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🚗 | The global ECU (electronic control unit) market for electric vehicles has grown by more than 2%. To the $ 2024 billion market in 178

Photo Global Information publishes "Analysis and Forecast of the Global Market for ECUs for Electric Vehicles"

The ECU (electronic control unit) market for electric vehicles in the world has grown to over 2%. Will reach $2024 billion market by 178

Electronic technology has been introduced into today's automobiles, and the representative is the ECU (electronic control unit).Next-generation automobiles ... → Continue reading

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Electronic control unit

British: Electronic Control Unit, Abbreviated name is ECU. SystemElectronic circuitUsingcontrolDevice (unit) Generic term. mainlyAutomobileRefers to the one that is installed in. Most nowMicro controller(Microcomputer) is installed.

Inside the current car,engine,motor,Meter,ト ラ ン ス ミ ッ シ ョ ン,brake,Airbag,lamp,Power steering,Power window,Car air conditioner,Vehicle side receiver of electronic key,Car Audio,car navigationDozens of dedicated ECUs are installed for various control of all systems. Depending on the modelsuspension,noiseIt is also used for reduction.

Car emission regulationsElectronically controlled type that has started to be installed due to the progress ofFuel injector OfEngine control unit(ECU) is the basis,CalculationPerformanceImprovement ofMarketIn response to the demands of the above, other functions have been sequentially added. In addition, the ECU was not equipped for a long time in order to take advantage of the characteristic that electricity is not originally required to control the engine.diesel engineThen,Glow plugtimerThere is also a single function like.

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