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✈ | Fukuoka Airport Bus Tour, where you can experience the size of an airplane and take off and land, summer vacation schedule will be decided

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Fukuoka Airport bus tour where you can experience the size of the plane and takeoff and landing, summer vacation schedule decided

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In July, a collaboration project "Thai Day" will be held with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai VietJet Air, and all passengers will be provided with original petit gifts, and a lottery to win original goods will be held on all flights. is.

The "Fukuoka Airport View Tour" will run for a total of 2022 days from July to September 7, including the summer vacation period ... → Continue reading

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Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (タイ 語: การท่อง เที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย, TAT,English: Tourism Authority of Thailand, TAT) IsKingdom of ThailandCabinet Ministry of Tourism and SportsOne of the offices under the jurisdiction of.1960Installed in.


Tourism Authority of ThailandIt is,TourismThe first independent administrative agency established in the Kingdom of Thailand in charge of promotion.The agency is a specialized agency responsible for marketing to promote travel from overseas to Thailand and domestic travel in Thailand, and aims for the sustainable growth of the travel industry, which occupies an important position in Thailand's national economy.It provides tourism information to domestic and foreign tourists, public relations, research and development of tourism products, and cooperation and support for human resource development.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is sometimes called the "Tourism Authority of Thailand",2010Ministry of Tourism and Sports Internal DepartmentTourism Development Bureau Tourism BureauIt has been renamed to.This tourism bureau is in charge of the development of tourist spots and the management of businesses.


19603/18Founded in.1968The first regional office was set up in Chiang Mai.Currently, there are 40 regional offices all over Thailand.In addition, the agency has also set up overseas offices, and the first overseas office is1965Was installed inニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is an office.It already has 29 offices around the world.


Main office

Bangkok Ratchathewi District Maccasan District Phetchaburi Tatmai Road 1600 (1600 ถ. เพชรบุรีตัดใหม่ แขวงมักกะสัน เขตราชเทว

Information counter at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

  • Arrival floor Domestic terminal
  • Arrival floor International terminal

Regional office





(* () Is the jurisdiction)

Foreign office



North America

South America


The latest information website

The Japan Tourism Agency uses the "Thailand Tourism Update" in the language used.EnglishAlthough it is only, the latest tourist information, traffic information, and danger information are sent from time to time. Until around the summer of 2010United Front for DemocracyDemonstration activitiesLocation informationGISWas provided using.

Call center


Japan Tourism AgencyCall centerThrough, we are responding to inquiries about the latest tourist information.Furthermore, from November 2009, targeting Thai travelers via the InternetLive chatStart service.You can also connect a camera, microphone, and headset to live video chat.Only Thai and English are supported. Time limit of 1 minutes each time, 10 hours support[1].


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