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🚗 | I've been riding a turnip for XNUMX hours!"Super Cub" lovers from all over the country gather in Kesennuma What is the Cub "Nushi" meeting?


I've been riding a turnip for XNUMX hours!"Super Cub" lovers from all over the country gather in Kesennuma What is the Cub "Nushi" meeting?

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As you can see in this Super Cub, newspaper and mail delivery, it is a motorcycle that was born in 1958.

A rare event was held on the weekend.Yes, here is the protagonist of the event we interviewed ... Postal delivery and newspapers ... → Continue reading

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Honda cub

Turnip (Cub) andSuper cub(Super Cub) IsHonda Motor Co., Ltd. the 1950sManufactured and sold byオ ー ト バ イIs a trademark of.


TurnipOriginally1952/(ShowaFrom 27 years)1958/Auxiliary engine that was produced until (Showa 33) and is retrofitted to a bicyclekit Of商標Met. "Cub" is in EnglishbearIt means a child of a beast, and appeals that it is powerful despite its small displacement.

Honda then replaced the turnip with a small motorcycle (Moped) Developed the "C100 type" and named itSuper cubAnd started manufacturing and sales in 1958.The Super Cub series has become widespread, and it has become common for users to abbreviate the Super Cub as "Cub".

Super Cub is economical (Fuel efficiencyPerformance) ・ Excellent durabilityAir cooling4-strokeSOHCSingle cylinderThe engine, an automatic centrifugal clutch system that does not require clutch operation during shifting, a low-floor backbone frame (also known as a "U-shaped frame") that makes it easy to get on and off, and a large resin that reduces mud splashes and running wind at your feet. It has unique features such as a leg shield.[1]..The seesaw type shift pedal operated with the left foot (a method in which the toe side of the left foot pedal is stepped on when shifting up and the heel side is stepped on when downshifting) is also a unique mechanism.[Note 1].

The Super Cub series is from the 20th centurymotorizationAtFour-wheeler OfT type Ford,Volkswagen Type 1It is a motorcycle that has made a great contribution comparable to that of a small motorcycle.DisplacementIn the motorcycle fieldItaly OfPiaggioOf scooters manufactured by the companyVespa(1946-) has become a global long-selling product.

According to a survey by Honda Motor Co., Ltd., the cumulative production of Super Cub is2017/[2]10 million units as of October[3]ReachedVehicleAs one series ofWorld's largest production and salesWas recorded.Furthermore, in May of the same year, the body shape without the car name and emblems was the first in Japan to be a vehicle.Three-dimensional trademark[Note 2]Was registered as.

Even more than 50 years after its launch, it has inherited its unique style and continues to be improved to meet the demands of the times.Since then, as a result of global sales that meet the culture and diversifying needs of each country, as of 2017, it has been sold in more than 160 countries in total.[1], The production and sales volume is increasing worldwide.

Turnip (1952)

Prototype completed in March 1952 and released in May of the same yearBicycleSubsidymotorThat is, retrofit type small sizegasoline engineBecome a kitF typeIs a popular name for.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd., an emerging manufacturer,1946/(Showa 21)Mikuni Chamber of CommerceOld and newJapanese ArmyWe have developed an auxiliary engine for bicycles by diverting the released product of the power generation engine for No. 6 radio.After that, an in-house developed engine with a displacement of 50.3 ccA typeHowever, in these early models, the engine body is between the front and rear wheelbases like a full-scale motorcycle.pedalBecause it is installed nearbyオ イ ルAnd so onSkirtsThere was a problem that it was easy to get dirty.Therefore, this model was developed with the aim of solving problems and expanding sales channels.

Inner diameter x stroke = 40 x 40 (mm), displacement 49.9 cc, maximum output 1 PS / 3,600 rpm2-stroke engineThe biggest feature of this model, which is mainly composed of the above, is that unlike most of the conventional bicycle auxiliary motors, all the equipment is integrated around the rear wheels.[Note 3]..The engine is mounted on the left side of the rear wheel, and the rear axle is driven by a chain from a position lower than the rear axle, which solves the problem of oil splashing to the rider and simplifies installation work and maintenance.[Note 4]..In addition, the complete kit for retailers was delivered in a compact box.

On the manufacturing side, the company has adopted it since the A type with the aim of improving productivity.Die-castActively use a lot of manufacturing methods.Pure white mounted higher than the engineEnamelProcess 2 LA catch phrase of "red engine on white tank" was attached from the combination of the tank and the red engine cover with the "Cub" logo.[6]..Also, incorporate it every time a prototype part is completedLake HamanaAround, more unpaved sections and steepHakone PassIncluding overNational Route 1Hamamatsu-Durability and reliability were ensured through efforts such as conducting actual driving tests of more than 285 km for 22 round trips in Tokyo 12,000 km, collecting detailed data and feeding back to improvements.[7].

The sales expansion business does not adopt the traditional style of letting diplomats jump in and sell, and encourages the handling of about 50,000 bicycle stores nationwide.direct mail (DM) was sent.

  • DM, which was an epoch-making means at that time, was the founder.Soichiro HondaThe top of the sales accounting department, who is the right arm ofTakeo FujisawaIs a self-made sentence.The address was handwritten by employees, ghostwriters, and bank staff, but it was accompanied by extremely favorable transaction conditions for the company, saying, "One unit price is 1 yen, wholesale price is 25,000 yen, and I want to pay in advance."[Note 5]..At that time when the company was not well knownscamIt could have been misunderstood, but as many as 5,000 bicycle shops quickly responded and were flooded with orders.

As of December 1952, the monthly production of F type exceeded 12 units, but the revision of the license system in August of the same year made it possible to drive 7,000-stroke engine vehicles up to 8 cc with a permit system, so in 2. In April, the displacement was expanded to 60 cc and strengthened to 1953 PS / 4 rpm.Turnip F2Was added[7].

This model will become an important product that will support the company's management in the next few years, and at the same time, it will be an opportunity to develop an existing bicycle store as a "new dealer network of its own products" and a starting point for the subsequent expansion into the conventional motorcycle field.[8], The company was very successful as a product to spread its name and sales channels.

However(I.e.A longtime internal combustion engine researcher and an authority on 2-stroke engines in JapanKiyoshi TomizukaEvaluates the fact that design and sales promotion measures contributed to sales, and the company's efforts to open a service training center in Tokyo to provide technical training camps on the dealer side, but "Sakari is a year or a year and a half. Eventually, it went down, and the advertisement was rather modest BS (Bridgestone)・Toyota motor-Japanese sea bassHas become more popular in bicycle auxiliary engines for a relatively long time. "He said, doubts about the completeness of the F-type product and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. at that time made it easier to work on 2-stroke engines. He pointed out the following criticisms and problems in his book.[9].

  • As a result of being too inclined to compactness and low center of gravity design, it was pointed out that the structure where cylinder cooling points the head forward was insufficient heat countermeasures.[Note 6].
  • The scavenging method is a two-stream collision,Sinure type[Note 7]Unlike the one with a low deflector attached to the top of the aluminum piston.Tomitsuka sternly commented on this deflector, "It didn't make sense. I think it was something that the designer had conceptually determined and wasn't empirically done." He also mentioned that he was trying to reduce the clearance in the cylinder using a cast iron piston.

Furthermore, when Tomitsuka's sales of the F type declined, he said, "I was in a position to give advice (to Honda Motor Co., Ltd.), so I made suggestions for improving the scavenging action and cylinder material, but executives are already interested in 4-stroke engines. I was leaning towards, and there was nothing I could do about it. "[9],Dream E typeSoichiro Honda, who gained a track record of 4 strokes in, supports the historical fact that he gave up on 2 strokes.[10].

Super cub

1958/It is a series starting with C33 (Showa 100), and is the world's largest mass-produced motorcycle and powered transportation equipment.

Due to its high performance and high durability, not only small motorcycles of the same class that existed in the Japanese market before that, but also simple auxiliary engine bicycles and higher classscooter[Note 8]It was a great success that overwhelmed both sides at once.Will be installedAir cooling4-stroke engine OfValve mechanismTheOHVからSOHCFuel supply tocarburetorからFuel injectorThere are various mechanical improvements such as changes tothe 2010sMany of the basic designs are inherited up to, and are produced in Japan and abroad.2011/Since the company planned to transfer the production base of small two-wheeled vehicles overseas in (23),2012/Announced the end of production in Japan once due to the model change (24)[11].. HoweverAbenomicsDepends on the effectweaker yenIn response to the change of policy,2017/In (29), production in China with Japanese domestic specifications will be stopped again.KumamotoKikuchiOtsu TownManufactured at the company's Kumamoto Plant located in Hirakawa[12].

Development / manufacturing process

the 1950sIn the mid-term, the number of similar competing products in the same class for the bicycle retrofit engine kit that supported the initial management increased, and the above-mentioned Cub F type was no longer in a state of calm.

Also, from users who are dissatisfied with the simple bicycle auxiliary engine even in the Japanese motorcycle market where reconstruction has progressed after the war, Fuji Heavy Industries (currentlySUBARU) Made "Rabbit・ Central Japan Heavy Industries (currentlyMitsubishi Heavy Industries) Made "Silver pigeonThe 125 cc-250 cc class high-end scooters represented by "" have come to be supported by the ease of driving and the comfort of performance.

Taking this market trend into consideration from a management standpoint, Takeo Fujisawa considered the development, manufacture and sale of a low-priced, practical small-displacement motorcycle that could be the successor model to the Cub F type.Fujisawa appealed to Soichiro Honda, "I want a 50 cc engine and a whole body (completed car), not a product that attaches to a bicycle like a turnip (as a product)," but Honda made a judgment from the standpoint of taking charge of technology. At first, he dismissed "I can't make something that can be driven (as a 50cc completed car)".[Note 9].

But Fujisawa1956/ OfEuropeInspection trip I approached Honda again about the 50 cc class completed car on the outbound passenger plane.Honda was also noisy at first, but finally began to take an interest in Fujisawa's enthusiasm, and as a result, on the wayKreidler,LambrettaWhen I saw European-made scooters and mopeds, I started asking Fujisawa, "How about this?"As the questions and answers were repeated, Honda began to expand the image of new products with high commercial value that Fujisawa wanted.From that concept, it's no longer a bike pedal like a traditional turnip or a European moped.[Note 10]Was excluded.

After returning to Japan, the development of the new moped was started under the leadership of Honda.In particular, we struggled to put into practical use a highly durable high-revving 4-stroke engine and a clutch system that facilitates shifting, and finally a high-revving engine that squeezes out output comparable to existing high-displacement vehicles in the 50 cc class.Continuously variable transmissionWe have completed a complete set of automatic centrifugal clutch type transmissions that facilitate shifting operations, although they are not as good as those with scooters.

Fujisawa, who was called to the laboratory by Honda at the end of 1957, received an explanation from Honda about the full-scale model and specifications of a smart moped that eliminates the foot pedals such as a bicycle-mounted engine. When Honda asked, "How about managing director. How much will it sell?" Fujisawa replied, "Well, it's 3 units."When young turnip designer Taisuke Mori said, "Is it 3 a year?", Fujisawa said."Say stupid. It's 3 a month!"And surprised everyone who was there[14]..The company's main product at that timeDreamとBenlyThe total production volume is 6,000 to 7,000 units per month.Furthermore, since the number of motorcycles sold nationwide was about 2, if Fujisawa's estimate was correct, it would not only overwhelm competitors' class cars, but also mean that the Japanese motorcycle market itself would be expanded at once.

Production of the C100 Super Cub began in June 1958 and was released in August of the same year.Although some initial defects were seen, production and sales got off to a good start in a relatively short period of time, and the number of production was about 6 in 8.1959/Achieved 16 units[15].1960/With a large investment expected to produce 30,000 units per monthMieSuzukaConstructed Suzuka Factory in Hirata-cho and started operation[Note 11].. Production in 1960 was 56 units[15]At the beginning, there was a concern that it might be overcapacity, and the factory was put into full operation.

In the Japanese small motorcycle and scooter market, dozens of large and small manufacturers were divided into groups at one time in the 1950s, but within a few years after the launch of the Super Cub, medium-sized and micro-assembly manufacturers were wiped out of the market. ..The surviving major and mid-sized manufacturers also developed and followed mopeds similar to this model one after another, and Fujisawa's prediction that highly evaluated the possibility became a fact.

As an epoch-making attempt at the time of release, leg shields and covers[Note 12]Large plastic material for parts that are not directly stressed (polyethylene) Was used, which helped to reduce weight and rationalize assembly.[Note 13].

As a result of combining a powerful engine and an easy-to-use transmission in a simple, lightweight and robust overall structure, even the earliest model, which has been in production for more than 60 years, can be fully maintained in the flow of urban traffic in the early 21st century. It has achieved a high level of performance so that it can be used for business purposes without any problems.From the beginning, it has become an extremely complete industrial product.

Car body

A frame constructed of thick pipes and pressed steel plates, with a durable and fuel-efficient 49 cc natural air-cooled 4-strokeSingle cylinder engine[Note 14]Is installed as a nearly horizontal 80 ° forward tilt cylinder.Automatic centrifugal typeclutchFully covered with a constantly meshing 3-speed transmission that combineschainDrive the rear wheels.Some models are equipped with a 4-speed transmission, but the transmission method is rotary.[Note 15]To adopt.The automatic centrifugal clutch does not require operation with a hand lever.Japanese driver's licenseIn the systemSmall motorcycle-Ordinary motorcycle-Large motorcycle OfAutomatic limited licenseBut it is possible to drive[Note 16].

Not as much as a scooter with a flat step floor, but because the frame in front of the driver is passed lower as it is closer to a women's bicycle.SkirtsIt is possible for a woman wearing a to ride with both feet easily crossed.This structure cannot use the layout of a general motorcycle that attaches the fuel tank to the frame in front of the saddle, but it is solved by an extremely rational arrangement that arranges the fuel tank on the frame lowered low and also uses it as the base on which the saddle is placed. did[Note 17].

The car body is equipped with a large leg shield made of injection molded plastic to obtain a windshield effect.Furthermore, it is arranged to hold a natural air-cooled engine that does not have a single shroud (cooling outer cover) or forced air-cooling fan from both sides, and the head tilts forward and the cylinder part sends cooling air to the engine that does not face the running wind. It also plays a role of guiding.In addition, holes were made on both sides of the driver's feet directly above the engine of the leg shield to improve the heat release by the induced cooling air.

WheelIs 17 before and afterinchThe diameter was adopted.Until then, motorcycles mainly adopted 18 inches or 16 inches, and at the time of development because it was an irregular standardタ イ ヤAlthough the manufacturer refused to manufacture it, this wheel diameter determined from the performance is a temporary business bike.De facto standardIt became.However, at present, not only rival other cars but also some Cub models will adopt 14 inches.

Because it is lighter overall, even if there is a slightly high threshold between the outside and the soil at the entrance of an old store, etc.BicycleSimilarly, it is easy to get over it manually and get it indoors.

In addition, with several model changes, the design has been slightly modified while maintaining the basic form at the time of design, which also serves as a standard for distinguishing the model year.[Note 18].

Power system

The configuration equipped with an automatic centrifugal clutch and a rotary transmission mechanism is described by Soichiro Honda.Japanese buckwheat noodlesLet the caterer at the store be able to drive with one hand[Note 19]This is the result of eliminating the clutch lever on the left hand in response to the condition.Not suitable for toe scraping operationleather soled sandalsThe shift pedal has a step back for the heel to enable shifting operation even with footwear such as.This format has been adopted by competing companies as well, and due to its shape, it has become a "" in the Japanese market.seesawIt came to be called "pedal".1960/(35) In Japan until December, there was no need for a driver's license for motorized bicycles of 12 cc or less, and traffic regulations were loose, so one-handed driving and setta-wearing driving had to be assumed at that time. Although it is an episode that tells the story of laid-back, the unique transmission mechanism contributed greatly to the ease of riding as a result.

In addition, Direction indicatorUnlike ordinary motorcycles,throttleA vertical switch was placed on the right hand side where the grip is located.This is also a device to enable driving without using the left hand at all.


A simple natural air-cooled, splash-lubricated 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with practical priority tuning, but 8,000 rpmDue to the design that allows the above high rotation, it has excellent durability and can withstand long-term use only by changing the oil regularly.Moreover, it also exhibits excellent fuel efficiency.

The maximum output of the 50 cc model at the start of production in 1958 is 4.5. PS(≒ 3.3 kW), It boasted outstanding performance that was almost twice that of competing cars with 2-stroke class displacement at that time, and even comparable to the existing 2-90 cc model.With subsequent improvementsthe 1980sIn the first half, the maximum output improved to 5.5 PS (≈4.05 kW), but after the mid-1980s, the maximum output was reduced due to self-regulation and environmental measures, and the direction of development was changed from improving horsepower to improving actual fuel consumption.Due to the influence of strict emission regulations, the AA2007E type in September 9 will drop to a record low of 02 PS (≈3.4 kW), but by advancing technological improvements, the AA2.5E type in May 2012 will drop to 5 PS (≈04 kW). ) And slightly increased.

It is also called a horizontal engine because it has a forward tilting 80 ° cylinder, and the basic design has not changed significantly from the beginning except for the valve layout and fuel supply mechanism.Displacement variations are constructed by changing the inner diameter x stroke (see each specification for details).The major design changes to date are explained below.

Valve mechanism
Initially it was an OHV, but SOHC was adopted for the first time in the C1964 with a displacement of 2 cc released in February 63.After that, SOHC was gradually implemented for each displacement, and the main 65 cc model was1966/Changed in May.
Fuel supply device
2007/9 on September 21Exhaust gas regulationsIn the minor change to adapt to, all 50 cc series cars including customcarburetorFrom PGM-FI electronically controlledFuel injectorIt was changed to and became the first adoption in the series.At the same time, in the exhaust pipeThree-way catalystWas attached.As a result, the engine model was changed from AA01E to AA02E, and the crankcase was painted black.
Inner diameter x stroke
The engine installed in the 49 cc displacement is 40.0 x 39.0 (mm) in the OHV era and 39.0 x 41.4 (mm) after SOHC.In addition, variations by displacement are formed by changing the inner diameter or stroke based on the 85 cc SOHC engine up to a displacement of 49 cc and the 89 cc engine above that.[Note 20]..In 2012, the 49 cc engine was changed to 04 x 37.8 (mm) by the model change to AA44.0E type.
Inner diameter by engine displacement x stroke list
Valve mechanismOHVSOHC
Original design year1958196420122003[Note 21]
Displacement (cc)495449637285899710949124
Inner diameter (mm)
Itinerary (mm)39.041.449.545.449.555.644.057.9
For displacementScarfTake a large capacity[Note 22][Note 23]Combined with a natural air-cooled 4-stroke engine that does not have a forced cooling fan, the engine noise has been significantly reduced for a small motorcycle.[Note 24].
Fuel efficiency
It is also known for its extremely low fuel consumption, and the record high for the 50 cc model 30 km / h constant-land driving test is1983/It is 2 km / L of 23 Super Custom released on February 50.Due to environmental measures, this value decreased to 180 km / L for the final model of the carburetor, AA01E, and to 146-02 km / L for the subsequent AA110E.
  • The constant running test value is a special result when the best conditions for the fuel consumption test are prepared, and the actual 50 cc modelPublic roadThe driving fuel consumption is about 30-60 km / L when driving in compliance with the legal 90 km / h, and about 45-60 km / L when used roughly such as when the accelerator is fully opened or when driving at high speed.[Note 26].. StillInternal combustion engineIt is an exceptionally fuel-efficient presence in powered land vehicles.2013/The more introduced WMTC mode values ​​mark 50 km / L for the 75.2 cc model and 110 km / L for the 65.6 cc model.
  • Fuel economy competition sponsored by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Honda Eco Mileage Challenge”, The maximum is 50 km / L in the commercial vehicle class in which the Super Cub 541.461 in the commercial state enters.[21], A record of over 3,000 km / L was set for a dedicated competition vehicle based on the Cub engine.[22].


At the time of developmentJapanese roadIt is,National roadEven "Rough roadThere are many rough roads called ", and unreasonable driving such as overloading is rampant, and design and manufacturing were carried out in consideration of these.Furthermore, since durability is important from the viewpoint of business use, even Honda Motor Co., Ltd. said that it is "unimaginable" whether it can withstand hundreds of thousands of kilometers in terms of mileage. Is[23].

"engine oilInstead ofTempura oil,keroseneIt runs even if it is packed.Some individuals have not changed oil from new cars to scrapped cars. TVDocumentary programExists.The development team's view is that "it is probably a fact, although it has not been officially tested or confirmed."[Note 27]..This is received by each partheat,pressureIs smallengine oilThis is due to the fact that the burden on the user is relatively small.AlsoCold startThere are manyDeliveryThere is also a report that the vehicle used for postal delivery, which has a long continuous running time, has a longer life than the vehicle used for.

In the pastDiscovery channelVerify durability withTV programWas aired, but instead of engine oilHamburgerUsed shopFlyergrease[Note 28]Using a ton ofwatermelon,pizzaDoes not cause any trouble even if it is loaded and runs in the city (however, this causes a load collapse on the way and fails)High-rise buildingEven after being thrown away from the rooftop of the wheel, the wheel was bent, but the engine started, and the gear was engaged (albeit slightly), and the result proved its toughness once again.

In addition, this engine has many parts in common with monkeys and gorillas.Vietnam,Kingdom of ThailandThen, turnips are widely used, and there are many parts produced overseas.[Note 29]Because of that, partssheet metalMany "various tunings" made by the shop are also carried out.

User base in Japan

Since its launch in 1958, the Super Cub has become widespread in Japan and has been used in various places in Japanese society.Later, there are applications that were replaced by the advent of scooters and four-wheeled light vehicles of the same class, but even in the 2010s, the user base is still wide, regardless of whether it is public or private.

For business useChinese cuisineShops andJapanese buckwheat noodlesOf restaurants such as shopsDelivery・ Small-lot delivery and delivery at stores ・Power company,bankCollecting business such as ・ Short-distance patrol transportation ・Newspaper shopWidely used for delivery to general households. 17-inch large-diameter tires and a structure that emphasizes durability can withstand rough roads, so many elderly people in rural areas, especially rural areas, also use it.hoe,SickleYou can also see the case where it is used as a foothold for farm work by tying it to the loading platform.

Developed for bicycles in the delivery applications mentioned aboveDelivery machineIn addition to being able to confirm the side effects that have been diverted in large numbers and spread in large numbers,Post-News (Chinese)The MD series and press cub were also developed as variations specialized for these delivery operations.

We also support specification changes at the request of the customer.Police boxIntroduced as a patrol bike for deploymentPolicemenThe specifications include a windshield with a transparent handle that can be removed and used as a simple shield, a baton storage case, and a steel box for storing documents.And onceFood agency(CurrentMinistry of AgricultureFood Industry Bureau / Production Bureau Grain Division) Delivery of russet,Denden Public Corporation(CurrentNTT Group) Specially painted cars such as Wakatake color delivered were manufactured.

For personal use, long distance from urban movement to durability and low fuel consumptionTouringThere are various types such as adventure runs and adventure runs, but from a hobby point of view, there are also layers who enjoy remodeling with dress-up parts and tuning parts, and some of themBike racingIt may be remodeled for the purpose, and overseas parts such as those made in Thailand, where turnips are especially popular, can be imported, and there are specialty stores in Japan.Furthermore, as a trend in recent years, due to the influence of the tightening of parking violation control in urban areas and the impact of soaring oil prices, one or two types of mopeds including scooters (Small motorcycle) Tends to increase, and the same phenomenon is confirmed in turnips.Since it has been nearly 60 years since its release, the initial model isVintage machineIt is also treated as a lover, and is preserved by enthusiasts.

Also, as a rare exampleKagoshima Prefectural Tanegashima Chuo High SchoolSuper Cub has become the mainstream as a school bike[25]..For this reason, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Super Cub.2018/(30) is the day of the graduation ceremony of Tanegashima Chuo High School, a user of Super Cub.Minami Nihon ShimbunIn addition to posting a congratulatory message to graduates in the morning newspaper full-page advertisement[26], "Thank you, Tanegashima.", Tanegashima Chuo High School students and Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a rock band.Creep hypeMade a tie-up music video[27][28].

Hokkaido TVof"What about Wednesday]Oizumi HiroshiとTakayuki SuzuiBut riding a cubJapanese archipelago,VietnamA project that traverses "Moped seriesWas done[29].

Past sales models

Many models were manufactured by displacement.This section describes the models sold in Japan.

  • Super Cub C100
A model equipped with a 1958 cc OHV engine released in August 8.
  • Super Cub C102
1960/Released in April. A model equipped with a self-starter motor on the C4.
  • Super Cub C105
Released in August 1961.A model with an engine inner diameter of 8 mm and a displacement of 100 cc to allow two people to ride on the C2 mentioned above.
  • Super Cub CD105
Released in August 1961.A model equipped with a self-starter motor on the C8 mentioned above.
  • Super Cub CM90
Released in October 1964. 10 cc SOHC engine equipped model.
  • Super Cub C65
Released in December 1964. A model with a SOHC engine that has been remodeled from the C12 and has an inner diameter x stroke = 105 x 44.0 (mm) and a displacement of 41.4 cc.
  • Super Cub 50(Model: C50 → AA01)
A model equipped with a SOHC engine released in May 1966. The model name was changed to BA-AA5 from the 1999 model.The model name was changed to JBH-AA01 from the 2007 model in which the fuel supply device was injected to comply with exhaust gas regulations. Discontinued in 01.
  • Super Cub 70(Model: C70)
1968/Released in January. It is a fully remodeled vehicle from C1 and is equipped with a SOHC engine with an inner diameter x stroke = 65 x 47.0 (mm) and a displacement of 41.4 cc.1998/Released in November1999/The model is finally discontinued.
  • Super Cub 90(Model: C90 → HA02)
Released in December 1968.Model C12 is equipped with a SOHC engine with an inner diameter x stroke = 90 x 50.0 (mm) and a displacement of 45.4 cc.
With the model change in March 1980, the model was changed to HA3, and the installed engine was changed to a SOHC engine with inner diameter x stroke = 02 x 47.0 (mm) and displacement of 49.5 cc.2008/Discontinued.
  • Cub 100EX / Super Cub 100
Imported car manufactured by Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.It is equipped with a SOHC engine with an inner diameter x stroke = 50.0 x 49.5 (mm) and a displacement of 97 cc.
1988/-1989/The model is Cub 100EX (model: HA05).
1993/-1995/The model is Super Cub 100 (model: HA06).

For 50, 70, and 90, the following grades were set due to differences in equipment.

The most orthodox model equipped with a rotary 3-stage transmission.
1980/From the viewpoint of accident prevention, the model is additionally equipped with a drum lock plate inside the mission to prevent shift changes from 3rd gear to neutral while driving.
  • デ ラ ッ ク ス
Metallic paint is used in the standard luxury version.
  • Super Deluxe
1982/Specifications released as standard high-end specifications.Unlike the rounded standard, it has an generally angular design, square headlights, and a large speedometer.The fuel gauge is installed inside the speedometer[Note 30].
Super Cub 70 (72 cc) and Super Cub 90 (85 cc) are equipped with a starter and kick starter.6 for voltage except for cell starter mechanism V・ Although there are differences of 12 V, it is basically equipped with an engine with the same specifications as the deluxe engine.
The Super Cub 50 has two specifications, a cell kick combination specification and a kick only specification.In addition to the 2-speed transmission, the model is equipped with a 4-cycle econopower engine with a maximum output of 5.5 PS / 9000 rpm, which is different from the standard engine.
  • Super custom
Renamed Super Deluxe1983/Specifications sold by[Note 31].
The 50 cc model has an anti-lift mechanism added to the front suspension, and the gear ratio and the maximum output of the 4-cycle econopower engine have been changed to 5.0 PS / 8000 rpm.
  • Custom
Renamed Super Custom1986/Specifications sold by.
The 50 cc model has abolished the kick starter specification.Only the cell kick combined specification is available, and the maximum output 4.5 PS / 7000 rpm engine with the same specifications as the standard is installed.
  • Advance Your Career
1985/ - 1998/It was sold only in the 50 cc model.A business specification that eliminates the drum lock plate in the mission and makes it possible to shift from 3rd gear to neutral by changing the front shift while driving.
The transmission gear ratio is the same as the standard, but the sprocket is changed and the secondary reduction ratio is changed to the same value as the custom.
  • ス ト リ ー ト
2001/Although it is a model added as a variation of the standard, it officially became independent as a street from 1 due to its popularity.2007/Was manufactured and sold.
The standard body is equipped with colorful coloring for the little cub and a rear carrier.
Main final model specifications by displacement
Car nameSuper Cub 50Super Cub 70Super Cub 90Super Cub 100
gradeCustomOUR STANDARDデ ラ ッ ク スCustom
Model year2007199820021995
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,835 × × 660 1,0301,800 × × 660 1,0101,805 × × 660 1,0151,855 × × 665 1,045
Wheelbase1,175 mm1,175 mm1,205 mm
Minimum ground clearance130 mm135 mm130 mm
Minimum turning radius1,800 mm1,900 mm
Seat height735 mm745 mm
Vehicle weight79 kg81 kg84 kg94 kg
Riding capacity12
Constant driving fuel efficiency[Note 32]110.0 km / L60.6 km / L60.0 km / L58.1 km / L
Engine modelAA02EC70EHA02EHA05E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder
Total displacement49 cc72 cc85 cc97 cc
Inner diameter x stroke39.0mm × 41.4mm47.0mm × 41.4mm47.0mm × 49.5mm50.0mm × 49.5mm
Compression ratio10.
Maximum output3.4 PS (2.5 kW) / 7,000 rpm6.0 PS/7,000 rpm7.0 PS (5.1 kW) / 7,000 rpm7.5 PS/8,000 rpm
Maximum torque0.39 kgf · m (3.8 N · m) / 5,000 rpm0.68 kgf · m / 5,000 rpm0.79 kgf · m (7.7 N · m) / 5,500 rpm0.81 kgf · m / 6,000 rpm
方式 方式Full transistorCDIMagneto
Fuel supplyElectronic fuel injection systemcarburetor
Supply device modelPGM-FIPB61PB5KAPB88
方式 動 方式Combined with self-kickkickCombined with self-kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.0 L3.4 L
Lubricating oil capacity0.8 L0.9 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン4 steps of constant meshing3 steps of constant meshing4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed3.1813.2722.833
2 speed1.7051.7221.6471.705
3 speed1.2381.1901.0451.181
4 speed0.958N/A0.958
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Final reduction ratio3.2302.5712.6002.466
Frame formatbackbone
Suspension (front)Bottom linkTelescopic
Suspension (rear)Swing arm
caster26 ° 30'
Trail75.0 mm70.0 mm
Tire (front)2.25-17 33L2.50-17 38L2.25-17 33L
Tire (rear)2.50-17 38L2.50-17 43L
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
Tax-included price236,250 yen[Note 33]178,500 yen[Note 33]194,250 yen[Note 33]221,450 yen[Note 34]

Specialized model for newspaper delivery

The following two models were manufactured and sold.

News Cub 90

1971/Made to order on March 3th to commemorate the cumulative production of 15 million units.It became an official model in 600 due to the magnitude of the response.[30].

  • Dedicated yellow body color with high visibility even in the rain or early morning.
  • Equipped with a waterproof bag and a large carrier as standard equipment.
  • The electrical equipment is converted to 12 V and equipped with a cell starter.
  • Brake lining material and side stand are strengthened.
  • Rear turn signal relocation
Press Cub 50

1988/Released on February 2th.Two grades were manufactured, a standard and a deluxe equipped with a grip heater.The model is C25 → AA2 due to minor changes common to the Super Cub 50. Production was discontinued in 50.

  • Equipped with a large-capacity front basket and large rear carrier as standard equipment.
  • In front of the front basket depending on the loadHeadlightAnd frontTurn signalPlaced.
  • A position light is placed on the handle top as a hand light.
  • Side stand, swing arm,Rear suspensionStrengthen.
  • The rear brake diameter has been increased to 130 mm.
  • Equipped with a rotary 3-speed transmission that can change from 3rd gear to neutral without stopping completely.
  • Along with the above, a 3-speed indicator has been added to the meter from the viewpoint of preventing shift mistakes.

Little cub

1997/Released on August 8th.Model name A-C8.The displacement is only 50 cc, and it is conscious of the segment that was looking for ease of handling for young people, women and elderly people who want to ride fashionably.ShariIt was developed in consideration of alternatives due to discontinuation of sales.Initially, only the kick-start 3-stage mission model was sold, but in 1998, two models were added, a 4-stage mission model with a cell kick.

Differences from Super Cub 50
  • The wheel diameter was changed from 17 inches to 14 inches and the seat height was lowered by 30 mm.For this reason, the overall length has been shortened to make the vehicle body more compact, and as a result, the effectiveness of small turns and ease of handling have been improved.
  • A lineup of colorful coloring.
  • The frame is the same, but the parts to be attached adopt a unique decorative design with roundness everywhere.Around the handlebar, front fork, front and rear blinkers, change pedal, brake pedal, step bar, side cover, leg shield, front fender, muffler, etc. are special parts.The seats and rear carrier are also one size smaller to fit the car body, but they are compatible and can be exchanged with each other.

After the release, the following minor changes were made.

  • September 1999: 9 emission regulations[Note 35]Moved to the 1999 model, which changed the carburetor setting and installed a blow-by gas reduction device in order to respond to the above.Changed the model name to BA-AA01.
  • September 2007: 10 emission regulations[Note 36]Moved to the 2007 model with an injection fuel supply system to support the above.Changed the model name to JBH-AA01.

In May 2012, production of small two-wheeled vehicles was temporarily discontinued due to a plan to transfer production outside Japan, but due to a review of the policy, production at Kumamoto Works resumed in September of the same year.In addition, as a limited edition car, the 5th anniversary model of the Cub series was released in 9, the 2008th anniversary model was released in 50, and the shape three-dimensional trademark registration commemorative model was released in 2013.But,2016/Regulation values ​​and classifications based on European Euro 7 and WMTC that came into effect on July 1[31]28 exhaust gas regulations[32]Because it is difficult to clear the above, this model, which is a continuous production vehicle based on the 24 regulation, was discontinued on August 2017, 8.[33].

Little Cub main model specifications
Model year199719992015
grade50th Anniversary SPkickKick cell combinationスペシャル
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,775 × × 660 960
Wheelbase1,185 mm1,190 mm
Minimum ground clearance115 mm
Minimum turning radius1,800 mm
Seat height705 mm
Vehicle weight78 kg79 kg81 kg
Riding capacity1
30 km / h constant fuel consumption125.0 km / L132.0 km / L113.0 km / L
Engine modelC50EAA01EAA02E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder
Total displacement49 cc
Inner diameter x stroke39.0mm × 41.4mm
Compression ratio10.0
Maximum output4.5 PS/7,000 rpm4.0 PS/7,000 rpm3.4 PS/7,000 rpm
Maximum torque0.52 kgf · m / 4,500 rpm0.48 kgf · m / 4,500 rpm0.39 kgf · m / 5,000 rpm
方式 方式CDI MagnetoFull transistor
Fuel supplycarburetorElectronic fuel injection system
Supply device modelPB3BPGM-FI
方式 動 方式kickCombined use of cell kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.0 L3.4 L
Lubricating oil capacity0.8 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン3 steps of constant meshing4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed3.2723.181
2 speed1.7641.705
3 speed1.1901.238
4 speedN/A0.958
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Final reduction ratio2.7852.928
Frame formatbackbone
Suspension (front)Bottom link
Suspension (rear)Swing arm
caster26 ° 00'
Trail47.0 mm
Tire (front)2.50-14 32L
Tire (rear)2.75-14 35P
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
Tax-included price166,950 yen[Note 33]172,200 yen[Note 33]193,200 yen[Note 33]237,6000 yen[Note 37]

EBJ-JA07 type

Since the production of the 90 cc series was discontinued in September 2008 due to automobile emission regulations, two types of mopeds (9 types of mopeds (Small motorcycle) It was eagerly awaited to resume sales of the successor model of the class.However, since 90 cc was produced only in Japan and the series models produced outside Japan were mainly 100-125 cc, the development of the successor model has the same specifications as the vehicles produced outside Japan in terms of economies of scale. This model was set as a 110 cc model and was designed and developed under the model name EBJ-JA07.
For this reason, 6% of the engines and parts are the production center of the series models outside Japan.Kingdom of ThailandThe following two models, which were imported from Kumamoto Seisakusho and assembled as a whole body, were manufactured and sold.
Super Cub 110
2009/Released on June 6th.Body number JA19-07 **** ・ 100 **** ・ 110 ****.
Since the body is based on the dream of Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the telescopic type is adopted for the frame and front suspension by combining the pipe and pivot plate for the first time in Japan.The exterior is designed to maximize the image of a turnip while using a lot of plastic parts.
The engine also uses a 109 cc engine that shares the same waves and parts as the Dream.The maximum output is 90 PS (≈ 1.2 kW), which is 0.88 PS (≈ 8.2 kW) higher than 6.03 cc after complying with Japanese regulations.
Similarly, the transmission is equipped with a 2-speed transmission with a 4-speed clutch system, and the transmission system is an irregular return system that rotates only when stopped.
In addition, it is equipped with a multi-reflector headlight, left push cancel blinker, main switch integrated handle lock, etc., which are the first to be adopted in the Cub series.
Initially, two body colors, Costa Blue and Abba Green, are set.2010/Cortina White was added on February 2th, and Puco Blue and Virgin Beige were added on August 18th of the same year for a total of five colors.
Super Cub 110 PRO
Released on October 2009, 10.The body number is JA16-07 ****.
The following changes have been made with a one-seater design specialized for newspaper delivery and home delivery.
  • Equipped with a large basket and rear carrier on the front carrier.
  • The headlights and front turn signals have been moved to the front of the front basket.
  • The front and rear wheel size has been increased to 14 inches.
  • Equipped with a special reinforced suspension.
  • The body color is set only for Costa Blue.
In addition, the base vehicle of Super Cub 110MD, which is a postal specification[Note 38]However, the equipment was standardized except for some parts.

Production will end in 2012 due to overseas transfer plan of small motorcycle production base[11].

JA07 type Super Cub specifications
Car nameSuper Cub 110Super Cub 110 PRO
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,810 × × 715 1,0451,845 × × 715 1,040
Wheelbase1,190 mm1,205 mm
Minimum ground clearance140 mm105 mm
Minimum turning radius1,800 mm1,900 mm
Seat height735 mm
Vehicle weight93 kg104 kg
Riding capacity21
50 km / h constant-land drivingFuel efficiency[Note 39]63.5 km / L66.2 km / L
Engine modelJA07E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single-cylinder engine
Total displacement109 cc
Inner diameter x stroke50.0mm × 55.6mm
Compression ratio9.0
highestoutput8.2 PS (6.0 kW) / 7,500 rpm
maximumtorque0.86 kgf · m (8.4 N · m) / two rpm
方式 方式Full transistor battery ignition
Fuel supplyElectronicFuel injector(PGM-FI)
方式 動 方式Combined with self-kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.3 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed2.615
2 speed1.555
3 speed1.136
4 speed0.916
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Final reduction ratio2.4282.142
Frame formatbackbone
suspension(Later)Swing arm
caster26 ° 50'27 ° 20'
Trail77.0 mm64.0 mm
Tire (front)2.25-17 33L70 / 100-14 M / C 37P
Tire (rear)2.50-17 43L80 / 100-14 M / C 49P
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
製造Honda Giken Kogyo Kumamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tax-included price[Note 33]249,900 yen289,800 yen

JBH-AA04 type / EBJ-JA10 type

Due to the overseas transfer plan of some motorcycle production bases announced in 2011, the model will be changed to 2012 cc and 50 cc in 110.People's Republic of China天津市Of a local corporation with headquarters inNew Osu Honda Maho Co., Ltd.(Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd.In this model, the production was transferred to) at the same time.

The base was announced in Thailand in 2011Dream 110i[Note 40] So, it has the following specifications and features for Japan.

  • The body is shared by the 50 cc model and 110 cc model.
  • Changed from the original two-seater seat to a single seat + rear carrier.
  • taillightAnd changed the design of the tail turn signal
  • Gear position from meterindicatorAbolished and changed the speed scale.

As a result, the 50 cc model became JBH-AA04 and the 110 cc model became EBJ-JA10, which were announced and released according to the following schedule.

Super Cub 110

Announced on February 2012, 2, released on March 20, 3.The following changes have been made from the previous model.

  • Review of frame rigidity.
  • Extend the wheelbase by 20 mm.
  • Changed the engine to a characteristic that emphasizes low and medium rotation torque.

Five body colors are available: Smart Blue Metallic, Pearl Silky White, Pearl Valuable Blue, Virgin Beige, and Pearl Procyon Black.

Super Cub 50

Announced on May 2012, 5, released on May 17, 25. Although there are some differences from the 110, it is basically the same car body that is shared.For this reason, the 50 cc model is the first in 54 years of history to have a completely redesigned body structure and engine inner diameter x stroke, equipped with a backbone frame with pipe pivots, a telescopic front suspension, and a self-starter 4-speed transmission as standard equipment. However, since the car body is of a high-end model, the weight of the car has increased significantly.

Super Cub 50 Pro Super Cub 110 Pro

Announced on July 2012, 7, released on September 17, 9. The 15 cc model was a full model change of the predecessor JA110 type, and the 07 cc model was positioned as a developmental integration from the press cub.

From the JA07 type, improvements such as increased suspension stroke, installation of work lights on the meter case, and front mounting of the front basket have been implemented.The body color is set only for Pearl Valuable Blue.

Due to this model change, the selling price was reduced by a little over 20,000 yen-a little less than 50,000 yen, but production will end on August 2017, 8 for the same reason as the Little Cub mentioned above and the Cross Cub described later.[33].

2012 model specifications
Car nameSuper Cub 50Super Cub 50 ProSuper Cub 110Super Cub 110 Pro
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,915 × × 700 1,0501,900 × × 720 1,0501,915 × × 700 1,0501,900 × × 720 1,050
Wheelbase1,215 mm1,225 mm1,210 mm1,225 mm
Minimum ground clearance135 mm130 mm135 mm130 mm
Minimum turning radius1,900 mm
Seat height735 mm
Vehicle weight95 kg106 kg98 kg107 kg
Riding capacity121
Constant driving fuel efficiency[Note 41]110.0 km / L95.0 km / L63.5 km / L66.0 km / L
Engine modelAA04EJA10E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder
Total displacement49 cc109 cc
Inner diameter x stroke37.8 mm x 44.0 mm50.0 mm x 55.6 mm
Compression ratio10.09.0
Maximum output3.7 PS (2.7 kW) / 7,500 rpm8.0 PS (5.9 kW) / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque0.39 kgf · m (3.8 N · m) / 5,500 rpm0.87 kgf · m (8.5 N · m) / 5,500 rpm
方式 方式Full transistor battery ignition
Fuel supplyElectronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
方式 動 方式Combined with self-kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.3 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed3.1812.615
2 speed1.7051.555
3 speed1.1901.136
4 speed0.916
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Final reduction ratio3.5383.3072.5002.142
Frame formatbackbone
Suspension (front)Telescopic
Suspension (rear)Swing arm
caster26 ° 30'
Trail71.0 mm57.0 mm73.0 mm57.0 mm
Tire (front)60 / 100-17 M / C 37P70 / 100-14 M / C 37P70 / 90-17 M / C 38P70 / 100-14 M / C 37P
Tire (rear)80 / 100-14 M / C 49P80 / 90-17 M / C 44P80 / 100-14 M / C 49P
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
製造New Osu Honda Maho Co., Ltd.
Tax-included price[Note 33]187,950 yen208,950 yen228,900 yen249,900 yen

Derivative model

For car name or pet nameTurnipThe following four types of models including the above were manufactured and sold.

Sports cub
Released in October 1960 (Showa 35). High cam shaft for C10 engineCompression ratio9.5 ・ High Comppiston·largeAluminumMadeCylinder head・ Side draft carburetor and longIntake manifold-Oil lineThe maximum output is 4.3 → 5 PS / 9,500 rpm, maximum torque is 0.33 → 0.39 kgf · m / 8,000 rpm, and the newly designed frame, bar handle, manual clutch, etc.Gear ratioA sports model equipped with a 3-speed manual transmission, up muffler, large semi-double seat, and 6 L fuel tank with rubber. In 1964 (Showa 39), a minor change was made to change the manual transmission to 4-speed.
  • Sports Cub C110S
1961/(Showa 36) Released in August.A model with an up handle and a single seat + rear carrier attached to the sports cub C8 mentioned above.
  • Sports Cub C115
Released in October 1961 (Showa 36).A model equipped with a 10 cc engine to allow two passengers to ride on the Sports Cub C110 mentioned above.
1964/(39) Released in July.A practically fully remodeled car from the Sports Cub C7 equipped with a newly designed 89 cc SOHC engine. Equipped with 115-inch wheels and front wheel telescopic forks.1965/In (40), CS90-2 equipped with a rear carrier full chain cover and CS90-3 equipped with a removable pillion seat will be added.1966/With a minor change (Showa 41)Benly CS90Change the car name to.
  • Sports Cub CS65
Released in December 1964 (Showa 39). Equipped with SOHC engine similar to C12.Unlike the CS65 mentioned above, the front wheel suspension is a bottom link type. With a minor change in 90 (Showa 1966)Benly CS65Change the car name to.
  • Sports Cub CS50
1965/Released (40).A model in which the inner diameter of the SOHC engine mounted on the body of the CS65 mentioned above has been reduced from 44 to 39 mm, and the displacement has been reduced to 49 cc.Maximum output 5.2 PS / 10,250 rpm.1967/(Showa 42)Benly SS50Full model change to and discontinued.
Hunter cub
Port cub

Consolidated subsidiary OfHonda access[Note 42]Will be a genuine option manufactured byCustomizeModel to install parts[36]..The car name is that the shape of the side cover is vegetableTurnipDerived from being similar to[36].

1993/(Heisei5 years) On April 4, a total of 20 items such as front mascot, front emblem, original seat, leg shield, cabra side cover, mini carrier, cabra mark, and specially designed helmet will be released as options for dealer installation. 1995/Image of CT7 at the 31st Tokyo Motor Show (110)Hunter turnipWas exhibited for reference and later marketed.1999/At the 11rd Tokyo Motor Show (33)Dirt track raceCustomized to specificationsDirt KabraReference exhibition[Note 43]. Also1998/(10) for Little CubLittle KabraAnd the complete model including the vehicle is sold as a limited car[30]Expanded variations such as[36].

the 2000sSince then, the number of third-party parts has increased.Honda Access has withdrawn from the manufacture and sale of genuine optional parts for motorcycles[Note 44], 2012 (Heisei 24) 50 cc / 110 cc model production started, and sales have ended.

Currently sold models

The following models will be manufactured and sold.

2018 model

It is a fully remodeled car from the 28 model that complies with the 2012 automobile emission regulations, announced on October 2017, 10, released on November 19, 11[12].

The engine to be installed is the carry-over AA04E / JA10E type, but the following specification changes have been made.

Common to all models
  • Completely changed the body design
  • Transferred production base to Kumamoto Works
  • HeadlightTheLEDChemical
  • Added replaceable oil filter
  • Place the screen filter on the drain bolt
  • Change the shape of the oil level gauge to the insertion guide
  • Optimized urethane material and bottom plate shape of the sheet
110 cc model
  • Increase the size of the drive chain
  • Equipped with a position lamp that can be used by turning on the key even when the engine is stopped

The following 4 models were set as model variations.

  • Super Cub 50(Model name: 2BH-AA09)
  • Super Cub 110(Model name: 2BJ-JA44)
  • Super Cub 50 Pro(Model name: 2BH-AA07)
  • Super Cub 110 Pro(Model name: 2BJ-JA42)

In addition to the above four models, the following specifications exist.

Specifications for Thailand

Thai Honda Manufacturing Company Limited(Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd) Manufactured by model codeNBC110MDFK TH[Note 45].. This model is based on the 2018 model, and while it is equipped with a two-seater seat as standard equipment, it does not use a replaceable oil filter and has almost the same body configuration although there are slight differences in specifications.GREAT CUBCar name andJapanese Forever RetroAnnounced on January 2018, 1 with the concept and catch phrase of[38].

"Weathering with You" ver.

Published in 2019Animated movie"Weather childOf the characters that appear in Natsumi Suga2BJ-JA44 type Super Cub 110 owned by (Suga Natsumi), the body color does not actually exist NATSUMI PINK[39]Coloring[Note 46]Fictitious model with[39].

For Honda Motor Co., Ltd. customers who watched the workFree magazineHonda MagazineThe editorial department was impressed and planned a faithful reproduction on the actual vehicle,Honda Motorcycle JapanProvides the car body, and the manufacturing center (former motorcycle R & D center) produces one-off with the same development system as the commercial car.With movie production staffcollaborationWas realized and exhibited at the "Weathering with You" exhibition held from September of the same year.[40][39].

Although it was initially said that this version was not planned to be marketed[39], Honda Motor Co., Ltd. motorcycle rental system started on April 2020, 4HondaGO BIKE RENTALIn the two-wheeled class with mopedrentalSet as a dedicated model[42]..The rental-only model is slightly different from the one-off model, such as a special sticker is attached and the tail lamp is changed to a type that complies with the regulations on motorcycle lighting standards because it is based on the 2020 model. However, by the end of June of the same year, it became available at about 6 stores in Japan.[43]..Due to its popularity, the 7/23 model was sold only at Honda GO BIKE RENTAL member stores for a limited time from July 10 to October 31 of the same year.[41].

Announced on October 2017, 10 Released on November 19, 11[12]

Set the following body colors.

  • Super Cub 50
  •  Pearl Shining Yellow
  •  Virgin beige
  •  Moonstone silver metallic
  •  Tasmanian Green Metallic
  •  Irvine denim blue metallic
  • Super Cub 110
  •  Glint Wave Blue Metallic
  •  Classical white
  •  Virgin beige
  •  Tasmanian Green Metallic
  •  Irvine denim blue metallic
  • Super Cub 50 Pro / Super Cub 110 Pro
  •  Saychel Night Blue
2018/Announced on August 8st

The following specification changes were implemented for a limited time from the same day to October 10st of the same year.60th AnniversaryIs set to Super Cub 50/110 and will be released on November 10,800 of the same year at a price of 11 yen higher than the standard model including tax.[44].

  • Dedicated body color: Magna Red
  • 60th anniversary emblem adopted for side cover and key respectively
  • Two-tone specification sheet
  • The rear carrier is painted black
2019/Announced on August 2st

The following specification changes were implemented for a limited time from the same day to October 6st of the same year.ス ト リ ー トIs set to Super Cub 50/110 and will be released on November 10,800 of the same year at a price of 3 yen higher than the standard model including tax.[45].

  • Dedicated body color: Bonnie Blue / Harvest beige
  • Make the leg shield the same color as each body color
  • Black paint on side cover, crankcase cover, rear carrier, front and rear wheel hubs, swing arm, and chain case
  • Front cover emblem meter edging ring chrome plated
  • Monogram design two-tone seat with white piping on the rear side of the seat
  • A special key featuring the logo used on successive models and a design that models the Super Cub.
2020/Announced on April 4 Released on May 17 of the same year

Implemented the following specification changes with 110/110 Pro[46].

  • Changed to a tail lamp that complies with the regulations regarding motorcycle lighting standards
  • The following variations have been added to the 110 body colors
  •  Pearl flash yellow
Announced on December 2020, 7

From the 23rd of the same month to the 10st of October of the same year, the 31/50 model was mentioned above for a limited time."Weathering with You" ver.Set and sold only at Honda GO BIKE RENTAL member stores[41].

  • Dedicated body color: Summer pink[Note 47]
  • A special sticker is placed on the inside upper part of the leg shield
  • The seat is a special brown color
2018 model specifications[12]
Car nameSuper Cub 50Super Cub 50 ProSuper Cub 110Super Cub 110 Pro
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,860 × × 695 1,0401,860 × × 720 1,0501,860 × × 695 1,0401,860 × × 720 1,050
Wheelbase1,210 mm1,225 mm1,205 mm1,225 mm
Minimum ground clearance135 mm131 mm135 mm131 mm
Minimum turning radius1,900 mm
Seat height735 mm740 mm735 mm740 mm
Vehicle weight96 kg108 kg99 kg109 kg
Riding capacity121
Constant driving fuel efficiency[Note 48]105.0 km / L93.0 km / L62.0 km / L65.0 km / L
WMTC mode value (class 1)69.4 km / L67.0 km / L
Engine modelAA04EJA10E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder
Total displacement49 cc109 cc
Inner diameter x stroke37.8 mm x 44.0 mm50.0 mm x 55.6 mm
Compression ratio10.09.0
Maximum output3.7 PS (2.7 kW) / 7,500 rpm8.0 PS (5.9 kW) / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque0.39 kgf · m (3.8 N · m) / 5,500 rpm0.87 kgf · m (8.5 N · m) / 5,500 rpm
方式 方式Full transistor battery ignition
Fuel supplyElectronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
方式 動 方式Combined with self-kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.3 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed3.1812.615
2 speed1.7051.555
3 speed1.1901.136
4 speed0.916
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Final reduction ratio3.5383.3072.5002.142
Frame formatbackbone
Suspension (front)Telescopic
Suspension (rear)Swing arm
caster26 ° 30'
Trail72.0 mm57.0 mm73.0 mm57.0 mm
Tire (front)60 / 100-17 M / C 37P70 / 100-14 M / C 37P70 / 90-17 M / C 38P70 / 100-14 M / C 37P
Tire (rear)80 / 100-14 M / C 49P80 / 90-17 M / C 44P80 / 100-14 M / C 49P
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
製造Honda Giken Kogyo Kumamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tax-included price[Note 37]232,200 yen253,800 yen275,400 yen297,000 yen

Cross cub

A new sense of cloth that features the hobby of Super Cub, which has been favored not only for business use but also as an item that directs the individuality of the rider due to its ease of use and high reliability, and has outdoor styling. Over type[47].. Positioned as a substantial successor to the CT2012 (Hunter Cub), which was discontinued in 110 and has export specifications for overseas markets.[48], There is a first generation based on the 2012 model and a second generation based on the 2018 model.

While sharing the frame with the Super Cub, it was differentiated by installing pop coloring, steel fenders, large up-handles, independent round headlights, etc.[49][50]..In addition, the rear drum brake diameter has been increased to 130 mm, and the minimum ground clearance is 10 mm, which is 20 mm higher for the EBJ-JA155 model than the standard model.[51], 2BJ-JA45 type set to 157 mm[50]..The step also adopts a foldable type considering off-road use[52][50].

EBJ-JA10 type

2012 model as wellAustraliaFor postal modelNBC110 POSTIEWith the first model based on[53], The car name isCross cubIs[54]..This model is EBJ-JA109, which is produced by Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Limited and has a displacement of 10 cc only and has the same model, but the body number is classified as JA10-400 ****.Also, unlike the CT110, the auxiliary transmission is not installed, and there is a difference that it is equipped with a leg shield.


TokyoMinato-kuMinami-Aoyama, TokyoHeld at Honda Welcome Plaza AoyamaCafe Cub Aoyama 2012ToConcept modelFirst public release as[48].

Announced on October 2013, 5 Released on November 22, 6[54]

The following body colors are set with an annual sales target of 3,000 units

  •  Pearl cone yellow
  •  Fighting red
2014/Announced on December 12th Released on December 5th[55]

Added the following body colors

  •  Boss gray metallic

Discontinued for the same reasons as the Little Cub and 2012 models mentioned above[33].

2BJ-JA45 type / 2BH-AA06 type

The second-generation model that has undergone a full model change to comply with automobile exhaust gas in 28.Similar to the 2 model mentioned above, the production base was transferred to Kumamoto Seisakusho, and improvements such as headlight LED conversion and oil filter installation were made, and a new 2018 cc model was added as a de facto successor to the Little Cub.Cross Cub 110-Cross Cub 50Became[50]..The model name is 110BJ-JA2 for 45 and 50BH-AA2 for 06.[50], 110 is based on Super Cub 110[Note 49]17 inches front and rear, 50 is 50 inches front and rear to be based on Super Cub 14 Pro, and there are the following differences from the first model[50].

  • For 110, the passenger capacity has been changed from 1 to 2 and a tandem step is attached to the swing arm.
  • 110 has mud black paint on wheel rims and brake hubs
  • A new mudguard is standard equipment, 50 is attached to the front wheels and 110 is attached to the front and rear wheels.
  • Abolished leg shield
  • Uses removable side covers on both sides of the body
  • Equipped with a heat guard with slits in the muffler
May 2017-June 10, 17

Exhibited Cross Cub 45 as a planned commercial vehicle at the 110th Tokyo Motor Show[53]

Announced on February 2018, 2 Released on February 5, 23[50]

Set the following body colors with an annual sales target of 50 units including 110 and 5,200

  •  Magna Red
  •  Classical white (50 only)
  •  Pearl Shining Yellow (110 only)
  •  Camouflage Green (110 only)
Announced on December 2019, 3[56]

Released on June 6, the same year, to 21/50KumamonversionAdd

  •    Dedicated body color
  • The price is 8 yen higher than the standard car, including 10,800% consumption tax.
  • Annual sales target of 2,700 units

On sale on July 7, the same year, the classical white and camouflage green, which were previously exclusive colors for each model, were changed to the common colors of 19 and 50.

  • Annual sales target of 5,000 units
Announced on October 2020, 4 Released on November 17, 6

Implemented the following specification changes at 110[46].

  • Changed to a tail lamp that complies with the regulations regarding motorcycle lighting standards
  • Abolished the body color of Magna Red
Car nameCross cubCross Cub 110Cross Cub 50
Model year2013[54][55]2018[50]
Overall length x width x height (mm)1,945 × × 815 1,1501,940 × × 795 1,0901,840 × × 720 1,090
Wheelbase (mm)1,2251,2301,225
Minimum ground clearance (mm)155157131
Minimum turning radius (mm)1,9002,0001,900
Seat height (mm)784740
Vehicle weight (kg)105106100
Riding capacity (person)121
Constant driving fuel efficiency[Note 48]62.5 km / L61.6 km / L94.0 km / L
WMTC mode value (class 1)67.9 km / L66.7 km / L69.4 km / L
Engine modelJA10EAA04E
ConstructionAir-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single cylinder
Total displacement109 cc49 cc
Inner diameter x stroke (mm)× 50.0 55.6× 37.8 44.0
Compression ratio9.010.0
Maximum output8.0 PS (5.9 kW) / 7,500 rpm3.7 PS (2.7 kW) / 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque0.87 kgf · m (8.5 N · m) / 5,500 rpm0.39 kgf · m (3.8 N · m) / 5,500 rpm
方式 方式Full transistor battery ignition
Fuel supplyPGM-FI electronic fuel injection system
方式 動 方式Combined with self-kick
Lubrication methodPumped splash combination type
容量 タ ン ク 容量4.3 L
clutchAutomatic centrifugation
Shift methodReturn (Rotary only when stopped)
ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン4 steps of constant meshing
1 speed3.1812.615
2 speed1.7051.555
3 speed1.1901.136
4 speed0.916
Primary reduction ratio4.058
Primary reduction ratio2.6423.307
Frame formatbackbone
Suspension (front)Telescopic
Suspension (rear)Swing arm
caster27 ° 00'26 ° 00'
Trail (mm)
Tire (front)2.75-17 41P80 / 90-17 M / C 41P70 / 100-14 M / C 37P
Tire (rear)80 / 100-14 M / C 49P
brakeMechanical reading trailing (front / rear)
製造New Osu Honda Maho Co., Ltd.Honda Giken Kogyo Kumamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tax-included price[Note 50]286,200 yen334,800 yen291,600 yen


Model name 2BJ-JA48[57]..Will be described laterConcept model 1 million commemorative carProduced with the same intention as, after the 2017 45th Tokyo Motor Show reference exhibition[58], May 2018, 06Thai Honda Manufacturing Company Limited(Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) Is a model with a displacement of 9 cc, which was announced to be manufactured by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and will be on sale from September 14, the same year, with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. as an importer.[57].

Cast wheels and front wheels with the concept of comfort and qualityDisc brake・ In addition to installing a steel rear fender, JA48E type air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single-cylinder forward tilt 80 ° cylinder engine mounted on the backbone frame aiming for a comfortable run Inner diameter × stroke = 52.4 × 57.9 (mm) ・Compression ratio9.3DisplacementThe fuel supply by the 124 cc / PGM-FI electronically controlled fuel injection device is the same as the JC75E type for Grom and the JB125E type for Monkey 02.[Note 51]The output characteristics are tuned for this model, and the specifications of maximum output 7.1 kW [9.7 PS] / 7,500 rpm and maximum torque 10 N · m [1.0 kgf · m] / 5,000 rpm are demonstrated.[57]..In addition, the kick starter was abolished and only the self-type was used for the first time in this series, and some of the components and basic design were shared with the 2BJ-JC75 type Grom and 2BJ-JB02 type Monkey 125.[Note 51][Note 52], 4-speed manual transmission is common[Note 53]..The primary / secondary reduction ratio was set to 1 / 2, and the fuel tank capacity was set to 3.363 L.[57][Note 54][Note 55].

The body is based on the original model C100, and the body color is the same. Only Pearl Nil Taba Blue is set, and the emblem is an old type wing mark to pursue a retro feeling, while rubber is used for the handle mount, seat mount, step tread to reduce vibration, and smart keys. Equipped with the latest equipment such as LED lights and analog / digital instruments[57]..Overall length x width x height: 1,915 x 720 x 1,000 (mm) ・ Vehicle weight: 110 kg ・ Caster angle: 26 ° 30 ´ ・ Trail amount: 71 mm ・Wheelbase: 1,245 mm, minimum ground clearance: 125 mm, seat height 780 mm, and tire size is 70 inches with front wheels: 90/80 and rear wheels: 90/17.[57].

The annual sales target is set at 3,000 units, and the suggested retail price including 8% consumption tax is set at 399,600 yen.[57].

Announced on May 2019, 5, released on June 30, 6 in body color Added Pearl Cadet Gray[60].

Announced on May 2020, 6, released on June 12, 7 in body color Added Pearl Shining Black[61].

CT125 / Hunter Cub

For details, Honda CT110 # CT125 Hunter Cubchecking ...

MD series

1972/In April at that timeMinistry of Post(→ → Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsOuter officeJapan Post Agency → Japan Post → CurrentJapan Post) And a variation specialized for the postal service.

MD TheMail deliveryIt is an abbreviation, model, and variation name of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Super Cub Delivery,Japan PostThen.MD90 Postal Vehicle[62],In generalPostal cubOrPostal CubAlso called.Also, the body color is exclusiveJapan Post Red.

Collection and delivery and savings insurance Front carrier with hooks for mounting commercial business bags ・ Larger rear carry and high mount type headlights and blinkers, bar handles, suspensions and side stands for loading ・ Reinforcement of side stands ・ Handling in narrow roads Special equipment such as front and rear 14-inch tires, grip heaters (some are omitted for warm regions), improved startability in cold weather, and icing prevention cab heaters are provided.[30].

There are also categories for collection and delivery and savings insurance.After postal privatizationPostal Service Co., Ltd.Is the collection and delivery business,post officeWas divided into savings and insurance, but both can be identified by the uniform, the identification number of the loading box, and the company name logo.

In 2008 as a successor vehicle from 2011Electric scooterEV-neoAnnounced plans to manufacture and sell.It was reported that Japan Post is also considering introducing it.[63]However, it is necessary to clear practical aspects such as legal regulations and durability, and for the time being, the policy was adopted to keep the conventional postal specification vehicle alive.[11].

In December 2016, with a miniature model commemorating the 12th anniversary of its introductionCommemorative stampReleased[64].

In 2017, Japan Post and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. agreed to collaborate to conduct demonstration experiments such as installing a charging station at a post office for delivery by electric vehicles.[62].

Electric scooter to replace EV-neo mentioned above in 2019Benly e:Was announced[65], Japan Post is gradually starting to introduce special specification vehicles dedicated to its postal delivery business[66].


Since it is a specialized specification car jointly developed with Japan Post, it is not sold to general individuals or corporations and it is not possible to purchase a new car, but it is possible to obtain a used car that has been discontinued.[Note 56]There are also stores that specialize in this.

Also, in Japan PostBy internal regulations, it is prohibited to sell with the same body color.[Source required]Therefore, when disposing of it, it is painted in a color other than red by spraying.There are no legal restrictions on registration or driving on public roads after the sale is restored to the body color of Japan Post Red.[Note 57], If you do not remove the post mark (〒)Criminal lawIt violates Article 166 (forgery and unauthorized use of official symbols, etc.).

In addition, vehicles painted in postal red or similar red are often prohibited from participating in super cub-related events such as meetings hosted by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and volunteers.


Before adopting MD1968/By the timeC90Z"Special car for the Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsWas manufactured and delivered.The car is the C90 general specification with the following changes.

  • Equipped with a large special carrier on the front and rear.
  • Moved the headlights to the top of the steering wheel.
  • Equipped with a large auxiliary side stand.
  • Equipped with a parking lock function on the front brake.
  • Changed the body color to red.

after that1971/Based on the C90 and the export specification CT90, the model name is equipped with a telescopic front suspension, up-handle, front and rear wheel 17-inch tires, front special carrier, and rear large carrier.MD90Started production of (K0).

continue1972/Migrated to MD90 (K1) with the following changes.

  • uphandlePretend.
  • Headlight with built-in meter on the upper part of the steering stem.
  • Front and rear wheels are 14 inches.
  • Larger front and rear carriers.
  • Strengthen the side stand.
  • Change the shape of the front fender seat.
  • Classification for collection and delivery / savings insurance.

In addition, following the MD90, production of the MD50 (K0), which can be used by moped license holders, and the MD70 (K70) equipped with a 0 cc engine has started, and the MD series has become a lineup of 50 cc, 70 cc, and 90 cc.The major changes since then are shown below.

Change the shape of the front fender carrier.
Setting of specifications for standard, cold regions, and destinations in Okinawa.
Even after the Super Cub changed to a fuel tank with a built-in frame, the old frame of the separate tank continues.
Although the Super Cub 90 was replaced with a newly designed 85 cc engine and remodeled to HA02, the MD90 continues the old C90 series engine based on the CS90.
Ignition methodCDI・ Electrical equipment 12 V ・ Equipped with MF battery.
Implemented exhaust gas regulation measures.
  • 2004/
Discontinued MD70.
  • 2007/
The fuel supply of MD50 is injected.
  • 2008/
Discontinued MD90.
  • 2009/
Based on Super Cub 90 PRO as a model change car of MD110Super Cub 110MD[67]Started production.Since the car has a common design, the model will be EBL-JA07.
  • 2011/
End of production of MD50 / Super Cub 110MD.
  • 2012/
By changing the Super Cub model of the base car, the 50 cc and 110 cc models have been made common.Specifications for postal services are based on PRO for the general publicSuper Cub 50MD-Super Cub 110MDMove to.The model name is EBH-AA04 type and EBJ-JA10 type, which are the same as those for the general public, but only the MD series was not assembled in the People's Republic of China, but continued at Kumamoto Works.
  • 2017/
Production of EBH-AA28 and EBJ-JA04 has been discontinued due to the 10 automobile exhaust gas regulations.As mentioned above2018 modelBased on PRO for the general publicSuper Cub 50MD-Super Cub 110MDModel change to.The model name is 2BH-AA08 type and 2BJ-JA43 type.

Related car models

The horizontal single-cylinder engine to be installed is diverted in terms of versatility, and the followingSister carA car model that should be called was produced.Of these models, the Monkey series is in a narrow sense4MINIIn a broad sense, it covers the entire Super Cub series including all of the following models.

Currently sold models

Discontinued model

In the international market

C100 type is now on sale in Japanthe 1960sAfter that, rival makersYamaha Motor mate,Japanese sea bass birdieIn addition to similar models such as, for the domestic marketKawasaki Heavy IndustriesGroup motorcycle manufacturing division (currentlyKawasaki Motors)But,1961/ - 1963/Kawasaki Aircraft Industry (currentlyKawasaki Heavy Industries Aerospace Systems Company) At the Akashi factoryIseki agricultural machineryForOEMIn addition to being manufactured under the trademarks Pet 50 and Tough 50/55, it has a track record of selling under its own brand for the Southeast Asian market.

  • the 2000sThese similar models have also shifted to models with a scooter-like exterior similar to the wave derived from Super Cub, and as a further derivative, the displacement has been expanded to 130-150 cc and the manual clutch and return type shift by left hand operation. A sporty model equipped with a multi-stage manual transmission after adopting a pattern was also manufactured and sold.

As a result, one in the small practical motorcycle marketCategoryFrom the overwhelming name recognition that establishedThe latecomer models with similar designs that exist not only in Japan but also overseas are also called "Yamaha Cub" or "Suzuki Cub".Also used as a category name[Note 60], In Vietnamオ ー ト バ イIs allCommon nounIt is called "Honda" and is used as "Yamaha Honda ...".

Since it is a practical small motorcycle with outstanding durability and economy, it was exported to various countries around the world and locally produced.

Export1959/ToNorth AmericaStart from the district[68].. "The bike isOutlawIn North America, which had a strong social image of "vehicles," the marketing image was "practical use by sensible citizens" in order to dispel that prejudice.YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE ON A HONDA(If you ride a Honda, you can meet wonderful people) OrTHE NICEST THINGS HAPPEN ON A HONDAThe catchphrase "Nicest People Campaign" (when you ride a Honda, great things happen)[69]It appealed to the general public and gained popularity as a light motorcycle.This is a case that is said to be a very successful model case as an advertising campaign, which also contributed to improving the image of motorcycles and raised the recognition and social reputation of "Honda" in the North American market.[68].

Exports to North America have already ended.2019/At that time, there is no regular export.

Following success in the North American market, followed by 1961South KoreaKia Motors (currentlyKia car) → Kia Giken → Obayashi Motor Co., Ltd. due to merger with Obayashi Kogyo (Day rim motor)[Note 63],Republic of China(Taiwan) Started local production.the 1960sLaterSoutheast AsiaThen, it became the beginning to popularize not only turnips but also business motorcycles as a whole.Not only ease of handling and economy, but also abnormal abuse and overloading that cannot be considered by the manufacturer's assumed range and the common sense of safety in developed countries.[Note 64]Due to its high reliability, it has gained strong support from mass users in developing countries who value motorcycles as a living tool.

In overseas markets since the end of the 20th century, the core of the Cub series, including locally produced vehicles in Thailand, is 100-125 cc such as Dream and Wave, which are derivative models for reasons such as improved practicality, tax system and driver's license system. It has moved to the class, and the number of 50 cc models that are the mainstay of Japan is extremely small overseas, and 90 cc is produced only for the Japanese domestic market.[71].

As of 2018,Southeast AsiaThe ratio of Super Cub to the number of units sold inVietnamAt 48%,Kingdom of ThailandIs 51%.on the other handIndonesiaな どTraffic jamIn areas with intense citiesscooterOf typeAutomatic transmissionCars are becoming mainstream, but Super Cub is cheaper and more popular than scooters.[72].

  • From the perspective of making Super Cub AT[Note 65], Miniaturized to incorporate the transmission mechanism adopted in the scooter in September 2009 into the Super Cub engineRubber belt type continuously variable transmissionCV maticDeveloped[74][75].. Derivative model manufactured by Thai Honda Manufacturing Company Limited in 2010WAVE110Equipped with CV maticWave110i AT[76]TheASEAN countriesIt was released at.However, the production and sales ended in a few years because the selling price is higher than the normal model and the maintenance cost is also high because the rubber belt and chain are used together for power transmission.

Competing model

The following models are applicable in Japan.

These four models have a track record of being delivered to the Japanese postal service along with the Super Cub.

Concept model

City cub
  • 1993/The 30thTokyo Motor ShowReference exhibit car.A model with the concept of "drawing the near future while returning to the origin" planned to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the birth of Super Cub.The blinker is a thin type reminiscent of C100.The engine is the same as the existing model, but it is driven by an automatic transmission and belt drive, and the front and rear wheels cantilever.HubEquipped with a resin cast wheel and digital speedometer.
  • 2009/41st Tokyo Motor Show reference exhibit car.For front and rear wheel hubsmotorAn electric motorcycle that incorporates.Overall length 1,794 mm, overall width 647 mm, wheelbase 1,180 mm.
EV-Cub Concept[77]
  • Reference exhibit at the 2015th Tokyo Motor Show in 44. A personal commuter for short-distance travel that inherits the idea of ​​"easy to handle and economical motorcycle" of the first Super Cub with the theme of "inheritance and evolution".By arranging the battery, which is a heavy component, at a low position in the center of the car body, we pursued a car body that is easy to handle, such as ensuring ease of getting on and off, centralizing the mass and lowering the center of gravity.Charging can be done with a household outlet using a plug located inside the leg shield, and the battery itself can be attached and detached.
Super Cub Concept[77]
  • Reference exhibit at the 2015th Tokyo Motor Show in 44.A model equipped with a fuel-efficient engine with the motif of the "gentle curved surface-based styling" of the first Super Cub.Install the cast wheel.
Super Cub 110 1 million commemorative car[78]
  • 2017 45th Tokyo Motor Show reference exhibit. In addition to achieving cumulative global production of 2 million units based on the 44BJ-JA1 type2018/A specially made model to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of.The coloring is a modern arrangement of the color tone of the gold model commemorating the cumulative production of 1971 million motorcycles manufactured by Suzuka Seisakusho in 1,000.In addition to using the latest glitter paint, a 3D emblem with commemorative numbers, a plated meter ring, a muffler cover with slits, etc. will be installed.
Super Cub C125
  • For details, #C125checking



[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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1958/(1958 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Wednesday.Showa33 years.

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  • Bank of AmericaDue to the campaign conducted byCredit cardOwners have begun to increase.This campaign is called a campaign(English edition)It was to send a sealed letter containing the instructions to the citizens of Fresno, California.[2]


  • 1958 commercial
Catchphrase, etc.Product NameManufacturerPerformerMusic
Edo Murasaki without anythingEdo MurasakiMomoyaMiki no Rihei(voice)-
Uncle Tris AppearsTris whiskeyKotobukiyaRyohei Yanagihara(Picture)-
Munich Sapporo MilwaukeeSapporo beerJapanese beer--
Ribon-chan, HiRibbon juiceJapanese beerRibon-chan(Anime)-














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