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🚗 | A ceremony will be held where "46" will be a permanent absence in the MotoGP class.A commemorative trophy will be given to Rossi / ...


A ceremony will be held in which "46" will be a permanent absence in the MotoGP class.A commemorative trophy will be given to Rossi / ...

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With Jorge Viegas (Chairman of the FIM International Motorcyclism Federation) and Carmelo Esperator (Chief Executive Officer of Dorna Sports) on the main straight of the Mugello Circuit, which achieved seven consecutive victories in the highest class from 2002 to 2008. Rossi appeared and was presented with a commemorative trophy in the shape of the number 7.

Valentino at the 5 MotoGP Round 28 Italy GP on May 2022th at Mugello Circuit ... → Continue reading


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Highest class (motorcycle)

Highest class(Saikouho Living) refers to the class of maximum displacement in series competitions in which champions are contested by displacement.Road Race World ChampionshipSo the "MotoGP" class[1],All Japan Road Race ChampionshipThen "JSB1000 (JAPAN SUPER BIKE 1000)" class[2]All of them have the fastest maximum speed and average speed compared to other classes.

Road Race World Championship

Comparison of qualifying maximum speeds

2010/4/10Road Race World ChampionshipQatar GP(Lusail) The following is a comparison of the maximum speeds recorded by pole sitters in each class in the official qualifying.[3].

Highest qualifying speed as of 2011
ClassesDisplacementTop speedplayervehicle
MotoGP4-stroke 800cc329.1km/hCasey stonerDucati
Moto24-stroke 600cc270.1km/hToni EliasMoriwaki
125ccSingle cylinder 125cc223.4km/hMarc MarquezDelvi

Highest class in the past

  • 2002/から2006/ --MotoGP (2-stroke500cc or less, 4 stroke 990cc or less)
  • 1949/から2001/ --500cc (2cc or less for both 4 stalk and 500 stroke)

All Japan Road Race Championship

Comparison of qualifying average speeds

2010/4/3, All Japan Road Race ChampionshipTsukubaThe average speeds recorded by the pole sitters of each class in the official qualifying tournament are as follows:[4].

Average qualifying speed as of 2011
ClassesDisplacementTop speedplayervehicle
4-cylinder: 600-1000cc
3-cylinder: 750-1000cc
2-cylinder: 850-1200cc
132.851km/hKagetani ChojunHonda
J-GP24-stroke 600cc128.187km/hYoshiteru KonishiHonda
J-GP3Single cylinder 125cc122.389km/hSatoru KamadaHonda
4-cylinder: 401-600cc
2-cylinder 600-750cc
GP-MONO4-stroke single cylinder 250cc121.473km/hAkira KomuroHulk Pro


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