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✈ | Wishma's younger sister, Wayomi, comes to Japan in search of the truth.

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Wishma's younger sister, Wayomi, comes to Japan in search of the truth.

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Sri Lankan Wishma Sandamari (33 years old at the time) died last March after complaining of poor physical condition while being held at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau.

A bereaved family who has filed a lawsuit for damages from the government due to the death of a Sri Lankan woman at an immigration facility in Nagoya last March ... → Continue reading

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    Nagoya Immigration Bureau

    Nagoya Immigration Bureau(Nagoya Shutsu Nyukokuzai Ryukan Ryoku) isAichiNagoya cityMinato-kuIt is inMinistry of JusticeImmigration Control Agency OfLocal branch officeOne of the.


    AichiIt has jurisdiction over 7 prefectures.Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition ActBased on, foreigners' immigration / residence / violation procedures,Refugee recognitionResponsible for administrative affairs such as investigations related to.

    The nearest station isNagoya seaside high-speed trainNishi-Nagoya Port Line (Aonami Line) OfKohoku Station.2008(Heisei20) Moved to the current location in April.

    Internal organization of the headquarters

    • Director of Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau (Government)Immigration officer
      • Deputy Director (Government / Immigration Inspector)
      • Examination supervisor (official position / immigration inspector)
      • Security supervisor (official position /Immigration Officer, Class / guard)
      • Administration Division
      • Accounts Division
      • 8 Chief Examiners (Government / Immigration Inspector)
        • Examination management charge (examination management department)
        • Employment Examination First Section (Employment Examination First Department)
        • Employment Examination Second Section (Employment Examination Second Division)
        • Study Abroad / Training Examination (Study Abroad / Training Examination Department)
        • Permanent Resident Examination (Permanent Resident Examination Department)
        • Referee (Referee Department)
        • Survey record charge (survey record department)
        • In charge of fact-finding (department in charge of fact-finding)
      • 5 Chief Immigration Officers (Government / Immigration Officer, Class / Chief Security Officer)
        • In charge of planning management (planning management department)
        • Survey XNUMXst charge (Survey XNUMXst department)
        • Second Survey (Survey Second Division)
        • Treatment charge (treatment department)
        • Execution charge (executive department)

    Jurisdiction branch office / branch office

    • Headquarters (2008(Heisei20 years) From April 4, Nagoya City, Aichi PrefectureNaka-kuMoved from the government building)
      • Toyama branch office
      • Kanazawa branch office
      • Fukui branch office
      • Gifu branch office
      • Shizuoka branch office
      • Hamamatsu branch office
      • Toyohashi Port Branch Office
      • Yokkaichi Port Branch Office
    • Chubu Airport Branch

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      Wishma Sandamari (33 years old at the time)


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