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🚗 | 100 campers at Expo '7 Commemorative Park ... Motor Camp EXPO July 2-3

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100 campers at Expo '7 Commemorative Park ... Motor Camp EXPO July 2-3

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In addition to vehicles, various gears that can be used for camping, outdoors, and van-dwelling are exhibited.

The Motor Camp Expo Executive Committee (in Yaesu Publishing) will hold a "... → Continue reading


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Overnight in the car

Overnight in the car(Shachuhaku) isAutomobile or Electric trainSpending night in[1].

The definition of "night staying in a car" is undefined due to variations in groups and media, but in this item, "cars used as a normal means of transportation andRailway carThehotelUsed as an alternative toGoing to bedDo case[2]We will note about the temporarybreak,nap, Or the vehicle itself is fixed and treated as an accommodation facility (SL Hotel-Train hotelEtc.) are not dealt with in this item.


JapaneseIs as defined. First appearance is unknown.

English(De facto internationalcommon language) Then, "stay in a vehicle" [3]However, it can be roughly said that it is a parallel word. Also,"spending the night in a vehicleThe phrase "means "overnight in a vehicle (for land transportation)", or "night stay in a car"[3][4].. "vehicle(Vehicle)" is "on land輸送ForWheelMarkedVehicle"A word that represents all[5]Therefore, this part is a word (train, car, my car, bus, etc.)[3].

ChineseThen "Overnight on board(Simplified characters : Overnight in the car[Annotation 1]", like English, "(I.e."Is"train(Japanese translation:car)" "Electric train(Japanese translation:Electric train)" "car(Japanese translation:Automobile)""Public train(Japanese translation:It is possible to replace it with a shared vehicle).


Broadly speaking, "parking a car (private car, large truck, etc.) in a parking space and going to sleep in that car" and "while traveling"Public transport(train·Night busEtc.) sleeping in the car”.

In the former case, the car is basically parked in a parking lot or the like. Staying in a car is seen as a form of traveling by car or on-board if you lose your home due to a disaster.

In the latter case, there are almost similar things such as staying on board while traveling on a boat, that is, "night staying on board", and staying on an airplane while traveling on an airplane, that is, "night staying on board". In addition, it is sometimes referred to as "night staying in a car" when a train is forced to be suspended due to an accident or disaster and the night is spent in a train station or a train that is stopped on a track.[6].


Staying in a car during a trip

OwnPrivate car(Passenger car,One box car-Station WagonEtc.), or bedding set in advanceCamper vanI sleep in the car.

There are advantages and disadvantages to staying in the car on the way of travel.[7].

  • Effective use of the time of day[7].
  • You can save on accommodation expenses[7].
  • Flexible schedule construction[7].
  • Easy to avoid congestion such as congestion[7].
  • Some people have trouble getting a good night's sleep and have difficulty getting a good night's sleep.[7].
  • The equipment (toilet etc.) may not be sufficient[7].
  • Measures are necessary in terms of cold and warm[7].
  • Not suitable for large numbers of people[7].

In the case of a private car, the seat may be folded down to create a horizontal surface inside the car,sleeping bagPut down bedding and go to bed. It is also recommended to cover the window glass with a sheet to prevent outside light from entering, and to prepare a vehicle interior lighting fixture.[8].

On a general road, it can be assumed that the vehicle will be parked for overnight.Road StationOr on the highwayservice area (SA)Parking area (PA) or dedicated maintenanceAuto campsiteAnd so on[8]However, in the first place, only naps (for safe driving) or long breaks are allowed at roadside stations and SA/PA.[9]It can be said that staying in the car is permitted if it is up to "extension of nap".[9][10]However, parking at the roadside station, SA/PA, etc. for the purpose of clear accommodation (long-time parking over the day, continuous stay, parking using multiple parking frames, etc.) or cooking using the facility Disposal of garbage and sewage causes troubles with facility managers and surrounding vehicles, and is considered a violation of manners.[10].. In factMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismRoad BureauIn the "Roadside Counseling Room," in response to the question "Is it possible to stay in the car at the "Roadside Station" parking lot?", "Please refrain from using it for accommodation purposes in public spaces such as parking lots." I have stated clearly[11]..In response to this situation, a general incorporated association engaged in activities related to campersJapan RV AssociationHas been conducting activities to allow long-term stays such as consecutive nights and to certify parking spaces equipped with power supplies, toilets, garbage disposal facilities, etc. as "RV parks".[12].

In the car during a disaster

If it becomes difficult to stay at home due to damage to a house during a disaster, it may be necessary to stay overnight in a private car. Earthquake disaster caused by large-scale damage to houses (Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake,Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeEtc.), butDisaster Countermeasures Basic LawIn the above, no overnight stay in the car was assumed as a form of evacuation.

HoweverKumamoto earthquake of 2016 (Heisei 28)At that time, residents evacuated even if their homes were not damaged due to the continuation of aftershocks.[Annotation 2], And even worry about the earthquake resistance of evacuation centersPoliciesDue to problems such as, there are not a few people who unavoidably choose to stay in the car, and among those who continue to stay in the car for a long timeVenous thromboembolism(Economy class syndrome)[Annotation 3], The death toll caused by it (Earthquake-related death) Occurred and was regarded as a social problem[15][16].

About this,Nobuhiko IsakaSubmitted byQuestion formAccording to the government's written reply to No. 28 (June 6, 7, Reply No. 309), the person who evacuated into the car (by staying in the car) at the time of the disasterEvacuee in the car“Disaster victims who cannot stay in evacuation centers for unavoidable reasons” in Article 86-7 of the Basic Act on Disaster Countermeasures. It states that it must endeavor to provide information, provide information, and take other necessary measures to improve the living environment of these persons.[17].. Around this time, the government began to consider the development of new guidelines for evacuees in vehicles.[18].

Nissan MotorAutech JapanIn order to meet the demands such as staying in a car overnight and leisure,NV200 VanetteA car midnight specification car based on is released in February 2020Minivan Of5th SerenaReleased a vehicle based on[19].

In 2020,New coronavirus infectionWith the expansion of theThree denseEvacuation by staying in a car is attracting attention due to anxiety about[20], Training is also conducted assuming the evacuation by staying in the car[21].



In Japanese,night TrainPassengers on a rail carPassenger carIt is also called "night stay in the car" to sleep in the seat or sleeper. Regardless of the spread of words, this is faster in terms of traffic history.

JapanIn the oldNational railwayEraSchool trip intensive transportation temporary trainWhen was set,Ministry of Transport(CurrentMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)School excursionIt seems that there was a constraint on the use of trains in Japan that "the number of nights in a car is limited to one night." In addition,Emperor ShowaIt is,After World War II OfConfusionWas in the middle of1946/From (Showa 21)Reconstruction periodentered in1955/Throughout 30 years until (Showa 9), all over the countryPilgrimageHowever, due to this, Emperor Showa was the first to stay in the carEmperorIt became.

As later timeshighwayWeb andExpress BusWas not fully developedthe 1970sからthe 1980sBy night, there were many night trains operating in Japan, but young people, mainly students,Railway fanMay intentionally compete for a record of overnight trains for overnight trains beyond the budget for accommodation, and it was released at the time of "Long validity period, wide area unlimited express train ride"Round-trip ticket (uniform round-trip ticket)I used to go on a harsh trip, saying, "10 consecutive nights, 15 consecutive nights are commonplace." The longest record that can be said to be the extreme was at that timeOsakaToyonaka CityA man who lived in1985/(60)4/5From the same year11/13It is "222 consecutive nights" achieved by traveling around Japan.[22][Annotation 4].


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注 釈

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  3. ^ in this case,Staying in a car as leisureUnlike, there were many people who kept their seated posture in the driver's seat or passenger's seat, etc., and only tilted the backrest to secure the sleeping posture. As measures, it has been pointed out that hydration, proper exercise, and refrain from salt intake.[14].
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