi GenbunWritten by.In a world where the pro-Soviet government was established in Japan and the U.S. Forces in Japan withdrew, the Soviet army, which had been stationed under the pretext of suppressing the rebellion of the Self-Defense Forces, secured Yokota Air Base and used it as a base for advancing to the occupation of the capital Tokyo. do.At the end of the game, a counterattack by the Self-Defense Forces begins and a recapture operation is carried out.
    The setting is that it was retaken from the United States and became the base of the Wehrmacht as it was.It appears frequently because it is an important base for protecting junior high school students who have contracted for games.
    Setting that terrorism will occur at this base.
    The stage is set along Route 16 along the base.2nd gate and fenceHigashi Fukusei StationWill also appear.
    oldOVAIn the second episode of the series, Kanuka Clancy came to Japan at Yokota Air Base.Also in episode 2Gatling gun(GAU-8) Was also received at Yokota Air Base.
    From Yokota Air Base in the playF-22ALaunched and engaged with TA (Tactical Armor) who invaded the base.
    The name "Yokota Air Base" will not appear in the first phase, but it was taken along the fence on the north side of the base.Take off during the playC-5Appears.
    In season8 Episode 6 "In the Town of Fences", the name Yokota Air Base is not used, but it appears under the name "US Army Base".Scenery along the fence and landingP-3,C-130Appears.
    Frequently used by the main character "Takashi Shinozuka (No. 9)" and her organization "Ultimate Blue / commonly known as UB".Although it is only called "US military base" in the work, it is because "UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yokota Air Base" is on the plate at the entrance of the base in "DUTY 8: Ω -Omega-II" of the 19th volume of the comic. Yokota Air Base.When Shinozuka and his colleagues use it to arrive and depart from the organization's dedicated aircraft, or when Shinozuka's lover, who he met on a mission while being confused between public and private, disappears, Shinozuka rushes to Yamanaka, where he is, so Shinozuka is at this base.C-5AI borrowed a transport plane.
    Appeared as "Yokocha Base".It is a meeting place for the characters who will participate in the Shaman Fight main battle.It was also the place where Hao, the nemesis, and Yoh Asakura, the main character, confronted each other for the first time.
    Appeared in the manga version.In the cityZQNThe protagonist stopped by while the base was overflowing, but the base and its surroundings were already in a state of confusion due to ZQN.


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