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🚄 | Collaboration with government and sake breweries along the line Chichibu Railway will operate the crown train of "SL Paleo Express" on July XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd.

Photo "SL Paleo Express" running in a scenic spot = Image = (Photo: Chichibu Railway)

Collaboration with government and sake breweries along the railway line Chichibu Railway will operate the crown train of "SL Paleo Express" on July XNUMX and XNUMX.

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Hanyu City has a thriving agriculture and is one of the leading rice fields in Saitama Prefecture.

This summer, when there are no restrictions on the mobile environment for the first time in three years, railway companies will focus on promoting usage at events that are tied up with railway lines. 〝… → Continue reading

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    One of the leading in Saitama prefecture


    Hanyu(Hanyuu) isSaitamaLocated in the northeastern part ofCity.

    Edo PeriodFrom the endBlue stripesWas produced and is still a clothing town.


    Located in the northeast of Saitama prefecture, in the northTone Riverflows.Although the city area is generally flat,Kazo lowlandDue to its location on the northern alluvial plateau,elevationIs relatively high, around 17 meters (Kathleen TyphoonThen the old river channel of the Tone River (Ainokawa)ofNatural embankmentThe Hanyu city area developed above escaped flooding[1]).Our city isKasai irrigation canalIs the starting point ofGunmaIs adjacent toIbarakiTochigiClose to.Tobu Isesaki LineCrosses north and south,Chichibu Railway The羽 生 駅Starting fromKumagayaThroughChichibu CityIt extends in the direction.again,Tohoku ExpresswayCrosses the eastern part.In the Iwase area, there is Aiai Town, which has a large commercial facility at its core.



    Town area

    Hanyu district
    Central, East, South, West, North, Oaza Hanyu, Oaza Kamihanyu, Onuma
    Minami Hanyu district
    Minami Hanyu
    Shingo district
    Oaza Shimoshingo, Oaza Shimoshingo, Oaza Kamishingo
    Sukage district
    Kawasaki, Oaza Sunayama, Oaza Shimokawasaki, Oaza Kabagasaki, Oaza Kamikawasaki, Oaza Hideyasu, Oaza Sukage, Oaza Shimohanyu
    Iwase district
    Komatsudai, Oaza Komatsu, Oaza Ueiwase, Oaza Kuwasaki, Oaza Nakaiwase, Oaza Shimoiwase
    Kawamata district
    Oaza Kamikawamata, Oaza Inago, Oaza Honkawamata, Oaza Kosuka
    Izumi district
    Oaza Imaizumi, Ozaki Ozaki, Oaza Hotto, Oaza Kitabukuro, Oaza Fujiikamigumi, Oaza Fujiikamigumi
    Tekobayashi district
    Oaza Kamitekobayashi, Oaza Machiya, Oaza Shimotekobayashi, OazaKitaogishima, OazaNakatekobayashi, Oaza Kobe (Goudo)
    Mitakaya district
    Oaza Mitakaya, Oaza Hinote Shinden, Oaza Kiuemon Shinden, Oaza Yohei Nitta, Oaza Miroku
    Mura-kun district
    Oaza Kamimura, Oaza Tsuneki, Oaza Shimomura, Oaza Tsutsumi, Oaza Name (Myo)


    Origin of city name

    In the cityShrineTo the Kakebotoke inTensho18 years(1590) There is an inscription called Ota Habu Sho, and it is said that Habu (meaning red clay) is raw (meaning a lot).AlsoHaniwaThere is also a theory that (haniwa) is blunted.[4].

    As for the characters, on "Kamakura large leather paper",Nagao Kageharu 文明10 years (AD1478) Describes that he was in the Hanyu peak.

    In addition, there is a description in "Odawara Koki" that it is Takeshu Hanyu Jodai Nakajo Dewamori, and three kinds of Habu, Hanyu, and Hanyu have been used so far (from the first volume of Hanyu city history).


    Population distribution of Hanyu, Saitama, Japan.svg
    Hanyu City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Hanyu City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
    Purple-Hanyu City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Hanyu City (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    Successive chiefs

    Generation (town)NameInauguration dateRetirement date
    1Hotaro Matsumoto18895/81891/3/31
    2Tatsugoro Miki18914/111911/6/2
    3Keizaburo Oki19116/121930/1/31
    4Taichiro Iizuka19302/171930/5/20
    5Tsune Ito1930/5/261934/5/25
    6Saburo Mine19346/181935/6/1
    7Nakata Yajuemon19361/101936/12/9
    8Nobuyoshi Kaneko19371/18194512/15
    9Shigezaemon Nakamura19461/261947/8/2
    10Kiyosuke Ogawa19478/31954/8/31
    Generation (city)NameInauguration dateRetirement date
    ExecutorKiyosuke Ogawa19549/11954/9/26
    First generationHyokichi Idei195410/1019587/16
    2 - 3Senichi Sugita19588/1019668/9
    4 - 7Tadashi Sudo19668/1019828/9
    8 - 10Kenkichi Miki19828/1019948/9
    11 - 13Morio Imanari19948/1020065/1
    14 - 16Komei Kawata20066/12Incumbent



    Police box

    Shingo station Sukage station Izumi station Tekobayashi station Chiyoda station

    Wide area administration

    Some office associations


    public facility

    • 保健 セ ン タ ー
    • Sewage sludge recycling center
    • Kyasse Hanyu (Mitakaya Agricultural and Forestry Park)
    • gymnasium
    • Each district public hall (9 places in the city)
    • Work Hills Hanyu
    • Central Park
    • Sky sports park
    • Hanyu City Library
    • Hanyu City Folk Museum
    • Purple Hanyu
    • Industrial Culture Hall


    Hanyu City Council

    • Number of people: 14 people[6]
    • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023[7]
    • Chair: Tsutomu Shimamura (Takuseikai)
    • Vice-chairman: Naoki Nakajima (independent)
    Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name (◎ is representative)
    Reiwakai3◎ Toshio Masuda, Hiroyuki Ehara, Takeya Nishiyama
    Satsukikai2◎ Tsuneyuki Yukubo, Toshio Matsumoto
    Takuseikai2◎ Kazumasa Hoizumi, Tsutomu Shimamura
    Komeito2◎ Ichijo Nonaka, Takashi Saito
    Japan Communist Party1Akatsuki Yanagisawa
    Independent of parliamentary group4Naoki Nakajima, Takao Minesaki, Kanji Arai, Makiko Saito

    Saitama Prefectural Assembly

    • Constituency: East 2nd Hanyu City Constituency
    • Number of people: 1 people
    • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
    • Execution date: April 2019, 4
    Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
    Masahide MoroiThis50LDPNowNo votes

    House of Representatives

    CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
    ThisMorita Toshikazu47Constitutional Democratic Party102,627 vote
    RatioAtsushi Nonaka44LDP98,493 vote


    Major industries


    Major companies

    Financial institution

    Sister cities/partner cities


    Partner city




    • Mean age:42.1Years old (male = 40.9 years old, female = 43.4 years old)

    Medical institution


    Kindergarten / nursery school

    • Kanakubo kindergarten
    • Kenpukuji Kindergarten
    • Haruyama Kindergarten
    • Mashiko Kindergarten
    • Izumi nursery school
    • Kimura Certified Children's Garden
    • Sukage nursery school
    • Tone no Kai Children's Garden
    • First nursery school
    • Second nursery school (closed)
    • Third nursery school
    • Fourth nursery school
    • Sixth nursery school
    • Seventh nursery school

    primary school

    Junior high school

    high school

    Special school

    • Saitama Prefectural Special Needs School Hanyu Fuji High School

    Junior college / vocational school

    Other schools

    Phone Number

    Area codeIs "048" throughout the city.Calls to areas where the local code is "5xx" can be used at local call charges (Kumagaya)MA).The detention stations are Saitama Hanyu Bureau, Miroku Bureau, and Gyoda Saitama Bureau. In addition to Hanyu City, the city code starting with "5xx" isGyoda City,Konosu,Kitamoto City,Kumagaya,Fukaya,as well asOsato-gunYorii TownUsed in.

    Postal service

    Zip CodeIs "348-00xx" throughout the city.

    • Hanyu Post Office --In charge of collection and delivery throughout Hanyu City
      • Hanyu Higashicho Post Office, Hanyu Shingo Post Office, Hanyu Tekobayashi Post Office, Hanyu Mitagaya Post Office, Murakun Post Office

    Residential estate

    • Hanyu Kuwasaki House, Hanyu Jonuma House, Hanyu Sukage House, Hanyu Kitabukuro House


    Railway line

    Tobu Railway
    Chichibu Railway


    • Ai / Ai Bus (Hanyu City Welfare Bus)
      • Mujina Mon
        • Tekobayashi / Mitakaya route
        • Iizumi / Mura-kun route
      • Igaman
        • Sukage / Iwase route
        • Kawamata / Shingo route
    • Heisei enterprise(Heisei sightseeing bus)
      • Hanyu Station West Exit-AEON MALL Hanyu
      • Hanyu Station West Exit-Aiai Town (via Hanyu Hospital)


    Taxi business areaIs in the northern transportation area of ​​the prefectureKumagaya-Fukaya-Honjo City-Gyoda City-Kazo CityIs the same as.


    E4Tohoku Expressway: (5-1) Hanyu interchange - Hanyu parking area
    General national road
    National Route 122,National Route 125Gyoda Bypass, Route 125Kazo Hanyu Bypass
    Prefectural road
    Main local road
    Tochigi Prefectural Road / Gunma Prefectural Road / Saitama Prefectural Road No. 7 Sano Yukita Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 32 Konosu Hanyu Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 59 Hanyu Menuma Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 60 Hanyu Outfield Kurihashi Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 84 Hanyu Kurihashi Line
    General prefectural road
    Saitama Prefectural Road 128 Kumagai Hanyu Line,Saitama Prefectural Road 129 Kasu Hanyu Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 196 Shingo Stop Line,Saitama Prefectural Road / Gunma Prefectural Road 304 Imaizumi Tatebayashi Line,Saitama Prefectural Road 364 Kamishingo Saitama Line,Saitama Prefectural Road 366 Mitagaya Reiha Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 412 Minami Hanyu Stop Line,Saitama Prefectural Road No. 413 Hanyu Stop Line

    Road Station


    Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

    Festivals and events

    • World character Summit in Hanyu(Old name: Yuru Chara (R) Summit in Hanyu every year in late November)
    • Kasai Tsutsumi Hanyu Sakura Festival (late March-early April every year)
    • Daiten Shirafuji Festival(Early April every year)
    • Sky Festa (mid May every year)
    • Hanyu Tennosama Summer Festival (early July every year)
    • Cosmos Festival (early October-late October every year)
    • Commerce and Industry Festival (November 11 every year)

    Mascot character

    • Mujina-mon- badgerAldrovanda vesiclesCharacter with the motif
    • Mujina XNUMX (father)
    • Mujina Iga (mother)
    • Mujina Anbin (sister)
    • Igaman-chan- IgamanjuCharacter with the motif
    • Crucian carp
    • Shirasagi Lady
    • Ina gorgeous
    • Dr. Crayfish
    • Itachi
    • Anichi

    Designated cultural property

    Famous people

    Person with connection

    • Ota Tamaki --A new poet who rooted literature in Hanyu.
    • Tayama flower bag --The author of the literary work "Country Teacher" set in Hanyu.


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