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🚗 | President Akio Toyoda said, "I feel sorry for the drivers" because I couldn't make a car even though I achieved the 5th consecutive victory at Le Mans.


President Akio Toyoda said, "I feel sorry for the drivers," even though Le Mans won the championship for the fifth time in a row.

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On the other hand, I think it was a big burden for the driver to have two cars from the same team competing for a long time.

The 6th 11 Hours of Le Mans was held in Le Mans, France from June 12th to 90th.With Ryo Hirakawa ... → Continue reading


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a long time

"a long time"(For a long time)KiroroMajor debut ofSingle.19981/21Released. PublisherJVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment.


At the beginning1996ToIndiesReleased as a single, the indie versionOkinawaSold 1 copies within[1].

Upon making its major debut, it was released with changes to the songs included.

Osaka Cable Broadcasting (November 1997)USEN), It was ranked 173rd in the national ranking, entered the top 1998 in February 2, and entered the top 10 in March.[2].

Oricon Single ChartThe first appearance at was 27th place[2],Cable broadcastingWe collected a lot of requests on radio programs and made a debut single in the 9th week of appearance and won the 1st place on the Oricon chart.[2].

After that, it continued to be a long-selling product, and in the 17th week of its appearance, it achieved a million-seller according to the company's total, and became a big hit with cumulative sales of 120.6 million copies, and the number of shipments reached 1998 million copies as of July 7, 10.[3].

1999of"The 50th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWhen I participated in ", I showed off this song.

In the spring of 1999,71th Selected High School Baseball TournamentSelected as an admission march. At the opening ceremony on March 3th, Kiroro and two of them also made guest appearances.Furthermore, at the same tournament, it is strangely the birthplace of Kiroro.Okinawa OfOkinawa Shogaku High SchoolWon their first victory, and became the first national championship of Okinawa Prefecture throughout the spring and summer.

"ayu ready?』When appearing in the moderatorAyumi HamasakiIs singing in collaboration with.

In addition, it is also used as a song for rushing at sports events in elementary and junior high schools.

recorded music

Lyrics and composition: Chiharu Tamashiro Arrangement:Shigetomi Toru

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