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🚗 | Bvlgari releases limited collaboration watch with Ducati Red dial

Photo Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Special Edition Watch

Bvlgari releases limited collaboration watch with Ducati Red dial

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In addition, it will be provided in an alumite aluminum case with the Ducati and Bvlgari logos.

Bvlgari is a collaboration with Ducati, "Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Speci ... → Continue reading


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Bulgari(Bulgari /BVLGARI ) IsGreeceItalian Sotirio Bulgari1884/ToItaly OfRomeLuxury jewelery founded inbrandIs.French corporate groupLVMHBelong to.

The trade name as a company is ancient, with no "J", "W", "U", and no lowercase letters.The alphabetIt is written as "BVLGARI" according to the notation of.


Originally opened as a luxury jewelry store,1977/から腕 時 計Also started manufacturing.the 2000sLater,perfume,GlassesFrame, leather item (Handbag,Wallet), Etc., and are also embarking on the management of resort hotels.Found in jewelry, watches, bags, etc.ヘ ビ OfheadDesigns with the above are considered to be brand icons.

In the 1970sニ ュ ー ヨ ー クOpened the first overseas store in.Currently, there are about 1 directly managed stores around the world, and in JapanTokyoChiyodaKioi TownThere was a head office in Ginza, but now it has moved to Ginza, Chuo-ku.There are about 40 stores all over Japan,2007/ToGinzaでRestaurants,barThe Ginza Tower store, which will be the largest flagship store in Bulgari, has been completed.[1].. In 2012 in OsakaHankyu Umeda Main StoreOpened the world's first store with an in-store cafe.

2011/With the founder in MarchLVMHAt the same time as the company became part of LVMH, the Bulgari founder held a portion of LVMH's shares.[2]..Along with this, for some timeLouis Vuitton,Christian Dior, な ら び にFendiAlthough he has held important positions such as, he was appointed from LVMH.[3].. Next day2012/February is the first time other than the founderCEOInaugurated in[4].

When joining the LVMH group, it takes the form of a stock exchange rather than an acquisition by LVMH, and it is possible to offer to exchange the LVMH's shareholding in Bulgari for the LVMH shares obtained by the Bulgari family through the stock exchange. There is a clause.


  • 1884/ --Founded.Opened a jewelery store on Via Sistina, Rome.
  • 1970s-Opened the first overseas store in New York, USA.
  • 1991/ --Advance to Japan.Established Bulgari Japan.
  • 1995/ - Italian Stock ExchangeListed on.
  • 2004/ --Entered the hotel business.Bulgari Hotel Milan opened.
  • 2011/ --By exchanging shares by the founderLVMHBe under the umbrella.


1993/Bvlgari announced the first perfume "O Pafume" (later renamed Oh Pafme Ote Vert). "Green TeaIt is said to express the world of tea ceremony as "the scent of the tea ceremony", and since it became a hit, it began to embark on a full-scale perfume business.We are developing a variety of products for both men and women.

The sole import agent in Japan is Bluebell Japan, which can be purchased at each Bulgari store as well as at the "Cafe de Parfum" in the fragrance corner of department stores nationwide.

Perfume list

  • Aqua series
    Pool homme (AQVA pour homme)
    Pool Homme Marine (AQVA pour homme)
    Pool Homme Toniq (AQVA pour homme Toniq)
    Pool Homme marine Toniq (AQVA pour homme marine Toniq)
  • BLV pour homme
  • BVLGARI pour homme
    Bvlgari Pool Homme Extreme (--extreme)
    Bulgari Pool Homme Soir (--soir)
  • BVLGARI man
レ デ ィ ー ス
  • Eau Parfumee series
    Ote vert (--au the vert)
    Xtreme (--extreme / concentrated version of Ote Vert)
    Au the rouge
    Au the blanc
  • Blue series
    Blue II
    Blue Audete (Summer 2010 Limited Edition)
  • Omnia series
    Green jade
  • Jasmine series
    Monjas Minnoir
  • Bulgari pool femme
  • Bulgari Rose Essential
  • Bvlgari O Fresh (eau fraiche / light version of pool femme)
No expansion to Japan
  • Bvlgari Blue Notte Pool Homme / Pool Fam


Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts aims to be one of the finest luxury hotels in the world.The hotel is located in the world's finest luxury districts such as Milan, London, Dubai, Bali, Beijing and Shanghai, or in the finest areas of resorts.Planned locations for future opening are Paris (2021), Rome (2022), Moscow (2022), Tokyo (2023), and Miami Beach (2024).[5][6]..The hotel design is Antonio Citterio.


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